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                                                       Chapter 1

I sighed as I stepped onto the top step of the Cullen's house. I knocked on the door and thought, Edward! I'm here! It was a lot easier than screaming to let me in. They could hear me anyway. The door was open in a flash. He had on a smile that said, "Come on in! Make yourself at home!" Because, really, this was my home. My new one, at least. Oh, by the way, I'm Bella's cousin. Josie Anne Swan. And let me tell you this, her husband, Edward, is HOT. Fine. I'm gonna get him. He's gonna be mine.

Edward winked at me. He must have heard my plan. No need to stop him. He;s gonna know about it soon enough. 

I winked back. "Hi, Edward!" I said with enthusiasm. I put my orange and green duffel on the couch, along with my purple purse and pink backpack. I looked him over. He had his nice hair, perfect-looking clothes--Alice--and nice shoes. Better than ever. I took a step forward and embraced him in a warm--cold--hug. I was used to the cold skin. I mean, come on! My best friend and family were all vampires back in Nashville. 

He hugged me back. "Hi, Josie!" he whispered. We met two years after his wedding. I think Alice insisted on getting everyone together--the whole gang. Me, my mom--her mom's sis--Renee, Phil, Charlie, Johnny, my brother, Lizzy, my sister, my dad, and Tanya and her fam.

"So," I asked. "Where's my cuz?"

He laughed. "Bella's in the cottage," he said. "Taking care of Nessie." Nessie was about ten now. Still super cute, that vampire-human child was. Adorable. After all, she was my blood relation. 

"How're they doing?" yet another question. 

"Great. Nessie won't stop talking about you. She'll be glad to know that you're here,"

"Then let's go see them!" I yelled. 

"Shhh!" he whispered. "Rosalie, Esme, and Alice are planning a party. The expect silence."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatevs.Cuz!" I yelled again. She was there in a flash, Nessie tagging along. 

"Hi, Josie!" She screamed. But that wasn't the Nessie I knew staring into my eyes. This was some completely different girl.

                                                 Chapter 2

"Hi, Nessie," I said slowly. "Um, Bella, Edward......Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure," Bella said. Edward nodded. Outside? I thought. Edward nodded again. 

"Nessie," Bella said. "Go tell the rest of the family that Josie's here."

"Okay. See you later, Josie," Nessie said and skipped upstairs. 

We walked outside in silence. I sat on the porch, and they joined me. I gave Bella a hug. Gotta keep the charade up if I want what's hers. 

"So, what's up with Nessie?" I asked. "She doesn't look like the same person she did two years ago, not at all."

"She's just grown," Edward said.

"A lot," Bella added.

"But....." I started. "She doesn't even look like the same person. Only two years ago!"

They shrugged. "It's just the way she develops," Edward said, and Bella nodded. Bella didn't keep looking into his eyes every second like she used to. Must have grown out of it. So I can grow in. 

Edward smiled. He looked into my eyes. I looked straight into his. Paradise. Bella was looking into the woods. Do you still love her? I thought. He shrugged and looked down. If I got rid of her.....I'd get her life. So much easier.

"Okay," I sighed. "Do you guys have any food in the fridge?"

"Of course," Bella said. "We have a wolf to feed."

"Oh, right. Jacob," I blinked. How could I forget the dumb dog? I've always hated him. Besides. He imprinted on my blood relation! And soon to be daughter. I swallowed a laugh. "Where's he?"

"He's with Seth," Edward said. "They went shopping. They have a separate little house not to far from our cottage. We said that if they want the food, they have to buy it. They use our fridge,"

"Well, I'm eating some of it."

"Okay," Bella said.

I stood up. "Let's go inside."

They both nodded. I opened the door and headed toward the kitchen. But I didn't see the empty family room I was expecting. Oh no. It was a room full of mad vampires. I didn't know Alice had such a cold stare.

                                                      Chapter 3

Esme spoke first. "Edward," she said. "We need to speak to you."

Then Emmett: "And Bella, too."

I was struck hard. Why not me? I gave Edward a stare. He was looking at me, anyway. Why not me? I thought. I want to come! Edward nodded slightly. I doubt they didn't detect it. They were vampires after all. So Edward spoke.

"Why can't Josie come?" he asked.

"Does everything have to be about the new chick?" Emmett asked. I sighed. So it was probably about me, then.

"Emmett," Carlisle said. Then he turned to me. "He apologizes. It confidential vampire business." Yeah, right ring-leader. I doubt it had anything to do with vamps. 

