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Alright I know this has been done before, but not by me. So in this fan fic, Bella and Edward’s compromise happens in between Twilight and New Moon.  But in this compromise, they are together and then are planning to get married, when Bella’s birthday party happens and then the Cullen’s leave. Well, about a week later, Bella finds out she’s pregnant. When she gives birth, she has Renesmee.  Well, a visiting vampire named Antonio, a former Volturi member, who, after Carlisle left from his time from the Volturi, had a realization and disappeared, living as a vegetarian nomad.  Right before Bella is about to die, he changes her.  When she wakes, she falls in love with Antonio and they have a life together.  She changes her last name and they, Antonio, Bella and Renesmee, live as a family. Bella never tells Nessie of Edward or the Cullens. 
Eventually, they decide to take up a semi-permanent residents in Alaska, where the Cullens are living with the Denali’s again.  Nessie goes to high school, now looking about 15-16, but with a different last name, the Cullen’s have no idea who or what she is. 
Will Renesmee ever learn about her family? Will Edward ever learn about Bella being a vampire? Will Bella stay with Antonio or go back to Edward? Wait to see.









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Chapter 1 - Pg 1

Chapter 2 - Pg 3

Chapter 3 - Pg 5

Chapter 4 - Pg 8

Chapter 5 - Pg 12

Chapter 6 - Pg 14


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yes, you should write this story!!!!
Yes,you should write it
yes you should write it
YAY! ok
i'm going to start working on this story today
thanks guys
WRITERS NOTE!- This story will change POV’s, mainly between Bella, Edward, Renesmee and Antonio

2nd, this is only the preface so of course it’s short. I hope to post more soon later today.

Bella’s POV

When we moved to Alaska, I would have never thought, in a million years, I’d even see them again, let alone Renesmee seeing them for the first time. And I never would have thought, in the eternity of life I now have, would we ever live in the same town again. But I was wrong, and some form of heartbreak can’t be to far away with Ed- him so close.
love it
im sorry but i hope she get back with edward
WOW..... its awesome. Ok Bella with Anthonio :( but I hope she go back with Edward :)) !!!
Write more,its interesting!!!
thank you! that means alot that you like the story
i hope to put up the first full chapter later tonight
but thanks again!
Chapter 1
First day of school
Renesmee’s POV

On Oct. 12th, I was awake before the sun. Most teenagers would hate going to school, but then again, I wasn’t a normal teenager. I was already in the shower when mom came to tell me it was time to wake up.
“Renesmee, sweetheart? Are you already awake?” she asked, opening the door. Lord knows, she already knew the answer to that.
“Yeah momma!” I called from the shower, rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. Once I finished washing, I turned off the hot water and got out of the shower. Once I wrapped my hair in a towel and wrapped a towel around myself, holding it together in my arm pit, I walked out of the bathroom back to my room to get dressed.
When I walked in, I noticed momma sitting on my bed. I smiled and turned to look through my closet. I loved clothing and shopping and makeup and shoes, but my mother wanted nothing to do with it what-so-ever.
She was shaking her head as I looked through my closet. “I just don’t know where you get this love of clothing from,” she said with a sigh.
I laughed a tiny bit. “Neither do I,” I mumbled and kept going through my closet. I pulled out three different things and laid them down on my bed. “Which one?” I asked her and myself quietly.




I laughed when her nose crinkled. She probably thought all of them were too dressy and girly. We looked over them all quite a few times.
She sighed a bit. “I don’t know. They all see a bit over the top just for school,” she said and muttered the last part under her breath. “I suppose the 1st one is the least over the top,” she finally concluded.
I laughed and hugged her. She soon left, walking out of the room and heading down the stairs quickly. I swiftly put away the other two outfits away in my closet and headed back to the bathroom.
I quickly dressed and then looked in the mirror. My curly bronze hair had fallen in my face. I looked at my face again.
Some of my features just didn’t fit. I knew I had gotten my eyes from Momma and from pictures I could tell I had gotten the curls that were my mess of hair from her father, Charlie. But everything else was a mystery. The bronze coloring that everyone seemed to adore…… I had no answer to where it had come from.
But I knew one thing for sure. Antonio was not my father. There was no way that with his skin, which was extremely olive compared to my mother’s exceptionally pale vampire skin, and jet black hair that he could be my father. But I never let on to him or momma that I knew.

After an hour, my hair was nice and straight and I had light brown eye shadow on with mascara and shiny pink lip gloss on my lips. I walked out of my room and skipped down the stairs.
When I walked into the kitchen, I noticed momma and Antonio quiet themselves. They smiled and stood up. I raised an eye brow slightly at the sight but went and grabbed an apple, one of the few human foods I could stand. I was running a bit late so I rinsed it off, and went to them to say good bye for the day.
Momma was at my side in a second, crushing me to her in a tight hug. “Have a wonderful day,” she whispered in my ear. I hugged her back and then went outside. I was planning on walking to school.
When I got close to the forest, I took off in a dead sprint. I loved running. It felt natural and I always felt free. Just before I got to the school grounds, I slowed and walked average human speed to the school.
I noticed people where staring at me as I passed by them on my way to the office of the school. I sighed. I had a feeling today would be a long first day.
Just before I entered the office, it started to rain. I smiled a bit to myself and walked inside the warm and cozy little space. I went over to the desk. The older woman sitting behind it held up one finger, telling me to give her a moment without even glancing my way.
She soon finished what she had been doing and turned her chair to face me. Her eyes widened for a moment and then she smiled, trying to recompose herself.
“Um… hi,” I said, rather quietly. I didn’t really like talking aloud, especially to strangers. “I’m Renesmee Salvato-” I didn’t even get to finish saying Salvatori when she interrupted me.
“Oh yes!” she interjected, cutting me off entirely. “We’ve been expecting you dear,” she said as she turned back to the mass of files piling up on the edge of her desk. She ruffled through the many folders till she pulled out a small stack of papers. “Alright, there you are,” she said handing it to me. “Now your schedule is here with a map or the school and a planner. Alright dear, have a good day,” she said with a small smile, looked over me once again and then turned back to her desk.
Wow, I feel so welcomed, I thought to myself. I sighed and headed to my home room, where the teacher put me on the attendance list and assigned me a locker. Home room was rather boring except for the fact everyone was staring at me the entire time.
When the bell rang for the end of home room, I left there, thankful and ready to get the day over with. I got to my first period English class and thankfully got a room in the back of the class.

And so the day went until lunch, passing by as slow as it could possibly have gone. I liked most of my classes and teachers. I had been in all advanced honors classes. The only class I absolutely loathed was Stats, where Mr. Inaz made me stand up and introduce myself.
I was sitting at a table full of other sophomores my age. So far, I only knew two of their names, Eliza, who was in my French class, and Mason, who was in my Physics class.
Everyone was talking and laughing at the table when I heard the cafeteria door opened and I smelled them….. Other vampires?! Here?! It couldn’t be possible. I turned my head slowly to look at the group.
I tilted my head to the side when a boy, who looked to be the youngest, looked my way. As if he knew I was watching him. He glared at me, almost as if he was trying to scare me, but I could stop from staring. That made his eyes widen.
I shook my head slightly and turned back to the table. He was the only one I had gotten a good look at. His hair……… was a lot like mine. Bronze, but his was tousled all over the place. And his eyes…….. golden.

I’d have to warn my parents.


Authors note!-
Please tell me what you think
Love it :)


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