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This one of my favorite stories that I am writing. It is a Nessie and Jake story and she looks and is seventeen and will forever remain this age.



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Here is the first two chapters Hope you all enjoy!!

Chapter 1: Beginning (Renesmee POV)

I came down the stairs from Dad's old room. I get to sleep in his room until Grandma Esme is done renovating my room at the cottage, apparently I'm getting to old for the small room and she wanted to make it bigger for me. I reached the living room and I could catch everyone's scent, even my Jakey's musky woodsy scent.

"Jake!!" I yelled and jumped into his arms.

"Hey, Nessie!" He said hugging me in one of his famous breathtaking hugs.

"Jake! Can't breathe!"

"Ha, sorry Nessie." He said releasing me and then adding under his breath, "Like Mother, like Daughter!"

"What was that Jake?" I said

"Nothing I was just going to ask you if you were ready for school yet?" He said trying to dig himself out of a hole.

"Yeah I just have to say good bye to everyone and then I will be." I said jumping down from his arms, "Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Alice, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, Uncle Jasper, I'm leaving!"

There was a "Bye" said in unison from around the house and even from outside.

"Are you taking me to school Jake?" I asked jumping back into his arms as he carried me to his Rabbit.

"Yeah I am, got a problem?" He said setting me in the passenger seat.

"No just curious."

"You know curiosity killed the cat." He said chuckling to himself.

"Good thing I'm not a cat!" I said bursting into laughter, after a moment Jake did too.

Sometimes I wish Jake and I were in the same grade, so I could spend all my time with him. We always have to split up after we go to our lockers, it sucks I even asked Dad if he could pull some strings and get me into the same grade and classes with Jake but the principal could only put me in the grade lower and he said if we asked again he would have me expelled, Dad said he would try any more if I wanted to even be in the same school as Jake.

My first class is AP Chemistry, I have all the AP classes since I'm so smart, and I'm acing all of them, but hopefully If I keep up the good grades they'll let me skip a grade and I will be able to be in all of Jake's classes!!!

Lunch is the only class I have with Jake, but he is usually surrounded by girls in his class or the guys from his mechanics class, so I usually sit with Seth, Embry and Quill. They all love having me sit with them, sometimes Jake notices us talking and sitting together and will come and sit by us but other times he just says 'hi' and goes and sit down with his Mechanics 101 class.

Jake always picks me up at my locker- literally picks me up.

"Jake put me down!!" I said laughing when he picked me up and started running to his car.

"Hey Nessie!! How was your school day?" He said plopping me down in the passenger seat of the Rabbit.

"Terrible." I said looking at him.

"Why what happened?!" He was in defensive mode now, "Who's they jerk who hurt you?"

"No Jake! That's not what I meant, I meant my day was terrible because I didn't get to spend it with you." I said hugging him.

"Oh, I’m sorry," He said hugging me back, "I guess its good that its Friday so we can spend the weekend together."


"Hey Jake!" Seth said sauntering over to the car, Embry and Quill were following him.

"Hey guys! What's going on?" Jake said turning towards the window( we were already in the car.)

"Nothing, just came over to see what you two were doing this weekend, I'm throwing a party for Claire and wondered if you guys wanted to come?" Quill said.

"I'll have to ask my parents, but I don't think they will say no so count me in." I said with a smile on my face.

"Yeah I'll be there." Jake said, he had this weird look in his eyes, regret?

"We gotta get going' so see 'ya later Jake, Bye Ness!" Embry said turning to leave.

"Guys wait!" I yelled then got out of the car, "You really think you can leave without a goodbye hug?"

"Sorry Ness we forgot." Seth said coming over to hug me, "See 'ya on Saturday."

"Yeah sorry Ness." Quill said, hugged me and then left.

"See 'ya Saturday Nessie." Embry said hugged me and walked away just like Quill.

I walked back to the Rabbit and got in again, "Alright I'm ready to go." I said to Jake.
He just looked at me with a confused and dumbfounded face.

"What?!" I said

"What did I miss? Am I seriously gone all the time? I mean how can I miss you becoming best friends with my friends?" He asked still confused and dumbfounded.

"Well yes you have been gone all this time at lunch. You don't even pay attention to any of us and its really getting on my nerves, I want the one class I have with you to be special and not have you surrounded by other girls, which by the way is driving me insane!" I said a little bit shy of a yell.

"I'm sorry Nessie its just anywhere I go the girls are either following me or the kids from Mechanics 101 are, and they won't leave me alone, I'm sick of it too I've been telling them to lay off since you were born, and trust me that’s a very long time!" He yelled.

