The Twilight Saga

       Okay so I just thought of this idea! I know right!!!!! Well It's about what if Bella wasnt just a human, but when her n Edward first meet she was  vampyre. The type of vampyre from The House Of Night Series. If you dont know what that is it's like a regular human gest marked and when they do they get a cresent shaped blue moon on their forehead. Then they have to go to a school esspiaclly for the people like them, but it fells like in between highschool and college. They learn about themselves and others like them. Well anyway. Bella gets marked when she is 15 and decides to leave the school and live with Charlie cause she is one of the most powerful kind of vampyer. They allow her and soo her mystery with Edward begins.....



               What do you think... Should I write it?!?!?!?!?

Please comment and if I continue it banners are welcome!!






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oh my god cant wait to see what Erik is going to react when he sees Bella and Edward together update soon keep me updated
cnt w8 for moreeee eeeeeepppp
awe:) edwards protectiveness is so sweet!
omg write more want to know wat happens next
I want to say thank you for al the great comments!!! I'm going to update as soon as I can!!!!!

Hey guys so sorry i just kinda lost intrest in writing, but Im back now, if I have any readers left that is. So here we go. Hope you like it :)

   Bella PoV


     Once Stark had finished telling them everything Alice decided we should go back to my house instead of school. When we got there I unlocked the door and was just sat down on the couch beside Edward. I needed to talk to him I wasnt sure exactly what we were right now. Were we together or just friends? I turned toward him going to ask him if we could go for a walk, but Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to my room. When I got there Rose was already there.

     "Okay girls I have a plan, but I dont want to tell the guys yet, because Im sure they wont like it too much."

    "Okay Alice whats your amazing plan?"

    Well it will involve us wearing some amazing outfits. Esspically you Bella since Erik was your boyfriend. But the thing is since he is coming for you he will come here first. I've seen it. So we will be sitting on a blanket in the yard when he shows up. Just  wave and smile like you never stopped loving him he will come over here then I think you get where Im going with this. It will work trust me." She smiled.

    I got up and walked to my door I heard muffled laughter from there. I put my finger to my lips to show Rose and Alice to be quiet and opended the door. All of the boys Emmett, Stark, Jasper, and Edward all fell down on top of each other in my doorway.

     "Well, I hope you heard the plan now get out we need to change and dont have much time" Alice said pushing them back out.  Alice them hurridely got us all dressed in a new record time and before we even thought possible she was telling us we had 5 minutes before he got here.


We were just getting outside sitting down on the blanket and we heard a car screeching down the road. It made me soo nervous here we go......


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED THIS STORY SSSSSOOOOOO MUCH CANT WAIT FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!.... I HATE ERIK!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A JERK WHO NEEDS TO DIE!!!(I think they should have killed him instead of Heath!) (Just saying)
love it!!!
it feels like forever since you wrote love it as always
this is awesome please keep me updated xxxx

***new reader****

awesome story... this is for you, hope you like it




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