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Part two of a series.  If you havent read A Sister's Love, message me before you read this.


This takes place several years after breaking dawn...and as Ive said, you really need to read A Sisters Love first.


Chapter 1
Alex's POV

I just sat down to feed Addison when Bella knocked and came walking in.

"How’s my beautiful niece doing today?" She asked.

"Happy now that she is getting her afternoon snack." I joked.

"Well, I'm here to babysit tonight." Bella explained.

She motioned towards the two boxes she brought in. "You have 45 minutes to get dressed before Alice is going to be here to do your hair. Emmett asked for our help. He has a date night planned for you tonight."

"But I haven't ever left Addison...." I cut in.

"She will be fine here with me. Just make sure you leave enough bottles for tonight. I believe your husband is hoping to keep you out all night." Bella teased.

When Addison fell asleep, I handed her off to Bella. I slowly opened the boxes, wondering what torture Alice had planned for me tonight. In the first box was a gorgeous yellow dress. The other box was black peep toe boots that came to mid calf.

I quickly showered and slipped the dress on. It fit perfectly, emphasizing all the right curves.

I was dressed and ready when Alice appeared. She tried to insist on putting all my hair up. I refused, and we settled on it being curled and part up, part down.

Tonight would be the first time we went out since Addison was born. I felt amazing and knew I looked it too.

Alice just finished with my hair when Emmett arrived. He kissed Addison and then me. "Bells, you have our number if you need us?" Emmett asked.

"Yes!" Bella answered. "Now take your wife and leave before she changes her mind about leaving her baby."

We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant and then to a play. After the play, Emmett looked at me and smiled.

"Where to, my love?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Do you want to go home, or just call and check in, and then go have some alone time?" Emmett asked.

"Let's just call, then go somewhere we can be alone..." I answered hesitantly. I knew what he meant, but wasn't sure about if I could this soon.

We called and checked on Addison, and then Emmett pulled up in front of this castle like place.

"Welcome to your castle, my queen." Emmett whispered as he helped me out of the car. We checked in and were led to a huge room up in a turret. We had the turret to ourselves. The room had a gigantic bathtub with bath salts supplied. I looked at Emmett and he turned on the water to fill the tub.

"We can start the night with a relaxing bath... "He grinned.

I shyly held my hair up for him to unzip my dress. I then stepped out of it and kicked it aside. I slowly removed my boots, and climbed into the tub. Emmett joined me quickly.

As the night progressed, we reminded each other in various ways just how much we loved each other.

In the morning, I was sad to have to leave, but eager to get back home to Addison.

Chapter 2
Claire’s POV

Tonight is my last night as a single woman. I'm not going to miss the single life though. I can't wait to be Quil's wife. He has already waited 16 years for me.

Instead of going out, I decided to just have a girls' night in with the younger crew. I didn't invite Mama Emily, Leah, Bella, or Alice. I thought Nessie and I would be more at ease without them there. It would feel weird to have your mom at your bachelorette party.

We all had on sweater dresses and high heeled boots. I saw the looks of appreciation on the guy's faces as we came in.

I sat down on Quil's lap and snuggled against him. "At this time tomorrow, we will be on our honeymoon." I whispered.

"I can't wait. And you in that dress isn't helping me any." He whispered back. I giggled. I could tell the effect I was having on him.

I had chosen a cream colored dress that fit perfectly, and showed off my complexion. I had paired it with hot pink knee high boots.

"Girls, what do you want to eat tonight?" I asked.

"Chinese!" Jessie suggested.

"Mexican!" Kenzie suggested.

"Pizza with ham, pineapples, and green olives." Diana suggested. We all just looked at her. "What? It’s my new favorite. I have been craving it lately."

"Chicken Strips, with mashed potatoes?" suggested Nessie.

"Nothing spicy, or Chloe and I can't eat it." Alex reminded us.

"I was thinking Indian..." I chimed in.

We discussed it awhile, but couldn't come to an agreement. We finally decided to all just order what we wanted and then ask Carlisle to pick it up. Delivery guys could never find the Cullen house.

We settled back down and cuddled with the guys until the food showed up. We then kissed the guys bye and kicked them out, before heading upstairs to the ball room.

Most of the food looked gross, but we all ate our fill. Nessie, Alex, and Chloe stayed with the chicken. I ate my Indian and some Mexican.

Alex and Chloe fed the babies and got them settled, as I started our first movie, "What a Girl Wants."

We were about half way through the movie, when Jessie popped up and ran for the bathroom. I paused the movie, waiting on her to return, when Diana and Kenzie ran for the bathroom also.

"I wonder what they ate that made them sick." Nessie commented, as we heard vomiting sounds coming from the bathrooms.

"They all ate the pizza, Mexican, and Chinese." Alex said.

"But I ate the Mexican and I'm not sick." I reminded them.

"I wonder....with their weird food choices...." Chloe suggested.

Alex gave Chloe a look, and then smiled. "True. The weird food cravings, the sudden sickness after eating...The symptoms are there."

"What symptoms?" Jessie asked as they all came back from the bathroom.

"Food cravings, vomiting after eating, then not looking sick at all after getting sick..." Alex said teasingly.

"You mean..." Kenzie broke off. I could see her thinking back.

"Yep. Sounds to me like you are pregnant." Chloe laughed at the shocked look on their faces.

"But....Isn't it too soon to tell? I mean, I haven't missed...." Diana cut off. "I did miss my period this month, but didn't think anything about it. But that’s it. Just that one. I wouldn't be having morning sickness yet, though."

"I was sick less than a week after conception. Leah was sick quickly also. Remember, these wouldn't be normal pregnancies." Alex reminded them.

"Wow!" Diana looked around. "So...who is going to be the one to tell Carlisle that he will have three more babies to deliver next year...?”

"About a month along...let’s see...that would put conception around the first of November..." Kenzie cut off her statement, and placed a hand on her still flat stomach.

We all looked at each other. "The volturi attack." we all whispered.

"We all were prepared to say goodbye...." Kenzie blushed.

"Good things come out of bad." I smiled; as we settled down to finish our movie.

Hopefully sometime next year, it would be me having morning sickness.

Chapter 3
Kenzie's POV

I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the movie. Could it really be true? Can I really be pregnant with Brady's child already?

I know he loves the girls like they are his, but to be able to give him a child of his blood. He will be thrilled. But how do I know that it is morning sickness, and not just food poisoning?

I wonder how the girls will react to a baby brother or sister. It has been just the three of us for so long. Now we have Brady, but will they be willing to share their daddy?

I wish we had some home pregnancy tests. I want to be sure before I tell Brady...

Just then a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. Alex's phone started singing at the same time.

Alex started laughing as Nessie opened the door to find a plastic bag and no one around.

"My phone was a text message from Alice. She saw someone needing these tonight, so she went and bought some. She said it had just better not be her niece needed one." Alex explained laughing at the look on Nessie's face.

"She had better kept that thought from Dad, or I will have him up here in a flash, questioning me." Nessie groaned.

Jessie, Diana and I grabbed a test and headed for the bathroom. "Tell Alice she read my mind." I called out on my way.

We took the tests and went back out to the group to wait. I remember from the twins that the waiting is the hardest part.

Finally the timer went off, and we headed to check. I grabbed the box and checked my little stick against it.

I stepped out and noticed Jessie and Diana doing the same.

"Positive" I stated.

"Positive" Jessie said.

"Unclear, please try again." Diana read.

We all groaned for her. Jessie and I grabbed a second test for us and handed Diana another one.

We all took another test just to make sure.

"Positive" Jessie and I said at the same time.

"UGH!" Diana screamed. "Unclear. Please test again."

Inside I was jumping for joy, surely two positive tests was proof. I really am pregnant.

"One more, just to make sure..." Jessie laughed grabbing another test. I grabbed the bag and followed her to Diana's bathroom.

"Try this one. It says clear results and tells you sooner." I suggested, handing it to Diana.

We all took the third test at the same time. Diana then took three extras, just to make sure.

"If this come up please try again, I'm going to scream." Diana promised.

"If these don't work, we can go down and have Carlisle run the blood test." I assured her.

Soon the timer was up. Jessie and I looked down at our 3rd positive tests, and held our breath for Diana.

She gathered them up and stepped outside. "Positive..." she read.

"Negative...Positive...Negative!" She read and then broke down crying.

"Shh....It will be okay. We have more tests, or we can go talk to Carlisle..." I comforted her.

"Let me finish the rest of the tests we have. If that doesn't tell me a clear answer, I will just scream loud enough for Carlisle to come check on us." Diana joked through the tears.

She stepped back in the bathroom and opened the last 5 tests. In a couple minutes, she joined us to wait.

When the timer went off, Diana just looked at me. "I can't handle it. Go check them for me, please?" She asked.

"Sure." I answered. I went in and checked them, and then stepped back out.

"We have a clear answer." I stated. "Diana, your results are 4-1. You have four positive tests and one try again. Congratulations! I say you are pregnant!"

Diana started crying and we all hugged her tight. Claire cried along with her. After Diana dried her tears, Nessie pulled Claire aside to comfort her. I wondered what that was about, but was too focused on finding my cell phone. Diana and Jessie were digging for theirs too.

I found my phone and dialed Brady's number.

"What’s wrong?" Brady automatically answered.

"Nothing...I have some news for you." I teased.

"What is so important that it couldn't wait till morning?" He asked.

"You know how we talked about adding to our family...Well...We don't have to talk about it anymore...." I paused to let it sink it.

"What? You mean..." He stammered. In the background, I could hear Collin and Embry yelling. Apparently Jessie and Diana were making the same calls I was.

"Yes, darling. You are going to be a daddy. I'm pregnant!" I held the phone away from my ear as he shouted to the guys.

"I love you. Be careful and get plenty of rest tonight. I will pick you up in the morning." Brady ordered. I just rolled my eyes. Apparently he was going to be an overprotective daddy already.

"A baby..." Brady said amazed.

"Well.....remember that multiple births apparently run in my family. It could be twins..." I reminded him, and then told him I loved him and hung up.

He could think about that tonight. I knew I would get a call when it sunk in to Brady that I could be pregnant with twins, triplets, or even more.

Chapter 4
Emily's POV

My sister doesn't know the blessings she has missed out on. Today is Claire's wedding day and my stupid sister decided she has better things to do than attend her own daughter's wedding.

Oh well, her loss, my gain. Claire has been more of a daughter than a niece since her mom left her with me 13 years ago. Until this year, I thought Claire was the daughter that I would never have. Who would have dreamed that after trying for 18 years, I would get pregnant? Much less, triplets!

Oh, well. I need to get ready and get Sophia, Sabrina, and Sawyer up and fed. I will dress them 5 minutes before time for Maddi to pull them down the aisle.

After I got the triplets fed and ready to go, Esme came and took over with them for me. It was time to start helping my oldest get ready for her wedding.

Claire decided to just curl her hair and leave it just pulled back on the sides, but most of it hanging loose.

"Are you nervous?" I asked.

"No. I'm ready to be Quil's wife." Claire said simply.

"I'm glad. I was nervous on our wedding day. I was afraid that Sam would change his mind." I remembered.

We reminisced for awhile, and then it was time to get dressed. I got myself dressed, and then helped Claire into her dress and zipped her up.

Then I quickly dressed Sabrina and Sophia in their tutus and Sawyer in his black shirt and pants, and hot pink tie.

I settled my babies in their carriages and slipped to go sit down. I needed to save Sam a spot. He is walking Claire down the aisle and giving her away.

The guys were all in black pants with black shirts. They had hot pink ties and pink rose boutonnieres. Alex, Nessie, Jessie, Diana, Chloe, and Kenzie were the bridesmaids, in zebra print dresses with hot pink sashes.

Alice Anna walked out pushing Addison in a buggy. Maddi had Sawyer, Sabrina, and Sophia. Nikki had Zander. Cami pushed Gabi.

The older girls were junior bridesmaids; the little girls were flower girls. Sawyer and Zander were the ring bearers. The boys matched the groomsmen.

The girls had on tutu dresses, with the big girls having black boots.

Finally they started playing the bridal march. I couldn't help crying as I saw Sam walking Claire down the aisle. It seemed like it was yesterday when she was a baby, and when she was starting her first day of school. Now my baby is getting married and graduating high school.

"Who gives this bride away?" The preacher asked.

"Her love mom and I" Sam answered, placing a kiss on Claire's cheek and handing her to Quil.

Sam had tears in his eyes as he sat down next to me. "What’s wrong?" I asked, knowing it wasn't like him to cry.

"She called me Daddy. She said 'Love you daddy' as I handed her off." Sam whispered.

Up front, Claire took Quil's hand and started her vows.

"I have loved you since the first time I saw you. I didn't know then, what it would be like now. But even then I couldn't imagine life without you. My heart broke every time I had to leave you. Now we have grown together, and built a life together. Now I will not have to leave your side. We will grow and enjoy life together as one now."

Quil replied "I loved you from afar for years. I could be by your side, but couldn't tell you how I felt. Those were good days, but painful. To watch you cry, to watch you get hurt by people in your life, just tore me apart. But I had no right to do anything but comfort you. To be the big brother when you fell, to be a friend when you needed to talk. But now, finally, I can be your all. I can be your protector, your love, your best friend. The one that you wake up in the middle of the night just to talk. The one to hold your hand and tell you it will be alright and the one to make sure it is. I love you with all I am. I am just an empty shell without you. Thank you, for being my one true love, for not running off when I had bad days, but sticking by my side, even when you didn’t know why. I love you."

They exchanged rings in the traditional ceremony and then the preacher pronounced them husband and wife.

Quil sweetly leaned over and kissed Claire. She reached up and deepened it, until Sam cleared his throat. I nudged him, as Quil grinned, and Claire blushed.

At the reception, Claire positioned Nessie right in front for the bouquet toss. The little girls jumped for it, but Nessie made sure she grabbed it. None of their classmates even tried for it. Everyone knows the next wedding will be Nessie and Jake's.

As they were getting ready to leave, Claire and Quil came over to say bye. "See you Friday morning, Momma?" Claire asked.

"Yes. We will have breakfast and open presents as soon as the babies wake. We are supposed to be at the Cullen's at noon though." I reminded her.

We watched them leave, and then Sam whispered to me. "One down, three to go."

"Yes, but the little ones will be harder. Sawyer will be the easiest." I reminded him.

"They will be easy. Sabrina and Sophia are not dating until they turn 30." Sam said.

Chapter 5
Alex's POV

Today we decided that we needed to get pictures of the kids made with Santa. Dylan had to work, so we volunteered to take Destany and Cami with us. We had 11 kids and 4 adults when we left the house

We arrived at the mall at about 8 am. The line was already past 4 stores. Emily had decided to stay home and work on Quil and Claire's house so that everything would be ready when they came home. Leah came up with some excuse about needing to shop, and disappeared as soon as we arrived here.

That left Kenzie, Chloe and I with 6 newborns, a baby, and 4 school aged kids. We just got in line when all the babies started to fuss. I was so glad that Destany could feed herself, and that the triplets could sit up. People behind us in line were giving us dirty looks when Maddi, Nikki, and AA sat down in the floor in front of the stroller to hold the bottles for Sawyer, Sophia, and Sabrina. I just ignored them. I think they would rather us feed the babies, than have 7 screaming kids.

After the babies fell asleep, AA started whining that she was hungry. I reached in the stroller and pulled out juice and chewy bars and passed them out. They ate and then complained that they were bored.

