The Twilight Saga

(preface)BEST FRIENDS FOVEVER no seriously i will have my best friends foever! I know its weird having vampires as your best friend, but thats what the cullens are.Emmett my big brother,Jasper.....well i don't know what he is but we like each other,Carasile like a second dad to me,Esme is like another mom,Roselie well Roselie hate me.Now for the two most important people wh should i start with.......Alice. Alice is my best girl friend. She is my little annoying,fashionistea,loving,pixie, and she is like a sister to me. Then theres Edward he is the best friend i could ever ask for. I love him. I mean i really do have a crush on him ever snice that frist day in biolgy. then there was the whole car thing and then he ingored me. but then we became friend an i figured out what he was thanks to jake.(yes he willl be in the story)Were best friend but i want more. But i am to affraid to make the first move and ruin our friend ship.

ok this is about bella and edward just satying know in twilight were they were friends. they both like each other but won't do anything about it.(edward still doesn't trust him self to be around her like that. and bella is to shy to make the frist move) so its up to alice and emmett to try to help them(oh god.)because every one can tell they like each other except each other. bella knows every thing. will they stay friend or become more.

*this takes place after bells bday jasper thing never happened. the end of twilight never happened. this is my 5 fan fic one of mine are done. another one is about to be over in a few chapter and it will be pushed back for alittle while. and i hav two that are just in the beging stages.*
if you have an idea for a better title tell me

if it never happened

bella's song


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Can u write More
It sounds really interesting, a title could be

We can still be friends
Twilight - <3=X(
Just Friends
Vampire BFF
Friends and Nothing More

hmmmm..... none of those r very good... hopefully someone else comes up with a good title, more soon plz!!!
they are good and if any one could make me a banner that would be cool
This story sounds really good, please let me know when you update!
HEY i love the idea for the story yuuh might think my idea for the title sucks but umm -

"Forbidden Friendship"

i dont know choose it if yuuh want x cant wait to read more xx
i like alll thesse idea but notheing is poping it has to come to me because there friendsship isn't forbbiened its just there too sacred to do any thing

i was thinking of calling it blinded by love does that sound dumb
hey guys here is the frist chapter hope you like it. oh and if any one could make me a banner that would be great

