The Twilight Saga

What if Bella Rosalie Alice Renee and Charlie were vampires?

What if Edward Jasper Emmett Esme and Carlisle were humans?


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This story is based on Edward and Bella and the rest of the of the Cullen clan.



I would of never thought of falling in love again... especially with a human. But he is my own personal heaven. The one that I would love to spend eternity with. The one that I love with all my heart. The one that I will give up my life for. The one that I'll love for eternity. His blood sings to me, it calls me, and thats why I will never let anything happen to him. His eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And I would hate to see them closed forever. He is the love if my life. He is the stars at night that shine my night. Before it was all dark, now I see everything I need to see and more. My one and only beloved...


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more more more
dont worry there will be alot more (:
great story
thanks (:
thanks (:

Chapter 9 part 1


Edward's pov


Mother has died, my dad is drunk all the time. Jasper and Emmett seem to be happy for some strange reason. My life is over. Jessica she treates me like if i mean nothing to her.


"Hey Edward, everybody is going to first beach you wanna come." Jacob said


. I met Jacob by one of my dad's friend. Billy Black. He used to live next to us in Caliornia, but then he moved to Forks when I was 10 and he was 8.


"Um ok sure."


 "We're going to have a bonefire everyone is invited, it's going to be awsome."


 "Yeah ok ill be there."


 I went home to change into something more siutable for a beach. I got changed and saw Bella.


 "Hey Bella um just wondering if you wanted to go to the beach with me and some other people."


"Um what other people.?" She asked.


"The people that live in La Push Reservation, i want you to meet a very close friend of mine."


"Oh sorry i can't."


 "Ok then maybe another time then." I left and drove off.


"Hey Jacob."


 "Hey Edward. Jessica is here allready um she is over there."


"Oh thanks you know invited one of my friend but she couldnt come i wanted you to meet her."


 "Oh thanks you know invited one of my friend but she couldnt come i wanted you to meet her. She really cool."


 "Oh really, what's her name?" Jacob asked.


 "Bella Swan."


 "Um thier family doesn’t come to the reservastion."




 "It's some stupid myth. Just some scary stories you know just to scare little kids not a big deal."


 The way he said it was like their not aloud to come here at all.


 "Come on man tell me scary stories are awsome."


 "Ok then, well you know that we are supposably descended from wolfs and that the wolves are brothers still. It's against i dont know against tribal law to kill them."


 "Wow." Was all i could say.


 "And then there are the stories about the cold ones." He said.


 "The cold ones?' I asked, now he really got my attention.

 "Yeah. There's many stories. But my great grandfather knew soem of them. He was the one to make the treaty with them to keep them away from us."


 "Your grandfather?" I asked again.


 "Yeah, he was like a tribal leader, like my father. So, the cold ones are the enemies of the wolf...... well not the wolf, but like the werewolves."


 "Werewolves have enemies?" I said while doing air qutations.


 "Well only one. The cold ones are our enemies. But the family that came to our land during my grandfather's time said, that they were different. They said that they were different from their kind instead of feedin on human blood they fed on animal blood. So they made a treaty that if they stay away from us, then we wont reavel them to the pail faces."


He had me very confused.


 "If they weren't dangerous then why are they not allowed to get close to you?"


"There was this risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they were civilized like this couple."


"And how does this fit in with the Swans? Are they like the same couple that your grandfather met?"


 "No." He said.


 "It's more like they are the same ones."


So the Swans are not humans.


"But there are more. There are 3 more the oldest one is a blonde the other two are twins. But the couple are the parents. In my great grandfather's time they already knew of the leader, Charlie. He has been here and gone before your people have arrived."


 "And what are the cold ones?" I asked.


 "Blood drinker. But you would call them vampires. Yeah i know pretty carzy stuff, my dad doesnt want to talk about it any more."


 "Dont worry man i wont tell anybody."


 "Thanks, but i guess i just broke the treaty."


"I promise you i wont tell anybody alright."


 I havnet even noticed that it was allready night. I got here at 3:00 and now it is 8:30. I drove back home I was so happy that Jessica didn't treat me like trash. But Jacobs story got me thinking about Bella's family. I went inside my house my dad was passed out on the floor. My brothers were not even here. I went up to my room, and got on the computer. I went on google and typed in vampires. I clicked on an entry that said vampires a-z. There were so many stories, one sentence caught my attention. 'One vampire said to be on the side of good, and was the enemy of evil vampires. I went trought all the catergories in my head, comparing it to Bella, she was beatiful, she had pale skin, her eyes change color, when she ran after Alice that day we meet them she ran really fast. But i have to test the strength, Im not sure about that. When i touched her, her skin was ice cold. She wouldnt come to school on sunny days niether would Alice or Rosalie. And that how they never eat. Ok now i know that im going crazy my mom is dead, dad is hangover, and who the hell knows where my brothers are.


 "This is so awsome were gonna be with our chicks forever, yeah mom is so pretty." Jasper said.


 "yeah I know." Emmett said.


 "What are you guys talking about?' What do you mean that you are gonna stay with your chicks forever? Why did you say that mom is so pretty? Why arnt you guys answering my questions? Who are you people? It's like i dont even knoe you any more. Are you guys happy that mom had died? And that dad is hangover?"


They were pissing me of so i just went to my room.


 "Wait Edward we want to explain but we cant we made a promise." Jasper said.


 I didn't want to turn around i was to pissed. And i didn't want to know what they ment about that. I went to go to sleep.



I woke up in the morning took a shower and got dressed. I drove to school not caring how fast i was going, I saw the light turn yellow, i sped up , right when i got close to the crossing the road the ligth turned red, I slammed my foot on the brake. I stopped in the middle of the road. I heard honking. I turned it was a trailer he wasn't stopping. All i could think of was i was gonna be with my mom soon.


 "Edward." Someone screamed. .............

OHH MY Gosh I can't wait till you write more(:
i will post more in a few more days hopefully (:
Oh hell...........poor edward......ofcourse bella will save him........

hmmm maybe

maybe not

yuo have to wait till i post some more (:

that was good!!

he is so sad about is parents.

i hope he is ok!!

Can't wait for more!!! love it....


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