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I took my last breath and said "Goodbye my love." He then whispered into my ear and said

     "Echoe I can see your bra." He laughed under his breath and I glared at him as I pulled my dress up. My Drama teacher arose from her chair, and pretended to be interested in the romance scene we epicly failed at.

     "Umm...Interesting work...*Ring* 'Oh students thats the bell, well you two can pick up where you left off tommorow." Honestly I didn't want to. It wasn't that my partner wasn't cool. It was just that he was an Obnoxious loser who couldn't tell is i's from his l's. Classy. Also the fact that we had ten kissing scenes and no matter how hard I tried Jesse refused to except my offer of a couple tictacs or..mouthwash. I wonder if Juliet ever had that problem with Romeo. As I walked out of the theater that had been carlessly named after the maple tree outside the office building that had probally stood there for only a decade. So 'Maple Theater' it was. Fitzgerald High, the name of my highschool apparently wasnt a classy enough name. But, oh no Maple was perfect.



     As I walked out the newspaper boy, and my best guy friend Chandler stood there thrusting today's school newsletter in my face. "Look at this." he grinned. "Casa Marie nominated for Homecoming Queen. But no Echoe, that's not the best part." He said with sarcasm. "Look at who's also been nominated right next to her best friend." Echoe Rae and Casa Marie Allistar seem to be the most likely nominees to take the title... Oh no! Casa Marie is my Bestfriend! If she saw this she was going to ball out!



           "OMG! Echoe! No No No! We were both nominated!"  Casa Marie screamed as she came running down the hall with a crumpled newspaper in her hands. "This can't be happening! I can't run against you! You're my Best friend." This was a nightmare. But it was something that needed to be handled at a later date. See the significant thing about Chandler, Casa Marie, and I was not our charm, our beauty, are smarts, it was our immortality. And with immortality can only come with one thing. Drama,drama,and more drama. Finding out that when we moved onto the reservation of LaPush where we were not welcome came as a shock. Because we moved to the one place where shapeshifters still populated. Of Course as we tried to explain that we had no idea where we were moving and how it was a total mistake and also how we'd all rather be chillin back to the great residence of Oklahoma. We had no choice. The leader of the 'Warm ones' as we reffered to, considering the fact they called us the 'Cold ones said that we may stay at our residence as long as we promise not to kill any humans. Which we have not. We are vegitarians. The 'Warm ones' didn't seem suprised at that considering there's apparently another group of Vegan Vamps living in Forks.

SO are residence is welcome but we...are still not.




     After school I decided to take a walk by myself in the woods, not to hunt, but to think. To think about life and all that has happened since wev'e moved here. The only one who has treated me like a friend on LaPush Soil was Seth. He was one of the shapeshifters. He reeked, but I guess they all do. But he is kind. If it weren't for the fact his sister hates my guts maybe we'd hang out together more often. I also thought about what chandler said. Chandler has the power to sense things. he sensed earlier when we came to LaPush, that things would change for me. That thought scared me. But it also made me wonder. What change was coming? I feared change. It had come so often for me that I wanted it to stop. Like for instance, a couple decades back we had lost our sister Tallia. We had lost her to the arms of the Volturi. We were not given a reason. They took her and they destroyed her.


     As the hours past I realized it was dark and that I had been walking in circles. The trees rustled, so I stopped and listened. The night was calm but I could sense the presence that wasn't. I suddenly saw two very faded brown eyes stare up at me. Before I could scream a snarl ripped out of the figure and I was suddenly running in the opposite direction.



Hope you enjoyed the first chapter!!!!


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Interesting start. Nice build up of suspense. Keep me posted.

I love it!!!!
Will be updated soon!

I was running, from what? I had no clue but I wasn't about to turn around to find out. I was scared. If it had been something of this world I would have been able to outrun it. The creature let out a terrifying growl. It reeked of a despising odor and thats when I realized It was one of the 'Warm ones'. I whipped my head around to fight, but when I did the beast stopped in front of me. He lowered his head and cuffed his paws over his eyes."Are you okay?" I asked. "Is something wrong?" The wolf got up on his hine legs revealing that he was much larger than me, then he looked at me with his big brown eyes with an apolegetic look. He continued to turn around and ran off into the distance. What was that about? I wondered. My dark brown curly haired brother Chandler came running after me.

"Casa Marie heard growling and I sensed that you were in trouble, so I came searching to find you." Chandler said half exauhsted and almost out of breath. "Are you okay Echoe?" I didn't respond. I didn't know how to. I had questions of my own. Why did he stop? He saw my face and it was like he knew me. He could of killed me. But he didn't. I don't get it.

"I don't get it." I repeated aloud.
"Get what?" Chandler questioned.
"I...hmm. Never mind. Lets not worry about it. Im fine. Can we just...go home?" Chandler nodded and we returned back to our little home in LaPush. Seth was there waiting.

"Echoe are you okay?" He asked, and he sounded alarmed. I nodded and then he continued on to say. "He wouldn't of hurt you, you know. Not anymore anyways." I never really understood what Seth was talking about. Now I really was confused. "Sam explained everything to the pack and he wants you to come over to Emily's for a little...chillin..I guess."

"What? I mean I thought the rules were we don't bother them, they don't bother us."
"Things have changed." Casa Marie said as she came out of nowhere. She seemed angry, not with me but with Seth. "You should go Echoe. I don't know what will happen. But you need to go." Seth and Casa Marie exchanged glances and Chandler and I just stood there looking confused.

The next morning I carried my half asleep legs into Chandler's room. "DO you know what's going on Chan?" He stared at me with a confused look on his face and spoke.
"Something is coming. It's the change I predicted. And It's coming fast." I hate change. I sighed, and left Chandler's room. "Wait, Echoe." I turned around. "I know this is going to be difficult to handle. "But, just know that whatever happens, whatever you decide...Cass and I will be backing you up 100%," I walked away without a reply to give.

What to do now. I argued with myself. Am I going to the little party Seth reffered to or am I not. I was scared. Scared of change. Am I going to see the wolf that almost attacked me? I didn't wanna know which one it was. I didn't wanna know any wolves at all. Well, except for Seth. I'm forcing myself to go and that's that.

The Doorbell rang. Casa Marie ran to open it. I overheard the conversation. "Oh..uh..I don't think now is a good time."Casa Marie lowered her voice. "Sam told you to wait until tommorow night at the party."..."What do you mean Sam told you to wait and you will wait......Don't snap at me! I can take her away from you forever if you want...okay see you there."

Sorry the chapters are so short. Ill try to make them longer as the story progresses ;D
I love it!!

THANKYOU <333333333
i love it girl :)
this is awsome keep me updated
I really like it!


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