The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Bella being half human and she has a power to read minds and use powers from humans and vampires around her. Alice knows her secret and she knows theirs but Edward doesn't know it...will they end up together with Alice's help or will he want to keep her safe and leave?

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That... Chapter 1

Forks. The place I was headed. I thought i would never resort to some place so small and innocent. I loved the city lights the warm air and the soft sand against my skin. I didn't think I could do it. Send myself to this could wet place. I mean I was cold too but that doesn't change anything. I threw all four of my huge suitcases in the trunk of the truck bed. I have a 2009 chevy truck. Not the most expected thing for a girl my age to drive or even like but it was god for off roads and camping. I was, yes, half vampire. No one would ever notice though. Sure I was pale all the time and my skin temperature was two degrees lower. But that doesn't mean you would notcie...right? I have been half vampire since 1919. I am 17 forever which is why I loved the metro station song and laughed at it all the time. I had almost full vampire strength and I did have full vampire speeds. I don't know it seems like I was more like 3/4 vampire if you asked me. I have the same sight hearing and soft stepping on the ground. The one and only thing I lacked in the full department was the not tripping and falling section and the full strength. I fell quite often but I could catch myself instantly. I do have a power...well it's pretty random...I can take any power i want from a vampire or a human. Ocourse the humans don't know about it. The vampires still have their powers but I can also use them as I wish so they don't know I have their power until shown.


I landed in the Seattle airways and quickly made my way to my new car that should be parked out front. The strange thing is if i look at a person i can read what they are thinking. If I'm not looking or thinking about using the power I don't hear anything. It's easy to control and sometimes I forget that I have the ability to do so. I got out to my Camaro and shoved all of my luggage in it. I drove all the way to my new luxurious house. It was pretty secluded. And practically a mansion, one of the best houses out here I'm sure. I am very rich, considering I've had almost 100 years to make some money! I have a fashion line which is why I'm wracking up thousands daily. Since I look seventeen I'm starting High school tomorrow as a Junior. I haven't really minded being alone all of the time. For one I talk to my friends and coworkers from my fashion line and the models that wear my clothes. I'm in no way famous though barely anyone knows my name but my coworkers. My line is called "Love to Live" I had made it up on the spot so it's not great but I like it. I went to sleep that night just pondering about the school, thinking about how i would interact around the full humans.


I woke up to the song brighter by Paramore blasting from my iHome. I groggily got up and turned it off and headed to the bathroom to dress myself in clothes made by myself. I ran down and ate a bagel one of the human foods i still enjoyed and ran out the door. I was thrilled to be going to this school but not thrilled to walk out to see snow. I grumbled my way to the car until i slipped and caught myself instantly with the handle of the car door which was thankfully still locked. I sighed and got in driving to the school. Once I got there i noticed that all of the cars were pretty oldfashioned. I liked it but I was driving a Camaro and the only other cars I saw close to mine were a Porsche and a Volvo. I loved the porsche wonder whose it is...I walked into the school, I had had my schedule sent to me earlier so I didnt have to go to the office. I saw men staring at me and girls looking confused at me. Yes I had the luck of getting good looks with my vampirism so people stared all the time. It was normal. Other than the fact that I didn't like their thoughts. Some left me stunned though. They kept comparing me to some people called the Cullens and thought i was a new addition. Hmmm...

I walked into class and sat down by myself hoping it would stay that way. Others filed in still staring. The boys minds were horrible. I had never been attracted to any boys that i had seen. Even vampires with their strange beauty that left me stunned when I was human. Now i could handle vampires and they didn't affect me at all. Then a boy sat next to me. He was a vampire. I could tell immediatley. But, he was different. Something about him just drew me in. He looked at me smiling with his wide gold eyes. He didn't know I was half vampire though. I tried reading his mind and all i heard was a ton of blabbering in every tone. I held my head in pain and quickly looked away to make it stop. All I had heard was that he is Edward Cullen. Ahhh that's why they thaught I was a new addition to their family, I look like them. He had noticed my weird reaction apparently he was a mind reader and that's what I had heard. He could not figure out what I was.

