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a live for the night by renee ... this is pg-13 and please read this and let me know what you think

this is after they have renesmee

Bella POV:

I am very happy with my life. I have Edward, Renesmee and the rest of my family. I always see my little girl reading books and playing with Jake (Jake comes over all the time to see her). Jake and Edward talk a lot and do what is best for Renesmee and me, Rose is also there all the time when I need her to talk and all the others are there too. It was getting later one night I had looked at Edward and told him that we need to go home because it was past Renesmee’s bed time.
We all said good night and
we were walking out the door when Alice came up to me and said, “Do not do anything to night with Edward because it is the night of a full moon. Anything can happen on a full moon.”
I told her that we were fine. We went t on home and Renesmee went to bed. As soon as we got home Edward and I went to are room for the night to have are time to be with other and later we would make love all night ... but it was on my mind about what Alice said to me. I looked at Edward.

“What did Alice mean about don’t do anything to night with you?” I asked.

Edward just looked at me like he all ways did. It felt like an hour and then he turned to me and said, “some things could happen because you had a heat beat at one time.”
“So why does it only happen to me?”I asked.

“Because you are still a newborn vampire and this only happens when you are a new born. Your heart starts beating for the night and makes you a human again. That would lead to another Renesmee on our hands,” he grinned.
“Renesmee is a hand full now. Just think about another little one in are family? But I would love to have one more baby with you,” I told him.
He sat there for another moment of time that felt like an hour and then finally said, “there is your heart beats. Now your heart to is beating again. Can we please try one more time? Like you said what Bella wants Bella gets,” he said.
I was smiling at him. I started kissing him and he pushed me away like before. “Damn it bella why do you want this?” he asked.
“Because I want to have one more baby with you . It will soon be too late and then we won’t be able to have any children of our own. We will have to adopt like Carlisle and Esme. Don’t get me wrong I would love that too. But one more is not too much to ask for right?” I asked him with hope in my eyes.

As I looked up at him the only thing I was thinking was that I wanted to mother one more child that came from Edward and I. Edward did not say anything and it was getting later and later. Then his phone rang and he picked it up. It was Alice saying if it does not happen now that there will be another new moon in three weeks and it would happen then so it was up to him. Edward yelled at her and ended the call.
He looked at me and said, “If you want one more then you get one more.”
I looked at him and said, “I love you,”
“I love you too,” he said.
We made love all night. The morning came and my heart stopped beating again. I got up to get Renesmee out of bed and we went to the house to see everyone. I took Renesmee to my dad’s house for the day. I was on my way home when I got really sick really fast. The next thing I knew I was in the passenger seat with Edward driving the car home. The car I did not need but he said that he wanted to get it for me and I was not going to make a yelling match out of it. So I just let him do what he wanted to do. When we got home I went into the house where my family was waiting. It is a good thing that Carlisle is a doctor. He said that I was pregnant and that there was another one on the way. I was really happy about it but this time was a lot more like a 9 month term. Carlisle looked at Edward and asked him if there was anything about the baby that he could not put his mind on.
“Yes,” Edward said. “We went to sleep for two hours after we made love but it felt like 8 hours. Right Bella?”

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becuase i think your heart started too? but i know that is just like with renesmee and i know something was not right and i could not think of it. i looked at the time and i said i had to get renesmee from my dad and edward looked at me and said are you ok to drive i said yes. if i need you i will let alice know ok.. ok love i will see you soon.. i left from my house to go to my dads to get my baby girl
i was thinking the hole time there try to find a way to tell me dad what is happing but i know i could not tell him the hole thing so i just wait to talk to edward about this. i got to my dad's and renesmee ran up to me and asked me if i was ok. i said yes and told her that we had to get home right away because me and daddy were talking about thing. that we all need to talk and i looked at my dad and said thank you. he looked at me and said it was nothing haveing a day with my grand baby was a great day. i told him that i would call him for the next she was comeing over she was there one or two days a week. my mom still did not know about her and i was trying to find a way to tell her. about edward and i haveing a child but when i talked to her on the phone i would not say nothing.. renee said she waited to come see me and edward for a week and i told her right now is not good for edward and i so she left it at that.. renesmee and i got in the car and went home we got to the house. edward was out said waiting for us he got to the car befor i had it stop and pulling renesmee out and holding her telling her that he missed her. edward looked at her and asked her if there was any thing new about her mommy? she looked at me for a little and said yes. we all three went in to the house and she saw every one looking at her. we sat her down and told her that is will not be love less and that she was going to be a big sister. that she was getting a new baby brother or sister. she just sit there looking at us. she looked at me and then looked at edward. she said dont you love me no more is that why you are haveing aother baby? edward looked at me and so did every one else and i picked her up and said not at all renesmee we love you as much as we did when i had you. but daddy and i are just wenting you to have a little brother or sister. that we still love her and i did not went her to talking or thinking like at all. i looked at her and asked her if was would like to go hunting befor bed time and she said yes and we were off and edward said that he would stay and to talk carlisle and i said that is fine on are way out the door. i loved being with my renesmee and see her have funing. i looked at the time and said it is time to go that she need to go and say good night and get a bath and go to bed.. so we went back to the big house were are family lived and edward was waiting for us and she walked around saying godnight to every one and then she got back to me and said that she was ready to go home. edward and i said are good night's and to see every one in the morning. we went home and renesmee got a bath and go ready for bed and she looked at me and said that aunt alice got a new book and that she would love to read it and she went and got it and the book said twilight on it i was happy about this book so i started to reading it i got to the three page and she was out.edward and i went to are room like every night for are time and want for morning to come....

