The Twilight Saga

Preface: If you had a choice between life or death. what would you do? If you stayed alive, it could hurt the one you love, if you ceased living, the one you love would be safe.

Chapter 1 (Renesmee P.O.V.)
"Jake! Wait!" I said laughing. "Where are you taking me?"
We were at La Push Beach, The tide was high, so my bear feet were squishing through the wet sand.
I was in my Red bikini, with a cover-up skirt. He was wearing his swim trunks, and may I say, he looked amazing with his shirt off!
"You'll see Ness! We're almost there."
We past the log where we were sitting on when Jake told me he had imprinted on me. He carved Jake and Ness on it with a knife. We named that log Our log. Just ours. No one else's.
We finally stopped. It looked like any other part of the beach to me.
"What?" I asked.
"Follow me!" He said
He dragged me into the freezing water, when I put my feet in I shrieked.
"Baby." He said under his breath playfully.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked, our legs were splashing in the water as we walked into the ocean.
"Here." He said.
The cold water was up to our chests. Well, my chest, his stomach.
"Look down." He said. "Under water."
I went under the water, and there was about...thirty oysters.
I looked up and he was under the water too, smiling at me.
He blew kisses to me, and bubbles were sent from his mouth,above the water.
I grinned. I took an oyster and brought it above the water. It was the most unique one. It was dark blue with a streak of green on it.
We emerged from the water and gently took the oyster from my hand.
He got down on one knee and look up at me.
"Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I love you more than anything else on this earth. I hope you feel the same way about me. I'm not sure how to ask you this. But, Ness, will you marry me?"
He opened the oyster and inside there was a ring. It had a silver rim, with a diamond in the middle.
I burst into tears.
He got up franticly and hugged me.
"You can say no Ness. Tell me if you think I'm going to far."
His warm body was comforting.
"No," I said with a sniffle "I'm just so happy! Of course I'll marry you!"
He let go of me, stood in front of me, grabbed my hand, and put the beautiful ring on my finger.
I threw my arms around him and kissed him.
"I love you Jacob Black." I whispered in his ear.
"I love you Renesmee Cullen." He whispered in mine.

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It was a little short! The chapters will increase length as the story goes on!
I love it, and it doesn't matter is the chapters are short.

