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Not everyone can have that perfect ending. You know, the one where the prince comes and rescues the princess and then they all live happily ever after. It seems like the only time that actually happens, is in Fairytales. Well, that's what I believe now. I didn't used to think that way. I used to believe in Fairytales and happy endings and all that stuff until the day that I made the biggest mistake of my life. This, is my story, A Fairytale Ending Gone Awry.

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You guys,

              Ahhhhh! It is seriously killing me that I haven't been able to update my story. I hardly even got started and I know you all are waiting for me to continue. Some of you may have actually given up on the hope that I will update :( I have just been superrr busy with school and stuff. Who knew your Junior year could be so crazy and hectic. I didn't think it would be this difficult. I am so not looking forward to my Senior year if Junior year has been this hard. I am really hoping I can update soon though. I would really, really like to. My school gets out in sixteen days, just a little over two weeks. I know that I will be able to update then.



XOXO Ashleigh

I hope all is well with you!  The summer obviously didn'y open up time for you to up-date, and now here it is, nearly the end of 2011,...  Hope you are doing well in school, which should be the first priority, and I'll be waiting!!


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