The Twilight Saga

                 A Fairytale

if it was a fairytale it would be a hole lot differnt.

you see me and dave have been dateing for 2 months now

(not that long) but theres something differnt about him

like- i dont know how to say it but i think he is a vampire - i must be crazy or something but i really do think he is. My bestfriend bella is dateing a boy name edward and she thinks he is a vampire too whenever it is suney outside edward and dave are never at school . bella said she has never seen edward eat, i never seen dave eat too, dave's eyes changs colors .... and so dose edward...

Do they whant to eat us ?? are they vampire ? or are we just crazy?

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It sounds good! You should write more, send me updates please? Continue soon please? :)

thanks and yes i will (:


Looking forward to more.

Best wishes



thanks :)


Sounds good... Keep me updated!


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