The Twilight Saga

What if Bella Rosalie Alice Renee and Charlie were vampires?

What if Edward Jasper Emmett Esme and Carlisle were humans?


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This story is based on Edward and Bella and the rest of the of the Cullen clan.



I would of never thought of falling in love again... especially with a human. But he is my own personal heaven. The one that I would love to spend eternity with. The one that I love with all my heart. The one that I will give up my life for. The one that I'll love for eternity. His blood sings to me, it calls me, and thats why I will never let anything happen to him. His eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And I would hate to see them closed forever. He is the love if my life. He is the stars at night that shine my night. Before it was all dark, now I see everything I need to see and more. My one and only beloved...


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soon ok
 i know lol
:O OMGGGGGGG edwards a meanie for saying i love you to the wrong girl im mad at him now
wait ill u read the next chapter exciting
love it!!!
thanks :)





I felt so broken.

 "So does this mean that were together." Jessica said.

 "uh i guess so." Edward said

.I couldnt belive this. I ran home as fast as possible. I was so hurt. I was crying tearless sobs. i ran up to my room i was still crying. I put the new Jonas Brother's cd Lines, Vines, and trying times and put fly with me. Music always makes me fell better. But right now it wasnt helping. I heard Alice coming, back from her date




Great i was going on a date with Jessica. I dont even know why i said yes to her. I dont even like her.

Better get this over with, it's not were going to be couple right? I drove to jessica's house she was wating for me on her porch, she looked pretty but not compared to Bella.

"Hello Jessica ready to go to the resturant?" I said.

 "Yes Edward, yuo look handsome tonight." She said.

"Uh you look pretty."

"Thank you Edward um i think we should go now."

"Uh ok uh yeah."

We drove in silence. I dont even lnow how i got myslef into this.

"Ok we're here."

We walked in we got seated. We or should i say Jessica was mostly talkin about stuff i didnt really care about. But i was mostly manily thinking about Bella how beatiful she is. And when she talks it sounds like if she is singing. I couldnt wait for our date tommorow at the skate park. Bella is the most amazing girl that i have ver met, I know that even if I bearly know her for a few days it feels like she is the one. I feel that we are ment to be together.

 "Edward uh yeah Im ready to leave."

"Oh ok umm yeah."

 I payed and left. We are standning outside of the resutrant.


"Edward this is the amazing thanks for taking me here oh and uh i love you." She said.


 I couldnt beleve she had said that what should i say. I cant tell her that i love her.

"Uh yeah me to... I love you to."


Oh crap what did i just say, man im such a jerk, how could i lie to her like that. Before i knew it she kissed me. I didnt feel love or adoration in this kiss.


 "So does this mean that were together?" She said.


 I didnt want to be with her, i wanted to be with Bella,


 "uh i guess so."


 I did not just do that. Crap it like my head is controlling what i dint want to say and my heart is saying Bella Bella Bella. Great ugh what am i going to do. maybe in a week or two, i will break up with her. Yeah i know that it sounds mean but its better to dump her than to be with her when i dont love her. i drove her home i couldnt believe im with her.


"good night Edward i will see you at school on monday."


"Oh ok yeah sure."


Now what am i gonna tell Bella. My head was going carzy, maybe she will take it well, i bet she just thinks were just friends. right nothing more than that. Yeah were just friends.




Alice came home, she heard the music, and quickly ran to my room.


"Bella ,Bella, whats wrong Bella, speak to me, Bella, your scaring me. Bella Bella Bella!!!"


 "Oh Alice they.... they."


 I couldnt even talk, I was so broken.

"Oh see, im really sorry Bella"

."'Alice stop its bad enough to see it with my own eyes, and i dont want to see it again."


 "Im sorry Bella, Rose is coming maybe she can help."


She left and was wating for Rose. Rose came thier was alott of yelling. Alice i sreamed in my head. What was going on downstairs. I felt worse, Alice was in pian but why was it making me feel alot worse.

"Dad." Rose yelled.

"Whats going on Rose whats wrong with Alice?"


 "Alice uh i dont know Alice said that she can feel Bella's emotions, dad om freaking out dad."


"Ok Rose try to calm down, and try to go calm down Bell, ill calm down Alice."


"Ok dad."


 Rose came to my room.


"Bella ok try to calm down, your making me freak out with all this emtions, and Alice well i dont know whats going on with her, but dad said to try to calm down. Bella try to calm down."


 "Ok umm Rose a little help."






 "So whats going on with all the screaming." I asked.


 "Wait i wanna know what happened with you."


 "Uh ok um welli, well they went on date they said i love you, they kissed and their together."


 It hurt me but i had to get it out.




 "Uh Edward and Jessica."


 "Oh i see, um dad is doing research now about you guys, how you can feel each other emotions."




soon ok (:

awsome ! I love it :)


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