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       Okay so I just thought of this idea! I know right!!!!! Well It's about what if Bella wasnt just a human, but when her n Edward first meet she was  vampyre. The type of vampyre from The House Of Night Series. If you dont know what that is it's like a regular human gest marked and when they do they get a cresent shaped blue moon on their forehead. Then they have to go to a school esspiaclly for the people like them, but it fells like in between highschool and college. They learn about themselves and others like them. Well anyway. Bella gets marked when she is 15 and decides to leave the school and live with Charlie cause she is one of the most powerful kind of vampyer. They allow her and soo her mystery with Edward begins.....



               What do you think... Should I write it?!?!?!?!?

Please comment and if I continue it banners are welcome!!






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Love it
keep writing
Bella PoV

As I parked in the parking lot a red jeep parked beside me and I fixed my shirt so that is was hanging off one shoulder and got out the car with everyone staring. I smirked then Seth adn Leah walked up and handed me my schedle, but Stark convinced the lady to give him his yesterday.
"Hey look Bella," Stark said. "We have all the same classes except biology and gym,"
I looked at him. "Stark! Your such a loser!" I laughed he smiled. Seth and Leah even smiled and walked off to class. Alice waved and Edward still looked confused, but more friendly today. The others looked the same. Alice skipped over to me like a fairy and pointed to Stark "Hi I'm Alice. Hey Bella!" She added Stark nodded at her deciding if she was a threat to me or not. I slapped him on the arm and shook my head no at him.
"Bella who is he" he asked since he wouldnt say anything.
"This is Stark he is my umm." I looked to him for help
"I'm her brother, but was adopted we found out two months ago and I surprised her last night by showing up." He smirked and rolled my eyes at him. "A very anoying brother that I told to stay, but came instead like a bad DOG," I glared at him.
"I'm Stark," He told Alice shaking her hand.
"But your schedle say s James Stark," Sh looked confused.
"He dropped the first name a while back," I said theb the bell rang adn we all ran to get to class on time. I could have gotton there so much faster if it wasnt for the humans around. My first class was English when I walked in I saw Jasper and waved adn smiled at him he done the same. Stark and I gave the teacher the slips and went to a saet in the back of the room. Next was math then History. After history we had lunch then I had the next two clases by myself. We walked in the lunch room and found a table by ourselves and seen the Cullens had done the same.
"Alright. Tell me. How did you get out of The House Of Night? Your the best archer. You cant miss even if you try," I asked Stark.
"I dont no. How did you. Your the most powerful vampyer at any House Of Night," He talked lower on the vampyer part. I glanced at the Cullens the looked like they were concentrating really hard on something through the window. Concentrating a little too hard of you ask me.
"Do you remember the lesson back at the House Of Night on other vampires?" I asked looking back at Stark. "Yeah. Why ?"
"Do you remember the name that was used?" She shook his head no so I took out a oience of paper and wrote down Cullen.
He looked at it "So?"
I wrote down the Cullens first name then put Cullen as the last name and he finally understood.
"There like them?"
I sighed "No thats the same name you retard!"
I laughed. The lunch room was almost full so I walked to my next class. When I walked in somehow Edward was already there. I gave the teacher my slip and he told m eto sit in the only seat possible. Beside Edward. As I sat down he passed me a note,but the teacher came and threw it in the trash. Great! I wasnt but half paying attention in class when the bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and walked out the room Alice was there and Edward was behind me.
"We need to talk. Privately." I nodded I'll go get Stark beacuse I was planning on skipping gym anyway and we can meet at?"
"Our place," Edward said quickly. I nodded and went to the office to tell them I didnt feel good adn Stark had to drive me home. She agreed immediately. Within a few minutes Stark walked in and we walked to the car. I got in the drivers side and Alice nodded. Emmett was driving the jeep and I followed filling Stark in on the way to the Cullens house.
I love it! <3
like it update soon
Amazin! I love Stark! can u wait for the next HON book??
Love it
ughhh cliffie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! update soon please! very good chapter!! lol "There the same retard!" i loved it when Bella said that to Stark lol :))))))))))))))))))
i love the house of night series it awesome !!!! so go for it !!! can wait to read it !!!!!!!!
I love it write more soon
goood chapterrr


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