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 Why was I here? Why couldn't I leave? Oh, right. My legs were frozen stiff.

    "Trying to hide?" The taunting voice said evily.

    I took a deep breath and held it. I silently dug around for my pepper spray, my cell phone, and my air horn. I found all three and set my purse on the ground gently. I shoved my cell phone in my back pocket, held the air horn in my left hand with my finger on the button, and the pepper spray in my right hand.

    I sat down in a dark corner in the alley and hugged my knees to my chest. I hated every choice that I'd made now. I'd left home, leaving my family that loved me, I'd taken all of my money, I'd done everything that I'd sworn to myself that I'd never do.

    I silently let out the breath that I'd been holding for a full two minutes. I pulled my purse on my shoulder, stood up, and pulled in another breath. I walked to the opening of the alley and peeked around the corner. I was in the worst neighborhood of town. I started walking across the street, but someone pulled me back. I let out a huge scream, making some people turn their lights on and look out of their windows.

    "Let her go!" Someone ran down the street and pulled me away from the voice that I'd been running from.

    The new voice punched the guy in the nose, knocking him out cold. He picked up my purse and gestured for me to follow him.

    I'd never realized that my purse had fallen off of my shoulder. I just walked close behind him and reached for my purse back.

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I am looking for a cover for my story if anyone would like to make one for it!!

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i luv this rite more plzplzplz
I woke up to the annoying beeping of my alarm clock. It was the middle of the summer, who set it? I pulled the batteries out and threw it at the wall. I crawled out of my bed and walked downstairs.
"Who set my alarm clock?!" I yelled.
"I guess she doesn't want to go..." Sam giggled.
"Go? Go where?" I put my hand on my hip. "Oh my God!" I ran back to my room.
I changed into my favorite ripped skinnys, a tight red v-neck t-shirt, my black converses, and my hair pulled in a wavy ponytail. I grabbed my suitcase and put my carry on bag on my shoulder. I ran downstairs and smiled.
"That didn't take you long." Seth, my dad, laughed once.
"No, it didn't." Claire, my mom, smiled.
"Did you brush your teeth?" Jason, my little brother, smiled evily.
"Did you?" I put my suitcase and carry on down. I walked over to the chair, him in my path. I poked his forehead with my finger and knocked him over and sat in the chair.
Sam, my little sister, threw one of her dolls at him.
Seth high-fived me.
We were waved through security quickly, and then got on the plane. I got a window seat next to Seth. I know it's a little wierd, but I relate better to Seth than anyone else in my family. No, I'm not a 'Daddy's Girl' I'm not a 'Momma's Girl' either. I'm my own girl and always have been. We landed fours hours after we took off.
"Hey, we're here..." Seth shook Sam's shoulders.
She just moaned and turned over.
"She was asleep durning the turbulance?" I laughed.
"Surprisingly." June sighed and unbuckled her;s and Jason's seatbelts.
We got off the plane and went to luggage claim. We got our luggage and then called a cab. We went to the hotel and I flopped on the bed. Stupid jet lag. I fell asleep right there.
I'm back!!!!!!
omg i love it!! post more soon!!!!!
I woke up under the covers, my shoes off of my feet. I stretched and sat up, getting a head rush.
"Morning Sleeping Beauty." Claire giggled.
"Thanks, Mom." I smiled and stood up.
"You're welcome." She smiled and tossed me a Gatorade.
"Thanks again." I opened it and drank a little.
"Jet lag?"
"Yup." I rubbed my neck. "Gosh, the turbulance was horrible." I started stretching the muscles in my neck.
"Would you like me to rub it?"
"Please!" I walked over to her and sat on the floor in front of her.
She rubbed my neck for a few minutes. Seth came in with Sam and Jason over his shoulders. He set them down on the bed and sat beside Claire.
"Good morning." He tapped my shoulder.
I rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out at him. He chuckled and changed the channel. How long had the TV been on? Nevermind. Claire stopped rubbing my neck and held Seth's hand. I pulled my laptop out of my suitcase and started surfing the internet.
"So, when do we go to Universal Studios?" I looked over at Claire and Seth.
"Tomorrow." Seth shoved a grape in Claire's mouth when she told me.
"Awesome. I brought my comfy tennis shoes." I smiled proudly.
"Good, because you're gonna need them. And I heard about some really scary rollercoaster, I think it's movie themed. Revenge of the Mummy...? I think that's it." Claire shrugged.
"Oh, I heard about that!" I sat on my knees. "It like jerks you around in pitch black dark, and there's fire on the walls every other turn. Megan rode that on her last vacation. She said it was like paying to get whiplash." I turned back to my computer.
"We are not riding that." Claire's jaw droppd when I told her.
"You might not be, but I am." Seth chuckled.
"Me too. I'm up for anything." I smiled evily.
"Fine. But you're paying for a chiropracter." Claire ended the discussion.
I high-fived Seth with a smile.
"We have to do every ride there! I mean, we're here for two weeks, so why not? This is gonna be awesome!" I squeaked.
"Yeah, it is! And we will ride every ride there is to ride. From kiddy rides, to Rip Ride Rocket." He smiled evily and shook my hand on it.
"Awesome!" I hugged him.
"It'll be just you and me, kid. No one else but us." He smiled and hugged me back.
I held back a sigh. I hated it when he called me kid. And he ALWAYS called me that! I'm 17, almost 18, and he still calls me kid!
I just put on a smile and kissed his cheek. I went back to my computer and continued to surf the Internet.

