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 Why was I here? Why couldn't I leave? Oh, right. My legs were frozen stiff.

    "Trying to hide?" The taunting voice said evily.

    I took a deep breath and held it. I silently dug around for my pepper spray, my cell phone, and my air horn. I found all three and set my purse on the ground gently. I shoved my cell phone in my back pocket, held the air horn in my left hand with my finger on the button, and the pepper spray in my right hand.

    I sat down in a dark corner in the alley and hugged my knees to my chest. I hated every choice that I'd made now. I'd left home, leaving my family that loved me, I'd taken all of my money, I'd done everything that I'd sworn to myself that I'd never do.

    I silently let out the breath that I'd been holding for a full two minutes. I pulled my purse on my shoulder, stood up, and pulled in another breath. I walked to the opening of the alley and peeked around the corner. I was in the worst neighborhood of town. I started walking across the street, but someone pulled me back. I let out a huge scream, making some people turn their lights on and look out of their windows.

    "Let her go!" Someone ran down the street and pulled me away from the voice that I'd been running from.

    The new voice punched the guy in the nose, knocking him out cold. He picked up my purse and gestured for me to follow him.

    I'd never realized that my purse had fallen off of my shoulder. I just walked close behind him and reached for my purse back.

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I am looking for a cover for my story if anyone would like to make one for it!!

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"I'm not going to make you live with it either." I smiled. "Especially after that kiss." I giggled.
"Our first kiss." He put his hand on the side of my neck, pulling me up to kiss him again.
I put my finger on his lips to stop him. "My first kiss." I kissed him, my finger still on his lips.
"You've never kissed any of the guys that you've dated?" He asked in shock.
"No. And they never tried to make a move like they wanted to kiss me. So I figured, if they don't want to kiss me, then my lips will be saved for the guy who does want to kiss me." I smiled.
"Good for you." He kissed me again. "I think you should go, your dad's been waiting for a while." He let go of me.
"I'll see you tomorrow, Carson." I picked up my shoes, put my bag back on my shoulder, and pecked his lips.
I ran to my car and got in quickly. I melted like butter in the seat.
Seth just chuckled and drove away.
He drove in the garage. I walked in and shut the door. I leaned my back against it and slid down.
"What happened to you?!" Claire gasped. "You're dripping wet!"
"Don't scold her just yet, let her explain." Seth whispered in her ear, then pulled me up by my hands. "Explain before she starts yelling." He whispered to me.
"Carson kissed me." I giggled and bit my lip. "The most romantic, the longest, and best kiss anyone could ever have." I twirled in a circle.
"Half an hour, while I was sitting in the car, and they had already been kissing when I drove up. She looked like she was having fun, too." Seth chuckled.
"It was her first kiss." Claire hugged me.
"I think my heart exploded, the blood has NOT come back up from my feet, my nerves are tingling like they will until the day I die, and my stomach is still doing little flips." I giggled.
"Puppy love..." Claire laid her hands on my shoulders and hugged me again. "But this love struck puppy must change into something dry." Claire pushed me upstairs.
"This is my favorite outfit." I giggled like an id!ot and ran upstairs.
I changed into my really short gym shorts, and a tube top that revealed most of my stomach. I ran back downstairs and threw my clothes in the dryer. I went back upstairs to watch TV.
"Going to bed, the TV better be off by 1." Seth smiled.
"Thanks, Dad." I whispered.
"No, problem." He shut the door.

