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Ok, i know this is going to be a weird story, but my dad encouraged me to write a fan fiction because i was always reading them. This is a story about if Bella didn't end up with Jacob, Edward, or Mike.
All Characters Belong to SM.

Bella's POV:

Things have been different since I found out that my best friend was a werewolf. I'm just glad that he's not avoiding me anymore. I was getting tired of every one I know telling me that staying away from them was safest. First, my wonderful boyfriend, Edward, left me. He even moved out of the country to get away from me! It was awful. But neither me, nor him could handle to be away from each other, so he moved back and I accepted him back, much to my friend, Jacob's, dislike. Oh, did I mention that Jacob was the werewolf? And Edward is a vampire. So you can imagine why they don't get along.

I was sitting in Jacob's garage, watching him fix my motorcycle (I had crashed, don't ask...). I was just thinking about how Edward didn't like me being here, but how he had given in at the end, when I realized that Jacob was talking to me. Whoops.

“Bells! Hello? Wow, when you're in your own world, you don't hear anything! I said that Quil, Embry, and Seth are coming over in a few minutes. They say that it's a miracle that your bloo-Edward let you come.” He said this with an edge of annoyance in his voice, and I wondered just how many times in the last ten minutes he had repeated this.

“Wait, Seth is one now?” wow, I remember little Seth Clearwater. There is no way that he is as big as Jacob and that he is a wolf.

“Yeah. He phased about a month ago. He loves it. He doesn't want a car anymore. He runs everywhere”, he said in amusement. I knew that, if Jacob had his way, he would run too. But then he would have to make up an excuse when he came over to my house, for Charlie's sake.

I was about to reply when I heard, “Hey! How did you get away from him?” I turned around to see Embry, Quil, and Seth. I'm pretty sure it was Embry, the one in front, who had spoken.

“I told him that there was no way I was staying away from here and that you were only dangerous when you wanted to be, but never around me. When he realized I was serious, he gave in”, I said. It wasn't much of a story, but he had asked. It didn't even seem like they had listened. They went over to the motorcycle and started asking Jake questions that I didn't understand. It took me a minute to realize they were talking about car parts. Then I really noticed Seth. He was standing in the doorway of the garage, starring at me with a stunned expression. He really was big, he looked like every one else, it was weird. Why was he starring at me? It was making me self-conscious. It seemed that everybody had gone really quiet. I looked over at the other boys, by my bike, and they were starring between Seth and me, like they were watching a ping pong match. Then Quil and Embry started to laugh. I looked at Jacob, and he looked like he was seeing red.

“Jake...?”, I asked. I wanted to know what had just happened. “Jake, What-?” but he cut me off.

“Seth just imprinted on you”

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Ok, I know this is weird. It's my first fan fiction, so bear with me please.....:)
of course I'll keep you updated! thanks for replying. I just updated it about 15 minutes ago, I thought I was going to have to wait a few days!
NP :-)
OMG I love it
plz keep me updated
ok, the next part should be up today or tomorrow. I'm typing it right now, but I also have nothing else to do right now. Something might come up, but as of right now, I'm typing.
i love the idea of it!
its different and i havent read a story like this
i love it by the way!
keep me upddated
I'm frickin crackin up at the last line
'SEth jsut imprinted on you'
How hilarious!
post more soon
Here is the next part. it's kinda short, but I'm trying to make cliff hangers. idk if it's working or not....but oh well, here it is. just a reminder: Everything twilight belongs to SM!


I was in shock. I could NOT have heard that right. I mean, Seth Clearwater, imprinted on ME? That's not possible, I mean, I have a boyfriend. Oh...what was Edward going to do? He would rip Seth to shreds! Wait, I get it now, it's all a joke. Jacob must have had this set up as a joke. I started laughing.

“Bella? Bells? Why are you laughing?” Jacob asked, looking completely befuddled. Quil and Embry started laughing harder at Jake's expression. Seth was still standing in the same place in shock.

“I get it...this is a joke, right?” I said, still laughing.

'No Bella, if this was a joke, would Seth still be standing there?” He had a point. Then it really sunk in. Oh. My. God. Seth Clearwater imprinted on me. This can not be happening. Seth, who now looked embarrassed, ran into the forest, and phased, not even bothering to take his shorts off. The shreds of them were now fluttering in the air, like leaves on an autumn day. Quil and Embry finally stopped laughing and looked at each other. They excused themselves and ran after Seth. Jake still looked pretty mad. I got up to leave to give him time to cool off, and also to have some time to think about what I was going to tell Edward. I didn't want Edward to hurt, but I didn't want him to kill Seth either. I was almost to the garage door when Jacob spoke.

“Bella? What are you going to tell him?” I knew exactly who he was talking about. I had no answer. I just looked at him and said, “I have no idea, Jake, what do I do? He's going to kill Seth!”

“Just tell him the truth, Bells. You're a terrible liar, and he'll know that you're lying. And he won't kill Seth, because if he crosses the treaty line, it's war. And I don't think he wants a war when we still have to kill that red-headed leech.”

The mention of Victoria sent a chill up my spine. Victoria. She was still hunting me to get revenge on Edward for killing her mate, James. War between the Quileute's and the Cullen's was the last thing any one needed. Especially a war over me.

“Okay. But I need to go Jake. If he doesn't kill me, I'll call you after I tell him. I should probably talk to Seth too.” He looked at me with a surprised expression at this last part.

“Wait, are you okay with this whole thing?”, he asked me, apparently surprised that I'm not having a mental break down right now.

“Seth couldn't help it, could he? So, ya, I'm kinda mad. But he couldn't help it, so I'm just going to give myself time to get used to it. One day, I will be okay with it, judging your description on imprinting.”

“Well, ya, the imprinter, and the imprintee can hardly be separated. If you do keep Edward, then Seth will most likely kill himself.” I didn't think that Seth would really kill himself, so I just walked to my car.

When I got home, Charlie wasn't home yet. Then I remembered that he had gone fishing. I walked up to my bedroom, scared that Edward was up there. But I needed to tell him. I couldn't hide this from him. I slowly walked up to my room. When I opened my door, sure enough, he was there, laying across my bed. I felt my heart sink. Here goes nothing.
i love it!!!
thnx! im typing the next part right now, but im not gonna post it till tomorrow. I'm not gonna post more than two times a day.
Omg love it =]!!
Keep me updated!


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