The Twilight Saga

This takes place almost a decade after Breaking Dawn. What if it hadn't gone all peacefully with the Volturi and a war broke out? What if instead of Jacob running with Renesmee, Bella had?


I was running. Running for my life and the life of my daughter who helplessly clung to my back. The trees blurred into a wall of jade. But who was I running from? The people who wanted to hurt my daughter. The people who wanted to hurt her, kill her. I couldn’t let that happen. My feet barley touched the forest floor below me. So I ran away from those killers… and my family.

Chapter 1- Unexpected Meeting

Bella’s POV

“Hello. Mom are you okay?” an attentive voice broke through my flashback of that fateful day. I stared into the caring eyes of my daughter. Renesmee.
“Yeah I’m fine,” I lied. She didn’t look convinced.
“I miss them to,” she said touching the top of my hand where it rested on the table. She also knew what I was thinking.
“Are you ready to go?” I asked. We had been shopping at the Portland Mall the whole day. Renesmee said it was to keep the memory of Alice alive. It had been almost ten years since the day the Volturi attacked. My whole family was dead or at least I thought. Renesmee was always optimistic about that. She thought they were still alive. But I knew the chances were very, very slim. But who was I to squash her hope.
Portland was the closet place we had come to living to Forks. I had gone twice to visit there, once a year after I was separated from my family and another four years after that one. Both times I had found the big white house empty.
“Yeah I’m ready,” she answered. We got up from the table at the food court. Even though Renesmee preferred blood I encouraged her to eat human food too. Me, being all vampire, thought human food disgusting.
Renesmee went to dump her tray when something caught my eye. It was something small. Something pale. Something… pixie-like.

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love it love the story but it need more action in the story othen than that it`s um great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
very cool
This was a great start. I loved it. Please add me and keep me updated. Thanks Please post more
I love it. Please let me know when u update.
more please
thanks for writing more
It was killing me, not knowing what was gonna happen lol
write more chapter is a very good story.
wow!!! keep me updated
omg its very good write more soon its a great story
How sweet!
omg! luv the story!!
WOW! Interesting to say the least. Still a bit sad, very good work. Please keep me posted.


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