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Not everyone can have that perfect ending. You know, the one where the prince comes and rescues the princess and then they all live happily ever after. It seems like the only time that actually happens, is in Fairytales. Well, that's what I believe now. I didn't used to think that way. I used to believe in Fairytales and happy endings and all that stuff until the day that I made the biggest mistake of my life. This, is my story, A Fairytale Ending Gone Awry.

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Thank you :)
I will :)
Sounds gudd , awesome banner
Thanks, I had someone on this site make it for me. They did an awesome job
Sounds great!!  Looking forward to more when you're ready to write it ! 
Thanks!! :D
  hey this sounds gus so far!!
Thank you :P
I'm glad that you do :)
Why thank you :) I will add to it over the weekend.

Its sounds intresting..

Please Updated Me


No problem. I will make sure that I do that :D


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