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I know that there is probably a countless number of fan fics that tell about Rosalie's final night as a human, where she was nearly murdered. This is different, it starts out as Rosalie being a vampire, (this means after Breaking Dawn and that mess). Well it is actually a flashback of that time line. Being engaged to Royce all the way up to the point of his death. In eclipse Rose explains this to Bella, but it is relevantly short. I never really given much that to that small portion of Rosalie's human life. Then I read the Short second life of Bree Tanner, I started to think about everyone's full story. Rose's was a striking opportunity that I couldn't resist to write. This is my first FF from Rosalie's point of view. Here is the full story...

Rosalie's POV
I passed the mirror. I stopped instantly, adoring myself. Pulling my hair out of my face I rolled it up in my hand, feeling a shocking recognition. It seemed so peculiar that this would remind me of the day I first met him. It wasn't like I used this hair style commonly, but I had rolled my hair up before. I attempted to stop the sudden flow remembrance, knowing that it would only end in pure hatred and bitterness, including pain. It seemed so inevitable now, so I let my memories drag me back in a foggy haze of my past...

 I just want to know if I should continue it!!

Please comment & tell me your opinion so far!

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u should totally continue
Okay I put Chapter One and Chapter one Part 2 together to make a complete Chapter

Chapter One: First Impressions
Rosalie Lillian Hale's POV

It wasn't a normal day at seemed that there was something different and fresh. I was something I really couldn't comprehend. It was when I woke up...that's when it started. My mother was waiting for me in the kitchen. It was really quite extravagant. My mom mumbled incoherently to herself. Whispering complaints about the table. I had never seen anything wrong with our kitchen table, it was expensive and much larger then necessary. Then again my mother had very different opinions then most, she was unique. "Oh Rose!" She beamed.

"Good morning." I stated groggily and happily. She observed disappointment. This really displeased me. She noticed my frenzied glare.

"Its nothing." She said quickly. I felt so...unsatisfiable around my parents, the always seemed to ensure me that I was the most perfect, unrealistic miracle that had ever happened to the family. This was out of character for my mother. I sat down at the table, as far away from my mom as possible. Avoiding her. I scooped up a spoon laying depressingly in front of me. I studied my own reflection grinning admiringly at my face. That's probably why it made me jump when my mom started to twirl my desirable blond waves. She smiled lovingly and appreciatly at me. I was so she was so delighted with me?

"Could you run this over to the bank? Your father...he forgot his lunch." She said cofidently, it was like she rehearsed these lines.

"Of course!" I chimed. Excited to be out in public. "Okay, I have your white organza clean hanging in your closet, and please do something productive with your hair." please? I gave her a questioning look. She just smirked.

"Go, hurry." She insisted ushering me up the stairs to my room. I did as I was told, dressing in a hurry...a sudden acceleration overwhelmed me and I couldn't explain why.

The thin white silk pressed against my skin. It was almost...uncomfortable. I mean it made me gorgeously perfect and clean...but why? It didn't seem like such a big deal, just running over to the bank. I would only be there for ten minutes at the most. It was so puzzling. But like I said, my mother was unique.

I rolled my hair into a magestic twist. I walked gracefully down the stairs, wanting to make my presence more noticable, even at home. My mom winked encouragingly at me. "Go, go!" She exclaimed proudly.

"Umm I sorta need the lunch." I told her utterly confuzzeled.

"Oh right!" I wanted to laugh. She dashed into the kitchen arriving back in record time.

"Bye." I waved as I shut the door. Still perplexed but very curious of what was waiting at the bank.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ t really wasn't that long of a walk, and it was a really gorgeous day in Rochester. The eyes trailed on me as i walked, it wasn't just men that gazed longingly at me as I pranced, girls glared in admiration, their expressions twisted surely in envy.

"Oh thank you." My father enthused when I handed him his lunch, I didn't think he desired the food that much, he was just happy for my presence. I was inhumanly thrilled. "I would love for you to meet Royce King, the Second." Ir was strange that that was the first thing he said yo me, aside from his appreciation for arriving with his lunch. I knew the Kings, everyone did. The kings were the only royal family in Rochester My friends and I thought it was hilariously coincidental. They had devoured the city for several years leading up to the Great Depression (something I didn't care much for). They were a well respected family.

"Royce? I would love for you to meet my daughter." He called the man forward, saying almost the exact same thing he said to me. A fair haired man (who I instantly recognized as Royce the Second) stepped into clear view right on cue. His mesmerizing aqua eyes absorbed my stunning facial features.