chapter one
it has offisuly been two days since my brithday. alice went all out trowing a huge party even though i sadi i didn't want one but she ofcourse iddn't listen. i love my best friend but they are sooo ........................... ok i don't have words. alice is my sister edwards my brother even though i wish edward could be more but were friends. alice kknows i like him and keeps telling me to go after him but i can't i am to shy he can have any girl why in the world would he want me?its wendsday and i am just laying in bed dreding to get up. i like just thinking. i go to my happy place where me and edward are in love and the world is perfect. sadly i am pulled out of my world by.....................alice.
"bella wake up. GAWD edwards going be here in 45 minutes charlie already left and i need to get you ready."she said.
"alice i can dress my self and how did you get in here?"i asked geting out of bed.
"the window now go take a shower she shooed me.after i was done taking a shower there was an outfit on the counter. it was't too bad black skiny jeans and a dark blue blouse. it wasn't my blouse thought this on was ruffly and really dark blue.i change then went back to my room.
"oh perfect that will make edward go crazy "she gigled i rolled my eyes when is she going to drop this he only likes me as a friend. oh well alice will be alice. she sat me down and curled my hair even though i told her my hair won't curl.(bella has streight hair go look on stephine's website that how she dicribse her so don't get mad)finally when she was done with my make up,we had meet in a nice zone only doing pink and tans and just mascare no eye liner, she haded me a gronalla bar.
"what this for?" i asked.
"breakfest edward will be here in 3... 2...1."she said and then there was honk.she just smiled while i rooled my eyes. on our way out i tried to grab my coat alice stop me saying it will rain today but much warmer then were used to you don''t need i just grab my bag and we were out the door.edwards eyes seemed to wined when i walked out the door but i shook that thought off i am imaging things.
"he edward. how was your night."i asked when we reach him. they cullen don't sleep since there vampires.
I know its weird having vampires as your best friend, but thats what the cullens are.Emmett my big brother,Jasper.....well i don't know what he is but we like each other,Carasile like a second dad to me,Esme is like another mom,Roselie well Roselie hate me.Now for the two most important people wh should i start with.......Alice.
Alice is my best girl friend. She is my little annoying,fashionistea,loving,pixie, and she is like a sister to me. Then theres Edward he is the best friend i could ever ask for. i love him. ugh there i go with that word again.
"fine how did you sleep?"he asked smiling a little i never got why he did that when he asked how i slept.
"perfectly fine."i anserwed.
i sat in the back while alice road shot gun changing the music every five minute. i used my slow down, i hated it when he drove fast and he knew it, card edeward made me for my brithday today i needed to think.i got very nice gift from the cullens. emmett,jasper,roselie got me a stero,alice clothes, caralise and esme ticket for me,edward,alice to go see m mom. edwrad got me a slow down card and a dimond friendship necklace. i chulcked at the memory of yelling at him for geting my such an expensevie ideam, but turnred out it was a hammy down i have been wearing it every day snice he gave it to me.
"bella what song do you want to listen to?'alice asked.pulling me out of my thought.
"ummm clarie da lune."i anserwed.
"i second that."edward said amiling."thesse pop songs are giving me head aches."
"no it has to be modern."she said.
"fine she is love by parachuet." i said it was a slow relaxing song.edwrad smiled in approve his smile still blinded me. alice sighed and put it in. it was only a few minute more of a ride so i talke dwith alice when we pulled in everyone stared they all was just use three now emmett,jasper,and roselie all graduated last year. andlea was waiting for me and alice by the door with ben ,ben finally got the courge to ask her last year to the prom.which i was kind nap and taen to by my evil pixe of a friend and her two acompleses edward and emmett. i still haven't forgave them for that.
"hi bella hey alice."anglea said when we reached her.
"hi ang."i said.
the school day went fast i had most of my classes with edward or alice or anglea. after school we went by the cullens to do home work like every time charlie works late.
"hi esme "i said when i came through the garge door.
"oh bella."esme said coming out of the kiten and gave me a hug."how was school kids."she asked giving alice and edward on to.
"fine" i said.
"same as always."edward and alice both said. who knows how many times they be going through this.esme gave them a motherly look then turned to me.
"bella would you like a snack."she asked.
"oh i am ok i don't mean to imposse."i said back.
"nosen i will make you some apples and penut butter how does that sound?' she asked.
"good thank you."i said she smiled and walk in to the kiten. esme is the best cook i know and she can't even taste the food.
"i am going to say hi to jazz."alice said skipping off. me and edward went and sat on the chouch in the living room and watch tv and did home wor. when esme came in with my snak i thanked her and ende up eating all of it. i was almost done with my math when emmett came booming through the door.
"HONEY I AM HOME!"he shouted. caralise and him went on a hunting trip.
"oh emmett shut up."roselie said then they kissed.
"hi bella."caralise said."helloe edward.
"hi caralise"we both said back.esme came through the door.
"caralise is that you."she said.
"hi sweet heart "he said she huged him hello and then they both went in the kicten.
"well hello bells no hug for me."emmett said.
"hi emmett."i waved.
"no this won't do."he said. he came over and huged me.
"emmett can't breath." i yelled then he craded me like a foot ball and i start yelling at him to put me down.
"i herd yelling i came to come see who was having bella for lunch."alice said skiping down the stairs with jasper.edwrad finched at her comment.
"emmett put her down if you vaule your car."edward said.
"fine" emmett pouted.then put me down i sat down and finshed my homework. it was now five charile wouldn't be haome till 9.
"what do you wanna do?" i asked.
"oh i know lets watch a scary movie like................... when a stranger calls."alice said.
"alice that movie is not scarey."emmett said.
"will be for bella."she said emmett laughed.
"oh great."i blushed.
around half way through the movie emse brought me dinner. and i thanked her and eat.when the movie ened i was freaked.but so was emmett.
"looks like i am not the only one huh em."i said.
"oh please at least i didn't scream."he said.
"oh yeah right em."jazz said then him and alice went and initated him.
"you beter run pixie" emmett siad.
"oh i am soooo scared."she said.then emmett started to chase her.i was lughing hten i looked at the time.
"oh i better go charlie willl be home in a half an hour."i said.
"oh i take you bellies."edward and alice said.
"edward you did it last time my turn."alice winned.
"fine."he said.affter being past around the room for hugs or glare from roselie and a voclie good bye from jasper. i had to say bye to edward.
"bye see you tomorrow morning?"i asked.
"bella i am there every morning. just rember you don't have any slow down cards."he said with a smile my breathing got alll weird.then i huged him i felt electirsty run through me like every time. when we pulled away i said but i thought i herd him sigh too. but just imageing it.
"come on bella."alice said.
we hoped in her pours a gift from jasper. and drove home.
"bella why don't you try to get edward i mean you both like each other som much."she asked.
i sighed."alic he does not your just seeing things." thats all we said the car ride home.when we pulle dup to the house chariles car was there.
"bye alice see you tomorrow morning."i siad.
"yes you will i have to pick out your oufit."she said with a smile but then her face turned sirous."bella think about what i said."
"good night bella."
"night alice" then she pulled out.
"dad i am home."i yelled when i got in.
"heybellies have fun over the cullens"he asked.
"yup" i said"want me to cook dinner for you i already ate but its no big deal."
"no i ate a the sation."he said.
"ok well night dad."
"night bells."
i went up stairs ang got ready fr bed and then fell alsleep reaming of edward like always

"emmett."i yelled when i got home of course i didn't need to scream but i do we really act like a faimly with the yelling.
"yeah little sis."emmett asked from the couch.
"wheres edward?" i asked i didn't know i was paying to much attention on bella i saw him gettting there tough.
"he just left to go hunting then off to watch bella sleep lie always."he said.
"what he do after we left?" i asked.
"moped. then left. gawd he is so messed up he love her and it avesis she loves him but the both to blind to see."emmett said.
"i know thats why i have a plan."i felt a slow smile cral on my face.
"what you paning pixie."emmett asked.

ok well there it is tell me if i should wright the next chapter i should wright is edwards. or countine to somthing diffrent in bellas. hope you liked it. if anyone has an idea on an title tell me. can some one make me a banner too.
it was awsome!!! lolz
I really like it and can't wait for more!!! and, do u need an editor?
you know what i would like one but i an to impasante to send this trough some one but thank you most of the most of spelling are from the computer but if i ever need one i will come to you

pleasse vote on a title
Great first chapter!
Can't wait for more!!
hey gus pole on tites

1. to blind to see the truth

2.a lovly secrect

3.i am in love with my best vamp

pleasse vote


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