Thank you so much!
Chapter 2 (Renesmee P.O.V.)
How will I tell my parents? I stared at my finger, the ring sparkled in the sun. Just like me. I was sitting outside of the cottage,cross-legged.My left hand was tangled in the dark, perfectly cut grass, the other was lifted about three inches from my face. I needed some fresh air. It's not that I regret that I said yes. I just...don't know how to tell mom and dad.
I'm supposed to tell them today. Jake's coming soon.
My stomach is in knots. What will they think? I stopped ageing, but I look about 20. So...I guess it's okay.
I let my head fall, sending my dark brown curls surrounding my face.
I felt a warm hand on my chin.
"Cheer up. It's not going to be that bad. It's not like their going to kill m-...never mind."
He tilted my head up to face his, and kissed me lightly on the lips.
"Okay, lets go." I said.
We stood up and ran to the house. When we got inside, mom and dad were in the kitchen cooking dinner for me.
"Mom, dad" I said "We need to talk to you." I said.
They put down all what they were doing and came to the living room. They sat on the couch across from the couch we were sitting on.
"You guys know I love Renesmee." Jake said.
Dad growled under his breath. I saw mom squeeze his hand.
"And you know I love Jacob." I said, another growl, a harder squeeze.
"I'll just cut to the chase. I know you two would know this would happen someday. I know you might not be happy about it, but the truth is I'm in love with her, she's in love with me. I proposed to Renesmee yesterday and would like to have your blessing."
Dad stood up angrily, his eyes black. "You will NEVER have my blessing!" He said and stormed off.
I knew this would happen. My dad wasn't to crazy about Jake. Especially the idea of him marrying me.
Mom got up and chased right after him.
"Edward wait!" She yelled.
I looked over at Jake. And he shrugged.
I slid down on the couch, and Jake patted my head as if I was a dog.
I looked up and he grinned at me with those pearl white teeth of his.
"You think he'll come to his senses?" I asked.
"I know."
Thank you so much!:)
Chapter 3 (Bella P.O.V.)
"Edward, remember how you felt about me when you proposed? And the way I felt about you?"
We were sitting on our bed in the cottage. Edward was laying down on the silk pillow with his hands over his face.
He was silent. Still as a statue. I traced my finger around the swirl pattern stitched into our comforter and stared at him softly.
"I want an answer." I said after a few minutes. I want Renesmee to be happy, as well as Jacob. Edwards the only thing preventing that.
He finally pulled his hands off his face and dropped them at his sides.
"I don't want her to grow up." He said. I can see why. She was always a daddy's girl.
"I know, but they say when you love someone, you have to let them go.." I said.
"I love you, I would never let you go.Why should I let her go?" He said and gazed at me. It still makes my stomach flip.
"You have. And I wouldn't want to go. She does." I lie down next to him. It WAS depressing that she was growing up so fast.
"That was years ago when I left. I would never do that again." he said.
"Edward, Jacob loves her, and she loves him back. I can tell by the way they look at each other, and you can tell by reading their thoughts. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?". I said, fingering a piece of string that strayed from the stitching.
"But the honeymoon-" he started to say, but I interrupted.
"How do you think my parents felt? Or Carlisle and Esme? Edward, I got pregnant with a half-vampire baby when I was eighteen. Renesmee is fine."
"Alright." he said.
Its really short, I just have to go to dance! :)
i go to dance all the time but it's great
Chapter 4
Jake and I where just sitting on the couch waiting for them to come back. He put an arm around me to comfort me.
"I want to marry you." I said to him.
"You will. Just wait. Your mom will talk to your dad."
With that they both came in. Dad looked a little disappointed. I don't know what the big deal is. I'm older now, not his little girl.
My hands were balled up in fists. I was scared what they would say. Maybe mom thought the same thing, maybe she agreed with dad! Jake grabbed my hand to see what I was thinking.
"Don't worry." he whispered in my ear.
When mom and dad finally sat down on the couch in front of us, mom told us everything.
I shot up like a stretched out rubber-band, and shrieked.
"Thank you! Thank you!" I said and hugged them.
This is amazing!
"Ow! Auntie Alice, I may be half vampire but that still hurts!" I said, referring to the needle she poked me with while fitting the wedding dress. I can't believe she has a room just for fitting clothes!
"It hurts to be beautiful!...Not that I would know about the hurting part!" She said in that pixie voice of hers.
Her hair was chopped short as always, except curly today She must be trying something different.
"Auntie, do we have to do this now?"
"Yes, and...almost more stitch...done!"
I went over to the The dress looked amazing.

Of course, the red represented the vampire in me.
I almost cried, it was so beautiful.
"Wow. I did good!" Auntie said playfully.
I laughed a little.
I did cry after looking at myself and thinking of Jake. He's mine forever. After we get married in two days.
Auntie hugged me and smiled.
"I know honey, I know. It's hard thinking of yourself in that dress, getting married. I remember my wedding."
"Really?" I said through tears and sniffled.
After she told the story of Uncle Jazz and her, a there was a knock at the door.
"Hey Ness, I'm coming in! I hope you're not naked or anything!" Jake said.
I screamed and ran into the changing room. He CAN'T see me in my dress before the wedding!
He laughed,and I heard his big foot steps coming toward the changing room. I quickly wrapped myself in the curtain and screamed and laughed.
"You can't see me!"
"Oh come on, you don't believe in that stuff, do you?"
"Yes, I do! and You can't see me in my dress!"
"Oh, come'ere!" he said and tried to pry the certain from my hands.
"No!" I said.
"Fine, if it makes you happy." he said and let go.
Auntie Alice must've left us in private, I didn't see her anywhere.
I let go of the certain too, so I could change. I poked my head out of the certain.
"Jake, can you hand me my clothes? They're on the floor right there."
He picked up my clothes, and smirked.He pulled out a piece of clothing from the pile.
"Whats this?"
Oh my god!
He laughed and gave it to me.
When I finally changed and put the dress back in the black laundry bag I went to Jake and kissed him.
"I have a feeling that will happen more in a few days." I said laughing.
"You got that right!" He said.
"I can deal with that." I said and kissed him.
Being with him made me feel invincible. Whenever I looked at him, my heart went in a twist. I was so in love with him, words couldn't describe it.
And he was mine.
Awww, so beautiful!!!!!!
Thank you!
wow your fast


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