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Hey guys.[:
Just a little insight on my story, Its called a Life To Remember because it goes along the story line of A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks.
So that probably covers my next point on what this is about. Edward is basically a "Rebel" boy, and he gets caught in a bad situation. In his punishment, he meets Bella. Like every other story, they fall in love. But (heres the dramatic part) is it true love, are they really able to be together, what is to become of them. [:

So yea. I would really appreciate if you guys would read and tell me what you think.[:

(just chapter 1 for now, working on 2, so if i get enought love, I will post more!)

ch. 1- pg 1


Chapter 1

“Edward, bro, get over here!” Emmett called me over to the edge of the bridge. “Check this out.” He threw over his empty beer bottle and quickly picked up his gun and shot it. Crystals and shatters splintered into the air. The moonlight hit off of it and shadowed light reflections every which way.
“Emmett, stop it, your going to get us caught.” I said laughing.
“Oh lighten up, Eddy boy.” He handed me the gun and threw up a bottle. I aimed with perfection and sent the glass flying.
“Really guys? Can’t we just drink in peace?” Rosalie whined from where her fruity drink was spilling with every gun shot. Emmett sauntered over and draped his arm around her.
“Come on Rose, baby, lighten up. This is fun.” He said slurring his words.
She shrugged his arm off of her shoulder “Get off, your not getting anything while your drunk and you’ve got that nasty alcohol breath smell on your breath.”
Alice and Jasper sat beside those two, making out, of course. And Tanya sat beside them.
“Eddie, I’m lonely, and I’m cold. You don’t want that now, do you?” She leaned forward and pulled her top down a little.
“’Course I don’t.” I grinned back sheepishly, and walked over to embrace my girl.
I had her pressed hard against the wall, my tongue down her throat, my hands in her shirt with them moving south, when I heard the sirens. At fist they were distant, but I heard them gradually come closer until they were screeching in my ears.
My eyes popped open and I shoved Tanya away. “Shoot lets go!” Everybody else was two steps ahead, so I sprinted to get caught up down the steps of the bridge. But that stupid ledge was barley visible, my toe got hooked and I went sprawling across the ground. It hurt, bad. I hit my jaw and shoulder on the way down and I felt rocks be lodged into my hands. I must have hit my head, too, because my vision went slightly blurry. I stood to take off again, but I went dizzy and felt a vomit reflex. I held it back and took off again. It was to late. My so called friends had already jumped into the car and were taking off. The next thing I knew I was surrounded by police officers.
“Put your hands up.” I had no other options but to obey. My hands went up and I collapsed, maybe I did hit my head.

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Well this story is taking on of my favorite books and using my favorite charaters. I loved the first chapter! Can't wait for updates!

I really like it. It has potential plus i'm a sucker ofr a good romance when I see one.

One other thing, Go easy on the cursing cause They delete people id they see a fanfic with cussing & vulgarity.


I'm just giving you a heads up.


Really looking forward to the next update :]

edited it[:

haha and i hope it meets your standerds on the romance part. so thank you both[:

Good luck with writing the next chappy ! :]

oooo this was good but i dont like tanya..............


update!!!!!!! :D


Woah this is wicked like crazy like I never imagined this would happen I hope that you write more like soon ! We all want you too !


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