"Nessie, go play with Josie outside." Bella said. Nessie ran up to me and took my hand. Tell me what happens? I thought. He nodded. 

"Let's go play!" I said. Whew. At least I'd know what would be waiting in the day of my arrival. Yipee.




Now I was in the car with Edward. Their little meeting didn't last very long. About thirty minutes, tops. Edward promised to tell me what happened. So he is. Now. 

"So," I started. "What'd they say about me?"

Edward looked confused. "You? Wait. How did you know it was about you?"

"I don't. Just a good assumption. Which I now assume is correct."

"It always has been," he said with a smile.


His smile disappeared. "Josie. They know about your plan."

What?!? How!?! "Excuse me?"

"They know that you want to take over Bella's life."

"But....Did they tell Bella? She was there!"

"Yes, they told her," he started. "But they don't care. They like your plan. Emmett likes you a lot more than he ever liked Bella. I do, too," he smiled again. 

I smiled along with him.

"Bella, of course, hates your plan. She had no idea you were capable of thinking that strong and hard."

Whatever. She's always underestimated me. 

"But, there's also good news. We are here to help,"


                                                           Chapter 4

Relief flooded me. I smiled. "Thank you." I said. He smiled right along with me. "But, really, Edward. I need to ask you some questions."

"Go ahead and do it."

"Do you still really love Bella?" I asked. 

He sighed. "No," he said. "But it's only because I love someone else now."

I closed my eyes and breathed in slowly. "Who?"

"Josie Anne Swan." he said and laughed.

I joined him laughing. "I love you, too."

"Good. But now, how are we supposed to get rid of Bella?"

"I don't know. That's phase two."

"Phase two." he said thoughtfully. "And exactly how many phases are in this plan?"

I thought. "I don't know. At least thirteen." 

He chuckled. "What happened to a good 'ole fashion this and that then it's done?"

"That died along with Bella's chance of staying with you."

"So, a long time ago, huh?" he smiled.

"Yep. But what do we do? I don't want to live up there in your old room forever." I sighed. 

"You won't have to. We all like you, a lot. Way more than we've ever liked Bella," Edward scoffed. "Plus, we've already told Nessie that Bella was going away for a while." 

"I know! We can tell Bella something happened to Renee--she called Bella's cell and she didn't answer. So she called you while we were out. We can say she's in the hospital and she wants her to come visit immediately."

"Perfect. Now the only problem, is when to turn you into a vampire......"

"Um...Edward?" I asked skeptically. 

He looked from the road to me. "Yes, Josie?"

"There's something I have to tell you. I can't become a vampire. Not unless I give up witchcraft."


                                                                 Chapter 5

Edward slammed the brakes then pulled over.

"What?" he asked. "Witchcraft? You're a witch?"

I nodded. "Yes," I started. "I wanted to tell you earlier. I just.....couldn't find the right time."

"Wow," he muttered. He looked down and shook his head. "I always knew there was just some reason..."

"Reason? What reason? Reason for what?" I asked.

He slowly and solemnly shook his head again.

"Edward Anthony Cullen!" I said, trying to sound like I had some authority inside his car.

He was startled by the use of his full name. "What?"

"Talk to me here, honey," I whispered. He knew what he meant to me. But what I meant to him? A whole other story, that has yet to be read.

"It's just, Rose just was thinking, 'Oh, if there was a witch, she could put a spell on Bella, and make her like her. Besides, together you two--'she pointed to me--'could have a normal child.' Then she laughed. But I'm just wondering how she knew that you were a witch," he had the most stunned and distinct look on his face...another thing about him that I have yet to figured out about the loving Eward Cullen.

"Oh. I'm not sure I could do something like that," I admitted ."But I could make her have to go away for a while. A long while,"

"Tell me more," he lifted his head and turned to me. A smile was slowly spreading across his miraculous face.

"Well, we could say that the Volturi threatened coming back, and this time, only she could stop them. To...Egypt! Yes, to Egypt. In the hot suns and random people, she'll never find her way home. But we'll have to move. Oh! I'd have to put the spell ob her--the one that locks her to Egypt. She can't leave unless I break the spell,"

"Which will never happen?" Edward asked skeptically.

"Which will never happen," I repeated. Good luck, Bella. We got a storm a-brewin'. And it's heading toward your side of town.


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Josie wants to be in Bella's position. Sorry for any confusion--she just wants to see what'd it be like if she was there. But forever.
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For everyone that has posted so far, you are all going to be on the update list!

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