sorry all i have to go to sleep i will do more later have fun
Renesmee POV:

The sun got me up the next morning. I just sat there thinking about what was going on. What it meant that I was going to be a big sister. I didn't know if I should be happy about it or not. I was very confused about my mother being pregnant. Since they are having another child I am worrying that I may not be what they want. I know my mother told me that she does not want me to talk or think like that. I just don’t know what to think anymore. Then I heard my mother coming to my door is see if I was up because by now I should be ready to go to see everyone at the house and to see Jake to play and have fun but I was not ready. I really did not want to get out of bed at all. I told my mother that she could come in and when she walked in she looked like she was five months pregnant. I just looked at her and I must have looked scared because she looked at me and asked if I was ok. I told my mother that
was not feeling good today and would like to stay in bed and she said that she should call Carlisle and have him come over to see what was wrong. By that time my father, Edward was in the room and talking to my mother asking what was wrong and why I was still in bed. I could tell that he just got back from a morning hunt. He walked over to me.

“Renesmee what hurts? Why don’t you feel well?” He asked.
I looked at my father. I could tell that he was scared. The next thing I saw was my father on the cell phone with grandpa Carlisle. He was talking really fast and I heard him say yes and no to questions. I did not know what Carlisle was asking my father. My father looked at me more scared and more worried about what was wrong. I know I should have just said that I just wanted to be by myself today, that was all, but I let it go and let everyone think I was sick. The next thing I knew Carlisle and Alice where coming in to my room. Alice looked at me then to my mother and father. Carlisle came over to my bed and checked me out and then he said that I was just sick and I asked if I could talk to Aunt Alice alone for a little while. My mother said yes and they all left us in my room.
Aunt Alice looked at me and said, “Now do you want to tell me why you do not want to get out of bed today?”
I told her what I was thinking about and what was going on in my head. Aunt Alice looked at me.
“You know your mother and father are my brother and sister in law. They love you very much and would die for you if they had to Renesmee. You are very dear to them. They love you more than this world and you know that you are always going to be there world but your mother just wants one more child. Bella, your mother can't have any more after she has this one and she is very happy with what her and your father have done just to give you a brother or sister so that you have someone else with you. That is all I have to say,” she told me. I still did not like that fact of them having another child. I said thank you to Aunt Alice for coming over to see me and talk to me about this. By the time we were done talking I was ready to go hunt and then come home. Now I did not want to go anywhere but to hunt and come home. I went out and asked my mother if we could go hunt and we left and went for a hunt. When we were on the hunt I was thinking a lot about what Aunt Alice had said to me and I still didn't like the fact that I was getting a brother or sister. So I was just hunting with my mom and I did not talk on the hunt. She asked me if I was done. I said yes and we went home. I was in my room for the rest of the day. I just sat there and I was reading twilight all day. I fell in love with the book...
hey i will post more soon i am writeing emward pov and then amanda or i will post it after she is done rewriteing and fix thing that she need to do with it thank you very much
Edward POV

I have it great! I have a loving wife and a great little girl. I love them every much. They both are my world.

One night Bella looked at me and asked if we could have one more child like Renesmee. I asked her why she wanted one and she said it was because she really wanted to have one more baby with me. I just looked at her for a little while and it must have felt like a hour to her because she looked at me and said this " it is getting later and later" and I said " what Bella went Bella gets". But she was right. I had said that before and what Bella wants Bella gets. I was so mad when she said that to me. Just then my cell phone started ringing and it was Alice calling me. I picked it up and said, “ hey Alice what do you need?”
She started to tell me what she saw.
“If it does not happen now there is a new moon coming back in three weeks and it will happen then" I yelled at Alice.
Then I ended the call. I was thinking, "Why does this happen to me? I have all I want out of my life, my family and my wife and my child, why would I want another little baby like Renesmee? Yes she is my life but she is a hand full now and just how would she act if we had a new baby?”OK I can’t think like that. Bella looked at me and started talking to me, "this is what I want. This is what we need and I can’t live without you in my life" she said.
“Love, I am right here. I am not going anywhere", I told her.
"Can you please just do this for Renesmee? She would love to a have a new baby that she can play with and have someone to go to school with. You know what I mean. Then she would not be all by herself. Just think of are little girl,” she said.
I just looked at her. She played that card to my heart and no one would like her going though school all by herself so I gave up with trying to fight my way out of it and we made love.
After we were done I looked at her and said, “I love you.”
Somehow, some way I went to sleep. I was out for two hours but it felt like I was a sleep for eight hours and I did not think about it. When we woke up I looked at her and said, “I love you.”
I needed to go on a morning hunt before Renesmee got up but Bella said she was fine and I went out. When I got back I found my little girl still in bed. I was asking Bella what was wrong with her and all she could say was Renesmee told her that she wanted to stay in bed because she is sick. I went over to her and said, “Renesmee what’s wrong? Why are you still in bed? What hurts baby girl?"
i will post more soon ok thank you for reading i am happy that someone like my story
edward pov part two.

