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Part two of a series.  If you havent read A Sister's Love, message me before you read this.


This takes place several years after breaking dawn...and as Ive said, you really need to read A Sisters Love first.


Chapter 1
Alex's POV

I just sat down to feed Addison when Bella knocked and came walking in.

"How’s my beautiful niece doing today?" She asked.

"Happy now that she is getting her afternoon snack." I joked.

"Well, I'm here to babysit tonight." Bella explained.

She motioned towards the two boxes she brought in. "You have 45 minutes to get dressed before Alice is going to be here to do your hair. Emmett asked for our help. He has a date night planned for you tonight."

"But I haven't ever left Addison...." I cut in.

"She will be fine here with me. Just make sure you leave enough bottles for tonight. I believe your husband is hoping to keep you out all night." Bella teased.

When Addison fell asleep, I handed her off to Bella. I slowly opened the boxes, wondering what torture Alice had planned for me tonight. In the first box was a gorgeous yellow dress. The other box was black peep toe boots that came to mid calf.

I quickly showered and slipped the dress on. It fit perfectly, emphasizing all the right curves.

I was dressed and ready when Alice appeared. She tried to insist on putting all my hair up. I refused, and we settled on it being curled and part up, part down.

Tonight would be the first time we went out since Addison was born. I felt amazing and knew I looked it too.

Alice just finished with my hair when Emmett arrived. He kissed Addison and then me. "Bells, you have our number if you need us?" Emmett asked.

"Yes!" Bella answered. "Now take your wife and leave before she changes her mind about leaving her baby."

We went to a wonderful Italian restaurant and then to a play. After the play, Emmett looked at me and smiled.

"Where to, my love?" He asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Do you want to go home, or just call and check in, and then go have some alone time?" Emmett asked.

"Let's just call, then go somewhere we can be alone..." I answered hesitantly. I knew what he meant, but wasn't sure about if I could this soon.

We called and checked on Addison, and then Emmett pulled up in front of this castle like place.

"Welcome to your castle, my queen." Emmett whispered as he helped me out of the car. We checked in and were led to a huge room up in a turret. We had the turret to ourselves. The room had a gigantic bathtub with bath salts supplied. I looked at Emmett and he turned on the water to fill the tub.

"We can start the night with a relaxing bath... "He grinned.

I shyly held my hair up for him to unzip my dress. I then stepped out of it and kicked it aside. I slowly removed my boots, and climbed into the tub. Emmett joined me quickly.

As the night progressed, we reminded each other in various ways just how much we loved each other.

In the morning, I was sad to have to leave, but eager to get back home to Addison.

Chapter 2
Claire’s POV

Tonight is my last night as a single woman. I'm not going to miss the single life though. I can't wait to be Quil's wife. He has already waited 16 years for me.

Instead of going out, I decided to just have a girls' night in with the younger crew. I didn't invite Mama Emily, Leah, Bella, or Alice. I thought Nessie and I would be more at ease without them there. It would feel weird to have your mom at your bachelorette party.

We all had on sweater dresses and high heeled boots. I saw the looks of appreciation on the guy's faces as we came in.

I sat down on Quil's lap and snuggled against him. "At this time tomorrow, we will be on our honeymoon." I whispered.

"I can't wait. And you in that dress isn't helping me any." He whispered back. I giggled. I could tell the effect I was having on him.

I had chosen a cream colored dress that fit perfectly, and showed off my complexion. I had paired it with hot pink knee high boots.

"Girls, what do you want to eat tonight?" I asked.

"Chinese!" Jessie suggested.

"Mexican!" Kenzie suggested.

"Pizza with ham, pineapples, and green olives." Diana suggested. We all just looked at her. "What? It’s my new favorite. I have been craving it lately."

"Chicken Strips, with mashed potatoes?" suggested Nessie.

"Nothing spicy, or Chloe and I can't eat it." Alex reminded us.

"I was thinking Indian..." I chimed in.

