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  Standing at the alter of her own wedding, Bella is overjoyed to marry the love of her life, Edward Cullen. But right as she reaches up to kiss him and make it final, she is suddenly shocked to find herself in an alternate world, farther away from Edward than she's ever been. Bella is quick to realize that she is now living in a life where she is married to Jacob with three kids, and comes to the conclusion that she is having a nightmare the night before her wedding.

  But what happens when she doesn't wake up like she expects herself to? Bella struggles and searches as hard as she can to find a way to escape this nightmare, but finds that it isn't going to be a very easy task. How long will Bella be stuck in this twisted world before she comes to like it? How will she find a way to escape this nightmare, or, will she want to?





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Epilogue- Edward




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Thank you to all of the wonderful readers and your beautiful comments! I can't tell you guys how many times you inspire me to never stop writing!!!

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Thanks 2gether 4ever!

I'll update very soon :)


kk :)

Cuuuute!! I forgot how amazing this story was! Jake is thee most adorable little kid ever! I LOVE this!

aww thanks :)

LOL. I just came to this story, wondering what was going on. Then I realised it wasn't Selfish. :P

LOL I do that all the time :)

Update? :)

Here you go :)


Chapter Seven-


  Two days had passed since I’d discovered little Jake’s sickness. He was once again out of bed and active, his face shining, but I couldn’t help but worry about him. I knew he was better, and everything was okay, but for some reason, I couldn’t help but look at him and worry. I wondered briefly if it was a normal mother thing.

  I sat on the couch with the kids as they noisily watched some show with little monsters making friends. I wasn’t paying much attention to it, for I couldn’t stop worrying about Jake. Why was I so paranoid?

  “Bella.” Jake whispered from inside the kitchen. I turned to him, surprised that he was whispering.

  He motioned his finger in a way to ask me to come to him. I shook my head, gesturing to the cute children half sitting in my lap. I shrugged in a ‘what are you going to do’ kind of way.

  He watched the kids, a stubborn look on his face. Again, he motioned for me to come to him. What his problem?

  Sighing, I carefully pushed Kasey and Rene to the side. Kasey wined loudly as I did so.

  “Sorry girls. Mommy has to go talk to daddy.” I smiled, sitting up to go into the kitchen. I’m not a mommy… am I?

  “Can I come?” Rene wondered.

  “Sorry sweaty.” I said and strode into the kitchen. I sat down a t the table beside Jacob and sighed.


  He smiled. “Sorry I made you get up.” He said, slightly laughing.

  I shrugged. “Sometimes you just have to give up something good to get something better. Speaking of which, this better be good. They’re a little too cute to push away.” I joked, not really thinking about what I was saying.

  “Okay.” He took a deep breath and opened a newspaper he had in front of him. He pointed to an article with a happy clown on a unicycle, juggling with balloon animals all around. In the background was a giant tent, striped. Despite the black and white paper, I could tell it was red and white.

  “This is what you called me in for? You like clowns do you?” I asked. I couldn’t help but laugh slightly.

  “No, no. I’m saying we go. The kids will love it. It’s half off on Saturdays.” He smiled, a hopeful smile. I knew that the kid in Jake would want to go as well as the kids.

  “Wait- today?” I asked. It was kind of all of a sudden to want to go now…

  “Yeah, sure! Why not? it will be fun. What could possibly go wrong? They need to know what a carnival is like.” He said.

  I looked at the article again. Why was Jacob reading a newspaper? Wasn’t that an old person thing anyway?

  “It’s kind of far away… but…” Jacob stopped.

 I looked at the article again. Why was Jacob reading a newspaper? Wasn’t that an old person thing anyway?

  “It’s kind of far away… but…” Jacob stopped.  “Okay.” I shrugged. Why not?



  “Are we there yet?” Kasey moaned for the 13th time. I was already beginning to regret this idea to start with.

  “Yes.” Jacob smiled, pulling into a large parking lot.

  “Yay!” Rene and Kasey yelled out rhythmically. Little Jake stayed quiet, but I could tell from his wide eyes that he was excited as well.

  “Let’s go!” Jacob said, hopping out of the car and to the back seat. He helped both Kasey and Rene out at the same time and flew them around in his arms like air plains.

  They laughed and giggled as he made airplane noises and pretended to almost drop them. They giggled furiously, their little faces burning red.

  “Careful.” I growled playfully as I took little Jake out of his seat. He watched as Jake flew his sisters around.

  “Do you want to go next?” I asked him.

  He shook his head quickly and buried his face in my chest. Again, the anxiety over Jake set in again. I just closed my eyes for a second and pretended to forget it.

  “Okay, let’s go.” I smiled as we walked to the giant gates.

  I felt okay… I guess. But something wasn’t right. I could tell by the strange feeling in the pit of my stomach that something wasn’t right.

loved was amazing what a cute family update soon! plz


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