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I’ve always dreamed of meeting my true love. Having our eyes unexpectedly meeting, and knowing exactly then, that you were in love. If only it happened like that to me.
I know that people always say “everything happens for a reason”, but, what is that reason, and why does it have to happen to me?
In the recent months, I’ve had many unfair and unexpected things happen to me. And every time I wished I could go back and do it differently.

1. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

I sped down the highway in my shiny silver convertible, as I watched men crowding the sidewalks to stare at me. Their eyes would enlargen and their jaws, drop to their waists. As my silky blonde hair danced through the wind, I couldn’t help being sad to go home. It was a gloomy day in Port Angeles, WA, but not raining, like it usually was in winter.
I sauntered from my garage into my over-sized house, trying to resist the urge to run at inhuman speed. I opened the door and heard a football game playing quietly upstairs. My eyes wandered the room while I waited patiently for one of them to descend the staircase at human pace.
Nikki, or rather Nicole Jenson, was the first and only one to come down the stairs. “Hey ‘Lyssa! Are you hungry? I’m making tacos for dinner!” I couldn’t resist laughing. Nikki gave me a confuzed look and walked into the kitchen.
I don’t eat, well, I don’t what humans eat. I am a vampire as most humans call it, so I drink blood. But, I am able to resist my thirst enough to survive on the blood of animals. I have an extra gift that only a few other immortals have, I am telekinetic. Meanining, I can manipulate objects, so that they move, only using my mind.
Nobody notices that I am different, as in not human. I fit in perfectly, the only person that I can sense is suspicious is Nikki. She eyed me carefully as she listened to the sizzle of the frozen beef. My nose wrinkled in disgust. I told my roommates that I went out to dinner every night, it was technically true, but not exactly.
I shuffled to my friend, Brittany’s, room. I was holding my breath, so that I didn’t have to smell the repulsive scent of beef. I walked into the room. Brittany was turned toward the wall and I heard a sob in her chest. Her heart was beating quickly. I wanted to ask her what was wrong, so I inhaled. I couldn’t have been dumber. At that very moment my throat started to burn, like a white-hot iron had been inserted into my throat. Then I smelled it, a sweet smell, better than honey, better than any fragrance in the whole world, blood.
I held my breath and dashed out of the house at inhuman speed, heading toward Olympic national park. It was after eight thirty, so my special spot in the park would be empty.
When I arrived at the park, I removed a thick layer of sodden bracken off of the log, using telepathy of course, and sat down. I put my head between my knees and curled up into a ball on the log. I felt horrible, I was very close to killing my best human friend.
I took my phone out of my handbag, and dialed a number that I hadn’t dialed for half a decade, I called my vampire friend, Rosalie Hale.
Instead of Rosalie, her sister Alice picked up. Alice is a psychic, so she probably knew I would call.
“Hey Alyssa! Why are you coming to visit?” I couldn’t help laughing.
“Alice, couldn’t you at least wait for me to ask you to visit?” I questioned.
“Fine,” she sighed, “what’s up Alyssa?” she asked in a sarcastic tone.
I giggled. “I was wondering if I could-”
“Sure,” she interrupted, “but why?”
I sighed, “Alice, I was getting to that.” I said impatiently. I smiled, “And I’ll tell you when I get there.” I knew Alice would know before I got there, but I’d keep her waiting anyway. “Anyways, can I talk to Rose?”
“Well, actually, she’s out with Emmett, going to a movie. Even though I told them it would be terrible.” she muttered to herself. Emmett is Rose’s husband. “I’ll tell her your coming, are you going to run?” she asked curiously.
“No, I’ll drive.” I said quietly.
“So I’ll see you soon, there’ll be no traffic.” Alice said kindly.
I smiled, “See you soon Alice.” the phone went dead. I hurried to my house. I entered through the window, but held my breath as a precaution. I packed in two minutes and left, leaving a note saying:

Dear Nikki and Brit,
Sorry to leave with no proper goodbyes. No idea when I’ll be home, something happened, you were in your rooms while I left. Please don’t feel bad about me leaving, it was me, not you. I’ll try to keep in touch.
Love from, your friend,
Alyssa Dakota

I left immediately, driving quickly down the freeway. It was pouring rain, so I had the top of my convertible up. I was very sad. How close had I been to killing my best human friend? Too close, that’s how close.

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hope u like it :))
love it!!! =D
thankss :)))) dealing with 2 stories now, so i gotta remember both........... :)) hehe
i love it chase!!!!!!

I arrived at the Cullen’s faster than possible, for I sped down the highway at two times the normal speed limit. Their home was embedded in the tangled forest, the last home in the row of en forested houses. Their home-more naturally called a manor- was white and old fashioned, the whole East wall entirely window. It looked like a home out of a fairytale.
Alice was waiting in the doorway, looking impatient. I ran up to her and we hugged. She invited me inside and led me upstairs to my room. The house reeked of human food and………dog? Why would the Cullens have a dog? Suddenly a heartbeat rang in my ears. I didn’t escape from humans to be welcomed by humans!
“Alice, do you have dogs here? And humans?” she laughed, though I found nothing funny.
“Ha, ‘Lyssa, no there are only werewolves here.” She said it like it was annoyingly obvious. “Ness, Bella and Edward’s daughter is married to a werewolf, Jacob. Him and his pack are probably here eating. It reeks huh?” I nodded. Joy, werewolves, my favorite thing ever.

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write moreeee
awsomeee very good =] but i agree meet dea is better =] no offence intended of course =]
none taken at all
omg i like it! keep me updated!
i love it!!!
That was a good start to a story but WHERE IT THE REST!?!!?!? Hahaha jk but seriously, it would be awesome to have an update pop up:) Lol update soon and keep me posted please:)
heyy i am FINALLY going to start writing again:) you guys are the best!!


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