"Since the babies are all asleep right now, I will take the big girls to look around. I will come back and swap with one of you in a bit." Kenzie suggested.

"As long as you have your phone, it should be okay. When the babies wake up, we might have to take them one or two at a time to a bathroom." I explained.

They walked off, and I looked around.

"We haven’t even moved a store length and we have been here for over 2 hours." I pointed out to Chloe.

"I know. This is crazy. Next year we need to come earlier in the year." Chloe commented.

"We need to bring the guys and make them stand in line until we are close to the front. Then we can get in line with the babies. Next year the babies will be worse to stand in line with." I suggested.

We laughed and stretched. We need lawn chairs, I thought to myself.

A bit later, my phone buzzed with a message from Leah.

"I started feeling sick. I called Aiden to come and get me so you would still have the car seats. I'll pay you back for Zander's picture." I read aloud.

"What! She just didn't want to do this." Chloe said.

"I know. That’s why she didn't come tell us in person. She didn't want to take Zander home with her." I agreed.

At 12, we had just moved about 2 stores. We took the babies to the bathroom for a diaper change, and then sent Kenzie to the food court to get us some lunch.

When she returned, people around us gave us dirty looks. There was one young mom that had been behind us the whole time, and Kenzie offered to go get her something to eat.

"Thanks. I really appreciate it." The young girl said.

After we ate, we took turns holding babies, while we folded down seats and flaps to lay all the stroller seats flat. Once we got them flattened, we combined the triplets into one stroller, all curled up together. We put Aiden, Gabi, and Destany in another. The big girls crawled up in the triple stroller and laid down. I held Addison in my arms to get her to settle down to sleep.

"I'm going to have to go walk around with her. She just drank her last bottle, but she doesn't want to settle down and go to sleep." I whispered to Kenzie and Chloe and slipped out of line.

I walked around for awhile, trying to sooth Addi to sleep.

I bought a few things while I was walking, then gave up and went back to the group. We had moved about 5 feet since I left about an hour ago.

At this point, we had been in line to see Santa for 5 hours. We were about halfway there. Kenzie took the big girls to the bathroom and came back the long way to see what was taking so long.

"Santa is on lunch break right now. He will be gone for an hour." Kenzie informed us.

Addison and Gabi both woke up fussing to eat. I held both babies while Chloe dug in her diaper bag for a bib and bottle.

Chloe stood up and looked at me. "I'm out. Gabi doesn't have any more bottles left. The triplets just have one each left. I couldn't find Zander's bag."

"I think his bag is over here under Addi's. Here, if you can hold them, I'll look to see if he has one." I handed them off and started digging. I found his bag and searched it.

"No pacifier, only one diaper left, and one empty bottle. How many has he had today?" I asked.

'He fell asleep during lunch without a bottle. He just had that one this morning." Chloe reminded me.

"So he is going to wake up hungry and cranky." I sighed. "She is using formula, isn't she?"

"Yes. She didn't like being tied down to a feeding schedule." Chloe answered.

"I'll call Kenzie. They are going to have to find a Target or something, and buy him some formula, quickly." I said. I quickly called Kenzie and filled her in.

I dug around in the stroller and pulled out two blankets. I took Addison from Chloe, and gave her a blanket in return.

Chloe just looked at me. "Are you really going to...?” She asked.

"I don't see any other choice. If I don't feed Addi soon, she is going to start screaming. I bet Gabi is the same way. Even if one of them could wait, one person can't watch a cranky baby and 5 sleeping ones. If anyone has a problem, they can deal with it." I said.

I settled Addison in my arms, and covered her with a blanket. It took her a minute to calm down and start nursing. Next to me, Chloe was doing the same with Gabi.

I heard people behind us complaining that what we were doing was indecent.

I couldn't take their comments anymore. I turned around and looked at them. "Would you rather me feed my daughter, as God intended, or would you rather listen to her yell and scream, because she is hungry and doesn't understand why she can't eat?" I asked them sarcastically.

"You should have come prepared so that you wouldn't have to be indecent in public." One lady commented back.

"I'm sorry that this offends you. I am more covered up right now, than 95% of the women in this mall. If I would have realized that it would take over 6 hours to get my daughter's picture taken with Santa for her first Christmas, I could have been prepared. But I never imagined it would take this long, or that I would have such egotistically morons in line with me." I let it rip. I told the women off, and then turned back around.

Chloe finished, and laid Gabi down in the stroller to sleep. She straightened herself up and put her blanket up. I jiggled Addison to wake her up. She finished nursing and drifted back to sleep. I straightened my shirt, and went to put the blanket up.

"Can I borrow that?" asked the young mom behind us. Her son was starting to scream from hunger.

I handed her the blanket, and the women behind her mumbled.

"Do you have a problem?" I asked.

They just turned their noses up at me and turned away.

"That’s fine. I don't have to waste my time talking to morons. This is Christmas after all." I joked with Chloe.

Kenzie came back just then with the big girls. "We probably still have an hour, or two wait." Kenzie sighed.

"I'm starting to get hungry again, but nothing sounds good. And if I eat, then I have to find a bathroom shortly after." Kenzie complained quietly, so the girls couldn't hear her.

"What are you going to ask Santa for?" I said, trying to pass the time.

"If I tell you, then Uncle Emmett will buy it, instead of Santa." Alice Anna informed me.

"A new mommy, so Daddy Dylan wouldn't be so sad." Cami answered.

"Ballet lessons." said Maddi.

"A bigger house." said Nikki.

"Why do you need a bigger house?" asked Kenzie.

"We need a house with 3 bedrooms." Nikki stated.

"Why? You and Maddi won't sleep alone, so why do you need separate rooms?" Kenzie asked.

"Not for me. We need the extra room so our baby brother or sister will have somewhere to sleep." Nikki replied.

"What? How...." Kenzie stuttered.

"I take it you haven't told the girls yet." I laughed,

"No. How did you figure out that I was having a baby?" asked Kenzie.

"Momma, it was easy. You have the same look Aunt Alex did before Addison was born. And you keep putting your hand on your tummy and smiling." Nikki informed her.

Just then a mall guard came up to us, "Ma'am, I have had complaints about public indecency."

"I was just feeding my child. I never dreamed that it would take over 8 hours to see Santa. My father in law would be horrified to find out that some people were getting special treatment. I saw the advance line. Some people get a fast pass and others get told to stand in line." I vented.

"Ma'am, if you would have just called and made reservations....Your father in law?" The guard asked.

"Yes, perhaps you have heard of him? Dr. Carlisle Cullen? He owns this mall?" I stated.

The women behind me gasped.

"Oh, Mrs. Cullen. My apologies. Come with me and I will move you to the reservations lane. In the future, just call this number, and we can get you right in," He gushed.

We gathered our stuff, and he pushed a stroller. I motioned for the mother behind us.

"She is part of our group also." I stated, pulling her along with us.

In about 10 minutes, all of our pictures were taken, developed, and we were on our way to the car.

"I hate having to drop names." I sighed.

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Chapter 6
Alex's POV

I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to let Addison sleep so she would be awake later. She wouldn't remember this day, but she had to be awake for at least part of her first Christmas.

I showered and got dressed after putting Emmett on baby duty. He didn't mind. I looked thru Addison's clothes and found her the perfect outfit. We wrapped Addison up tight and headed over to the main house.

When we arrived, Carlisle took our coats, and directed us upstairs. Esme had moved couches into the ballroom, and set up a huge tree. I had sent Emmett over earlier with all our presents.

Alice, Jasper, Bella, and Edward were already seated. AA and Nessie were looking at the mountain of presents. Jake had run home to get Billy.

Slowly everyone dragged in, with the men making multiple trips bringing presents upstairs. Once everyone arrived, Alice flew around separating presents into piles by name.

We decided to make the kids wait, because once they started, things would get wild. We decided to go in order from oldest to youngest, with Billy and Charlie after Carlisle and Esme.

Carlisle opened a few gifts, mainly silly things that said Grandpa. Esme opened clothes, and then found a huge package from Emmett and me.

She slowly opened it and looked at me. "Thank you so much. We needed this." She exclaimed.

I had organized everyone to have a new family portrait done, with all the wolves and families, including all the new babies.

All of us adults opened presents. Mainly it was small token gifts, with each female receiving a birthstone necklace from Esme and Carlisle. We all thanked them.

Finally it was time for the little girls. From Alice, they got clothes of course, and games from Nessie, Jake, Quil and Claire.

The girls got play houses from Carlisle and Esme. These were about the size of the cottages. They got 2 to share. One here and one at Brady and Kenzies.

I got them reading corners. There were pillows, and a canopy that hung from the ceiling. I also bought them all about 25 books, with a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Emmett saved his gift to the girls for last. He made them wait until all the baby presents had been opened.

The babies all received more toys than they could ever play with, including rocking animals. Addison got a rocking duck, which was made for infants to sit in. As she grew, it would grow with her.

Finally Emmett told the girls to get their coats, and they could go see their present. I stayed inside with Addison, who had decided to wake up finally, while everyone else went outside.

Emmett had had a custom playground built. It was built on a square, with each piece having 4. One side had 4 swings, one had 4 slides, one had 2 gliders, and 2 seesaws. The final side was a climbing wall.

They had to make the girls come inside to eat. After we ate, we all just sat around and visited.

"I never dreamed that we would have a family this large. I never imagined having babies and kids in the family." Esme said.

" year the family will be a bit larger." Kenzie said with a smile. "Brady and I are expecting."

"We are too." Diana commented.

"We three." Jessie laughed.

"Not yet, but hopefully sometime next year we are." Claire commented.

"Oh? Are you sure you haven't already started? Addison was created the first night of our honeymoon." Emmett teased.

Claire blushed bright red and Quil grinned. "It’s possible. But I hope we didn't create life just yet. I would hate for my bride to be 5 1/2 months pregnant when she graduates high school." Quil commented.

We all laughed and teased them about being newlyweds.

Chapter 7
Carlisle's POV

Today I set aside time for the family checkups. I knew I wanted to see all the babies, and then there are the new expectant mothers.

First in was Diana.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Well, last week I was nauseous constantly. But this week, I haven't been sick at all." Diana explained.

I drew blood and started that test, then had Diana lay down for the sonogram. Embry was right beside her, looking nervous.

"Everything looks to be progressing nicely, for a wolf pregnancy." I informed them.

"A wolf pregnancy?" Diana asked.

"Yes. With the advanced growth rate of the Quillette wolves; your pregnancy rate is doubled. So what would normally take 9 months only takes 4-5 months. You are about 2 months pregnant normally, so that puts you at about 4 months developmentally." I paused to let it sink in.

"Your due date is around the end of February." I finished up the sonogram and checked the results of the blood test. "Everything with your baby girl looks perfect. If you need me, just call."

Diana sat up and Embry helped her off the table. They walked out hand in hand, still in shock.

Next was Kenzie. She and Brady walked in looking anxious.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

"I'm just worried about the chance of multiples. I know multiples run in my family, and they run in the tribe. I can handle twins, or even triplets. I don't think we can handle having 4 or 5 babies." Kenzie blurted out.

"Shh. Don't worry about things that haven't happened yet. Let’s listen to the heartbeats and do a sonogram and see just how many babies you have hiding in there." I soothed.

I drew blood and watched Brady go pale. I just shook my head. These big macho guys and they are scared of blood.

I squeezed the jelly on Kenzie's stomach and let them listen to the heartbeat. "I hear momma's heartbeat, and one, two others. Now let’s take a look. There is baby number one, which is definitely a boy. Here is baby number two. Also a boy."

I measured the fetuses and determined a due date. "Apparently, since you both have the wolf genes, this will be an accelerated pregnancy. I estimate your due date to be about Jan 31st to Feb 14th. I want to see you twice a week, starting Friday. No vigorous activity at all. No driving. If you experience any sharp pains, or discomfort that doesn’t go away, stop what you are doing and call me immediately. With twins, premature labor is a possibility." I explained what she could and couldn't do.

"If I catch you, or hear of you breaking a rule, it will be automatic bed rest until the babies come. Understood?" I asked.

"Yes, sir." Kenzie answered.

Next were Jessie and Collin. I drew blood, and Collin went as white as a ghost.

Jessie laughed at him. "It’s my blood he's taking, not yours." She chided.

I went through the whole explanation of a wolf pregnancy, and then told Jessie to lift up her shirt for the sonogram.

"Lets see. I see baby number one right here. It's a little girl. Congratulations." I said as I looked and listened some more.

"What do we have here? Someone is playing hide and seek. We have baby number two, another girl. Twins! Yes, I hear three heartbeats, strong and clear. Baby girl a, baby girl b, and..." Before I could say that is was momma's strong heartbeat, I heard a crash.

I turned around to see Collin on the floor. When I said three heartbeats, he passed out cold.

"Collin, come back to us..." I laughed as I waved smelling salts under his nose.

"Three heartbeats...." He said wearily. "Yes. Jessie's and your twin girls." I answered.

"Twins?!?!" He murmured as he fainted again.

"Collin is going to have to get used to the idea. By my estimations, your due date is around Valentine's day. But, since you are carrying multiples, there is an extra chance of premature labor. To keep this from happening, the best we can, I have some rules. No driving, no vigorous activity. I want to see you again Friday, and twice a week until delivery. If you experience any cramping, spotting, or extreme discomfort that doesn't ease, call me immediately." I ordered.

I made sure Collin was alert, before I let them leave my office. That was the first wolf to faint when I haven't even touched him. I cleaned up my office, and closed up for the day. Collin was the perfect thing to end my day. The guys won't let him live this down, I know.

Chapter 8
Alice's POV

"Dad, we're going shopping. The guys are babysitting, so you might want to check on them." I popped into his office and informed him.

"Who all is going?" He asked.

"Bella, Nessie, Claire, Emily, Leah, Alex, Chloe, Jessie, Kenzie, Diana, Mom, and I, we all need dresses for the party tonight. Why?" I paused in the doorway.

"The expectant mothers are on limited activity. You may go to one store. The three expectant mothers cannot drive. Find what you need, and come back home." He said.

I nodded and walked out. He called after me, "Alice that is an order."

"Ok, Daaad!" I said, walking off.

We loaded up and headed to find dresses. I scoured my brain, trying to think of one store that would fit everyone’s needs. Not to be mean about it, but there aren't many stores that have small sizes, and maternity clothes that are worth wearing.

"Oli!" I shouted. "That is our store for today. They are bound to have something for everyone."

Bella just rolled her eyes, and passed along the message. Shortly we pulled up to the store, and climbed out.

We walked in the store, and were bombarded by sales girls. "Can we help you?" They asked

"We are all looking for dresses for a very special event tonight. I believe we will just look around, and if we need you, you will be summoned." I dismissed them.

"Remember you will be in this dress till midnight. After that it is up to you how long you are in it. Except Nessie, that is." Alex reminded everyone with a teasing smile.

We all found dresses quickly, and brought them to check out. Alex and Claire had the salesgirls go to the dressing rooms to scan their purchases.

"I want Emmett to be the first to see it." Alex said, and blushed.

"I just don't want any of you to try to talk me out of my dress." Claire stated.

We laughed and headed home to get ready. Alex and Chloe stopped at Old Navy to pick up the outfit’s they had ordered for the big girls and babies.

We got back to the house and started getting ready. By the time we returned, the guys had transformed the ball room into a party area. There was a section with love seats spread around, some in groups, some in corners by themselves, a huge playpen/crib that took up one wall, and a dance floor.