We discussed it awhile, but couldn't come to an agreement. We finally decided to all just order what we wanted and then ask Carlisle to pick it up. Delivery guys could never find the Cullen house.

We settled back down and cuddled with the guys until the food showed up. We then kissed the guys bye and kicked them out, before heading upstairs to the ball room.

Most of the food looked gross, but we all ate our fill. Nessie, Alex, and Chloe stayed with the chicken. I ate my Indian and some Mexican.

Alex and Chloe fed the babies and got them settled, as I started our first movie, "What a Girl Wants."

We were about half way through the movie, when Jessie popped up and ran for the bathroom. I paused the movie, waiting on her to return, when Diana and Kenzie ran for the bathroom also.

"I wonder what they ate that made them sick." Nessie commented, as we heard vomiting sounds coming from the bathrooms.

"They all ate the pizza, Mexican, and Chinese." Alex said.

"But I ate the Mexican and I'm not sick." I reminded them.

"I wonder....with their weird food choices...." Chloe suggested.

Alex gave Chloe a look, and then smiled. "True. The weird food cravings, the sudden sickness after eating...The symptoms are there."

"What symptoms?" Jessie asked as they all came back from the bathroom.

"Food cravings, vomiting after eating, then not looking sick at all after getting sick..." Alex said teasingly.

"You mean..." Kenzie broke off. I could see her thinking back.

"Yep. Sounds to me like you are pregnant." Chloe laughed at the shocked look on their faces.

"But....Isn't it too soon to tell? I mean, I haven't missed...." Diana cut off. "I did miss my period this month, but didn't think anything about it. But that’s it. Just that one. I wouldn't be having morning sickness yet, though."

"I was sick less than a week after conception. Leah was sick quickly also. Remember, these wouldn't be normal pregnancies." Alex reminded them.

"Wow!" Diana looked around. "So...who is going to be the one to tell Carlisle that he will have three more babies to deliver next year...?”

"About a month along...let’s see...that would put conception around the first of November..." Kenzie cut off her statement, and placed a hand on her still flat stomach.

We all looked at each other. "The volturi attack." we all whispered.

"We all were prepared to say goodbye...." Kenzie blushed.

"Good things come out of bad." I smiled; as we settled down to finish our movie.

Hopefully sometime next year, it would be me having morning sickness.

Chapter 3
Kenzie's POV

I couldn't concentrate on the rest of the movie. Could it really be true? Can I really be pregnant with Brady's child already?

I know he loves the girls like they are his, but to be able to give him a child of his blood. He will be thrilled. But how do I know that it is morning sickness, and not just food poisoning?

I wonder how the girls will react to a baby brother or sister. It has been just the three of us for so long. Now we have Brady, but will they be willing to share their daddy?

I wish we had some home pregnancy tests. I want to be sure before I tell Brady...

Just then a knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. Alex's phone started singing at the same time.

Alex started laughing as Nessie opened the door to find a plastic bag and no one around.

"My phone was a text message from Alice. She saw someone needing these tonight, so she went and bought some. She said it had just better not be her niece needed one." Alex explained laughing at the look on Nessie's face.

"She had better kept that thought from Dad, or I will have him up here in a flash, questioning me." Nessie groaned.

Jessie, Diana and I grabbed a test and headed for the bathroom. "Tell Alice she read my mind." I called out on my way.

We took the tests and went back out to the group to wait. I remember from the twins that the waiting is the hardest part.

Finally the timer went off, and we headed to check. I grabbed the box and checked my little stick against it.

I stepped out and noticed Jessie and Diana doing the same.

"Positive" I stated.

"Positive" Jessie said.

"Unclear, please try again." Diana read.

We all groaned for her. Jessie and I grabbed a second test for us and handed Diana another one.

We all took another test just to make sure.

"Positive" Jessie and I said at the same time.

"UGH!" Diana screamed. "Unclear. Please test again."

Inside I was jumping for joy, surely two positive tests was proof. I really am pregnant.

"One more, just to make sure..." Jessie laughed grabbing another test. I grabbed the bag and followed her to Diana's bathroom.