"Umm...Hello." I mumbled as he kept staring at me.
"Hello I'm Edward Cullen...and you are...?" He asked with his hand out. I slowly reached out and grabbed it as a sudden shock ran through my hand. I havent talked let alone touched a vampire in a long time that must be it!
"I'm Bella Swan." I said looking kind of bored. He seemed confused by this like I should have fallen in love with him by now. HAH! with what? His vampire looks? PA-LEASE! I have them too i betcha he would fall for me before I fell for him!
"Welcome to Forks Bella...So where did you live before?" He asked looking at the front of the class.
"I just moved from old are you?" I asked an odd question but you know it just sorta popped in my head! I wish i knew how old he REALLY was! He was so not a newborn...
He laughed like I was missing the joke. "I'm seventeen and you?" He smiled at me with his straight teeth. I smiled back with mine. "Me too." I laughed under my breath but he caught it. Stupid vampire! He "coughed" and said "Almost 100" so that no humans could hear. My eyes got big and i looked forward. My heart started beating faster. He was probably the same age as me literally! I gasped and my eyes went somewhere other than the classroom. Someone had the power to see the future in here. I saw Edward walking towards...ME?! He wrapped his arms around me and whispered something in my ear. Someone already knew i was coming and had just seen that. I looked wide eyed at Edward and he looked really confused. I shook my head and the bell rang and I left almost too fast for humans. I went to lunch after the next few classes. My heart had been going a little too fast all day just replaying the scene over and over again. I couldn't stand it but i loved it too. I walked into the lunch room and grabbed an apple and sat down staring at nohing at a table. This was one of those days i just wanted to be by myself or talk to someone I acctually knew. I tried not to make relationships with humans because once they died i just couldn't handle it. A boy walked up and sat down in front of me.

"Can I help you?" I asked sweetly. He stared for a minute and i read his mind he thought i was gorgeous beautiful hot blah blah blah...oh here we go! He wanted to show me around. NOPE! never nada.

"Ummm yea i wanted to know to go around town with me?" He said pausing between words like he was remembering. I smiled sweetly at him.

"No thank you I have another friend that will show me around town already." I smiled and he shook his head again as he walked back to his friends almost falling down. I sighed and layed my head on the table. I heard someone silently sit down at the table. I looked up to see a vampire girl.

I caught my breath and let it out slowly. "Hello Bella listen..." She leaned in and whispered so fast and quietly that only i could hear no matter what vampires were here. "I know you know what I am and i know what you are. I see the future and I saw you and Edward together. No one else knows but me. Okay so I just wanted to know if you wanted a friend?" She said and when she finished I grinned at her.

"Well that was alot easier then waiting a few months or years until someone figured it out!" I hugged her and she hugged me back giggling. She stiffened and i leaned back.

"By the way I'm Alice and Edward is a mind reader but he can't read your mind. I have to control my thoughts so that he doesn't figure out what you are." She whispered thinking hard about something.

"Oh don't worry about that i have a mind shield he can't read your thoughts now." I giggled and she sighed. Edward walked over to us glaring at Alice probably because he couldn't read her mind. We looked at each other and laughed.

"Hello again Bella, and Alice? What are you doing over here?" He asked looking at her like he was saying 'get lost' with his eyes. I giggled and looked over to a boy who was about to trip. I looked for the power i needed and sure enough someone in the cafeteria had the power to move things with their minds. I concentrated really hard and probably looked like i was going to scream as i stopped him for tripping. Alice and Edward were staring at me as i sighed and opened my eyes again.

"Umm yea Alice that was the thing i was telling you about! You know the THING!" I said to her so maybe she'd catch on that i was using my power.

"OH! oh yea the thing yea well I'll go and get you some asprin for the thing you were talking about!" She said and scurried off in the opposite direction. I shook my head and looked at Edward. 'that was so strange! she is so strange! I have to know more about her...I've never thought like this towards another human before.' He was thinking. I shook my head and looked over to see Alice walk in with another vampire and then another couple of vampires by them. Rosalie looked at me glaring while Emmett looked at Edward like he had some secret joke and Jasper looked in pain and very confused towards Edward. I knew all of their names from in their minds. 'Edward is so gonna fall for this chick Bella! She looks so much like us but she's human! HAH!' Emmett was thinking. I turned back to Alice and waved my hand for her to come over. She was there in an instant.

"Hey Alice can I talk to you for a minute in private?" I asked quietly as we walked outside. She nodded her head and we walked out to the forest and i started running at vampire speed. She kept up with me and we stopped when we knew no one would hear us.

"Okay so I saw this vision earlier im sure i got it from you and it was Edward he wrapped his arms around me and whispered something in my ear but i dont know what! And i don't know if he knew about me...." I kept blabbing on and on until she finally put her hand over my mouth.

"Okay so here's the deal. I'm going to dress you up everyday so you look awesome not that you don't right now but you know heels can do wonders along with make up. And then I will get Edward to hopefully start falling for you which I'm pretty sure he already is but he needs some pointers because well he's never been in a relationship! And for being 17 for almost 100 years im sorry but wow!" My eyes got huge. He was 17 for almost 100 years?! That was my age too!

"Okay yea i agree with that stuff but i tell when i want!" I said while pointing a finger at her. She nodded and we ran back to school together. Right at the door to the cafeteria stood Edward looking around confused. We walked out laughing and his head snapped over to us.

"Hey you guys we have been waiting forever! Class is going to start! Hey Bella what class do you have now?" I thought about it and then remembered that I had P.E.

"I have P.E. what do you have?" He smiled and Alice walked away. I read her mind. 'So falling for you' she said I looked at her and she smiled at me. I rolled my eyes at her and she giggled as she jogged to class.