We were all about ready, except to get the kids ready, when Alex came in. "Nessie? Can you do me a favor? Can you watch Addison for a bit? There is a bottle in the fridge if you need it, but she just ate."

"I guess. Why?" Nessie asked. I was surprised Alex wasn't dressed yet.

"Emmett wants me to go hunt with him before the party starts. He doesn't ask that often, so..." Alex explained.

"Sure. We will be fine. I'll even attempt to dress her." Nessie replied.

Alex kissed Addi bye and then rushed out of the room.

We finished getting ready and headed to the ballroom. Everyone settled on the loveseats waiting for the slowpokes to arrive.

Nessie was curled up on a loveseat cradling Addison in her arms when Jake arrived. He went straight over to her and joined them. They looked like a little family.

We went ahead and started the party without Emmett and Alex. They were over 20 minutes late, so I just figured they got distracted on their hunting trip.

They arrived during the daddy dance, so no one noticed Alex's dress at first. Alice Anna was the first to notice that they arrived, and she kissed Jasper and ran over to Emmett.

"UNC E! Dance with me!" She shouted.

They danced the rest of the song, and then Emmett walked back over to Alex. Half way through the song, we all noticed Alex's dress at the same time.

We all gasped. Her lavender sequined dress clung to all her curves, including a curve we weren't expecting.

"ALEX!!" We squealed. Her dress revealed a perfect little baby bump.

Alex blushed as Emmett bowed. My brother, always the jokester.

Dad looked over at them and bellowed. "Alexandrea and Emmett. My office, NOW!"

We all laughed and went back to dancing. Now we knew why Alex wouldn't let us see her in the dress today.

They came back up stairs in about 15 minutes.

As soon as they walked in, Emmett twirled Alex around. "It’s official!" He boomed with a grin.

"We are due the end of February."

"Why didn't you say anything?" I asked.

"I didn't want to take away from Kenzie, Jessie and Diana's news. Ours is a second child..." Alex said.

"You haven't mentioned being sick." Chloe said.

"I haven't. I just had a feeling at first, when I had a craving to hunt. I only got sick once so far. And that was my first time to hunt again. I got a little greedy, and drank too fast. As long as I hunt, I don't seem to get morning sickness." Alex explained.

"You are still hunting, in your condition..." Esme asked.

Alex laughed. "Not really. Emmett is being over protective already. He won't let me hunt. He does the hunting, and just lets me feed first."

All the guys gave Emmett a pat on the back for having a second child on the way so soon.

"Nessie, just a warning. Hybrid vampires apparently are very fertile." laughed Alex, resting her hand on her belly.

Just then a loud shrill noise echoed through the room. Everyone froze. It was the guy's fire department pager going off.

Then Sam and Brady's cell phones rang. We stood there frozen as we heard the 911 operator say that there was a 5 car pileup on the main road in and out of Forks. All firefighters and first responders were ordered to report to the station.

"Sorry, gotta go!" Seth called out, as he ran downstairs. The other guys said their goodbyes, and promised to be careful and then rushed out also.

Sam and Brady rushed out also, heading to work the wreck. Carlisle headed to the hospital to prepare the ER. Edward went with him to assist, along with Esme.

"I think I will go see if the fire department can use my assistance. Jazz, are you coming with?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah. They may need my calming skills." Jasper replied, kissing me bye.

Within 5 minutes, all the guys were gone.

"This isn't how I planned spending my New Year's Eve." stated Claire who was trying to calm Sophia down.

All of the babies had started screaming when the pager went off.

I had just gotten Destany calmed down, when Cami sat beside Nessie. She looked up at her with serious look.

"Aunt Nessie? Is Daddy coming back? Or is he gone like our mommy and daddy?" she asked.

"Yes, sweetie. He is just going to help someone who has been hurt. He will come back or call as soon as he can." Nessie replied.

"Are you sure? Will you pinkie promise?" Cami asked.

"I pinkie promise." Nessie said.

We all curled up on the loveseats and waited for our guys to come home.

At midnight, all our phones started going off with text messages from the guys, saying Happy New Year.

Kenzie's phone rang first. It was Brady telling her and the girls to stay put. "He says it was tourists in the wreck, no one he knew. But the roads are really bad and they have closed the main road. No one can get back up here and we can't get to the reservation. He said he and the guys are going to divide up and crash on the res, and for all of us girls to just stay here. He said that Edward, Esme and Carlisle are just staying at the hospital until the roads clear."

Alex's phone rang next. "Yes. We will be just fine. You stay safe with the guys. Make sure Jake and Quil stay there too. No one needs to come this way tonight. Yes, I know to call if we need you. I love you too."

"Emmett." Alex sighed and shook her head.

"It looks like our plans are ruined. None of the guys are making it up here tonight. Even Jasper is staying on the reservation tonight."

Chapter 9
Carlisle's POV

'It’s official. Swine flu has hit Forks.' I thought as I treated my 6th case of the day. I finished up with that patient and took a moment to make some calls.

First I called and request an emergency delivery of vaccines.

Then I called the school and asked to speak with Nessie.

When she answered, I assured her everyone was fine, but told her and Claire to check out and go get Alice Anna, Maddi, Nikki, and Cami from school.

"There has been a break out of Swine Flu. I want you to take the little girls and Claire with you to Jake's house. Stay there until I tell you to come home. You have all been exposed. I don't want to take any chances with the babies and expectant mothers." I ordered.

I then started calling all the guys. I repeated over and over "No. Stay on the reservation. Do not go home tonight. Esme will be gathering all the babies and expectant moms to be isolated at our house. You have all been exposed. You cannot go home until we make sure you aren't carrying any viruses. I have vaccines coming."

I quickly finished up with my remaining patients and headed home.

"No shopping, no going out in public until further notice." I ordered the moms.

"But...How am I supposed to furnish and get our new house set up and ready before the twins come, if I can't leave the house?" Kenzie demanded to know.

"You can order online and have it delivered. Esme can help the guys get it ready." I explained.

"But...." She mumbled.

"I don't think you realize how serious this is. H1N1 or Swine flu is deadly. If an infant catches it, there is little we can do. Expectant mothers can pass it on to their fetuses and cause a miscarriage." I explained.

"And I don't think new furniture is worth that now is it?" I asked.

"No..." They all replied.

Chapter 10
Jacob's POV

"I'm hungry!!!!!!!!" whined Alice Anna.

"Me, too!" Maddi shouted.

"Me, three" Nikki chimed in.

"Me, four." Cami screamed.

"We will eat when Nessie and Claire get home. They should be home in about an hour," I explained.

"NO! We are hungry NOW!" AA stomped her foot.

I never imagined that these four girls would be this much trouble. I'm sorry to admit, that I'm ready for Carlisle to get those shots in. I'm ready to leave this house, or at least send these little monsters back to their parents!

"Claire said go ahead and let the girls eat. There are chicken nuggets in the fridge and just add a veggie or side." Quil came up behind me.

"Okay, girls. Supper will be ready in about 20 minutes. Here is a cookie to tide you over." I said just to shut them up.

"I can't eat these cookies." Alice Anna said. "I have to have Oreos. I can't eat Chocolate Chip cookies."

"Yes, you can. Just eat it." I sighed.

"No....It has...." I cut her whining off. "Just eat the stupid cookie and shut up."

Quil and I hurried up and fixed macaroni and cheese to go with the chicken nuggets. We fixed their plates, and called them to eat.

"I don't like Macaroni and Cheese." complained Maddi.

"Then don't eat it." Quil said.

"You forgot to get us something to drink." Nikki pointed out.

"Okay, then go fix it yourself. You know where the fridge is and you have two hands." I stated.

Nikki and Cami ran off to fix drinks. They came back with their drinks in cups with lids. Good, no spills, I thought.

I looked around and everyone but Maddi was eating.

"What’s wrong?" I sighed.

"They're touching!!!!" She replied.

"Okay, I'll get you a new plate." I took her plate and moved the nuggets to a clean plate.

She picked one up and looked at it. She put it down and picked up another. "They have all been contaminated. I can't eat these!!!!" She cried.

Quil gave her his nuggets, and ate hers.

After we ate, Seth showed up with some Mississippi Mud Cookies. The girls chowed down on them for dessert.

We shooed the girls off to play, and collapsed on the couch. Soon we heard noises coming from their room. "Giggle, Giggle, Thump!"

"OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" We heard someone cry.

"Giggle, Giggle, Thump, OW!" We heard again.

We took off running to see what they were doing.

"Alice Anna, Nicole, Madeline, and Camren. Stop jumping on that bed right now!" We ordered.

"Ok...." They said.

As soon as we got back to the living room, we heard it again. "Giggle, Giggle, Thump, OW!"

I headed back to their room. I walked in to find them jumping again.

"I SAID NO MORE JUMPING ON THE BED!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled.

"We weren't jumping.......we were bouncing!" Alice Anna declared.

"Just stay off the bed," I said turning around to leave. I heard giggles and another sound, a crash this time.

Cami was sitting on the floor near the wall. "I crashed. I guess I can't sock skate too well." She looked at me and smiled.


I made them sit down in the living room, but they couldn't sit still. All of a sudden, Alice Anna came up to me. "Jakey?"

"What, Aa?" I sighed.

"I don't feel good." She said.

"You will be fine. Go sit down." I replied.

"No, Jakey! I mean I think I might be.....blea..." Alice Anna said, as she threw up all over me.

"Alice Anna!" I yelled.

"I told you I didn't feel good..." She cried. Seth picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I could hear her throwing up some more.

In a few minutes, they came back with AA in a nightgown, and a cold wash rag on her forehead.

Seth sat down and held Alice Anna in his lap. She lifted her head up and looked at me. "I hate you, Jakey...."

"What? Why? I didn't make you sick." I said.

"You made me eat that cookie." She said softly.

"Cookie? What cookie, Jake?" Seth asked.

"I gave her a chocolate chip cookie before supper. She wanted an Oreo, but I told her to eat what I gave her. Then she ate several of those cookies you brought over." I explained, defending myself.

"She was right! She can't eat chocolate chip cookies. She shouldn't have had any of mine either. Didn't you read the note the girls left you on the fridge?" Seth demanded.

"No. What note?" I asked.

Seth stood up and walked into the kitchen carrying Alice Anna. "This note, that clearly says that Maddi will not eat mac and cheese, or any food that touches each other. It also tells you in big bold letters, that Alice Anna is allergic to peanuts. If she eats anything that has them in it, she will get sick."

"Oh. Sorry. Didn't see it." I said.

"Well, listen to your fiancé next time." Seth said, walking out of the room.

He called back over his shoulder. "You should be glad that Alice Anna just has a mild nut allergy. Most kids with nut allergies can stop breathing if you feed them nuts, much less peanut butter."

He laid Alice Anna down on the couch, and walked back over to me.

"I would have killed you right here and now, if she had died. If she would have suffered like that. You see, feeding an allergic child nuts, can make their throats swell shut. They eventually suffocate because they can't draw a breath. Imagine watching your child, or anyone die, all because you gave her a cookie, and told her to shut up and eat it." Seth said, shaking.

He gave me a look and ran out of the house.

Awesome story! My favorite! :)

Thanks.  Glad I have such faithful readers that you dont give up on the story through all the recent mess.


and here comes 5 more chapters...(as soon as I post what i have written, I can write the chapters that are floating around in my head,...)

Chapter 11
Alex's POV

Carlisle finally got the swine flu vaccines in, but they sent him the nose spray instead of the shot. All of the rest of the family was able to be vaccinated, except for us pregnant women.

We were all going a little stir crazy, so we gathered in the living room, with laptops and credit cards in hand.

"Time for some shopping!" I declared.

"First up is Kenzie's house. All new everything. If you see something you think she needs, add it to your cart. In 15 minutes, we will swap computers and she can approve or veto." I explained.

We all started in giggling over items found. Soon we swapped, and let Kenzie order items she liked.

We had the girls' room done, and the nursery. Next we discovered the perfect kitchen items, and the master bedroom and bath. Kenzie found living room furniture and we were done.

"Now the fun part. Baby Stuff! You cannot buy anything for yourself. Add anything you like to your cart, and add your cart to your favorites. Every 30 minutes we will swap computers. You are shopping for the owner of the computer. The only thing you can buy yourself is baby furniture." I stated.

We quickly got to work. We spent over 4 hours shopping. Finally the computers had made their rounds.

"Now. You should have the computer of the person sitting to your left. Anything in the favorites or shopping carts, order it now. Have it gift wrapped and delivered here to the house. Remember to use your CC number." I directed.

After everything had been ordered and confirmed, we took back our own computers and ordered cribs.

Esme came in towards the end and requested a purchase. "Look at all the cribs. Decide on two cribs that coordinate, one for boys, and one for girls. Order enough cribs for all the babies. We are turning one of the rooms into a nursery."

We all jumped at the idea and searched for the best cribs. We decided on a pink and a blue round crib.

After the shopping, the guys all arrived to take their wives and babies home. We could finally leave our confinement.

Addison was asleep so Emmett and I left her with Esme and snuck off to our cottage for some private time.

Chapter 12
Dylan's POV

Tonight I have another date. I met Sky for coffee the other day and we actually progressed to a second date. Both of the girls are happy and healthy so I can actually go on a kid free date.

Sky told me that she remembers laying under the stars as a kid, and picking out images. She doesn't know it, but I have planned a picnic under the stars. Well, somewhat. It is January in Washington.

I told her to dress comfortably. I refused Alice's pleading to dress me, insisting I could dress myself. Anyways, Sky needs to see me as myself, not as a Ken doll.

I swung by the local restaurant and picked up our food. I had ordered a thermo of hot chocolate, two bowls of steaming homemade chicken and dumplings, and chocolate bonbons. The owner packed it up carefully in the picnic basket I had dropped off earlier.

I arrived to pick up Sky a few minutes early. I went ahead and knocked, hoping she was the type to be ready early.

She answered the door, ready to go. I looked at her and let out a wolf whistle.

She blushed. "That whistle means you look absolutely beautiful tonight, and I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have found you." I explained with a wolfish grin.

'Do I need a jacket?" She asked.

"No. We will be inside and I can keep you warm if I need to." I answered. I took her hand and walked out the door, pausing to lock it behind me.

I opened the truck door for her, and helped her up. "Ignore all the junk in the backseat. I couldn't see cleaning it out, just to have to put it all back tomorrow." I explained.

"I understand. Don't worry about it. I know with two girls, everything can't be spotless." Sky assured me.

I took the back way around to the conservatory, and parked at the back of the building. I parked the truck and looked at Sky.

"We're here. My buddy told me to park around here in the employee's lot, so people won't think they are open to the public tonight." I explained.

I hopped out and went around to open her door. I took her hand and grabbed the basket out of the backseat.

"Can I carry something?" Sky offered. I handed her the bag with the blanket and throw pillows.

We were let into the building and got settled. I pulled out the food, and we got settled.

The roof opened up to show us the stars. "OOO, The sky is so clear tonight." Sky commented and then laughed.

We ate and then laid back on the blanket to watch the stars.

"Tell me about your girls." Sky asked.

"Well, they have only been mine for a couple of months. Camren, Cami for short, is 8, Destany is 7 months. Their mom was my best friend growing up, we might as well have been siblings. When Destany was a month old, their parents went out to eat for their anniversary. They almost stayed home because the sitter was late. They had reservations and were on their way to the restaurant when they were hit and killed by a drunk driver. It was a week after the funeral, when I got the call, telling me my best friend was dead, and that I had been named guardian of her girls. I wrapped up my job the best I could, packed up and went to get my girls. It has been an adventure ever since. Cami and I moved up here and found a house. I left Destany with a friend of the family, until we got settled. Looking back, that was the biggest mistake I made. Destany still has issues letting me out of her sight. She has lost so much at such a young age." I explained.