"Try this one. It says clear results and tells you sooner." I suggested, handing it to Diana.

We all took the third test at the same time. Diana then took three extras, just to make sure.

"If this come up please try again, I'm going to scream." Diana promised.

"If these don't work, we can go down and have Carlisle run the blood test." I assured her.

Soon the timer was up. Jessie and I looked down at our 3rd positive tests, and held our breath for Diana.

She gathered them up and stepped outside. "Positive..." she read.

"Negative...Positive...Negative!" She read and then broke down crying.

"Shh....It will be okay. We have more tests, or we can go talk to Carlisle..." I comforted her.

"Let me finish the rest of the tests we have. If that doesn't tell me a clear answer, I will just scream loud enough for Carlisle to come check on us." Diana joked through the tears.

She stepped back in the bathroom and opened the last 5 tests. In a couple minutes, she joined us to wait.

When the timer went off, Diana just looked at me. "I can't handle it. Go check them for me, please?" She asked.

"Sure." I answered. I went in and checked them, and then stepped back out.

"We have a clear answer." I stated. "Diana, your results are 4-1. You have four positive tests and one try again. Congratulations! I say you are pregnant!"

Diana started crying and we all hugged her tight. Claire cried along with her. After Diana dried her tears, Nessie pulled Claire aside to comfort her. I wondered what that was about, but was too focused on finding my cell phone. Diana and Jessie were digging for theirs too.

I found my phone and dialed Brady's number.

"What’s wrong?" Brady automatically answered.

"Nothing...I have some news for you." I teased.

"What is so important that it couldn't wait till morning?" He asked.

"You know how we talked about adding to our family...Well...We don't have to talk about it anymore...." I paused to let it sink it.

"What? You mean..." He stammered. In the background, I could hear Collin and Embry yelling. Apparently Jessie and Diana were making the same calls I was.

"Yes, darling. You are going to be a daddy. I'm pregnant!" I held the phone away from my ear as he shouted to the guys.

"I love you. Be careful and get plenty of rest tonight. I will pick you up in the morning." Brady ordered. I just rolled my eyes. Apparently he was going to be an overprotective daddy already.

"A baby..." Brady said amazed.

"Well.....remember that multiple births apparently run in my family. It could be twins..." I reminded him, and then told him I loved him and hung up.

He could think about that tonight. I knew I would get a call when it sunk in to Brady that I could be pregnant with twins, triplets, or even more.

Chapter 4
Emily's POV

My sister doesn't know the blessings she has missed out on. Today is Claire's wedding day and my stupid sister decided she has better things to do than attend her own daughter's wedding.

Oh well, her loss, my gain. Claire has been more of a daughter than a niece since her mom left her with me 13 years ago. Until this year, I thought Claire was the daughter that I would never have. Who would have dreamed that after trying for 18 years, I would get pregnant? Much less, triplets!

Oh, well. I need to get ready and get Sophia, Sabrina, and Sawyer up and fed. I will dress them 5 minutes before time for Maddi to pull them down the aisle.

After I got the triplets fed and ready to go, Esme came and took over with them for me. It was time to start helping my oldest get ready for her wedding.

Claire decided to just curl her hair and leave it just pulled back on the sides, but most of it hanging loose.

"Are you nervous?" I asked.

"No. I'm ready to be Quil's wife." Claire said simply.

"I'm glad. I was nervous on our wedding day. I was afraid that Sam would change his mind." I remembered.

We reminisced for awhile, and then it was time to get dressed. I got myself dressed, and then helped Claire into her dress and zipped her up.

Then I quickly dressed Sabrina and Sophia in their tutus and Sawyer in his black shirt and pants, and hot pink tie.

I settled my babies in their carriages and slipped to go sit down. I needed to save Sam a spot. He is walking Claire down the aisle and giving her away.

The guys were all in black pants with black shirts. They had hot pink ties and pink rose boutonnieres. Alex, Nessie, Jessie, Diana, Chloe, and Kenzie were the bridesmaids, in zebra print dresses with hot pink sashes.