Half an hour later, there was a tap. Like something tapping glass. I walked to my window.
"Hey, Juliet, mind if I come up?" Carson dropped a bunch of pebbles and dusted his hands.
"Yeah. There's a ladder on the side of the house Romeo." I giggled and pointed towards the corner of the house.
He grabbed the ladder and laid it against the side of the house, next to my window, without making any noise. I stepped back while he climbed up. He came in, feet first, then shut the window and curtains.
"Hello, Beautiful." He wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Hiya, Handsome." I giggled. "And you're here, in my room, at 11:30, because?" I smiled.
"I couldn't blink without going back to our kiss, and I just couldn't wait until tomorrow." He chuckled and lifted my chin up.
I stood on my tiptoes and closed my eyes. His lips crushed mine, which I wasn't expecting. I was expecting his lips to softly curve to mine like they had earlier. I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling myself closer to him. Another thing I didn't expect, his tongue touched mine, and then hit bit my lower lip softly. His lips move to my neck, his teeth pinching my skin.
i absouletly love this story post more plz
I laid my hand on the back of his neck, pulling him closer.
"Carson, what are you doing?" I whispered.
"I'm trying to give you a love bite." He mumbled against my neck.
His breath was warm against my skin.My knees trembled. I pulled myself up and pressed my lips to his jaw, in front of his ear. He kept biting my neck, and when he finished, his lips moved directly under my jaw, kissing it fiercely.
"I believe that you have a love bite..." He moved his lips across my cheek, lightly touching my lips.I pushed his face back to my neck, my teeth grazing his ear.
He pulled my face back to his and our lips barely touched, small little kisses, over and over. He put one of his hands on my thigh and wrapped my legs around his waist. He sat on the edge of my bed and put his hands on my back, slowly sliding them up my shirt.
"Carson, stop." I unwrapped my legs and sat in the chair beside my bed.
"I'm not the type of guy to go that far, Hannah. I'm sorry." He knelt beside me and kissed my hand, sliding his lips up my arm, back to my lips.
"Carson..." I mumbled.
"Ten more minutes, and I'm going home, I swear." He muttered against my lips, his hands curving to the shape of my sides again.
His hands moved to my hips, one hand going into the only back pocket I had in my gym shorts.
"Okay, it's been ten minutes." I sighed.
His lips slowly moved from my skin and his hand slid from my back pocket. He smiled and pecked my lips.
"I'll see you tomorrow." He whispered and opened the window.
Suddenly, I didn't want him to leave. I wanted him to kiss me again, slow and passionate, like today in the rain. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him into another kiss. He was shocked, but he wrapped his arms tightly around my waist again, pulling me closer.
"See you tomorrow." He pulled away and refused to let me pull him back again.I turned my TV and light off. I was never going to get to sleep after that, but I still tried to.
"Wakey wakey..." Seth poked my shoulders.
"Morning." I sighed happily. When did I fall asleep?
"Get dressed. I think you have a boyfriend that wants to see you again." Seth chuckled and walked outside.
I grabbed some clothes out of my closet and quickly changed into them.
I walked downstairs and grabbed a granola bar. I got in my car and drove to school. I walked to my locker and grabbed my books for my first class.
"Heya, Juliet." Carson picked me up and spun me.
I dropped my books as soon as his arms had touched me. I giggled and kissed him.
"Morning, Romeo."
"Am I missing something?" Amber put her hand on her hip and stared at us.
Carson put me down. I bit my lip.
"Finally!" Amber sighed with relief. "I thought this would NEVER happen!" Amber ran over and hugged me.
"What?!" I laughed and hugged her back.
"And I echo her words. What?!" Carson laughed and hugged her.
"You're not mad?"
"Hell no! I'm relieved! I thought this day was never going to come! I just wish that I hadn't been sick yesterday, so I could've seen the kiss! And yes, I would've stayed."
omg lol they are like an awesome couple post more olz and thank u:)
"No comment." I shook my head and picked up my books.
"I just don't know what to say." Carson chuckled and grabbed his books out of his locker.
Amber opened the locker on the other side of mine.
"Check this out." I opened my locket and pointed to the picture of all of us.
"That was the middle of summer break! I loved that beach trip! It was so much fun!" Amber held my locket. "Very pretty locket."
"Claire gave it to me."
I smiled and showed the picture to Carson.
"Headlock!" Carson wrapped his arm around my neck.
"Carson!" I giggled and laid my hands on his arms.
"Hannah!" Carson kissed the back of my neck.
He let go and chuckled.
I held Carson's hand when we walked to classes.
Amber jumped on Carson's back on the way to Chemistry.
"Really?" We both laughed.
"Yes! I've missed Carson's piggyback rides." Amber giggled.
"Go ahead." I laughed again.
Carson started spinning in circles. They both were laughing so hard that it filled the halls. Carson set Amber down and they both started walking around like they were drunk.
I giggled and laid my hands on their shoulders. I pushed them down until they sat on the floor.
"Close your eyes and count to thirty. It helps."
im in love with this story post more soon:)
They closed their eyes and started counting. I giggled and ran to class. A few seconds later, Carson's finger lifted my chin up.
"Very, very sneaky." He said like he was pleased and leaned down to kiss me.
"Carson, would you like to share?" Kyle fist-bumped Kevin and laughed.
Carson jumped up and started walking over to Kyle, clenching his fists. I ran behind him and laid one hand on his shoulder.
"You let him get to you, he gets what he wants." I whispered.
"And a black eye." Carson muttered.
"Carson!" I grabbed his arm.
"Dude, it was just a joke!" Kyle jumped three feet backwards.
"Carson and Kyle." Mr. Simons stood in the doorway.
He pointed out the door, which meant to the principle's office.
"Were you part of it?" He glance at me and Kevin as they walked out.
"I was trying to stop Carson." I said quickly.
He looked at Kevin. Kevin shook his head back and forth quickly. We sat in our seats. I looked at my book blankly during the entire lesson.

I jumped out of my seat and quickly threw my books in my locker. I ran towards the principle's office and waited for Carson to walk out.
Anyone reading?
Yes i'm reading. I love it so much. Can't wait 4 more. Plez plez update soon *begging*
Carson came out and I looked at him.
"Kyle got what he deserved for trying to hit on you, but I'm suspended for 4 days because I was showing PDA." He sighed.
"Bad boy..." I murmured and laid my hand on his cheek. "I like it!" I giggled.
"Really?" He asked flirtily and put his hands on my sides.
"Hold on there, Bad Boy Romeo." I stepped back. "Bad Boy is hot, but Bad Girl is not."
He laughed. "I have to go home. Bring me my homework after school?"
"You don't get credit for it." I mumbled.
"Oh, yeah." He sighed. "I'll see you after school later." He kissed my forehead and left.
I sighed and grabbed my books for my next class.
"Where's Carson?" Amber sat across from me at the table.
"He got suspended for PDA." I sighed.
"I'm sorry."
"Don't be, it's totally hot!" I giggled.
"Bad Boy..." Amber laughed and started eating.
"Watcha gonna do?" I mumbled.We both laughed and kept eating.
"Hello, Hannah." Kyle stood behind me with his lunchtray in hand.
I turned around and laughed.
"Aww... Did Carson give you the blackeye?"
"Yes." He narrowed his eyes and then flinched them back open. "So, he's not gonna be here for a few days, why don't you and I---"
"Not gonna happen." I interrupted him and stood up. "I don't cheat on guys, Kyle. I'd suggest that you run away, but it's gonna be too much fun giving you another black eye."
By now the entire cafeteria was silent, watching what we were gonna do next.
"I'd run. She took karate for five years." Amber whispered towards Kyle.
I popped my fingers and neck. Kyle ran to his table, scared out of his skin. The entire cafeteria started laughing and I sat back down, high-fiving Amber.


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