all renesmee just look at me. i picked up my cell phone and called carlisle. " carlisle can you come over i think renesmee is sick. can you come over and look her over?" " edward what dose she look like dose she look sick or is she just still up set about what is going on with her mother." "carlisle i dont know can you please just come over and look at her?" " edward i can come over and see what is going on. alice is comeing with me. we will be there soon." after i got off the phone with carlisle i looked at bella and asked her if she had looked at her self or not. bella looked at me and said no becuase she come in to see why renesmee was not out of bed yet. "bella i think you really should go look at your self." " fine i will go and look at my self i will be back in two mins ok." i said that is fine love and bella walked out of the room. by that time carlisle and alice had got there. carlisle look at bella nad said " wow bella you look like you are five mouth pregnant." bella looked mad " what do you mean i look five mouth pregnant?" " edward is this why you went me to go look at my self?" i looked at her and said yes love i did not went to get you mad and wented you to see for your self.bella looked at renesmee and asked her " renesmee do you think mommy looks like five mouth pregnant?"renesmee look at bella nad said yes mom you do. renesmee said " why do you think i looked scared when you walked in to my room?" bella walked out of the room she should to see for her self. than carlisle went to look over renesmee then he was done. he come over to me and we were talking when bella walked back in to the room and said. bella started yelling " why didnt you two tell me that i look like this?" renesmee look at bella. she ask her " did you llok like that when you were pregnant with me mommy?" i looked at bella n bella looked at me and then she looked a renesmee and said. " yes this is what i looked like when i was pregnant with you " after bella got done talking to renesmee looked at us she was scared out of her mind. renemsee " mom and dad can i please talked to aunt alice alone please. bella looked at me and we said yes. bella went for a hunt and i went to the tv to see what was on. two hour later. alice come out and said that we need to go get bella that the baby was hurting her and we were off. when we got back bella went to are room and went to sleep and renesmee went to aunt alice to the house and i stayed with bella for the rest of the night.
ok i will write more i have someone now t fix it so i will have more up soon thank you for reading have some of ou friend read it please and i have other one the i am writhe too i will email the other one to you ok
renesme pov

I dont know what is going on anymore around my house my dad is always with my mom and my mom is always in bed. Like when i went in to there room two days ago and asked dad to go hunting with me. He just looked at me and said cant you see i am with your mother right now. he has never said that to me before so i made up my mind and went to talk to my aunt alice. I told her not to say anything to mom and dad. That she was not to think of me, also. So that night i kept thinking about going to see jake in the morning. Aunt alice was my way out. i had her call my dad and ask if i could come stay the night. Like always he said yes, but this time i was not going there. I know right were i was going and that was to my grandfather's house so they see that i have ran away, aunt alice gave me her cell phone. "Call me whenever you want i dont care what time it is and when you want to come home just let me know and i will come get you." I said thank you and told everyone that i was going to hunt and i just left when i was out of hearing. I called my grandpa and said i was comeing over to stay for a little. I told him not to call mom or dad that i will tell him everything when i get there he said ok and i closed the phone. When i got there he asked if alice droped me off and i said yes that she had to get home but she sends her love. Now renesme would like you to tell me why i cant tell your mother or father why you are here. I told him everything from when mom found out that she was having another baby. He told me that was fine that i could stay here for a little. I went to my moms old room and went to sleep. i was thinking that they would see that i am not there, but it tock them four days till they realized and when my mother eventually asked where i was, because she had not seen me for four days, only that night when i came in and asked to go on a hunt with my dad. He said that i was just mad and that i would get over it that is what aunt alice called and told me today. So now i know that they really dont care if i am there or not. i was thinking about just leaveing town and not telling anyone. At the same time i was think that aunt alice call and said that they just find my note saying that i ran away from home and that i was nowhere they would think and they are still trying to find out where that is. My mother had said to my grandfather. Then said never mind because if she went there he would of called me. Will they are wrong i am where my mother told me and everything else. The next thing i know my father came into where aunt alice was and tock the phone. "Renesme cullen's were are you at? your mother and I are worried sick about you." I told him well if you really cared you would of seen two months ago i left and you are now just looking for me. Like i said in my note i am somewhere you will never look. i was outside when the house phone was ringing and my father said "If you leave your grandfathers house before we get there you will be in more trouble then you are now." I said "Fine, i wont leave grandpa's house!"
sorry about that ending. i will write more to day and have it up soon


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