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Alright I know this has been done before, but not by me. So in this fan fic, Bella and Edward’s compromise happens in between Twilight and New Moon.  But in this compromise, they are together and then are planning to get married, when Bella’s birthday party happens and then the Cullen’s leave. Well, about a week later, Bella finds out she’s pregnant. When she gives birth, she has Renesmee.  Well, a visiting vampire named Antonio, a former Volturi member, who, after Carlisle left from his time from the Volturi, had a realization and disappeared, living as a vegetarian nomad.  Right before Bella is about to die, he changes her.  When she wakes, she falls in love with Antonio and they have a life together.  She changes her last name and they, Antonio, Bella and Renesmee, live as a family. Bella never tells Nessie of Edward or the Cullens. 
Eventually, they decide to take up a semi-permanent residents in Alaska, where the Cullens are living with the Denali’s again.  Nessie goes to high school, now looking about 15-16, but with a different last name, the Cullen’s have no idea who or what she is. 
Will Renesmee ever learn about her family? Will Edward ever learn about Bella being a vampire? Will Bella stay with Antonio or go back to Edward? Wait to see.









Preface- Pg 1

Chapter 1 - Pg 1

Chapter 2 - Pg 3

Chapter 3 - Pg 5

Chapter 4 - Pg 8

Chapter 5 - Pg 12

Chapter 6 - Pg 14


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yay :) you finally updated.................

awesome chapter

Thank you for the update!!!....I can't wait to see how it all unfolds....What will Bella do when she see him?..What will Nessie do when she finds out that this is her dad?...........oooooooooh I just can't wait...until you post again
I can't wait for Edward to realize who she is, and I can't wait for Bella to here that Edward is there also, this is getting really good, please post more soon.

Lol I Love stories with Renesmee and this is no exception , Definatly gonna keep reading this one


Can you please  read my first fanficiton,

Yay, you updated!!!  Glad to see them talking and I hope she figures out that the song he was playing is the same song her mom hummed to her.  :)
plz finish
YES MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to edward or alice realizing that renesmee is edward's. it will be fun to see how renesmee, edward and bella all deal with it. i hope that antonio isn't wanting to take renesmee to voltura. but it may be what would bring edward and bella back together and fight for their daughter and he finding out that she is like him now. lookig forward to reading more


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