"Jake you don’t have to yell at me!" I said with tears running down my face.

"Nessie I'm sorry I was being stupid I should never yell at you, I'm sorry, I think we can come up with a plan to make the people stop following me because we always do we're a great team!" He said his tone just above a whisper.

"You think so? Lets see......You could come and sit with me on your lap and we could cuddle at lunch but that would just make Quill, Embry and Seth sick so that won’t work ....hum...Maybe you could sit with your arm around my shoulder at lunch that could work." I said wiping the tears away.

"Wow, Nessie that’s the best plan ever I could never have thought of that!" He said hugging me to his side.

When we got to the drive to the house Jake abruptly stopped the car and drug me out the driver side, "Jake whets wrong?" I said alarmed now because he had taken a protective stance in front of me.


Chapter 2 Trouble (Renesmee POV)

Jake ran, with me in on his back, to the house just in time to catch two people with masks on and they had guns.

"Jake go I have to see who's hurt!" I screamed jumping off his back and running towards the house, when I turned to see him leave all I saw was a big russet colored wolf growling at the two men who were now pointing the guns at Jake, "Jake!"

He turned his head in a movement that told me to leave, I obeyed and ran into the house.

When I got inside Quill and Embry were on the ground screaming in pain for they had both been shot in the chest- thankfully nowhere near the heart. "Embry! Quill!" I screamed and ran in between them which was pretty hard because Grandpa and Dad were there, "Nessie go with Claire!" Dad yelled. I looked up searching for Claire and found her in Mom's arms, "Claire!"

"Nessie! Quill is hurt!!!!" She said climbing out of Mom's arms and running into my embrace.

"They're going to be fine Claire, I promise, Carlisle will help them, I promise." I repeated over again.

"Nessie where's Jake?" Mom asked me.

"The men with the guns had gone outside and Jake morphed and attacked them. But before I came in they pointed the guns at Jake, but he wouldn't let me come any closer." I was crying now.

"Nessie it's ok, Emmett and Jazz will go help him." Mom said bringing me in for a hug, But I wasn't having that I don't want to be comforted when I know Jake is in danger, "No! I want to go help Jake! Let go!" I screamed at Mom.

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen you do not talk to me like that!" great she pulled then full name card, guess it's time to get physical.

"Ow! Renesmee! Stop!" She screamed when I bit her and started to run out the door, but Dad was faster, "Nessie stop right now!" He yelled and grabbed me.

"NO! I love Jake and I can't let him die!" I screamed and then bit him.

"Nessie he's fine!! I can hear him perfectly, I won't let you anywhere near those lowlifes!" He screamed at me.

I fell limp as I started to cry, "JAKE! JAKE COME BACK!" I screamed knowing he would hear me,

"Nessie stop yelling he's f-" Dad started to say but was but was cut off by another gunshot.

"NO!! JAKE! NO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!" I screamed and fell to the ground.

"Nessie!" Mom said as she came outside.

"Bella don't leave her be." Dad said

"But she's our daughter we are supposed to comfort her!" Mom yelled, but didn't say anything further maybe something in dad' expression told her to shut up.


"Nessie? What's wrong?" A familiar husky voice said in front of me.

"Jake?" I said getting up, "Jake you're ok!" I said running to him.

"Yeah, Ness I was never hurt, are you ok?" Jake said and picked me up and cradled me in his arms.

"You're not hurt, but I heard the gunshot?" I said confused now.

"Yea one of the guys shot himself to get out of being attacked by the oh so scary Emmett." he said laughing a little bit at the end.

"Oh, well did they hurt you anywhere?" I said trying to examine his body.

"No, but I want to know why I heard your bloodcurdling scream my name?" He asked looking at me with so much intensity in his eyes that I couldn't look away.

"Well, when I heard the gunshot and I thought you were dead and I thought Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jazz were going to come out of the forest carrying your dead body and I couldn't live through that, I would have to go and find someone that would kill me so I could be with you because I love you so much that I can't live without you and if I had to it would be the most miserable life in the whole world and... and" I was balling now.

I slid out of Jake's arms and down to the ground again and started crying.

"Nessie you know I would never leave you because I love you so much and I could never do that to you, Nessie I love you!" Jake said sliding down to his knees in front of me.

"Nessie? Jake? Are you guys ok?" Mom said from behind us.

All that came from both of us were sobs.

"Nessie?Jake?" this time it was Uncle Em, "What's wrong with them?"

"They just found out they can't live without each other and that they love each other." Dad said.

"What's that mean?" Uncle Jazz asked.

"They found their Forever Love"
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