The day continued. We ate seafood, went shopping for about an hour (hugemall!), and then we went to City Walk. The boardwalk like place that you have to go through before you get to the parks at Universal. City Walk looked gorgeous at night! I couldn't believe that we actually were walking through it when I saw all of the lights. Seattle never looked like this at night.
"Hey, Hannah, you wanna get some pictures of how this place looks?" Seth handed me my digital camera.
"Why did you ask? You know to just hand me my camera!" I giggled and wrapped the strap around my wrist.
We went to the second floor of the food court and stood on the walk way above everyone else. I got a few pictures, and saw a Starbucks. Seth gave me a twenty and told me to get him a cup. I ran in and got us both our favorites. I walked back out and handed him his cup.
"Thanks." He smiled.
I put the change in my back pocket, and started drinking mine.
We walked around for another hour. There was band singing Sweet Home Alabama that sounded EXACTLY like Alabama.
"I can't wait to go to the parks if City Wal is this awesome!" I giggled.
"Me either." Seth put his arm over my shoulders.
"This place is awesome!" Jason laughed.
"Too loud!" Sam covered her ears.
I slapped my hands over hers to help.
"Thank you." She looked up and smiled at me.
I smiled back and we started walking back towards the hotel.
We laid the twins on a cot, and I got my own bed. I changed into my pajamas and crawled under the covers. I turned the lamp off and fell asleep.

I woke to the smell of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I got up and slipped my feet in my house shoes. I brushed through my hair and pulled it in a pony tail. I sat at the small table and waited for my plate. Seth laid a plate in front of me, and I started eating.
"Thanks." I smiled.
"No problem." He smiled back and laid out the rest of the plates. "Breakfast!" He yelled and sat across from me.
"Pancakes!" Sam jumped up and sat beside me.
Claire sat on the other side of me and started eating. We ate for an hour, then got ready to go to the parks. I put on cut off denim shorts, a white tube top, my comfy black converses, and my over-the-shoulder purse.
"Ready to go?" I smiled.
"Yup." Claire opened the door.
We walked downstairs and got a cab. Claire took the twins, and Seth and I walked around, going on every ride we saw. Not just rides, every thing that there was to see.
"This is fun." Seth smiled when we were eating at the diner themed restraunt.
"It is fun." I smiled back and crossed my eyes to make him laugh.
He chuckled and stuck his tongue out at me.
We went to the Men in Black ride. That was tons of fun! We had to shoot aliens, and I got the highest score.
"Mine was higher." Seth put me in the headlock.
"Was not!" I bit his hand.
"Hey!" he rubbed his hand.
"You shouldn't have put me in a headlock." I smiled and walked out.
"All you had to say was: 'Let go!' " He chuckled and put his arm over my shoulder.
I saw this really tall, tan guy with black shaggy hair, and dark brown eyes looking at me. The most adorable little girl was on his back. She was pale, bronze hair that hung to her waist, chocolate brown eyes, and a splash of color on her cheeks. She was looking at me too.
"Hey." He nodded and smiled.
"Hi." I smiled back and kept walking with Seth.
Is anyone reading this?
I love your story. Please post some more.


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