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Alright I know this has been done before, but not by me. So in this fan fic, Bella and Edward’s compromise happens in between Twilight and New Moon.  But in this compromise, they are together and then are planning to get married, when Bella’s birthday party happens and then the Cullen’s leave. Well, about a week later, Bella finds out she’s pregnant. When she gives birth, she has Renesmee.  Well, a visiting vampire named Antonio, a former Volturi member, who, after Carlisle left from his time from the Volturi, had a realization and disappeared, living as a vegetarian nomad.  Right before Bella is about to die, he changes her.  When she wakes, she falls in love with Antonio and they have a life together.  She changes her last name and they, Antonio, Bella and Renesmee, live as a family. Bella never tells Nessie of Edward or the Cullens. 
Eventually, they decide to take up a semi-permanent residents in Alaska, where the Cullens are living with the Denali’s again.  Nessie goes to high school, now looking about 15-16, but with a different last name, the Cullen’s have no idea who or what she is. 
Will Renesmee ever learn about her family? Will Edward ever learn about Bella being a vampire? Will Bella stay with Antonio or go back to Edward? Wait to see.









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Chapter 1 - Pg 1

Chapter 2 - Pg 3

Chapter 3 - Pg 5

Chapter 4 - Pg 8

Chapter 5 - Pg 12

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Cool I love it.. Update me please
i will
I finally had a chance to finish writing CH. 2
so here it is!


Chapter 2
The New Girl
Edward’s POV

I’m going to be completely honest. I never let go of her. But Alice said she saw her once with another man, and I let her move on, never asking Alice about her again. After a few years I moved back in with my family, but I was never really the same as I had been before she came into my life.
It had been hard, going back to living with them. At first, I wouldn’t really talk to them, though even now I don’t talk to them too often. But I almost never hunted. I just stayed in my room.
We eventually moved back to Alaska, living in a town two away from where our family lived. When we first moved, the Denali’s came to visit for a week, do some hunting together, and talk about what’s been happening since we last saw each other.
Within an hour, they all knew something was different. That I was different and family or not, I would not try to be around them for the next week. They all tried to talk to me, especially Tanya. She was trying to persuade me again to be as interested in her as she was in me. It finally drove me to the point where I yelled at her.
She hasn’t talked to me since and that was over a year ago. Oh well. At least now she truly knew there could never and would never be anything between us. I knew who I had been meant to be with and I had let her go. I had left her and she had moved on.
As I drove to school with my family in the car with me, my thoughts continue to drift all over the place. From one thought to another. Suddenly a thought went through Alice’s head. She was remembering the birthday party. …… Bella’s birthday party. I winced, glared a bit and worked harder and harder to tune out all of their thoughts. She probably said sorry or thought it specifically for me to hear, but I was working hard not to listen.
“Edward!” Alice shrilled, her high voice piercing through my thoughts. I glanced at her. “Did you hear anything about what I said just now?”
I looked at her. She knew the answer to that. Of course I hadn’t. I shrugged slightly and looked back at the road. I heard my brothers and sisters sigh. I ignored that.
I quickly pulled into the school parking lot and to the place I always parked the car. I shut off the engine and got out of the car, walking into the school, not saying a word to my family what so ever.
When I got to my home room and sat down in my seat, every single thought in the class room, even the teacher’s thoughts were about the new girl. No one in this class knew what she looked like yet, though they all new her name. Renesmee Salvatori.
Her first name was very unusual. It was rather funny how everyone was pronouncing it in a different way. And another thing. Renesmee was definitely not an Italian name, when her last name was one of the most Italian last names known.
I shrugged slightly and let the rest of the morning pass, not seeing the new girl once. Soon it was the lunch hour. I went to my siblings’ side, not really listening to their conversations.
We were the last to the lunch room as usual. My family drifted in and I went in after them. I then heard a new thought.
…….It couldn’t be possible, the young lady thought. I had totally blocked out the first section of that thought. Her thoughts soon changed and I realized it was the new girl. Renesmee.
I also noticed she was watching my family and I walk in. Though it wasn’t really my family in general. It was me she was watching. I turned to look at her and glared.
I didn’t need anyone watching us or trying to understand. The last time that happened……… it ended. Period.
After nearly a minute of me glaring at her though, she didn’t turn away. She just tilted her head to the side, as if trying to get a better look at us. My eyes widened and soon she looked away.
I went over to my family’s table and sat down on the end seat. That was extremely odd….. Her features……. Were very similar to mine, and I noticed she was thinking the same thing.
Her hair was the exact shade of bronze mine was but was long, flowing to the middle of her back and today, was obviously straightened. Her face was around the same shape mine was and she was pale but a light tint of a pink blush appeared on the tops of her cheeks.
But it wasn’t any of these features that had me even more stunned. It was her eyes. The same beautiful eye color Bella had had…….. My thoughts drifted for a moment, but I soon shook my head. No. It was simply a coincidence. There couldn’t possibly be any relation between them.
I glanced over at Alice, who was sitting across from me. “Alice?” I asked her and my brothers’ and sisters’ heads all turned to me, stunned I was actually speaking to one of them at all.
Alice’s eyes were a bit glassed over, showing she was having a vision. She blinked after a moment and looked at me. You want me to look for the new girl’s future? she asked me in her head.
I nodded one stiff nod and she nodded back. I saw her eyes glass over and now all of us were looking at her. They were all waiting to know what this was about and I was waiting to know what she saw.
After a few moments her eyes widened. It showed a tiny bit of worry but mainly she was stunned.
“I….. I can’t see her……. At all….. No matter how hard I look…………. It’s like she doesn’t exist,” was all she whispered.
First my head turned to look at the girl and then so did their’s. This little girl was something….. different………
WOW, would he follow her?
Is he gonna find out soon that she's half vampire?
Are they gonna have a class together just as happened with Bella?
Didn't Renesmee think of her parents and Edward didn't see Bella's face in Renesmee's head?
Is Edward going to follow Renesmee?

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love u!!!!!!
Gigi Cullen
thanks gigi
i'm glad you love it so much

when i wrote other fan fics
people wouldn't reply so I never felt like posting
it's you guys saying this stuff that has me posting
love it
cant wait toread the next chapter
post more soon please
I love it!!!!

love it!!!
i'm so glad!
thank you
i'm glad you like it so much
I will
Love it!!!!!!


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