Alice Anna walked out pushing Addison in a buggy. Maddi had Sawyer, Sabrina, and Sophia. Nikki had Zander. Cami pushed Gabi.

The older girls were junior bridesmaids; the little girls were flower girls. Sawyer and Zander were the ring bearers. The boys matched the groomsmen.

The girls had on tutu dresses, with the big girls having black boots.

Finally they started playing the bridal march. I couldn't help crying as I saw Sam walking Claire down the aisle. It seemed like it was yesterday when she was a baby, and when she was starting her first day of school. Now my baby is getting married and graduating high school.

"Who gives this bride away?" The preacher asked.

"Her love mom and I" Sam answered, placing a kiss on Claire's cheek and handing her to Quil.

Sam had tears in his eyes as he sat down next to me. "What’s wrong?" I asked, knowing it wasn't like him to cry.

"She called me Daddy. She said 'Love you daddy' as I handed her off." Sam whispered.

Up front, Claire took Quil's hand and started her vows.

"I have loved you since the first time I saw you. I didn't know then, what it would be like now. But even then I couldn't imagine life without you. My heart broke every time I had to leave you. Now we have grown together, and built a life together. Now I will not have to leave your side. We will grow and enjoy life together as one now."

Quil replied "I loved you from afar for years. I could be by your side, but couldn't tell you how I felt. Those were good days, but painful. To watch you cry, to watch you get hurt by people in your life, just tore me apart. But I had no right to do anything but comfort you. To be the big brother when you fell, to be a friend when you needed to talk. But now, finally, I can be your all. I can be your protector, your love, your best friend. The one that you wake up in the middle of the night just to talk. The one to hold your hand and tell you it will be alright and the one to make sure it is. I love you with all I am. I am just an empty shell without you. Thank you, for being my one true love, for not running off when I had bad days, but sticking by my side, even when you didn’t know why. I love you."

They exchanged rings in the traditional ceremony and then the preacher pronounced them husband and wife.

Quil sweetly leaned over and kissed Claire. She reached up and deepened it, until Sam cleared his throat. I nudged him, as Quil grinned, and Claire blushed.

At the reception, Claire positioned Nessie right in front for the bouquet toss. The little girls jumped for it, but Nessie made sure she grabbed it. None of their classmates even tried for it. Everyone knows the next wedding will be Nessie and Jake's.

As they were getting ready to leave, Claire and Quil came over to say bye. "See you Friday morning, Momma?" Claire asked.

"Yes. We will have breakfast and open presents as soon as the babies wake. We are supposed to be at the Cullen's at noon though." I reminded her.

We watched them leave, and then Sam whispered to me. "One down, three to go."

"Yes, but the little ones will be harder. Sawyer will be the easiest." I reminded him.

"They will be easy. Sabrina and Sophia are not dating until they turn 30." Sam said.

Chapter 5
Alex's POV

Today we decided that we needed to get pictures of the kids made with Santa. Dylan had to work, so we volunteered to take Destany and Cami with us. We had 11 kids and 4 adults when we left the house

We arrived at the mall at about 8 am. The line was already past 4 stores. Emily had decided to stay home and work on Quil and Claire's house so that everything would be ready when they came home. Leah came up with some excuse about needing to shop, and disappeared as soon as we arrived here.

That left Kenzie, Chloe and I with 6 newborns, a baby, and 4 school aged kids. We just got in line when all the babies started to fuss. I was so glad that Destany could feed herself, and that the triplets could sit up. People behind us in line were giving us dirty looks when Maddi, Nikki, and AA sat down in the floor in front of the stroller to hold the bottles for Sawyer, Sophia, and Sabrina. I just ignored them. I think they would rather us feed the babies, than have 7 screaming kids.

After the babies fell asleep, AA started whining that she was hungry. I reached in the stroller and pulled out juice and chewy bars and passed them out. They ate and then complained that they were bored.

