The Twilight Saga

[PG- 13] Only 14 Chapters! Please read and comment! THANK MUCH:).. This story takes place around two years after BD!
(oh and to clear it up-in my FF, I make Nessie act and talk cuter, different from her character in BD!)
*ALL characters belong to SM- except the ones I will add in the future!
Chapter 1 JACOB POV

Waiting, is my new hobby. Technically, thats what I am supposed to do for about another year. That's when Ness will become of age, and finally grow love me as something more. And hopefully, we will get married and have loads of kids. I hope. But waiting is not a HUGE deal for me. I am gonna live forever- I dont mind wasting a year. I looked at Nessie. She was now aged as a ten year old. Even though actually, she was only supposed to be two. Kind of disturbing, now that I think about it. I smiled. At least I wasn't Quil. Now, that guy's got some serious waiting to do. I looked at Nessie again. She looked adorable today. She was wearing a blue mini sundress, and a white sun hat with a sunflower pinned to the top. Obviously, she got her looks from her mother. Not Edward. Nessie reached up and put her hand on my cheek. "It's your turn", she thought. I looked down. Nessie had put down a few cards. Right now, we were sitting in the Cullens living room, playing poker ( yeah, i know, I shouldn't be playing poker with her, she's so young,blah,blah,blah. Bella and Edward already gave me a bunch of crap about that. But you know what? Embry and Billy taught me poker when I was eight. No wonder I'm so messed). Screw. Crap. Ness is really good at poker. I was just about to complain when suddenly, Bella and Edward glide into the living room, hand in hand. When they saw what I was doing, Edward narrowed his eyes at me, and spoke.
"Jacob Black, quit playing POKER with my baby!" he said, in a menacing voice. I grinned my signature grin.
" Calm down Edward. No need to get your underwear in a knot. If you're wearing any..?" I broke out into a loud laugh, Nessie giggling as well. He glared at me. Seems like some people don't appreciate my amazing sense of humor. Edward reached down and swept Nessie into his arms.
" Nessie? We're going hunting now, and we want you to come." His golden eyes burned when he said that. Nessie put her hand on his cheek. Edward closed his eyes.
" Yes, Jacob can come," Edward sighed. Nessie grinned an angelic smile. Dang, was she pretty or what! Nessie leaped out of Edward's arms, and ran to me. In one motion, she was clinging to my back, her hair making a curtain around my face.
" Go, Jakey, Go!" she cried out. I looked at Bella and Edward, who nodded. Bella smiled and giggled. " We're right behind you". I grinned, my beautiful angel holding on to my back. She was mine-for forever and ever. And I was hers. I inhaled the scent that came off her skin, and finally spoke.
" Hold on tight Nessie!" I yelled. And we took off running, Nessie laughing all the way.

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Chapter 2- pg. 5
Chapter 3- pg. 6
Chapter 4- pg. 8
Chapter 5- pg. 12
Chapter 6- pg. 16
Chapter 7- pg. 21
Chapter 8- pg. 29
Chapter 9- pg. 34
Chapter 10- pg. 51
Chapter 11- pg. 71
Chapter 12- pg. 89
Chapter 13- pg. 10
Chapter 14- pg. 108 THE END & EPILOGUE

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