The Twilight Saga

       Okay so I just thought of this idea! I know right!!!!! Well It's about what if Bella wasnt just a human, but when her n Edward first meet she was  vampyre. The type of vampyre from The House Of Night Series. If you dont know what that is it's like a regular human gest marked and when they do they get a cresent shaped blue moon on their forehead. Then they have to go to a school esspiaclly for the people like them, but it fells like in between highschool and college. They learn about themselves and others like them. Well anyway. Bella gets marked when she is 15 and decides to leave the school and live with Charlie cause she is one of the most powerful kind of vampyer. They allow her and soo her mystery with Edward begins.....



               What do you think... Should I write it?!?!?!?!?

Please comment and if I continue it banners are welcome!!






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thank you i love it and more is to come soon!!!



               Bella PoV


    As soon as we heard the screeches of the car we saw it pulling into the driveway. It was a big black jeep that remiended me of Emmett. Then Erik looking really mad stepped out with his dark hair his blue mark showing on his forehead. He then spotted me and smiled an evil smile and started walking toward us. I stood up and smiled sweetly at him. He looked a little confused and I could hear a little bit of laughter that sounded like it was coming from Emmett. Erik then stopped when he was in fron of me.

       "Bella you shouldnt have left. You should have known you can never escape from me."

I smiled. "See, thats where your wrong, Erik." As he tried to take another step closer to me I flung the element fire in front of me. It caused him to jump back about 3 feet. I smiled.

       "You might have been able to get past Erin, but there is no way possible your getting past me."

     Then the boys walked out and Edward walked to my side. " Besides love," He said to me. " Even if he did somehow manage that he still couldnt get you, because then he would have to go through us." I smiled again. This is getting fun.

        "Exactly."  By now Erik started back away.

        "Fine! Your not worth it anyway!" Then he got back in his car and drove away just as fast as he was when he came.     

       "Bella!" Alice screamed hugging me. I laughed and mouthed help me at Edward he just laughed and as soon as Alice's arms released me his were around me.    "Bella, lets go for a walk?" I nodded, and Alice smiled knowingly.  We had just walked a few feet in the forest when he stopped so I sat down on a rock and he sat down beside me.

      "Bella I've been wanting to talk to you. I just have been having some feelings towards you, and I'm not sure how you feel an-"  Before he could even finish I cut him off with a kiss. He didnt react at first, but then  he did and our lips were moving in schronize ( not sure how to spell it srry) with each other. When we finally stopped I said "Yes"

      "Yes?"  I smiled. " Yes. I have feeling for you to." He smiled and kissed me again.  

      "Bella would you do the honor of allowing me to be your boyfriend?" I laughed.

     " I would love that." He smiled and we started walking back toward the house hand in hand. As soon as we walked into the house Alice was bouncing up and down.

       "Can I tell them?!" I giggled.

         "Sure Alice."

         "Everybody listen up!!!!!  EDWARD AND BELLA ARE DATING OFFICALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!"  I think everyone in the whole town could here her.

         "Alice i said tell them not everybody in Forks!" Then Emmett of course started laughing his head off.  


imm so happy that you started to write again this is one story i hope that will be finish love it
thanks I'm glad to, but I'm still not sure on how to end it. If anyone has any ideas to play around with message me lol
love it!!
so gooooood!! =]
New Reader!! Awesome story!!!
sure and i will try to update soon!!
AWWWWW SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!... Where is Stark going to go now though???????
yea  what happens to erik, and is stark still there????
*new reader* nice story...its very intersting...ihope u post more soon :)
Plz post more and update me


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