"Most people wouldn't have stepped up and became a single dad like that. I'm proud of you, that you were willing to give up your life to become a dad like that." Sky whispered.

"How could I not?" I said simply.

After that, we just cuddled and watched the stars. Between the two of us, we could name most of the constellations.

Around midnight, I woke Sky with a gentle kiss.

"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty..." I teased.

"Hmm..." She answered sleepily.

"I think it is time for me to take you home. I hate for this date to end, but I need some sleep before returning to dad duty tomorrow." I replied.

I gathered the blanket and basket, and took them to the truck. When I returned, Sky was half asleep on her feet. I swooped her up in my arms and carried her to the truck. She fell asleep again on the ride home. I found her keys, and let us in.

I tried to rouse her, but she murmured and continued to sleep. I laid her in her bed, pulled her shoes off, and kissed her goodnight, pulling the covers over her. I locked the door and let myself out.

As I walked back to the truck, I paused and looked at the house. "Goodnight, sleep tight, love."

Chapter 13
Dylan's POV

Today Sky will meet Destany and Cami. Hopefully the girls don't scare her off. I really like Sky. I can see this relationship going somewhere, if the girls like her.

We had planned to go to the zoo, but it’s raining again. We should have known better than to plan an outside activity for Forks, but the weather forecast said it was going to be clear.

"Best Days" by Taylor Swift started playing in the living room. I guess Cami reprogrammed my ringtone, again.

I grabbed the phone right before it went to voicemail. "Hello?"

"Hey, Dylan. This is Sky. Well of course you knew that. Well, I was thinking that I hate to cancel our family date because of the weather. I really want to meet the girls. Why don't I stop and rent a couple of new kids movies that I think Cami will like and just come to your house? We can just hang out and play with the kids." Sky suggested.

"Sure. That sounds good to me. Give me about 30 minutes to make this place presentable?" I asked.

"I'm sure it’s fine, but okay. I'll be there in about 30 minutes." Sky answered, then hung up.

I put Destany in her crib, and told Cami to watch her. I then started running around the house at wolf speed to clean.

I heard Destany crying, then she started giggling. I knew if she was laughing she was okay, so I continued cleaning.

The house was finally clean just as I heard a car pull up. I headed down the hall to get the girls.

I took 2 steps towards the hall, when I heard Cami call out.

"EWWW...........Daddy...Destany just puked all over herself."

Perfect....Just what I needed. I walked into Destany's room to see for myself.

"Cami, go to your room. I will be there in a minute to find you some new clothes. Let me change Destany." I ordered.

I quickly pulled a new outfit out and changed Destany's clothes. Then of course, the outfit I grabbed didn't match the shoes or bow. I swapped bows and ditched the shoes.

I rushed across to Cami's room. She had already opened her closet and was standing in front of it.

"Dadddddddddddyyyyyy?!!!!?!?!? I have nothing to wear!!!" She moaned.

"Yes you do. Now hurry up and choose a new top to go with that skirt. You have until I count to 10. Or you can just wear the baby spit up all day." I threatened. It was her bouncing and swirling Destany around that caused it.

She quickly shoved hangers aside searching.

2..." She cut me off.

"Ready Daddy." She said, bouncing out of the room.

I quickly answered the door. "Sorry to keep you waiting. We had a minor emergency just as you pulled up." I explained.

"No problem. All is well. I don't see any blood, so everyone is just fine. I brought snacks for later, and several movies. I picked out some new ones, and some old classics." Sky said, shaking off the rain.

We put "The Princess and the Frog" in and curled up on the couch. I held Destany on my lap and leaned back with Sky.

About 10 minutes into the movie, Destany reached for Sky. Sky took her, kissed her cheek, and curled back up against me.

We laid together watching the movie. I looked down to see Destany asleep in Sky's arms and my heart skipped a beat. It looked so right.

Chapter 14
Dylan's POV

I finished cleaning up after Cami's lunch, and then settled down to feed Destany. She greedily sucked on her bottle as I cuddled her in my arms. I pulled my phone out and called Sky.

"What are your plans for this afternoon? It is supposed to be clear today, and Destany is about nap ready. I thought I could cash in that zoo rain check." I asked, amazing at how good it felt just to hear her voice.

"I'm sorry. I was invited to a baby shower for one of your friend's wives. But it starts at 2, so we could probably do something tonight. I mean....if the offer is still open?" Sky answered.

"Whose shower?" I asked.

"I don't remember! Oh, no. How can I go to a shower and not remember who it was for?" Sky panicked.

"Shh. Calm down. Who invited you? What did you buy?" I asked.

"Alice was the one who invited me, and she told me to buy for a boy." Sky said.

"Okay, that narrows it down to two." I laughed.

"TWO! How many pregnant women do you know?" Sky laughed.

"Weelll....The crew is in the midst of a baby boom. Kenzie is married to Brady. They already have 8 yr old twin girls, and are expecting twin boys. Next is Alex who is married to Emmett Cullen. They have Addison who is about 4 mths. They are also expecting a boy. Then Diana and Embry are expecting their first child, a girl. Jessica, or Jessie, is married to Collin. They are expecting twin girls." I explained.

"So...who is due first? Kenzie or Alex?" Sky asked.

"About the same. Kenzie is due around the middle of February and Alex is due at the end." I said.

"Okay. But...If Addison is only 4 mths, how can Alex be 8 mths pregnant? Did they adopt?" She asked.

"No....Alex has some genetic thing that makes her pregnancies accelerated. Addison was born about 3 months after conception." I explained. "We just accept it and go on."

"Okay. So I know the shower is for Alex or Kenzie...." Sky laughed.

"What’s the address of the shower?" I asked.

Sky read it off. "Okay. It’s for Kenzie and being held at their new house. They had to upgrade quickly. Just remember Kenzie is married to Brady. They have Madeline and Nicole, but we call them Maddi and Nikki. My arm is going to sleep along with Destany, so I will let you get ready and go." I answered.

"Thanks. Dylan....." Sky trailed off.

"Yes, Sky?" I replied.

"I....I...I really really more than just like you." Sky stammered and hung up.

I smiled and said to the dial tone. "I Love you too."

Sky's POV

I arrived at Kenzie's house just on time. I had stopped on the way to pick something up for the big sisters.

"Hi, Come on in. Everyone, this is Dylan's new girlfriend, Sky. Sky, this is everyone." bubbled a little pixie woman.

"Hi..." I replied looking around. I figured out who Kenzie was, and then guessed at Alex.

"Hi, I'm Nessie. No, I'm not named after the loch ness monster. My real name is Renesmee but who wants to say that mouthful? My mom thought she was being creative, but was really just cruel." Nessie whispered.

"My mom was a bit creative too. My whole name is Jade Summer Sky, so I know the feeling." I laughed.

"Next to me is Claire. She’s the newlywed of the bunch. She married Quil at Christmas. We are both seniors this year at Forks High." Nessie continued.

"Nessie. Shush! She doesn't need to hear our life stories just yet. Names are hard enough, without having to remember details. I'm sorry for Nessie's behavior. She couldn't stop talking if her life depended on it. Trust me, I've known Nessie since we were 2." Claire explained.

Next to Claire was Leah, then came Diana (Prego w a girl), Jessie (Prego with twin girls), Alex (Prego w a boy), and Emily. Emily was Claire's aunt, and had triplets at home, who were less than a year old. Emily said thankfully she was not pregnant right now.

Kenzie was in the middle surrounded by gifts. On the other side were Esme, Bella, and Alice. Kenzie had started opening presents, when another girl rushed in.

"Sorry I'm late. Gabby refused to take a bottle when I was still in the house. I had to take time to nurse so she wouldn't get herself in a fit." The young mom collapsed next to Alex and grinned.

"You must be Sky. I'm Chloe. I'm married to Taylor and we have a 3 month old, Gabriella." Chloe whispered.

Kenzie opened all the presents, and then wiggled her way to standing. "Before we eat, come see the house." She said and led us through. The house was amazing.

"This is the first time I've seen it either. Thanks Esme for all your hard work." Kenzie said.

"Kenzie has been on bed rest and isolation for the last month. The swine flu was going around so Grandpa put all the pregnant or nursing women in isolation." Nessie explained.

"Nessie's Grandpa, is Doctor Carlisle Cullen. He is the family doctor for all the wolves too." Claire explained.

We finished the downstairs and headed up. The pregnant ones took the elevator, while we all took the stairs. Upstairs was a kid friendly area. Maddi and Nikki shared a bedroom, but had a quiet area and a play room.

"Eventually, the girls will lose the quiet room when the boys are old enough to be moved upstairs. The attic is finished out so we can expand later if needed." Kenzie blushed.

We all trumped back downstairs to eat and visit. After a bit, I started feeling odd. I just thought it was the weather or my lack of sleep.

All of a sudden, I felt like I was going to be sick. I hopped up and ran to the nearest bathroom, just in time to puke my guts up.

I heaved several more times, and then laid down on the floor. How embarrassing I thought.

I heard a knock on the door. "Sky? Are you alright in there?" I heard someone call.

"No...." I moaned.

Claire slipped in and held my hair as I upchucked again and again.

"Come on. I'll run you home and let Dylan know to come get your car. You can't drive like this." Claire said.

Claire helped me up and out to the car. She handed me a barf bag and then dug out my keys. I whispered my address and then laid back down.

Claire helped me in the house and then left calling Dylan as she went.

"Thanks" I called weakly.

"No problem. Next time it might be me." She said.

Chapter 15
Collin's POV

Tonight, I'm taking my wonderful wife out. Originally, I was going to take her horseback riding, but she's pregnant, so I've bought tickets for us to go to a comedy club. Her favorite comedian is performing tonight, Jeff Dunham! She has no idea! I bought her some new clothes for tonight and have hung them on the door. Time to go get her off the couch to get ready.
"Hey sweetheart, I've hung you some clothes on the back of the door. Go get dressed, I'm taking you out tonight, beautiful." I say to Jessie, kissing the top of her head.
"Beautiful huh? Are you sure you're not blind? In case you haven't noticed, I'm getting a bit fat."Jessie says, laughing and softly punches my arm on her way to our bedroom.
"You'll always be beautiful to me!" I yell after her and I hear her laugh. After a little while she emerges from the bedroom, pretty as a picture to me.
"Well, here I am, let's get a move on." Jessie says, heading for the door.

We drive to Olive Garden to eat first. I look over to see her grin. She loves Italian food.
"Oh honey! You are so sweet!"Jessie says and raises our hands to her mouth to kiss my hand.
"Anything for my lovely wife." I tell her, giving her a smile.

We go into the restaurant and get seated. After a while, our waitress comes over and takes our orders. We sit and eat comfortably.
"Honey, I have something for you." I tell her, and I reach into my jacket for the box.
"What'd you get me? Collin, you didn't have to get me anything." She says, blushing.
"But I wanted to Jessie. You are about to give me the best gift in the world. You're going to have my baby girls. GIRLS, Jessie. You've made me the happiest man in the world. I thought I loved you when I married you, but now...I think I love you more. You have this wonderful glow about you. You have no idea how beautiful you are to me." I tell her as I hand her the box. The look on her face when she opens it only has one word: beautiful. I knew then that the pink stones in the double drop earrings that matched the one in the heart of the necklace and the one in the bracelet were the right thing. I look at her again and tears are beginning to fall.
"Stupid hormones." Jessie says, reaching up to wipe the tears away.
"Not stupid. I'm glad you like them." I stand to put the necklace around her neck as she fastens the bracelet and puts the earrings in. I look down at my watch after it's latched.
"Hon, we need to go. We have tickets." I tell her and help her stand.
"Where are we going now?" She asks as we head for the door.
"You'll see." I tell her and open her door to the car.
"Collin, you are too much." She tells me then leans over and kisses my cheek. I have got to be the world’s luckiest man.
We pull into the comedy club's parking lot and she grins again.
"Jeff Dunham? Seriously? OH COLLIN!" She says and squeezes my hand.
"Yes dear, Jeff Dunham. Glad you are that excited." I tell her, laughing lightly. I help her out of the car and up the few steps to the comedy club.

We sit and enjoy the show for the next 2 hours. I help my wife back to the car and on the ride home she falls asleep. We get home and I lift her out of the car and up to our room to bed. I slide her shoes off and cover her up. I then lean over and gently kiss her cheek and say "I love you honey". And then to bed for me too.

Chapter 16
Dylan's POV

Quil and Claire are babysitting for me tonight, so I can check on Sky. She is still sick. We thought it was just the stomach virus, but it has been over a week,

I'm planning on making her go to the doctor tonight or tomorrow.

Sky and I were curled up on the couch when my phone rang.

"Hello..?" I said groggily.

"Umm... Dylan... this is Brady. I was wondering, hoping really that the girls could come over and play with Cami tonight. They might even need to sleep over..." Brady stammered.

"Well, my girls are with Quil and Claire tonight. I'm at Sky's. Let me holler at Quil. If they can't watch your girls too, I'll come get them." I said.

I hung up with Brady and called Claire.

"Brady just called me in a panic. They need someone to watch the girls, starting as soon as possible. Can you watch them too? Or I can come get my girls..." I explained.

"No problem. Nessie and Jake are here with Alice Anna. I'll make Jake and Quil run over and get them. Call Brady back and tell him to have the girls ready for a wolf ride." Claire replied.

I fixed myself something to eat, and sat back down. I ate about half before Sky took off running to the bathroom.

"Darling, that’s it. You are going to the doctor, and soon." I found the phone book and called the Urgent Care in the next town over. Good, they are open until Midnight.

"I just called and Beaver's Urgent Care is open till midnight, Grab your purse, and a bag. You are going to the doctor, tonight!" I informed Sky.

I sent Claire a text informing her of our plans. I helped Sky to the car, and got her settled in the backseat. I made sure the house was locked and headed to Beaver.

As soon as we arrived, the doctor saw Sky. I went back with her, but then the doctor kicked me out.

After awhile, Sky came back out to sit with me. "He is waiting on some test results. He made me take a pregnancy test, which came back negative. Now he thinks it’s some kind of virus or infection." She said softly, laying her head on my shoulder.

The nurse came out to motion Sky back. I woke her up, and she grabbed my hand.

"Come back with me, please? I'm scared to find out what is wrong."

"Ms. Sky, the test results are back. I can't find any signs of a virus or infection. Your white blood count is up however. I'd like to do an ultrasound to see if I can pinpoint a reason for your sickness. I'd also like to draw more blood and send it off. Our partner lab may be able to pinpoint something that our small in house lab cannot." The doctor explained.

He had Sky lay down on her stomach and he performed an ultrasound of her kidneys and stomach area.

"Everything looks normal. I didn't notice anything uncommon. My advice is to go home and get some rest. Be sure to stay hydrated. I will write you a prescription for Finnagren gel to help with the nausea. Just rub it on your wrists when you begin to get nauseous." The doctor walked us out, with a promise to call when the results came in.

"Come on. Let’s head home. All we can do is wait." I said, helping Sky to the car.

Love it can;t wait for more

Chapter 17
Brady's POV

Jake and Quil just picked up the girls. Now to get the car loaded and get Kenzie to the hospital.

"Brady?" Kenzie called.