"Ms.Hale." He greeted me in a broad welcoming voice. I remembered my mother talking about him coming to the bank to appraise the available and employed positions, considering he would be taking over in the future.

"Mr.King." I breathed a delicate smile starting to re-range my expression. He gripped my hand, lifting it from where it swayed sluggishly at my side. He shook it firmly.

"Such an absolute pleasure to meet you." He said. His scincerty rang in every word.

Royce did have to excuse himself after our short meeting. But I did catch him watching me as I began to exit the building. That wasn't unusual at all though, everyone watched me. I walked steadily as I walked home. The same people stopped to catch a glimpse of me...Rosalie Hale. My mother was cheerful when I arrived home.

I caught myself thinking about Royce again as I prepared myself for bed. My brothers were staying with relatives, it was peaceful in the house. I lounged on my bed, looking in a small transparent mirror. The oval frame let me appreciate myself contently, it had delicate ornate flowers encrusted in silver on the edges.

"Rosalie, there is something here for you." My mother's voice echoed, I could hear her climbing the stairs. Her tone dripped with sheer joy. Had my father purchased another dress for me? I sat up in bed and reluctlantly put the mirror on my bed side table. My mom just left the enormous bouquet of luscious roses on the end of my bed without any farther definition. They were rich and dim in color.

I really hoped to see Royce again.
Omg! That was so good! It really seemed like Rosalie, please keep writing!
Chapter 2: PART ONE

I woke up late the next morning, I couldn't stop fidgeting anxiously with the end of my bed sheet imagining my possible future. Maybe I was rushing into things but what desired was close. My mother didn't seem as pushy she was very relaxed and obviously content. I finally was able to pull myself from my queen-sized bed I stumbled and sat down on the edge of my bed. I messed with my hair trying to blindly put it up. I eventually did and skipped downstairs almost falling on the way.

Again my mother was sitting at the kitchen table. Only this time my father sat next her, they sipped their coffee, my father scanning the newspaper no interest in his eyes.
"Can I go out?" I asked swiftly grabbing a blueberry muffin off the counter. I already knew the answer.

"Oh of course." My mother was extremely excited. My father eagerly folded the pap er in an sloppy way and threw it on the wood table.

"I'll only be at Vera's house for a few hours." I said biting into the muffin it crumbled slightly, I immediately caught the crumbs as they fell silently. A frown played on my mother's face, I knew exactly what she was thinking, she thought I was going out with Royce... His name made my stomach flutter.

"Well...don't spend too much time have to get your brothers at the market." My father muttered, I knew they disapprove of Vera and the future she chose. But I felt comfortable around her...maybe because she was lower then me and defiantly not as beautiful. I left the half-ate muffin on the table and strode gracefully upstairs. I closed the door behind my in my room, looking through my clothes until I found he absolute most gorgeous dress.I slipped into my light pink lace dress, it had virtually no shape, it countered flawlessly to my slender figure and perfect curves. The length of it was only a few inches below my knee. I let my hair down, it was nearly at my waist. It shined a warm glowing gold. I took two steps at a time eager to see my friend. I put my beigeish-soft pinkish trench coat and my matching hat. I buttoned my coat, I didn't even need to look at the khaki colored over-sized buttons to know exactly where they lopped into the perfect slightly larger holes. I pulled on mu knee-high boots.They were more tan then petal-pink.

I walked out into the New York streets, I didn't know where my parents had gone but they hadn't cared enough to see me leave. A brisk air blew over my face, the scents of the city lively and delicious.I carried my light brown tote on my shoulder. I took my light lip gloss and quickly swiped a thin coating of shine on my lips. I took out my tiny mirror, I carried it everywhere. I looked at my self and reset my features. I heard movement on my left side. I glanced above the mirror.

Dr.Cullen was exiting the hospital, I was pretty sure it was his wife's brother or something like that. I couldn't help bit stare. Dr. Cullen's hair was a glorious blond his eyes a deep gold. The man next to him was slightly muscular and had thy oddest shade of bronze hair in a messy array, his eyes the same subdued butterscotch. They didn't seem at all stunned by my beauty maybe because they looked better then I did....? I refused myself to believe that I turned back to the mirror.

"Careful!" I turned it was the doctor. What the hell?I turned forward a car was inches from me, I skitted to the sidewalk just in time, I quickly put my mirror in my tan bag, an unusual reaction for me. I stared miraculously at the two men. The bronze-haired boy shot a soft glare in my direction before walking away with his brother-in-law.

They were so strange.


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