The Twilight Saga

Preface: If you had a choice between life or death. what would you do? If you stayed alive, it could hurt the one you love, if you ceased living, the one you love would be safe.

Chapter 1 (Renesmee P.O.V.)
"Jake! Wait!" I said laughing. "Where are you taking me?"
We were at La Push Beach, The tide was high, so my bear feet were squishing through the wet sand.
I was in my Red bikini, with a cover-up skirt. He was wearing his swim trunks, and may I say, he looked amazing with his shirt off!
"You'll see Ness! We're almost there."
We past the log where we were sitting on when Jake told me he had imprinted on me. He carved Jake and Ness on it with a knife. We named that log Our log. Just ours. No one else's.
We finally stopped. It looked like any other part of the beach to me.
"What?" I asked.
"Follow me!" He said
He dragged me into the freezing water, when I put my feet in I shrieked.
"Baby." He said under his breath playfully.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked, our legs were splashing in the water as we walked into the ocean.
"Here." He said.
The cold water was up to our chests. Well, my chest, his stomach.
"Look down." He said. "Under water."
I went under the water, and there was about...thirty oysters.
I looked up and he was under the water too, smiling at me.
He blew kisses to me, and bubbles were sent from his mouth,above the water.
I grinned. I took an oyster and brought it above the water. It was the most unique one. It was dark blue with a streak of green on it.
We emerged from the water and gently took the oyster from my hand.
He got down on one knee and look up at me.
"Renesmee Carlie Cullen. I love you more than anything else on this earth. I hope you feel the same way about me. I'm not sure how to ask you this. But, Ness, will you marry me?"
He opened the oyster and inside there was a ring. It had a silver rim, with a diamond in the middle.
I burst into tears.
He got up franticly and hugged me.
"You can say no Ness. Tell me if you think I'm going to far."
His warm body was comforting.
"No," I said with a sniffle "I'm just so happy! Of course I'll marry you!"
He let go of me, stood in front of me, grabbed my hand, and put the beautiful ring on my finger.
I threw my arms around him and kissed him.
"I love you Jacob Black." I whispered in his ear.
"I love you Renesmee Cullen." He whispered in mine.

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ooooh no huggin this time
Hurt* when Renesmee says "Jake! Get out!"

yo are an amazing writer honey

(Ch.10 continued) Ness P.O.V
After I hunted I felt a lot better. I came home and saw Jake, I hugged him so tight.
"I love you my little vampire." He said.
"I love you my big werewolf."
"Get a room!" Uncle Emmet yelled.
We all laughed.
Jake didn't smell like everyone said he would. He smelled like he always did.
"Can I meet Faith and Hope?" I asked.
"Are you ready?"
Hope and Faith were perfect. We moved to our new house.
Me and Jake will love each other. Forever.
It will never end. Me and him just click.
And we will until the end of time.
omg that is like soooo good it was a great ending like furreal
kool. i liked it

i dont get it. 1)renesmee is half vampire so she could withstand the pain of pregnacy.

2)it shouldnt even hurt because the baby wont turn into a werewolve until its older. so that means that the baby is only part vampire and part human only until its older

3)it isnt even as worse as bellas pregnacy cause its only half vampire. so it shouldnt be that bad at all.


I wasn't reeally thinking when I was doing it, it's only my second fanfic. I'm still not that great at it. Thanks for the constructive criticism though!
I'm actually starting another one!'s non-twilight related but I'm thinking of publishing it. It's called Invisable, maybe you'll like that one!

she is HALF vampire so she is still human so it stil hurt alot. 2 the babys are half human half vampire and half werewolf even if they dont change until they are older they are still strong. 3 bella only had ONE baby not 2 half vampire half werewolf


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