"Yes, love?" I answered.

"You might want to call Carlisle and tell him there has been a change of plans. We aren't gonna make it to the office." Kenzie panted, then let out a loud scream.

I ran to her side. "GET CARLISLE HERE, NOW!" She gritted, doubled over with pain.

I pulled out my phone and called Carlisle.

"Kenzie's water has broke, and she's having major contractions. Okay, I'll ask." I turned to Kenzie, "He wants to know how far apart the contractions are, and how bad."

"They are a 15 out of 10, and are about 5 minutes apart. Tell him if he doesn’t get here soon, instead of asking stupid questions, I will make sure he regrets it!" Kenzie yelled.

"Okay, I will head right over. Have Kenzie strip down to just a tank top, and fill your tub up with lukewarm water. Not cold, but not too hot. After it’s full, help Kenzie into the tub. Tell her to lean back and try to relax. Then go gather some towels, and baby blankets." Carlisle directed.

I got Kenzie settled in the tub, and gathered up everything Carlisle suggested. I made sure the door was unlocked and went back to the bathroom.

"Carlisle is on his way. He said just breathe through the contractions." I reminded Kenzie, as she tried to break my hand.

Kenzie screamed. "Call Carlisle and tell him I changed my mind. I don't want to do this. It feels like YOUR sons are trying to rip me apart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thankfully Carlisle appeared in the doorway at that moment.

"Kenzie..." Carlisle soothed. "Your sons are just eager to make their appearance. Now if Brady will hop in there with you, we will see if you are ready to start pushing."

Carlisle quickly examined Kenzie, and gave her permission to push.

"Push through the contractions, then stop to breathe. Brady is here to support you and help you push."

We pushed and breathed, and pushed and breathed, for what seemed like an eternity, before we heard an exclamation.

"I can see the head, now one big push. Way to Go! Baby one is here." Carlisle commented and held the baby up for us to see.

"Hayden Isaac" Kenzie stated, then started to push again.

Soon our other son made his appearance. Carlisle held him up and then passed him off to Esme to get cleaned up.

"Ian Hunter." Kenzie sighed, then leaned back against me.

"Okay, Kenzie, one more big push, and then we can get you cleaned up and in bed. Then you can hold your sons." Carlisle directed.

After Carlisle delivered the afterbirth, I stood up and gathered Kenzie in my arms. I dried her off gently. Esme put a fresh gown on Kenzie, then I laid her in our bed.

Hayden and Ian were demanding to meet their momma, so I helped her get settled to nurse. After they fell asleep, I kissed Kenzie. Carlisle and Esme left with directions to call if they were needed.

I found my cell phone and called Claire. "Can I talk to the girls?" I asked.

"Daddy?" I heard two sleepy voices ask.

"Maddi, Nikki, This is Daddy. I wanted to call and let you know that you are now big sisters. Hayden Isaac and Ian Hunter are less than an hour old now, and sleeping away. I will send Claire a picture for you to see. Be good for Quil and Claire, and I will see you in the morning." I said.

I snapped a picture with my phone of my sleeping sons, and handed the phone off to Kenzie.

She told the girls goodnight, and then I sent the pic. I closed my phone and curled up next to Kenzie in bed. Time to catch a quick nap before the boys woke up.

Chapter 18
Sky's POV

I loaded Cami in the car and headed to pick up Maddi and Nikki. Then I am supposed to pick up Alex and Alice Anna for a girls shopping day.

I pulled into Brady and Kenzie's driveway and honked. The girls came bouncing out of the house ready to go.

"Buckle up, girls, or we aren't moving." I ordered. They sighed and fastened their seat belts. 'I'm glad I didn't trade in my SUV like I had planned. This wouldn't be near as easy in Dylan's truck.' I thought.

I pulled out of the driveway and headed to Alex's. I pulled up and parked. Alice Anna came running out of the house, with Alex slowly following.

"What’s wrong?" I whispered to Alex. I could tell she felt horrible.

"Addison was colicky last night and couldn't sleep. She didn't want Emmett to hold her. We both ended up being up all night with her. Not a good night to go sleepless. But Alice has plans with Jasper and I promised AA I would take her dress shopping." Alex sighed.

"Alice Anna? Do you care if we leave Alex here, and it just be us girls?" I asked.

"Do I still get to go shopping with Maddi, Nikki, and Cami?" She asked.

"Yes. Same plans, just without Alex." I answered.

"Okie Dokie. Bye Alex!" AA replied.

Alex laughed. "I guess I'm dismissed."

"Yes you are. Now. Go back inside and call Emmett. Tell him that there was a change of plans and we don't need you. Then lay down and take a long lengthy nap. Leave Addison with Esme until you wake up. Shoot! Forget that. Don't go get Addi until the time you had agreed on. If you wake up early, just relax. Soon you won't have time to breathe." I ordered.

I waited until Alex got in the house, and then backed out of the driveway. I called Emmett and filled him in, so he would know to go check on his wife.

I pulled in the mall parking lot and found a parking spot quickly. I reached over and hit the lock on the door so the girls couldn't hop out.

"Rules first. No going off on your own. We are going to all go to one store then another if needed. All of you need dresses and accessories. And Yes, Nikki, you have to wear a dress. Ok. Let’s go shopping!" I said.

I unlocked the doors, and hopped out. The girls walked in front of me, and we headed to Dillard’s first. I headed the girls in the right direction and to the girls department.

I looked around at the selection, and then headed to the fitting rooms to find a consultant. Everyone ignored me at first, but one finally noticed me.

"Yes, miss?" She asked.

"Yes. I need four adjoining dressing rooms, near the mirror. Then I would like you to pull some dresses for us." I asked.

"Well, I might be able to give you one room, but not four...." She began.

"Did Sky forget to mention this is a CC purchase?" AA piped up.

"CC?" the sales girl asked.

"Cullen Card? If you don't know what it is, I suggest you go ask your supervisor." AA rolled her eyes.

"I need to see..." AA cut the woman off by waving the pink card in the air.

"Ok. My apologies. Just a minute ma'am." The sales girl rushed off.

Soon we were escorting into a private fitting area, with 4 rooms, and a 360 degree mirror. I settled the girls in each room, then asked the lady to pull any size 7 polka dot dresses they had in stock.

They brought back some, and I quickly thumbed through them. "Yes, no, no, too babyish, too grownup, yes, maybe, no, defiantly no. Is this all?" I asked.

"No Ma'am. Another rack is coming." they answered, then rushed off.

I handed dresses to Maddi and Nikki to try on. Two racks later, we had dresses for all 4 girls.

"Charge these to the Cullen account, then have them brought to the shoe department." I requested.

"Ma'am? Your name isn't on the list of authorized chargers." The cashier stated snottily.

"Check again. I was told this morning by Dr Cullen himself, that my name was added." I informed her.

About an hour later, we had dresses and shoes. I decided to just find some ribbons for their hair, and we were done. I stopped for ice cream on the way home, before delivering the girls to their parents.

I pulled up in Dylan's driveway and had to wake Cami up.

"We're home darling." I whispered, then carried her in the house. It had been a long day for all of us.

Dylan pulled me down on the couch beside him, and we laid that way for awhile.

"Ready for supper?" He asked.

I stood up and pulled him to me for a quick kiss, then pulled him towards the kitchen. We started making supper together.

We ate, then I opened a jar of baby food for Destany. One sniff of the vegetable beef concoction sent me running for the bathroom.

Dylan rushed after me. He knelt beside me and held my hair.

"Apparently, I just thought the bug was gone from my system." I groaned, laying my head on his shoulder.

Chapter 19
Nessie's POV

Somehow Jake and Quil scored tickets to the premiere of "Valentine’s Day" in Seattle tonight. They even picked us out dresses for tonight.

I'll admit, I'm a bit scared to see what Jake picked out. At least Aunt Alice arranged for them to meet with one of her favorite designers, he wasn't just left on his own.

Claire and I got home from school to find boxes laying on our beds at Grandpa's house. We had several boxes in pink and purple. We attacked the boxes to see what we would be wearing tonight.

Claire's dress was a sheer creamy white with a black silky lining. It looks like a sheer dress with a black slip showing. She had matching black shoes.

My dress was a purple silk sheath with silver embroidery. It just barely reached my thighs, and came with black sheer tights, and black ankle boots. It had a picture enclosed to show me the completed look.

We both quickly got dressed and then started experimenting with our hair. I ended up crunching some gel into my curls, and twisting it up with a pair of amethyst hair sticks. Claire teased hers and left it down. It contrasted nicely with her white dress.

The guys were waiting downstairs, looking sharp in their tuxes. We took our guys' arms and headed outside. I was speechless when I saw the limo they had rented for tonight.

We climbed in and headed to Seattle. As we left I could see Mom nudging Dad. I knew she was telling him that he never hired a limo for her.

There were chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling apple cider in the limo for the ride. When we arrived, a crowd swarmed the limo to see who was inside.

The chauffeur opened the door, and I climbed out first, followed by Jake. We paused and waited for Quil and Claire to climb out.

As we walked up the red carpet, lights flashed all around us. Reporters asked who designed our dresses, and the guys answered.

As we walked into the theatre, we paused to look around. The movie screening was in an old opera house, which has been renovated. Instead of individual seats, it had chaise loungers built for a couple to sit or recline on.

We were stopped at the top of the stairs. "May I present, Mr. and Mrs. Quil Atera?" They announced as Claire and Quil walked in.

"Mr. Jacob Black and Miss Renesmee Cullen..." They announced us, and we slowly made our decent.

The movie was wonderful, and we had an amazing time.

The last thing I remember was curling up against Jake in the limo on the ride home. I woke up a bit when we got home, just long enough to hear Jake tell Quil that their bed was still in my room.

I remember Jake taking off my shoes, and telling me to change into my pjs. I don’t remember doing so, but I must have since its early morning, and I'm in pjs laying next to Jake.

I glance across the room to see Quil and Claire sleeping peacefully. What a wonderful night.

Chapter 20
Sky's POV

Cami's teacher sent home a note asking for parent volunteers to set up the dance tonight. Dylan has to work, so I volunteered to help. I knew that the class would be short on parents, since Alex and Kenzie would be unable to help. Alice doesn't do well working as a team.

I got to the gym early. I looked around and dug through the box of decorations that were provided. I noticed a bag of balloons and a couple of rolls of streamers. Not much to work with.

A few other ladies showed up, most with younger kids in tow. I introduced myself and started picking their brains for ideas. No one had any other suggestions than to stick up what we had and go home.

"Has anyone asked the community for donations? I mean, decorations, door prizes, donations to cover expenses?" I asked. Everyone shook their heads.

"Sorry I'm late. I'm not used to getting these two up and out yet!" Kenzie explained rushing in. I gave her a hug and helped her get Hayden and Ian settled.

All the other mothers just looked envious at Kenzie and the twins. I quickly filled Kenzie in.

"I agree with Sky. Let’s see what Sky and I can hit the town up for. Can you all meet back here about 1:30, 2 o'clock?" Kenzie asked.

The others agreed, and headed home. I helped Kenzie load the boys up and we took her ride around town.

In a couple of hours, we managed to get donations and loans. The furniture store volunteered to loan some pink and red loveseats for the mothers to sit on. At 1 we were back at the school, waiting on the furniture delivery. I showed the delivery guys where I wanted them, while Kenzie fed the twins.

After calling some of the guys from the fire department over to hang stuff, we had the gym turned into a dream world by 2:45. I rushed over and picked up Cami then headed to get Destany from day care. We have 2 hours before the dance starts tonight.

Chapter 21
Kenzie's POV

I can't believe my girls have grown so fast. Tonight is their first dance. Granted, it’s a daddy daughter dance, but still. This time last year, I never dreamed of my girls being this happy, of me being this happy. I never dreamed of meeting Brady, much less marrying him. Now I have a husband who loves me and my girls with all his heart, and now I had the pleasure of giving him, not one son, but two.

I don't think Brady believe me when I warned him that twins run in my family. Now we have Madeline and Nicole, and Hayden and Ian.

We are supposed to meet Sky and Cami at the Cullen house at 4 for all the girls to get ready together. There we can put the babies all down for a nap while we work.

Esme is going to babysit for the dance tonight.

We quickly curled the girls' hair in curl sticks, and let it sit. We helped them all into their coordinating dresses and pulled their curls back with ribbons. After they were ready, we quickly got ourselves ready to go.

We all arrived at the dance at the same time. The girls headed off to find their little boyfriends, and we left the guys talking as we collapsed on the couches.

"We survived." I sighed,

"Not yet. Here comes AA. Wonder what’s wrong now?" Alex commented.

"I hate him! He told me he didn't care if I died." AA stomped.

"Slow down. Breathe and explain," Alex ordered.

"Ryan ate a peanut butter cookie then tried to kiss me. I asked if he wanted me to die, and he said he didn't care." AA explained.

"Oh look. They are calling for the Daddy daughter dance. Better go claim your Unc E." Alex quickly changed the topic.

AA scurried after Emmett.

"What drama!" Sky exclaimed.

"I know! I'm dreading junior high. I mean if she is this bad at 7.....I don't want to think about her being a teenager!" Alex moaned.

The dance soon ended and the night went on smoothly. All of a sudden I heard the crack of a palm hitting a face. I looked up to see AA slapping Ryan. Nikki slapped Troy, and all four girls linked arms and walked our way.

The principal headed towards them and I quickly got Brady's attention.

"Your daughters need you...Now. Before they get kicked out of their first dance." I pointed.

Brady, Dylan, and Emmett rushed over to meet the girls. They talked to the girls and to the principal. Soon the guys herded the girls over to us.

"Ryan made some smart aleck comment to AA about her daddy not loving her enough to come. Then Troy said something about none of the girls having a real dad. That’s when AA slapped Ryan and Nikki slapped Troy. They dumped the guys on the spot and were heading over here. As long as they don't initiate contact again tonight, the girls are not in trouble." Brady filled us in.

At the end of the night, as we were preparing to leave, Ryan came up to Alice Anna.

"Are you ready to apologize, kiss and make up?" Ryan asked, leaning over to try to kiss AA.

She shoved him back. "No. I'm not sorry, and we are not going to kiss and make up. I wouldn't kiss you tonight if my life depended on it. Which actually my life depends on my not kissing you. I don't really feel like spoiling my night with a trip to the emergency room. If you can't understand my nut allergy, and take it seriously, I guess I will find someone a bit more mature that can." AA ranted.

"But....Alice ANNNNAAA!" Ryan whined.

"Buh BYE!" AA replied, then turned and walked away, leaving him standing there with his mouth open.

"If I ever hear of you trying to kiss my niece again, with or without nuts involved, I will make sure you regret it." Emmett whispered to Ryan.

We helped Alex up and all walked out together. Proud of our girls.

"I'll bring the girls' bags by when I come pick up the boys." I told Alex.

"Ok, but you don't have to pick up the boys. Esme said they are welcome to stay." Alex reminded me.

"I know....but ....I…I didn't leave enough bottles to last them through the night." I stammered.

"Ah....Okay. I see your point." Alex smiled.

"You can pump some more after we drop off the girls, can't you?" Brady asked,

"Yes, and no. Yes I can pump more, but no I'm not going too. I'm not ready to leave my babies for the night just yet." I informed my husband, walking away from him.

I am a new reader....this is a great story...please write more soon!

Chapter 22
Diana's POV

I woke up this morning to find a note from Embry and a copy of a letter he wrote about me. Apparently he entered a contest to win a private screening of Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera. He had to explain why he should win.

