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Alright I know this has been done before, but not by me. So in this fan fic, Bella and Edward’s compromise happens in between Twilight and New Moon.  But in this compromise, they are together and then are planning to get married, when Bella’s birthday party happens and then the Cullen’s leave. Well, about a week later, Bella finds out she’s pregnant. When she gives birth, she has Renesmee.  Well, a visiting vampire named Antonio, a former Volturi member, who, after Carlisle left from his time from the Volturi, had a realization and disappeared, living as a vegetarian nomad.  Right before Bella is about to die, he changes her.  When she wakes, she falls in love with Antonio and they have a life together.  She changes her last name and they, Antonio, Bella and Renesmee, live as a family. Bella never tells Nessie of Edward or the Cullens. 
Eventually, they decide to take up a semi-permanent residents in Alaska, where the Cullens are living with the Denali’s again.  Nessie goes to high school, now looking about 15-16, but with a different last name, the Cullen’s have no idea who or what she is. 
Will Renesmee ever learn about her family? Will Edward ever learn about Bella being a vampire? Will Bella stay with Antonio or go back to Edward? Wait to see.









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I love this, it's awesome! Keep me updated.

Chapter 6
Better to Be Ignored
Edward’s POV

After I had followed the girl to her gym class, I walked toward my last class. Half way there, I suddenly turned around and went to my car. I got in and started it. My family could easily run home.
I was headed toward our temporary home here that was settled in the woods between hills and mountains. It was right before I turned onto the road that the driveway was off of that I decided I needed to go on a much longer drive to clear my head.
I drove through the Alaskan wilderness, trying to enjoy everything and clear my thoughts. But I was going too fast –driving fast usually helped me calm down and right now I was at nearly 200mph thanks to the modifications Rosalie had done on the car- to really enjoy any of it. And because of that it wouldn’t take to long to drive through most of Alaska. I needed time to think though, so I would probably drive around a few times before heading back.
What had happened today? Why was I so fascinated by that little girl? That little meaningless girl. Of course, I had thought the same about Bella……
I stopped myself right there. I can’t start thinking about that now. This all needs to stop. I need to make sure that I never speak to Renesmee ever again and let her act like a normal human. I wasn’t going to be selfish this time.
After I decided that I definitely needed to leave this child alone, I still couldn’t stop thinking about her, so I spent the next four and a half hours driving around Alaska before I finally decided to go home.
As soon as I pulled onto the road just before the house, I heard their thoughts. Esme’s was definitely the loudest of all of them. She was worrying and wondering what had happened. Ever since I returned to the family, she was constantly worried I may leave again, and this sent her over the edge.
I sighed as I pulled onto the drive way and they knew I was home. Their thoughts all became stronger so they knew I would listen.
Edward, where have you been? What happened? What’s wrong? Are you alright? You just left without saying goodbye and we didn’t have any idea if or when we would be seeing you again, was what Esme was thinking.
Edward, is everything alright? Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Rose all get home saying that you just disappeared. You’ve worried Esme senseless, was coming from Carlisle
Dude, where did you go? Esme has been driving us all mental with her worrying, was Emmett’s.
You are so selfish Edward. Esme and Carlisle have been worried sick, were Rosalie’s thoughts. Like she was one to talk about being selfish.
Edward, something is wrong. Why are you so conflicted right now? Jasper thought. My emotions must be conflicted…..
And lastly, Edward is this about the new girl? You know I can’t see her and it’s driving me crazy because you keep drifting in and out of my sight. Why do you keep changing your mind?, came from Alice.
I parked my car in the garage and ran inside. They all circled me in an instant. I looked at Esme and Carlisle who both had worried looks on their faces. I must have truly worried them.
“I’m sorry. I should have told you. I just went out for a drive. It’s nothing to worry about. I’m fine. And please don’t all try to ask me. It is nothing,” I promised. I looked at all of them, hugged Esme to calm her down, and then ran upstairs to my room.
I heard them all sigh and start talking in the quietest whispers they could, so I turned on my stereo to help drown it all out. I figured Alice was finally telling Esme and Carlisle about Renesmee.
The night was very long and very conflicting. I kept changing my mind on what to do. It must have been driving Alice and Jasper insane but oh well. I knew what I should do, and that was to leave the girl alone and pretend she didn’t matter like we did with all of the other students, but, for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to think that decision was right.
We left for school about 10 minutes before it would start, but I was driving, so we got there with 8 minutes to spare. I went straight to my first class, making sure I didn’t see Renesmee what so ever.