"I have P.E. too. We better go." He said while grabbing my hand and heading towards the gym. His hand felt amazing connected with mine. When we got there Edward towed me up to the teacher who gave me my uniform and pointed to the locker room after handing me a lock and combo to a locker. I went to a stall in the bathroom and changed in vampire speed so it took about ten seconds before i was back out. Edward was walking through the door the same time i was. I acted like i didnt notice. The coach put us into pairs to throw a basketball back and forth to each other for some strange reason. Anyways i was with Edward, well ladi freakin da! He grabbed a basketball and threw it at me pretty fast thinking i wouldn't catch it. I caught it with one hand on my right side and twirled it on my finger. I threw it back really hard and he caught it too looking at me like i was from another world. "So what did you and Alice talk about?" He asked staring at me trying to figure something out.

"Hmmm now if i told you then you would probably have "heart attack" i used quotes around the words heart attack knowing that he couldn't have one. He looked at me so strangley like i knew too much.

"Oh well what if i wanted to know? And i didn't need to worry about a heart attack?" He asked still staring straight at me no matter how hard i threw the ball.

I whispered so only he would hear with his vampire hearing. "What if i said i already knew you don't need to worry about having a heart attack...or getting hit by a car or dying...or breathing or eating?" He stopped right where he was staring at me. I smirked and pulled him outside to the track telling the teacher i think he had the wind knocked out of him when i threw the ball and it hit him in the stomach.

"How do you already know?" He asked almost whispering.

"Just trust me that you will find day." I said while we kept walking. I slipped on some ice and he caught me by the waist and was a little unwilling to let me go. The bell rang and we walked back to the gym.

"Alice is coming over tonight you can come too if you feel like it." I said shrugging. He nodded watching every step i took untilhe couldnt see me anymore. I change quickly and walked out to the porsche i now knew as Alice's. Alice walked up to me.

"He knows i know about you guys now but he doesn't know anything about me." I told her she nodded and said see ya tonight as we got in our cars. I saw Edward get in the volvo staring wide eyeed at my camaro. I sat in the car and waved at him through the window as i sped over 200 down the street. They were both right behind me so i sped up to 300. When i got to my house they kept going for about ten seconds then turned abruptly to a opened area i hadn't seen before. Alice ran up to me after that right as i got out of my car. Edward was over after her.

"Cheater!" He grumbled at her. We went inside and hung out in the game room as me and Edward kept playing air hockey until i accidently broke my handle. Well that wasn't very human of me! I'm suprised he hasn't figured it out yet!

"Whatever i still win!" I said as i threw away the broken thing. He laughed and we walked to my room and i heard alice tearing up my closet. I ran at human speed there and flung open the door. "ALICE! what are you doing?! Those are mine!" I yelled at her and she flited to the door of the closet.

"Yes i know i just wanted to know how you got some of these i didnt know you had 'love to live'!" She said crossing her arms. I then looked at Edwards shirt and blushed. I had designed it.

"Yea um Alice do you know WHY i have so much money?" She shook her head. "Because love to live is my fashion line." She stared at me before she started screaming.

"YOU DESIGNED THIS OUTFIT?! AND EDWARDS?!" She screamed i nodded at her trying to back away slowly but i ran into Edward. "AHH I LOVE YOU!" She screamed as she hugged me too tight for a human but it was okay for me since i wasn't one.

"Alice your probably hurting her!" Edward yelled as he grabbed me out of her arms.

"No i wasn't! She is fine!" She said as she pointed to me rolling my eyes at her. I noticed i was still in Edwards arms but i was so okay with it that i didnt move even when Alice went back into my closet.

"Bella? Are you...okay?" Edward asked as he turned me around to look at him.

"Hmm? Oh yea I'm fine! I just...wait what were we talking about? Ehh nevermind I'm going to watch Land of the Lost! so if you people wanna watch you better hurry up to the theater room!" I yelled as i ran over to it (human speed) and got out the movie. Edward peeked in and then sat down next to me in the theater seats as the movie started. I started to get really tired and i yawned as i accidently leaned over onto Edward. I kind of thought it was a pillow for a second but then the pillow put his arm around me and the rest i don't remember. The next thing i knew i was in my bed in pajamas. It was 2 am as i sank back down to the pillow. I had my eyes closed but i heard my door opened and I smelt Edward's sent. It smelt so good. I pretended i was asleep. He layed down next to me and put his arm around me. I rolled over so i was facing him and snapped my eyes open. "Edward what are you doing here?" He looked at me shocked.

"Umm I was just checking on you." He said almost as a question.

"Hmm.." I looked down at his arm around my waist and him lying on my bed. " okay "checking" it is then." I grinned at his embarrassed face as he moved his arm. He was about to leave when i grabbed his arm. "Please? Stay. You don't have to go." I said as he sat back down on the bed. I closed my eyes and started getting tired he probably thought i was asleep again. He wrapped his arm around me and layed down by me again. I smiled in my sleep as i put my head in his chest. That is right where i should be.

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