I picked it up and read. "I would love to win this prize to surprise my wife. She is 8 months pregnant with our first child. It was love at first sight when I met her. I went a bit unwillingly to an engagement party for a friend of my family. My wife, Diana, was the best friend of the bride to be. As soon as I saw her, I fell head over heels for her. My life hasn't been the same since. Now I would love to be able to give her this experience. This would be our last date before becoming parents, and a night to remember forever. I would love to be able to shower her with this attention to show her exactly how much I love her. She has always loved the Phantom of the Opera, and has been looking forward to this sequel since she first heard about it. To give her the chance to be one of the first to see it, and to be able to see it alone, would be unbelievably awesome. So please, choose our love story as the winner so I can pamper my wife in this way."

I had tears in my eyes as I read his letter. At the bottom of the letter, he wrote in tiny letters for me to flip it over. I flipped it over to read..."Love, if you are reading this, it means we won! Go look in your closet and then call Alice. She is going to help you get dressed and ready for tonight."

First I called Alex to tell her what my perfect husband had done. Then I broke down and called Alice to tell her I was ready to be tortured. Luckily, Alice and Jasper had slipped out of town on a romantic getaway of their own. They were going to go try out Emmett and Alex's castle.

At least we know that another pregnancy won't occur from that castle stay.

I called around and found Chloe willing to come help me get ready. Embry had picked me out a dress and shoes to wear tonight.

I had Chloe just curl the ends of my hair under, and help me into the dress. It fit perfectly, and I knew Embry had to have had help.

Embry came home and changed into a dress shirt and slacks, just in time for the limo to pick us up. It took us to the local theatre and we were led into a private room. About half way through the movie, dinner was brought in and served to us right there in the movie.

On the way home, I whispered to Embry that tonight was truly a night to remember.

Chapter 23
Alice's POV

Jasper and I are going on another honeymoon this week. Having a child takes more of our time than I expected. I am overdue for some "mommy daddy time."

We are going to start out at Alex and Emmett's castle. I don't know how long we will be able to stay before getting kicked out.

We arrived at the castle around lunch on Monday. I was a bad mommy and skipped out on all the events at AA's school this week. Alex and Emmett can do them. They seem to have better self control than I do anyways. I justify it by saying Jasper couldn't have attended anyways....

Jasper carried our luggage in, and I went to check in.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Hale, checking in." I stated.

"Okay, ma'am. Let me pull your reservations up....That’s odd. There must be a mistake. It shows you have the entire left tower reserved. Are you expecting other members of your party?" The desk clerk asked.

"No, it’s just us, But, the computer is right. I did reserve the whole tower." I answered.

"Ma'am, all of our rooms are highly private. You can just reserve the suite, and it will cost you a lot less." She replied.

"Money isn't an issue. I reserved the whole tower, because I didn't want to disturb any of your other guests." I assured her.

"Ma'am.....I don't...Our rooms are pretty sound tight. You shouldn't bother anyone..." She had a confused look on her face.

" can I say this nicely....My husband and I are revisiting our honeymoon...and we kinda .....tend to away with each other....if you get my drift...." I explained.

The young girl blushed. "I is your key to Suite A."

I accepted the key, and lead Jasper up the stairs to our suite.

"You can put my bags over in the closet area. I'll be in there in a moment to choose our first selection." I directed.

I noticed a sheet of paper asking us to choose a housekeeping schedule. I quickly called down to the main desk to cancel housekeeping.

"I'll pay extra if I need too, but I don't want housekeeping to come up at all. They can clean when we leave. I don't want to take a chance of the staff interrupting a private moment." I directed.

I headed into the closet to change into my first negligee of the trip. I knew what we were going to be doing the whole time, so I packed accordingly.

"Jazz! Are you ready?" I called, walking out and towards him.

He met me with a kiss, and we started in.

Later that day, I looked at Jasper and grinned. "Being a vampire has its advantages, doesn't it." I giggled.

He smiled and nipped at my neck. "Just a sec, love. I've gotta go put another present on for you."


About sunrise Tuesday, our first bed made a loud popping noise and fell. I looked at Jasper, and he grinned. We moved into the second bedroom of our suite, and continued enjoying ourselves.

Wednesday night, after breaking both beds, and the couch, we asked for the key to Suite B. I mean, we were paying for it, so why not use it?

Thursday night, we moved to room 1. This was our last room in our tower, and our last unbroken bed.

Friday morning, we gathered the four empty suitcases, and headed downstairs to check out.

"Okay. You had the entire tower, for 4 nights. That total comes to..." I interrupted the clerk.

"Um, we had some damages, so you might want to inspect the rooms." I looked at Jasper, and grinned. "Or I can tell you what we damaged, if you will take my word for it."

"Okay Mrs. Hale. What kind of damage are we talking about?" The manager asked.

"Lets see. I think it was 5 broken beds, and two broken couches. Anything else, darling?" I asked Jasper.

"The dresser in suite B got broken also, love." Jasper reminded me.

"Oh my. I apologize for the poor quality of furniture you experienced. Those expenses are on us." The manager quickly said.

"No. We highly enjoyed our visit. We are extremely hard on furniture. Even the highest priced beds don't last long with us. I insist on paying for the damages." I pulled out my credit card and handed it to them.

I signed the slip and we headed home.

"I'm disappointed that we ran out of rooms." Jasper whispered in my ear.

"It was perfect timing though. I ran out of lingerie at the same time." I replied. "Any longer of a stay and I would have had to go shopping again."

Jasper grinned evilly at me.

When we got home, we stashed the empty luggage for our next vacation.

We weren't home thirty minutes before Dad showed up.

"Uh-OH! Dad got a call from the credit card company." I told Jasper.

Dad stormed in the cottage. "$3,000 worth of lingerie?!?!?! $5,000 hotel bill? ALICE CULLEN HALE! EXPLAIN NOW!"

"’s like this..." I pouted.

"Don't Daddy me. I want your credit card...NOW! Yours too, Jasper." Dad demanded.

"But Daddy, you knew we were going on another honeymoon. I had to have something to wear. And we can't help that the beds and couches were such poor quality, that they would break on us..." I pleaded.

"Well...All I have to say, is that the next time you go spend a week "enjoying yourselves" at a castle, I'm not paying for it." He stated, and then walked out of the house.

"How long do you think he will keep my credit card?" I asked Jasper.

I could hear Dad screaming in the background. "FIVE BEDS!!!!!!!! TWO COUCHES AND A DRESSER!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Chapter 24
Nessie's POV

Tonight is the Sweethearts Ball at school. Claire and I have had our dresses picked out and stashed for a month.

The guys were just wearing white dress shirts and black pants. They will look hot in whatever they wear, if I say so myself.

I washed my hair and had Claire tightly braid it this morning. Once I'm dressed I will unbraid it and let it fall. Claire plans to curl her hair into bouncy ringlets.

Jake and I plan to meet Quil and Claire at the dance. I slip my purple dress on and dig around for my heels. Aunt Alice would be upset to see my room right now, but she's in trouble with Grandpa and is sulking in her cottage.

I hear Jake come in downstairs, and quickly pull the ponytail holders out of my hair. I run my fingers through my hair and shake it. I pause in the hallway to look in the mirror. My hair was in soft crimpy waves like I hoped.

We headed to the dance and walked in just as it was starting. We danced most of the night, and proudly showed off our guys.

At the end of the night, the senior class sponsor Mrs. Wimberley, walked up on stage.

"Tonight all the students had an opportunity to vote on the cutest couple. We tallied the votes, and the results are in.....We actually have a tie. The 2010 Sweetheart Ball Cutest Couples are.....Tied with 57 votes each, Quil and Claire Atera, and Renesmee Cullen and Jacob Black! Couples please make your way up on the stage!"

I looked at Claire and we both screamed. "I can't believe we both won!" I shouted. Claire grabbed my hand and we ran towards the stage, leaving the guys to follow us.

As our award, we each receive a crown and flowers, plus a gift certificate for dinner out.

Chapter 25
Sky's POV

Destany finished her bottle and drifted to sleep. Dylan bent down and took her from my arms. He motioned with his head towards the hallway, to let me know he was taking her to lay her in her crib.

Dylan had no sooner walked out of sight, before someone rang the doorbell. I hopped up and ran for the door before they rang it again. I just knew that stupid doorbell was going to wake Destany up.

I opened the door, and said Hello.

"Is a Dylan James home?" This guy in a suit asked.

"Who is asking?" I asked in response. I had a gut feeling that something was wrong.

"I am Richard Gilmore, attorney at law. My client has business with Mr. James." He replied snottily.

I shut the door in his face and ran down to hall to find Dylan.

"Dylan? There is a lawyer at the door asking for you." I whispered as I put my arms around him. He was standing in the nursery watching Destany sleep.

"Guess I better see what he wants." Dylan replied, taking my hand and leading me back to the door. He put his arm around my waist, and opened the door.

"Sky said you had business with me?" Dylan asked.

"Yes, may I come in?" Mr. Gilmore asked.

"No you may not. Just tell me what you came for and I will have my lawyer contact you to discuss it." Dylan said.

"My client, a Ms. Abigail Woods, is suing you for child support. She claims she had a child with you and you have not contacted her or offered support." Mr. Gilmore stated.

Dylan took the papers he offered and closed the door in the lawyer's face.

"A child? How would I not know I had a child?" Dylan muttered.

I found his cell phone and handed it to him. "Call Edward now! He will know what to do."

Dylan sank down on the couch and pulled me down next to him. "Edward....what do I do if someone is claiming I had a child with them, and now they are suing for child support?"

"Ok...uh uh ok yea that’s him. Thanks" Dylan hung up and turned to me.

"Edward said he would call the lawyer and see what he can find out. He said the first thing would be to demand a paternity test to prove that I am the father." He filled me in.

We curled up on the couch waiting for Edward to call back.

"I don't remember even dating an Abigail....or even a Woods..." Dylan muttered.

Edward finally called back to say he got Abigail to agree to meet with Dylan, and to agree to a paternity test. "She sounds like she just wants money. Nothing was said about a father for the child. She makes me suspicious."

Dylan wrote down the information and looked at me. "Will you go with me?" He asked.

"Absolutely....When are we leaving?" I asked.

"As soon as I can make arrangements for Cami. I think Esme will watch her for me, but I want to make sure. I also need to go tell her bye." Dylan said.

'Okay. Let me check on Destany and then I will go pack me a bag. I will come back to help you pack for you and Destany." I said.

Destany was just waking up, so I grabbed a bottle and her diaper bag. I picked Destany up and cuddled her against my chest.

"Dylan, I've got Destany with me. You just focus on making the arrangements. I'll be back as soon as I can." I whispered as I kissed him goodbye.

I went home and quickly packed a bag with enough clothes for a couple of days. I put my bag in the car, and picked up Destany. I walked through the house one last time to make sure I had turned off everything and unplugged anything that needed unplugged.

On the way back to Dylan's, I stopped at the store and went in. I grabbed some extra formula and a package of diapers. I found some baby food that Destany would eat and a couple of extra bottles. I know that there will be a store somewhere near our destination, but who knows what they will carry.

I arrived back at Dylan's and loaded my purchases into the backseat of his truck, along with my bag. I gathered a sleeping Destany from her car seat and headed into the house. Dylan was on the phone and packing at the same time, so I laid Destany in her crib. I quickly packed a bag of clothes and one of toys for Destany.

I grabbed the baby monitor so I could listen for her, and took the bags out to the truck. I loaded the truck putting Destany's things on top within easy reach. I went back in and got Dylan's bag.

After the truck was loaded, I did the final walkthrough and made sure everything was off. I grabbed Destany and her blankey and headed out to the truck.

I slipped in the backseat and fastened her in, covering her with the blanket. I went back and told
Dylan we were ready to leave.

We stopped at the Cullen's long enough to tell Cami bye and headed out. Carlisle stopped Dylan and handed him an envelope. Once we were on the road, Dylan had me open it.

In the envelope was a thousand dollars in cash, with a note saying for emergencies, use if you need, pay back when you can.

Chapter 26
Chloe's POV

Today is our first valentine's day, and Taylor has to work. At least he pulled first shift, and gets off at 4. Esme graciously volunteered to babysit so we can go out to dinner tonight.

Around 3, I finally got Gabi to nurse and go down for a nap. While she was sleeping, I took a quick shower and rolled my hair in sponge rollers. By the time, Taylor gets home, my hair should be wavy.

About 3:30, Gabi woke up screaming. I went over and picked her up out of the crib. She felt hot to the touch. I rocked her in my arms, as I dug for the baby thermometer. I had to fight Gabi to get the thermometer in her ear.

It seemed like an eternity before the thermometer beeped, telling me it was ready. I pulled it out and looked at it.

101 degrees.

There goes our Valentine's Day.

I rocked Gabi a bit to calm her down, then went to find my cell phone.

Once I found it, I juggled Gabi around so I could call Taylor. "Taylor, I hate to tell you....but you need to call and cancel our reservations. I know. I was looking forward to our date too, but Gabi woke up from her nap with a 101 fever. She's not teething, and I don't know what’s wrong with her..." I cried.

"Ok...see you soon. Love you more." I answered and said goodbye to Taylor. I hung up the phone and went to run a cool bath for Gabi. I wanted to try to get her fever down before giving her medicine.

I tried the bath and it brought it down some but not enough.

I carried Gabi into the kitchen to the medicine cabinet. I dug around and found the infant's fever reducer and read the directions. "Hmm, for infants under 6 pediatrician for dosing."

I looked around and found my phone. "Carlisle? Gabi is running a fever. It was 101, now it’s down to 100 after a cool bath. How much of this fever reducer do I give her? One drop every 2 hours. Ok. Thank you. Yes, if it doesn't start coming down, or if it spikes back up higher than 101, I will call you back." I thanked Carlisle and hung up.

I got Gabi's mouth open long enough to drop the medicine in her mouth. She started crying louder at the taste.

I walked back to the nursery and sank down in the rocker. I was sitting there, crying as I rocked a sleeping Gabi, when Taylor made it home.

My wonderful husband took Gabi out of my arms, and pulled me to my feet. "Go let your hair down, and come to supper. I had them change our reservation to a takeout order." He whispered with a smile.

It took me just a minute to undo my hair, and meet them in the dining room. He had the table set, complete with battery operated candles, and a table cloth.

He had placed Gabi in her bouncy seat and put her on the table. She was still asleep, but within sight and reach. We ate supper in peace, enjoying our wonderful meal.

After supper, Gabi woke up in a slightly better mood, but still demanding her supper. I quickly nursed her, checked her temperature, grateful that it was almost back to normal, and laid her down for the night.

I grabbed the baby monitor and headed for our room to get Taylor's surprise. I had let Alex convince me that I needed to buy something special for tonight...

I slipped the teddy on and walked out into the living room. I was holding my breath that he would like it.

It took him a second to notice what I had on. Once he noticed, he hopped up and crossed the room to my side.

"I love it!" He grinned devilishly. He took my hand and led me to the bedroom.

No sooner had we started kissing, did we hear a loud cry come over the monitor.

"Stay right here. I'll be right back." Taylor ordered with a grin.

He walked down the hall to the nursery. I could hear Gabi's cries soften as he talked to her.

"Gabriella Taylor Blackwood, don’t you know that your mommy and I are trying to having some mommy daddy time? I need you to go back to sleep like a good girl and stay sleeping for awhile, so we can celebrate our love...." I heard Taylor talking to Gabi.

