The Twilight Saga

       Okay so I just thought of this idea! I know right!!!!! Well It's about what if Bella wasnt just a human, but when her n Edward first meet she was  vampyre. The type of vampyre from The House Of Night Series. If you dont know what that is it's like a regular human gest marked and when they do they get a cresent shaped blue moon on their forehead. Then they have to go to a school esspiaclly for the people like them, but it fells like in between highschool and college. They learn about themselves and others like them. Well anyway. Bella gets marked when she is 15 and decides to leave the school and live with Charlie cause she is one of the most powerful kind of vampyer. They allow her and soo her mystery with Edward begins.....



               What do you think... Should I write it?!?!?!?!?

Please comment and if I continue it banners are welcome!!






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omg bella
i cant wait to read this
post more soon please
i would read this!
i liked the house of night series so this should be good!
This is a good idea though I don't know about The House Of Night Series. However I would love to read this story.
u should deffinetly write it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perfect story!!!!
write more i'm willing to hear more
I love this idea!!!!!!!
Okay so here is CHAPTER ONE though I promice you I will loose count.!!

Bella PoV!!
I walked to the car so my mom could drive me to the airport. She was determined I couldnt go to meet Charlie by myself. Though I could control Fire, Water,Earth,Air, and Spirit. Se still decided I might get in trouble. Oh well I was going to miss her. I just really needed a break from the school and all the teachers and just at least try to have a normal life, if it was possible. Every few hours a school I would have to be sure I had makeup covered completely on my mark. Charlie was extremely happy when I told him last week though.
"Bella are you sure you will be okay in the sun?"
"Yeah mom I'll be fine. The sun just weakens me. And I might even stay home from school since there isnt very much of it in Forks anyway." Back at my old school just for vampyers we had classes at night since the sun weakens us. On first marked vampyers its a lot worse I learned. When I first got marked I was walking hom in the sun and decided to tke a shortcut and ended up blacked out. When I woke up I was at the school. Only the weird thing was my mark was filled completely in. That is only suppose to happen when a fledgling(newly marked vampyer) becomes a full vampyre. Most rarely have an affinity for one of the five elements fire, waer, earth, air, or spirit, but I had all five. It has never happended before me though.
"Well, okay honey."
"Last call to Port Angeles!" Called out the flight person.
I gave mom a quick hug. "I'll call you!"
"Bye sweetie'
The plain ride took forever. It was quite so I grabbed my ipod until it went dead. And finally the plain landed.
Time to start a new life.
I love it!!!!
Write ASAP
love it
LOve it write more!!


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