The Twilight Saga

What if Bella Rosalie Alice Renee and Charlie were vampires?

What if Edward Jasper Emmett Esme and Carlisle were humans?


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This story is based on Edward and Bella and the rest of the of the Cullen clan.



I would of never thought of falling in love again... especially with a human. But he is my own personal heaven. The one that I would love to spend eternity with. The one that I love with all my heart. The one that I will give up my life for. The one that I'll love for eternity. His blood sings to me, it calls me, and thats why I will never let anything happen to him. His eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And I would hate to see them closed forever. He is the love if my life. He is the stars at night that shine my night. Before it was all dark, now I see everything I need to see and more. My one and only beloved...


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Love it. Been gone for a min great way to come back keep me posted as always
I love it.... please keep going. Please update soon!!
thanks i will

Chapter 13


Alice's pov


I had a vision of Edward being held against a locker, by Tanya and Lauren taking a picture of Tanya and Edward kissing to show to Bella. What was wrong with her. How more evil can they get. I had to find Edward before it's to late. I ran at a human pace to try to see what where he was.


"Edward." I yelled.


 He turned around.


 "Edward hold on, i need to talk to you right now."


 "Yeah what is it Alice?" He asked


"ok i saw a vision that lauren and Jessica were going to pin you against the locker and then take a picture to so to Bella saying that you were cheating on her so you would break up."


 "Alice that's not gonna happen."


 I grabbed him  and i pinned him against the locker.


 "Listen Edward i dont want anyone hurting Bella ok." He nodded.


 Then thats when i got a vision. Vampires. Vampires are coming. Three of them in about a month or so. Then my lips crushed into Edwards and then there was flash.


 "Oh thats gonna be a good one lets hurry and show this to Bella." Tanya said.


 "Tanya, your such a desperate person." I said.


 "Any ways she is not gonna belive you so whats the point."


"The point is that im gonna have Edward all to my self."


She ran to the cafeteria, i chased after her.


 "Look Bella, look what i have." She showed her the picture.


"Omg is that a photo shoped picture, beacause that is so fake Alice and Edward would never do that." Bella said.


 "But i saw them i even have proof." Tanya said.


 "Yeah right how can you stoop so low that you would want to fake something to have Edward all to your self."

Tanya walked away.


Bella's pov


Alice gave me all the details on when the other vampires were gonna come. I will have to keep Edward by my side until they leave Forks. Which that would be easy since i never leave his side only for a few minutes.

The bell rang i went to class.


He love what r u doing??



boring class, missing u, nd ur wonderfull addicting kisses ;)



aww i miss u to baby



hey love wanna hang out later somewhere??



sure where u wanna go, how about our special little meadow??



um how bout somewhere else not the woods for a few weeks :)






well lets just say im not the only dangerous thing out there



The bell rang so it was the end of school already.


"Oh Bella."


Someone said.

Love it....
love it!!!



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