"Since the babies are all asleep right now, I will take the big girls to look around. I will come back and swap with one of you in a bit." Kenzie suggested.

"As long as you have your phone, it should be okay. When the babies wake up, we might have to take them one or two at a time to a bathroom." I explained.

They walked off, and I looked around.

"We haven’t even moved a store length and we have been here for over 2 hours." I pointed out to Chloe.

"I know. This is crazy. Next year we need to come earlier in the year." Chloe commented.

"We need to bring the guys and make them stand in line until we are close to the front. Then we can get in line with the babies. Next year the babies will be worse to stand in line with." I suggested.

We laughed and stretched. We need lawn chairs, I thought to myself.

A bit later, my phone buzzed with a message from Leah.

"I started feeling sick. I called Aiden to come and get me so you would still have the car seats. I'll pay you back for Zander's picture." I read aloud.

"What! She just didn't want to do this." Chloe said.

"I know. That’s why she didn't come tell us in person. She didn't want to take Zander home with her." I agreed.

At 12, we had just moved about 2 stores. We took the babies to the bathroom for a diaper change, and then sent Kenzie to the food court to get us some lunch.

When she returned, people around us gave us dirty looks. There was one young mom that had been behind us the whole time, and Kenzie offered to go get her something to eat.

"Thanks. I really appreciate it." The young girl said.

After we ate, we took turns holding babies, while we folded down seats and flaps to lay all the stroller seats flat. Once we got them flattened, we combined the triplets into one stroller, all curled up together. We put Aiden, Gabi, and Destany in another. The big girls crawled up in the triple stroller and laid down. I held Addison in my arms to get her to settle down to sleep.

"I'm going to have to go walk around with her. She just drank her last bottle, but she doesn't want to settle down and go to sleep." I whispered to Kenzie and Chloe and slipped out of line.

I walked around for awhile, trying to sooth Addi to sleep.

I bought a few things while I was walking, then gave up and went back to the group. We had moved about 5 feet since I left about an hour ago.

At this point, we had been in line to see Santa for 5 hours. We were about halfway there. Kenzie took the big girls to the bathroom and came back the long way to see what was taking so long.

"Santa is on lunch break right now. He will be gone for an hour." Kenzie informed us.

Addison and Gabi both woke up fussing to eat. I held both babies while Chloe dug in her diaper bag for a bib and bottle.

Chloe stood up and looked at me. "I'm out. Gabi doesn't have any more bottles left. The triplets just have one each left. I couldn't find Zander's bag."

"I think his bag is over here under Addi's. Here, if you can hold them, I'll look to see if he has one." I handed them off and started digging. I found his bag and searched it.

"No pacifier, only one diaper left, and one empty bottle. How many has he had today?" I asked.

'He fell asleep during lunch without a bottle. He just had that one this morning." Chloe reminded me.

"So he is going to wake up hungry and cranky." I sighed. "She is using formula, isn't she?"

"Yes. She didn't like being tied down to a feeding schedule." Chloe answered.

"I'll call Kenzie. They are going to have to find a Target or something, and buy him some formula, quickly." I said. I quickly called Kenzie and filled her in.

I dug around in the stroller and pulled out two blankets. I took Addison from Chloe, and gave her a blanket in return.

Chloe just looked at me. "Are you really going to...?” She asked.

"I don't see any other choice. If I don't feed Addi soon, she is going to start screaming. I bet Gabi is the same way. Even if one of them could wait, one person can't watch a cranky baby and 5 sleeping ones. If anyone has a problem, they can deal with it." I said.

I settled Addison in my arms, and covered her with a blanket. It took her a minute to calm down and start nursing. Next to me, Chloe was doing the same with Gabi.

I heard people behind us complaining that what we were doing was indecent.

I couldn't take their comments anymore. I turned around and looked at them. "Would you rather me feed my daughter, as God intended, or would you rather listen to her yell and scream, because she is hungry and doesn't understand why she can't eat?" I asked them sarcastically.

"You should have come prepared so that you wouldn't have to be indecent in public." One lady commented back.