I heard him coming back down the hall, and quickly put the monitor back on the nightstand.

"You were listening, weren't you?" my wolf growled playfully.

About midnight, we were finishing up enjoying our love multiple times, when I heard Gabi cry.

"Your daughter is hungry again." I looked at Taylor, and sighed.

He rolled out of bed and reached for my hand. "Lets go give her majesty what she wants." He said.

I picked Gabi up and headed for the rocker. Taylor beat me there, and sat down first, pulling me down onto his lap.

I quickly fed Gabi since Taylor was encouraging me to finish. Sitting on his lap, while trying to nurse was not a good idea.....

After I laid Gabi back down for the night, Taylor took my hand and led me back to our room. He quickly made known what he wanted.

"You had better be glad tomorrow is a school holiday. You aren't gonna let me get any sleep tonight, are you?" I asked playfully.

That's was great!! I'm happy your back ..................until you post again

Chapter 27
Alex's POV

Today is my first valentine's day as a wife and mother. It would be better if I wasn't 9 months pregnant, but I am, so I have to deal with it.

It took awhile, but I convinced Carlisle earlier this week, that I had to go shopping. If Emmett was taking me out to eat for Valentine's day, I had to have some clothes. I have already gotten too big for all my maternity clothes and have been wearing Emmett's shirts.

Emmett got himself ready, then ran Addison over to the main house for tonight. Esme is going to babysit for us. I slowly got dressed, and slipped my shoes on. I walked over to the mirror to tie the wrap top of my dress closed.

Emmett came up behind me and gave me a kiss. "Ready to go?" He asked.

"Sure." I said, slipping my hand in his. He lead me to the car and gently helped me in.

We went to a new little restaurant called Country Lovin'. It served southern style home cooking, and had country love songs playing in the background.

We were seated right away, and ordered our food. I ate, then Emmett asked me if I wanted to dance. It was all slow dancing so I thought I could handle that.

We danced for about an hour before we took a break. I didn't tell Emmett, but my back was hurting a bit. I just thought I had been on my feet too long. We sat down in a booth near the dance floor and ordered something to drink. I sipped at my soda, then slid out of the booth. I was going to enjoy my last night of freedom.

I tried to ignore my steadily throbbing back as we danced. About 30 minutes later, I felt the baby kick hard. I froze for a minute then looked at Emmett to see if he felt it too. He smiled to show me that he had felt his son move.

We danced a bit more then a sudden sharp pain in my back knocked me breathless. I froze. It finally let up and I took a deep breath. Just a couple of minutes later, it hit again.

"Emmett! We need to!" I panted.

He looked around and found our waitress, flagging her over. He handed her a $100 bill and told her to keep the change.

We hurried out to the car. I just reached the car, when another pain hit me, causing me to double over in pain. I felt a gush between my legs, and reached down.

Emmett was on the phone with Carlisle. "Tell him my water just broke. It’s clear, no blood." I called out. Emmett rushed to open the door so I could get in. Carlisle was going to meet us at our house. Hopefully the baby would wait until we could get home.

By this time the contractions were barely a minute apart. The Cullen babies sure are impatient, I thought. Addison had been born this quickly also.

When we got home, the contractions were back to back. I stepped out of the car and froze. I could feel the head coming. I told Emmett what was happening. "Get me in the house NOW! OUR SON IS NOT GOING TO BE BORN OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!" I screamed.

He scooped me up and ran inside at vampire speed. Carlisle was in our bedroom waiting.

"Alex. Let’s get you up in bed so I can see where we are at." He said.

"NO TIME! He is coming,!" I panted. I grabbed the corner post of our bed for support.

"Okay..plan B. Emmett, pull Alex's dress up out of the way, and help support Alex. On the next contraction, Alex, squat down as hard as you can," Carlisle directed.

The contraction hit and I squatted down with the pain. I felt the head pass and the baby slip out. I leaned back against Emmett.

"Mr. Impatient is here, and perfect. My grandson must have decided that he was being born today, no matter what." Carlisle joked as he cleaned the baby and laid him aside.

"One more push for the afterbirth, then you should be good." Carlisle directed me to push with the next contraction. Soon it was all over. Emmett helped me out of the ruined dress and into a nightgown. He lifted me and laid me gently in bed.

"Ok. I'm ready for my son. Give him here." I ordered.

"Not yet, Alex. There is one thing I want you to do before you hold your son, just to be on the safe side. Emmett? There is a glass in the refrigerator for Alex. She needs to drink it." Emmett went to go get my required glass of blood.

I quickly gulped it down. "See? All gone. Now GIVE ME MY SON!" I demanded.

Carlisle laughed and handed me our precious bundle. Our love baby, born on Valentine's day.

I settled my son down to nurse as Carlisle asked us about a name.

"Carter Andrew Cullen" I replied. "After his daddy."

Chapter 28
Jessie's POV

My wonderful husband called and told me to get dressed in something pretty. He is bring home supper for us to have a date night at home. Who knows the next time we will be able to have a quiet dinner, just the two of us?

I heard Collin pull up, and waddled to open the door for him.

He kissed me hello, then placed the food in the kitchen. He set the table and held out my chair for me to sit.

To drink, we had nonalcoholic strawberry wine. The first course was fire roasted chili tomatoes. These little baby tomatoes had been sprinkled with chili pepper juice, then roasted until they just burst open.

Collin and I took turns feeding each other the tomatoes, popping them into our mouths.

The main course was honey garlic roasted shrimp. These were melt in your mouth good. Collin started holding a shrimp between his lips, and feeding it to me bite by bite, so that we ended up kissing with each shrimp. It took awhile to finish the shrimp......

For dessert was a strawberry banana chocolate mousse. Collin had gotten a large to share. We took turns feeding each other bites of the mousse.

After dessert, Collin took my hand and let me to the couch. He sat down and pulled me down next to him. We continued our kissing from dessert and started deepening the kisses.

I ran my fingers through my wolf's hair and stretched out against him. I could feel our daughters protesting the position I was in but I ignored them. I was enjoying myself tonight whether they liked it or not.

After a little bit, Collin sat us up and stood up. I just looked at him.

"If we keep that up, your back will kill you later. Let’s go get more comfortable, then pick up where we left off." Collin suggested.

I took his hand to get up off the couch, then headed to the bathroom before joining my wolf in the bedroom. He just thought I was using it, but I was really changing into a nightgown I had found today.

I slipped out of the bathroom and headed down the hall to our bedroom. My wolf whistled as I walked in. I joined him on our bed, and leaned over and kissed him.

Soon Collin rolled over and slipped the nightgown over my head. "I want to see you. You look so beautiful carrying our children." He whispered.

I responded by pulling his shirt over his head. "What’s fair is fair." I replied with a grin.

Soon all of our clothes were strewn about the room. Collin laid kisses down my stomach, around and down. He kissed me in a special spot, and about made me jump off the bed.

I quickly rolled him over and started returning the favor. I knelt above him and showered him with kisses. I ran kisses down his rock hard abs, and up his strong legs. Then I made him jump like he did me.

About an hour later, we were lying entangled on our bed. We rested a moment, then started it all again.

Around dawn, I slipped out of bed to go to the bathroom. We had fell asleep still entangled and it was one of the best night’s sleep I've gotten in awhile.

As I stood up and stretched, I realized that my back was throbbing. I just accounted the back pain to the odd positions I had slept in, and went on to the bathroom.

On the way back to the bedroom, a sharp pain hit me. I froze for a moment, then it went away. I shrugged it off, and walked on.

I stepped into our bedroom, and Collin said good morning, with a sexy sleepy smile.

I made it about halfway to our bed, when a sharp pain had me doubling over. All of a sudden I felt a gush between my legs.

I looked down and then looked at Collin. "I think we need Carlisle....and soon." I said as another pain hit.

Between pains, I waddled over to the bed and laid down. Just that bit of effort had me breathless.

Collin called Carlisle and then ran around, cleaning up the evidence of last night.

By the time Carlisle arrived, the pains were back to back and strong enough to take my breath away. Collin was alternating between pacing, and asking me if I was okay.

Carlisle walked in and looked at us. "You two broke one of my major rules last night, didn't you?" He stated.

"What? Why?" Collin stuttered.

"Don't lie. You forget, my sense of smell is stronger than yours. I can still smell the essences you put off." Carlisle replied, causing Collin and I both to blush.

Carlisle slipped over and showed me how he need me to lay. Collin slipped behind me to support my back and help me push.

"When I say push, push as hard as you can. Be sure to breath between pushes. Your daughters have made up their minds to be born. You are going to have to do this the natural way. No pain medications, no time left for that. Scream if you want." Carlisle directed.

Within the hour, it was all over. I was laying in bed holding our twin daughters in my arms. Collin was sitting beside me staring at them.

"You got lucky this time. The girls are perfect. However, next time, be sure and remember my rules. I set them for a reason." Carlisle grinned.

" these little beauties have names yet?" He asked.

"Olivia Marie and Phoebe Makenna " I replied sleepily.

"Beautiful Names for two beautiful little girls." Carlisle said as I drifted to sleep.

Chapter 29
Dylan's POV

We arrived in Seattle and checked into the hotel. I have an appointment with Edward and the other lawyer in about 30 minutes. Edward is going to insist on a paternity test right off the bat.

I help Sky out of the truck and hand Destany off to her. I dig around and find the diaper bag and walk my girls to the door.

"Thanks." Sky whispers. "I'm about to fix her a bottle and see if I can get her to take a N-A-P."

"Ok. Are you sure you won't go with me?" I asked.

"I'm sure. You need to handle this on your own. Edward is meeting you there, and will take care of everything." Sky kissed me bye, and shooed me out the door.

Edward was sitting in his car outside the lawyer's office when I pulled up. "Ready?" He asked, climbing out.

"I guess." I replied.

We walked into the office and met the other lawyer. Edward convinced the guy that a paternity test was in everyone's best interests. I found out that the child was a 6 month old boy, named Dalton.

The lawyer kept pushing for me to claim the child, but Edward said that we will wait for the tests to show if I was the father.

After the meeting, I went back to the hotel, ready to fill Sky in on what happened.

When I arrived, Destany was asleep in a portable crib, and Sky was stretched out on the bed asleep. I kicked off my shoes and laid down beside her, gathering her in my arms. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep beside her.

Awhile later, I awoke to my stomach growling. Sky was awake but still in my arms. "You are so beautiful when you sleep." I murmured.

'You need to get your sleepy self up and going, so we can go get something to eat. Then you need to fill me in on what happened." Sky said.

"Nothing really. Edward scheduled a paternity test tomorrow. I have to go get Dalton and take him to be tested, because his mother refuses to go. I want you to go with me, so I don't lose my cool." I informed her.

"We'll see. It depends on how Destany acts in the morning. If she is still cranky, I don't think you will want her in public." Sky answered.

I put my shoes on as Sky gathered Destany's stuff. I took the diaper bag, and put my arm around Sky's waist, holding her at my side, as we left the room.

At the truck, I opened the door and deposited the diaper bag, then secured a sleeping Destany in her car seat. I then opened Sky's door for her and helped her in. As I climbed in my side of the truck, Sky held up a box.

"What’s this?" She asked.

"Oh. Alice sent that through Edward. She said something about first impressions." I answered.

Sky opened the box to find a note from Alice. "First impressions are everything. Wear these tomorrow and everything will turn out right." In the box, was a red sweater dress for Sky, a cream colored dress shirt with black pants for me, and a outfit for Destany.

After we ate, we went back to our hotel for the night. We put Destany to sleep, and sat on the bed to watch some TV. After a bit, Sky popped up and started digging through her bag.

"Do you remember what I did with my sweater? It’s a bit nippy in here." She asked.

"No...but come here. I can warm you up, you don’t need a sweater with me around." I replied, opening my arms.

Sky came and laid next to me, and I gathered her in my arms. "I keep getting the chills and feeling so tired. I could close my eyes and go to sleep right now." Sky murmured.

"Then do." I laid back and pulled Sky close. She drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 30
Diana's POV

I still have a few weeks before my due date, so Embry and I decided to go for a walk in our woods, and a picnic at the top of the hill.

My hiking boots won’t fit on my feet, so I dug around for a pair of tennis shoes. I grabbed a lightweight jacket and slipped it over my t-shirt and jeans. I meet Embry at the door, ready to go explore.

"Are you sure you are up to this...?" Embry asked.

" I said I'm good. We are going on this hike, and you are going to like it." I informed him.

I walked out to the car, opened the door and sat down. I slung my feet into the car, and slammed the door shut. Embry just looked at me and shook his head.

We arrived soon at our starting point. We started out, and Embry kept trying to stop every 10 minutes to make me rest.

This time, when Embry stopped, I walked right past him. "Diana! It is time for a rest." Embry called.

"When I'm ready to rest, I will stop. But right now, I'm walking." I informed my stubborn husband.

I walked on, stopping a few times to catch my breath. At the base of the hill, I stopped beside Embry.

"You are not walking up this hill. You can walk all you want on flat land, but not on this hill." Embry ordered. I rolled my eyes, but climbed on his back for the ride up the hill.

We reached the top soon and I slid off his back. I tossed Embry the cooler backpack, and let him set up the picnic. We stretched out and enjoyed our food.

"Are you ready to head back?" Embry asked.

"No. I want to relax and stretch my back out. It’s all cramped up from riding you up here." I explained.

I stretched out on the blanket, and must have fell asleep. The next thing I knew, the sun was a lot lower in the sky. I rolled over and held my hand out for Embry to help me up.

My back was still cramping, but I knew we needed to head home. I walked over behind a tree to have a human moment, before climbing on board my wolf.

As I was squatting to use the bathroom, I felt a gush between my legs. At first, I thought nothing of it, then realized that I hadn't used the bathroom. My water had broke.

"Embry!!!!!!" I yelled. He rushed over to see what was wrong.

"My....water....just....broke...." I panted between the now obvious labor pains.

"What?! I've gotta call Carlisle, and get you home...." Embry started pacing.

"EMBRY! Listen to me. There isn't enough time for us to go home. Your daughter has made up her mind. You are going to have to deliver her." I panted.

I walked back over to our clearing where we had ate. I sunk down against a tree, and pulled my knees up to my waist.

Embry sunk down on his knees in front of me. "I don't think I can do this..." He looked at me.

"You are going to have too. She's coming soon." I assured him.

Embry took a deep breath and leaned over to check me. "Wow! I can see her." Embry said amazed.

With the next contraction, I screamed and pushed as hard as I could. I could feel her moving as I pushed.

"Stop! I have her head, let me clear her mouth and nose before you push again." Embry ordered.

I held my breath so I wouldn't scream with the pain of the contractions. It felt weird, because I still felt contractions, but I could also feel my daughter slipping loose from my body.

"Ok...PUSH!" Embry ordered. I gave one last push, and pushed as hard as I could.

"She's here! Our daughter is here and perfect. 10 fingers, 10 toes, nice and pink, and breathing easily!" Embry announced.

He wrapped her in our blanket and handed her to me. He quickly delivered the after birth, and buried it.

When he came back, I was nursing our daughter for the first time. "Embry, come meet your daughter." I motioned for him to sit beside me.

"Emoree Adelaide Call, meet your daddy. He brought you into this world today." I turned Emoree to face Embry, and I swear she smiled.

We sat there for a moment, then Embry pulled out his phone to call Carlisle.

Embry talked for a moment, then came back and scooped me up in his strong arms. "I told Carlisle that we had a surprise for him, and asked him to meet us at his office." Embry whispered in my ear, as we headed down the hill to take our daughter home.