The morning passed rather smooth and I was able to avoid her the entire time. That is, until lunch, but that was inevitable. We were already seated at our table when she walked in. Her cheeks flushed when she realized how late she was and that everyone was watching her. She then darted to her seat next to Eliza S. I noticed that she was already ignoring Eliza who was ranting about a boy she currently liked very much.
Suddenly, my face drifted through someone’s thoughts. It was Renesmee. I looked through her thoughts. She was going to try to talk to me today, to ask me questions.
Damn. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair. This was not good. It seemed that this girl was much more like Bella than I realized before. I couldn’t let her talk to me. I’d have to tell her we couldn’t talk anymore.
Lunch was about to end when I stood up, threw away the untouched food on my tray and headed to chorus. I waited by her seat for her to arrive and soon enough she did.
A blush came into her cheeks as she walked toward me. “Hello Edward,” she said, far more confident today. All apart of her plan to have a normal conversation with me today, no doubt. She set her things down next to her seat and looked up at me.
“Renesmee…,” I said politely. It came out as more of a hello than I intended, so I had to continue quickly. “I’m sorry. I don’t think we should talk anymore,” I finished then turned and walked away from her to my seat on the other side of the room.
Class then started and I felt her glancing at me so I focused and looked forward. Then, I hoped those would be the last ten words she would ever hear from me again.



Authors NOTE!- I'm so sorry about how long that took. I'm going to stop promising updates

this was worth the wate
love it write more asap

i want him 2 know...that would be gross if they like each other [shudder] ew!

why does renesmee never think of bella?

sry 4 the questions lol

omg loved ur story post more soon and keep me updated

*new reader*!!

I looovedd your story!!

please keep me updated!!!

Love it
I can't wait for you to update again!!! Will Edward & Reneesme ever get to have their conversation!!! Will he meet her mother?....................I just love it .......................until you post again
love it!!

so, i get it no one reads this anymore


but i have been having a lot to do the past 2 months. so yeah.

but here it is. 

This is sort of a filler chapter but they have to exist. (tee hee)




Chapter 7

To Exist

Renesmee’s POV


So with that, the rest of October flashed by.  And he didn’t say a word to me. Not one word.  He didn’t even look my way.  Not Once.

I had only spoken to him twice (one of those times when he said he didn’t want to be friends and the other time I just stood there like an idiot) but, for some strange reason, it hurt.  It felt like… I don’t even know.  It was like


After that chorus class, I ran home and locked myself in my room, happy mom nor was Antonio home.  I laid down on my bed, buried my face into my pillow, and started to cry. 

After a few minutes of crying, I lifted my head from buried in it to think.  Why had he said that to me?  It made no sense.  I had barely even talked to him the day before.

… Maybe he noticed me staring a bit…  Maybe he thought I was a freak… Maybe…

No, I have to stop with all of the maybes, I thought to myself as I sat there.  I couldn’t have done anything to him.  Let him figure out he was an idiot.

I continued to sit there, trying to convince myself my thoughts were right, but some part of me couldn’t. Some part of me made me think it was my fault.  That I had done something and now I was hurting because of it. 

I bit my lip, my tears now slowing, trying to think of what I had done.  But I couldn’t think of anything.  I thought of the two simple conversations we had had.  And during both, he had done most of the talking, not me.  So why, why, did he say he thought we should never speak again?