"I'm sorry that this offends you. I am more covered up right now, than 95% of the women in this mall. If I would have realized that it would take over 6 hours to get my daughter's picture taken with Santa for her first Christmas, I could have been prepared. But I never imagined it would take this long, or that I would have such egotistically morons in line with me." I let it rip. I told the women off, and then turned back around.

Chloe finished, and laid Gabi down in the stroller to sleep. She straightened herself up and put her blanket up. I jiggled Addison to wake her up. She finished nursing and drifted back to sleep. I straightened my shirt, and went to put the blanket up.

"Can I borrow that?" asked the young mom behind us. Her son was starting to scream from hunger.

I handed her the blanket, and the women behind her mumbled.

"Do you have a problem?" I asked.

They just turned their noses up at me and turned away.

"That’s fine. I don't have to waste my time talking to morons. This is Christmas after all." I joked with Chloe.

Kenzie came back just then with the big girls. "We probably still have an hour, or two wait." Kenzie sighed.

"I'm starting to get hungry again, but nothing sounds good. And if I eat, then I have to find a bathroom shortly after." Kenzie complained quietly, so the girls couldn't hear her.

"What are you going to ask Santa for?" I said, trying to pass the time.

"If I tell you, then Uncle Emmett will buy it, instead of Santa." Alice Anna informed me.

"A new mommy, so Daddy Dylan wouldn't be so sad." Cami answered.

"Ballet lessons." said Maddi.

"A bigger house." said Nikki.

"Why do you need a bigger house?" asked Kenzie.

"We need a house with 3 bedrooms." Nikki stated.

"Why? You and Maddi won't sleep alone, so why do you need separate rooms?" Kenzie asked.

"Not for me. We need the extra room so our baby brother or sister will have somewhere to sleep." Nikki replied.

"What? How...." Kenzie stuttered.

"I take it you haven't told the girls yet." I laughed,

"No. How did you figure out that I was having a baby?" asked Kenzie.

"Momma, it was easy. You have the same look Aunt Alex did before Addison was born. And you keep putting your hand on your tummy and smiling." Nikki informed her.

Just then a mall guard came up to us, "Ma'am, I have had complaints about public indecency."

"I was just feeding my child. I never dreamed that it would take over 8 hours to see Santa. My father in law would be horrified to find out that some people were getting special treatment. I saw the advance line. Some people get a fast pass and others get told to stand in line." I vented.

"Ma'am, if you would have just called and made reservations....Your father in law?" The guard asked.

"Yes, perhaps you have heard of him? Dr. Carlisle Cullen? He owns this mall?" I stated.

The women behind me gasped.

"Oh, Mrs. Cullen. My apologies. Come with me and I will move you to the reservations lane. In the future, just call this number, and we can get you right in," He gushed.

We gathered our stuff, and he pushed a stroller. I motioned for the mother behind us.

"She is part of our group also." I stated, pulling her along with us.

In about 10 minutes, all of our pictures were taken, developed, and we were on our way to the car.

"I hate having to drop names." I sighed.

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Super cool! Can't wait for the sequel. BTW, isn't this a Family's Blessing, not a sister's love?



@Amanda... You are the only one to notice that.  Yes, this is A Familys Blessing.  A Sisters Love was the first book. A Familys Blessing is the 2nd book, the 3rd book will be A Tribe's Miracle.

OK, just making sure! :) Can't wait for the sequel! :)



you have it saved somewhere with you,right?

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a sequel? amazing

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After the flub ups a year or so ago, when a bunch of stories (mine included) were deleted, i started typing them into Word and saving them, then just copying and pasting to post.


So I have ASL and AFB saved in their entirety on my computer, and on disc...  I will start the sequel soon.  Look for Chapter 1 this week in the new story... "A Tribe's Miracle"

i love it can't wait

Without further waiting, here it is.  Book 3!


A Tribe's Miracle

I read this already before it was deleted but I t was nice to read it again :)

Really good job!!

ATM here I come!!!


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