Chapter 31
Dylan's POV

Edward headed back to Forks after our meeting last night. As soon as Sky and Destany are ready, we have to go pick up Dalton.

We pulled up and I hopped out. I opened Sky's door, and gathered Destany from the backseat. I looked at Sky, and took a deep breath. "now or never" I whispered.

Sky took my hand, and squeezed it. I held on tight as we walked to the door.

"So this is the little family." Dalton's mom snarled.

'Yes. This is my life, Sky, and my daughter Destany." I replied, giving Sky a wink.

"Well. I guess you can come in for a minute. Dalton isn't quite ready yet. The little turd knew I was busy this morning, and he chose today to spit up all over himself. I left him in his crib as a punishment. He probably has a dirty diaper too. I haven't changed him this morning." She said, walking off.

"Whoa..." I whispered to Sky as we walked in. "who would..." I could feel myself bubbling over.

We walked into the living room and looked around. No signs of a baby. No toys, no swing. Sky placed her hand on my arm. I guess she could tell I was bubbling.

"Don't jump to conclusions. His stuff might be in his room." Sky whispered.

We could hear a baby screaming down the hall. Soon we heard footsteps, and the screams started to get louder.

"Here. Take him." I grabbed Dalton as he was shoved at me. He was shaking from crying so much. He still have spit up down him, and I could tell he had a wet and full diaper.

I was holding Dalton, and Destany reached for me. I took her from Sky and juggled both of them for a moment. Their curiosity satisfied them for a moment, then Destany hid.

"If you don't care, I'll go change Dalton and get him ready to go. Dylan, can you watch Destany for a moment?" Sky commented.

Sky didn’t wait for a response, but reached for Dalton and walked down the hall.

"Does Dalton have any food allergies?" I asked.

"How should I know? I just stick a bottle in his mouth and he drinks it." Abigail crossed her arms and looked at me.

"Okay. Anything else I should know?" I asked, bouncing Destany on my lap and making her squeal.

"Can you shut that brat up?" Abigail said.

I glared at her, but gathered Destany up in my arms, and started rocking her.

We sat in silence until Sky came back with a clean and happy Dalton.

Sky looked around for a trash can in the kitchen, but ended up placing the bag with the dirty diaper by the door. She came to sit beside me.

I noticed she looked a bit paler than normal. I leaned over to swap babies, and whispered "Are you feeling okay?" Sky slightly shook her head and mouthed later.

I sat back, then stood up. I reached a hand to help Sky up, then turned to Abigail. "Is there a certain time you want Dalton back?" I asked.

"No. You can keep him as long as you want." Abigail replied, then turned her attention to the TV.

I ushered Sky out the door, and paused to pick up the trash. I deposited it in the outside garbage can, then strapped Dalton in the car seat we had borrowed. I walked around and helped Sky fasten Destany in her car seat.

I helped Sky in the truck, then walked around and climbed in the driver’s side. "Now. Tell me what’s wrong." I said.

"The nursery was horrible. The stench of soured formula is overpowering. All his bedding, and half his clothes smell like soured formula. What didn't smell like formula or dirty diaper, had stains all over it. I barely found a shirt and pants that were decent. I was glad there was at least a trash can in the nursery. As soon as I walked in, I had to use it. The smell turned my stomach. That’s why I didn't want to leave the trash in the house. I didn't want Abigail to be speculating on why I was throwing up in her son's room." Sky said, leaning back against the seat.

"Oh love! I can't imagine it being that bad. I almost wish it was possible that he was my son, just so I could take him away from here." I said.

"I understand. It breaks my heart too." Sky whispered as she laid her head on my shoulder.

Sky fell asleep on the ride to the hospital. I need to find some way of getting a doctor to look at her today. These nauseous spells, and light headed, sleepy tendencies are worrying me. I'm afraid something is seriously wrong with Sky.

Chapter 32
Dylan's POV

It took a bit to get organized enough to get in the hospital and upstairs to the lab with both babies, and everything we need, all in one trip.

We had to wait about an hour before someone was available to draw our blood. Thankfully Sky had thought to pack enough formula for two bottles. Destany clung to Sky, and Dalton was just happy to be held. Just thinking of what this little boy had gone through already in his life broke my heart.

Sky had just got back from changing Dalton's diaper when the nurse came out. "Mr. James? We are ready for you now."

"Okay, just a moment." I quickly swapped babies with Sky, and followed the nurse.

When we got back to the lab area, there was more paperwork for me to fill out. I tried my best to fill them out, then handed it to the clerk.

"Ok. Mr. James, we do two different DNA tests. We will do a saliva swab, and then draw blood. I see this is a rush order, so you should have results in about 24 hours." The technician explained.

They quickly swabbed the inside of my cheek, and then started to draw blood. Once they finished with me, I held Dalton while they tried to draw blood from him. He started screaming when the needle touched his arm.

Finally we were done, and I made my way back to Sky with a screaming Dalton in my arms. I rustled around in the diaper bag for a clean pacifier.

We sat for a moment, then the nurse came out again. "Ma'am, we are ready for you now."

Sky looked at me. "But.."

"I asked if they had time to run a quick test on you. Maybe they can see why you feel so weak." I explained.

"Please....for me?" I asked.

"I guess." Sky sighed and stood to follow the nurse.

Thankfully Destany and Dalton had fell asleep, so I had a quiet wait.

A short while later, Sky came back out. "The tech said she would fast track my test along with yours. I should find out something tomorrow."

"I'm glad." I replied, kissing her. "If you can get the bags, I have the babies." I whispered.

We walked out to the truck and loaded up to go wait for that phone call tomorrow.

About 7, I started trying to call Abigail, to make sure she was home to return Dalton.

About 9, when she still hadn't answered, or called me back, I swung by her house. On the front door was a note. "Just keep Dalton until you find out that he is your brat. I won't be home tonight. I had a better offer than sitting here by myself." I read.

"Ok. I guess we will see if Dalton and Destany can share a crib without hurting each other tonight. Abigail must be dumber than I thought, to leave a note saying she won’t be home tonight. Anyone could see it and break it." I spoke my thoughts aloud.

As I walked back to the truck, I laughed. "No one in their right mind would choose this house to burglarize anyway."

Chapter 33
Dylan’s POV

By the time we got back to the hotel, Dalton and Destany were asleep in their car seats. I gently carried them in and laid them down in the crib side by side. Destany stirred long enough to roll over and put her arm around Dalton. Sky walked over to me, and I pulled her close to my side. We stood there for a moment, watching the babies sleep.

“They have no idea that their lives may change forever tomorrow.” Sky whispered.

“I’m sort of wishing that it was possible Dalton was truly my son. I want to take him so far away from here and this life. I know he isn’t my son though. I never met Abigail before this week. I also know that I was babysitting Cami the night she claims Dalton was conceived.” I answered.

“Come on, we need to get some rest also. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day.” Sky replied, pulling me away from the crib.

We curled up together on the bed and flipped through the channels. “It looks like High School Musical 3, Harry Potter, or this vampire movie, “Dusk”, are our only choices.” I whispered to Sky.

“No HSM3. I think I’ve seen it a hundred times with Cami, and I know you have seen it at least that many times.” Sky whispered groggily.

“Then let’s watch this vampire movie. Nessie and Jake said it was really good.” I decided.

I looked down to realize that Sky had already fallen asleep. I pulled her closer and settled in to watch “Dusk.”

The credit’s started rolling on the movie as I turned off the TV and pulled Sky closer. I was almost asleep when Sky started struggling and screaming. I sat up and pulled her close.

“Sky, Wake up. It’s just me, Dylan. You are safe.” I whispered as I shook her awake.
Sky looked up at me and started sobbing.

I pulled her into my arms and started rocking her back and forth.

“Shh…It’s all okay. You are safe with me now. I won’t let anything or anyone hurt you again.” I promised.

“I never told you why I ended up in Forks. I told you I had just came out of a bad relationship, but that is mild compared to the truth. I was running away from my ex-boyfriend when I ended up in Forks. We had dated about a year when it happened. We had gone to a party at a friend’s house. When it was time to leave, I realized that my boyfriend had been drinking, a lot. I took his keys and drove us back to my dorm room. I didn’t want to leave him alone in the car, so I let him follow me upstairs. I thought my roommate was home, and could follow me to his apartment, to drop him and his car off. When I got upstairs, I had a note from my roommate telling me she was spending the night at her boyfriend’s, and that she would see me the next day at class. Since I didn’t have a way back to my dorm, I decided to just let him sleep on the couch. He was passed out on the couch when I went to bed. Sometime later that night, I woke up to find him in my room. I asked him what he was doing, that his bed was the couch for the night. He went back to the living room, and I went back to sleep. I woke up later to find him on top of me….” I cut Sky off.

“That little…”

“Dylan, you need to let me finish. I need to tell you this.” Sky pleaded.

“I don’t need to hear anymore.  A name, Sky. All I need is a name. I’m going to hunt him down, like the pig he is, and slaughter him.” I growled.

“No…Dylan. I tried reported him, but it was like he said. The cops asked for his point of view, and he told them that it was all consensual, that I had changed my mind after the fact. Since he was the big football player on campus, they all believed him. That’s when I packed up my belongings, and moved as far away as I could.” Sky finished in tears.

“I want to handle this for you. Tell me a town, a college, a name. Anything that will help me find this slum and eliminate him.” I growled.

“No. Dylan, he isn’t worth it. I love that you want to kill him, but if I told you his name, you would do exactly that. I couldn’t handle losing you. Cami and Destany could not handle losing another parent. Think of us. Think of your life. Think of Dalton and the life you want to give him. Seeking revenge would make it impossible for you to be a father to your girls.” Sky calmed me down with a kiss.

Chapter 34
Alex's POV

At 7 am this morning, my phone buzzed reminding me that today was Family Check up Day. Since the family has grown so much, Carlisle has scheduled a day where he doesn't go into the hospital; instead he stays home to do checkups on all the babies and kids. It has turned into a visiting day for the moms. We all show up at the same time and sit around and visit while waiting for our turns.

I was the first to arrive, with two screaming babies in tow. Esme met my car at the top of the driveway and unfastened Addison and took her inside. I parked and gathered a still sobbing Carter to my chest and headed in the house. Thankfully by the time I entered, Esme had Addison calmed down and settled.

I had just sat down to nurse Carter when Emily showed up. Esme helped her bring Sophia, Sawyer and Sabrina inside.

"I made it! All three have dirty diapers, but I made it on time." Emily sighed collapsing on the couch.

"I drove over with two screaming babies. Carter waited until I got him strapped in to decide he was hungry. And of course, once he started crying, Addison had to join in." I replied.

"I fastened the triplets in, then handed them a bottle." Emily laughed.

Soon Chloe arrived with Gabi, followed by Jessie with Phoebe and Olivia. Kenzie rushed in with Ian and Hayden.

"Where's Leah and Zander?" I asked Emily.

"She called me this morning and said she wasn't coming." Emily responded.

Carlisle started on the checkups and we just visited and passed babies around.

Several hours later, Carlisle came out and asked if he missed anybody.

"No" we all replied.

"Yes." said a male voice.

We all turned to see who it was. We hadn't heard the door open, but Embry was standing in the doorway.

"There is one more baby for you to see today." Embry explained, stepping in the house.

Diana was behind him cradling a bundle.

We all gasped.

"Carlisle, meet Emoree Adalaide Call. She decided to make her appearance last night on her own time. She came too fast for us to make it back to your office. I delivered her at the top of the mountain last night. We came down and drove straight here." Embry explained.

Carlisle just shook his head. "My office. Now." He ordered.

A little bit later, Diana came out and gingerly sat down on the loveseat.

"Well...which Carlisle Rule did you break?" Jessie laughed.

"None. We just went for a walk. Embry insisted on carrying me up most of the way. My back was hurting but it didn't register until my water broke."

Chapter 35
Dylan's POV

When I woke up this morning, I stretched and glanced over at the end table. My phone was lit up indicating I had a new message.

I reached over and grabbed the phone, then turned to volume down as low as it would go, without being on mute. Sky was finally sleeping peacefully, so I didn’t want the phone to wake her up.

"Mr. James. Your test results are in. You may come into the office at your convenience to pick up your results." The phone relayed the message from the doctor's office.

I automatically called Edward. We agreed that he would call Abigail's lawyer and set up a meeting.

I slid out of bed and got ready, then returned to get the babies fed and cleaned up. I woke Sky up when I was finished, and told her that the hospital had called, saying the results were in.

Soon we loaded everything up, and headed to the hospital.

While we were waiting for the lab tech to meet with me about Dalton, Sky asked about her results.

Sky came back over to me and sat down. "They said that they sent my test results to my primary doctor. They said all they could say was to watch my blood sugar levels, and talk to my doctor as soon as we returned home."

"That’s odd." I replied.

"I know. It’s scary. What wouldn't they tell me?" Sky worried.

"I bet it’s just standard procedure. They don't know your medical history so they don’t want to diagnose something wrong." I comforted her.

"Mr. James? We are ready for you." The nurse called.

I kissed Sky on the cheek, and whispered for her to be praying. Then I followed the nurse.

"Please have a seat. The tech will be right in to explain your results." The nurse said.

It seems like forever before a guy in a lab coat walked in, but it was actually just a couple minutes.

"Mr. James, the results show that you and the minor child are closely related. You are not a 100% paternal match, however. You share common ancestors. My reading of the test would be that the minor child is not your son, but is a nephew." The tech explained.

"Thank you." I replied. I shook his hand and walked back out to Sky.

"Well...?" Sky asked.

"Dalton is not my son....he is my nephew!" I announced.

"Awesome." Sky said. "Edward called to tell us to meet him at the lawyer's office when we finished here."

"Then let’s go." I said. I reached down and picked up Dalton and Destany. "I've got the babies if you can get the diaper bag." I smiled at Sky.

It took about 5 minutes to reach the lawyer's office. It probably would have been quicker to walk.

I grew nervous as we walked into the lawyer's office. What if Abigail refused to give him up?

We sat down and waited on Edward to speak.

"My client has stated that he wishes to gain full custody of the minor child. He feels that it would be his late brother's wish, that Dylan would raise Dawson's son as his own. He wants a closed adoption. He will update you yearly as to the child's progress. However, one of the conditions will be that your client makes no contact with the minor child. We are prepared to offer an adoption settlement fee, and pay all expenses." Edward stated, sliding a sheet of paper across the table.

"I need a moment to go call my client and talk this over with her." The lawyer stuttered.

He walked out of the room and Edward smiled.

"They are going to take it. He thinks she would be an idiot not to take it." Edward grinned.

Moments later, the lawyer returned. "We have a deal. Now we just need to draw up the adoption papers...."

"I'm ahead of you there. I took the liberty of drawing them up already. I know my client wishes to wrap this up so he can go home. Tomorrow is his oldest daughter's birthday." Edward handed the lawyer the paperwork.

"Everything looks in order..." The lawyer muttered.

"Of course it is. Now, let my client sign it, and we will both sign it. You can have your client sign it, and I will return in about an hour to pick up the paperwork. I will file it today, so my client can head home to introduce Dalton to his new family." Edward handed me a pen.

I signed my name, and the lawyers signed it.

"Dylan, I will be by with your paperwork in a couple of hours. Go enjoy your family now." Edward said.

Sky and I left with the babies. Once outside, I let out a loud wolf whistle. "He's mine!"


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