The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1
Nessie POV
I sat in English class staring out the window, waiting for school to end. I turned to look at the clock in the back of the room. 1 minute.
“Ugh” I groaned under my breath
I turned to look at the clock again. 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1… and the bell sounded.
I grabbed my books and went got to my locker as soon as I could. I spun the lock.
31-00-09 I thought. I got it on the first try. I grabbed my shoulder bag, shoved my math textbook into it, and walked quickly out the door. I was really eager to get home. Jacob and me had a hunting trip planned. Jacob Black was my best friend. He had been there with me throughout my whole life and I couldn’t live without him. I was walking down the sidewalk and took the turn that lead to my dead end house. I scanned the big white house, hearing voices inside. I heard my over-protective dad, Edward Cullen, my really amazing Mom, Bella Cullen, my grandpa and grandma, Carlisle and Esme Cullen and Jacob. Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett were hunting. I smiled and walked in the door.
“Hey everyone,” I said as I walked in the door.
There was a chorus of “Hello”s and “Hi”s. They were wall smiling at me, and, as usual, all conversation stopped. As my dad would say “It’s not important” or “It’s nothing”. Whatever.
I heard my dad cough in my direction. Crap, he had heard me. Jeez, his ability really sucks for me sometimes, considering my mind wanders.
Sorry Dad I thought
I turned to a smiling Jacob “You ready to go, Jacob?”
“Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go!” he responded still smiling

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Nessie POV
“Au-Aunt Rose…” I moaned.
“What is it, hon?”
“Look!” I yelled, pointing out the window.
“Oh crap” she muttered under her breath “Ness, stay here, I have to go out there and help.”
What? I want to fight too! “No, Aunt Rose, I want to go”
“You know you father would never allow it,” she said sternly.
“Please” I begged.
She sighed. “Okay”
We ran outside and I stood between my mom and dad. I wanted to stand beside Jacob, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to be out here, so my dad would defiantly not allow me to stand with Jacob.
“What are you doing out here?!” my dad hissed.
“Helping our family,” I hissed right back.
“Ah, Renesmee, so glad you could join us. We were just telling your family how much we would like it if you joined us,” Aro, the leader of the Volturi started, “Interested?”
“Never” I snarled.
“Well, after your family is gone, with the exception of your mother, father and Alice, I think you’ll reconsider.”
I heard Jacob, and a few other wolves, growl behind us. I turned my head to see my whole family holding hand with their other half. How I wish I could be holding hands with Jacob right now.
I heard Jasper speak up “Why are you here? We’ve done nothing wrong.”
“I’d like to say we are just here to check up on your family, but that would be a lie, right, Edward?” he asked my dad directly, “Why don’t you tell them?”
He turned to face us “They’re here to get the four powers they want; Mine, Alice’s, Bella’s and Nessie’s although they aren’t so interested in her power, they want her more because she is half-human, half-vampire.”
“So, do any of you accept?” Aro asked us.
“No,” we all replied in unison.
“So be it,” he said and the guard lunged for us.

((Sorry it's a short one, but I'm really busy and have a slight case of writer's block))
i lov it and want more!!!!!!!!
soo coool! can u email me when u update? thnx
OMG what a horrible place to stop...LOL... I hope you have more up soon :D
You wrote THAT with a case of "writers block"? More power to you! This is good so far and hope you can keep writing.
I love it, I love it. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Please keep writing.
don't worry.. I'll wait!
You are doing a great job. Hey e-mail me when you post the next chapter
omj!!!!!!! this iz so osum! plz, (wenever u kan, no need 2 b pushie. lol) write moor SOON!!!!
add me plz. :)
none yet?
still waiting!
omg this is rlly good!


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