Sighing to myself, I got out of bed when I heard the front door shut.  Heading downstairs, I made sure my face was composed before I got to the bottom of the spiral stair case. 

It was mom that got home.  Once she took of the coat she was wearing (but did not need) and hung it up, she turned to look at me.  Her smile was the most comforting thing in the world to me right now.  And so, I ran over to her and into her, wrapping my arms tight around his torso, burying my face into her chest. 

She seemed shocked by it at first, but after a few seconds, her natural mothering nature and instinct kicked in, and she wrapping her arms tight around me as well.  I felt her smoothing down my hair and shushing me in a sweet, concerned way.  It made me feel safe and protected.

Once I felt more comforted and secure, I glanced up at mom’s face.  She smiled a tiny bit at me but then the smile faded away.  “Why were you crying?” she questioned me.

I sighed quietly and rubbed my face.  There must have been tear stains that I had missed as I whipped my face when I came downstairs.  “It was just a really long day at school.  And I missed my mom.”

Those simple words at the end of my sentence did it.  She didn’t question me for the rest of the evening.  Only held me and made sure I was safe.  Though she didn’t notice, I saw Antonio didn’t care for my mom only focusing on me.


And so now you are caught up.  After that day, I stayed strong and made sure I didn’t let any weakness show.  I didn’t let the fact he was not talking to me control my entire life. Once that week was over, I didn’t look for him in the hall way any longer.  Following that month, I didn’t look his way anymore………


On the first school day of December, I walked into the cafeteria with Eliza and Mason like every day for the past month.  Eliza was desperately trying to flirt with Mason, performing little stunts like dropping something and bending over to pick it up or batting her eye lashes when ever she talked to him or laughed at his (rather stupid and idiotic) jokes.

We were walking toward our table when Edward and I passed each other, our arms gently brushing up against one another’s. I bit my lip and quickly sat down in my seat.  Eliza looked at me with an eye brow raised but I just shook my head to her and took a bite of my apple.

As the numbers of people dwindled in the cafeteria toward the end of lunch, I decided it was time to get to chorus class.  It will be just like everyday this past month, I thought to myself. 

Though on the outside, I seemed content and happy, I still couldn’t quiet understand what had happened.  But I was living like a normal person; well as normal as I could be.

I slowly stood up, went to the trash can –not glancing at anyone as I walked past- and threw my apple core away. So it was with that that I swiftly walked out of the cafeteria, quietly and steadily toward the chorus room at the end of the school.

When I was about to the class room, I heard something (though I was in a hall full of chatting children).  Someone was playing the piano, and it sounded as if it was coming from the chorus room.  It sounded like the lullaby mama used to hum to me when I was much littler.

But that was odd.  No one else I had ever known knew that song. I continued to listen to the song being played on the computer as I continued my way down the hall.  Once I got to the door, I bit my lip and braced myself to walk into the chorus room to find out who was playing the all too familiar melody.

I reached for the door knob and opened the door slowly.  When I saw who it was, I froze.  There was Edward Cullen playing the sweet melody that I loved so much.  Suddenly, he looked up at me and our eyes met.  I looked down and sat in my seat.

I heard a sigh come from him one moment, then silence for a few seconds and the next thing I knew, he was at my side, looking down at me as he stood there.

He only looked at me for a moment before finally saying, “Hello Renesmee…” He paused for a moment, as if unsure how to continue.  “Look, now that I’m thinking back on what I said…. I… I’m sorry.  You didn’t deserve that.  We had only just met.  It was very rude of me to behave in such a way.”

I stared at him for a moment, shocked to hear the words come from his lips.  “No, you don’t… I mean… its fine…”

But he cut me off.  “No, it isn’t.  If it is alright with you, I would like to be friends.”

I looked up at him, my head tilted to the side, before a smile started to appear on my lips.  “I’d like that very much.”  It was then that the bell rang, so he went to his seat and sat down.  I looked forward and smiled to myself.  It seemed as if I were going to exist again.


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