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Thanks Molly.


I have been reading stories of Bella being a baby and all so I decided to make one as well.

Chapter 1 Alice's pov

I was sitting on my couch that was in my room when I had a vision.


A family of 3 in an accident.
The father was driving and they saw a deer and ran into a tree. The father died instantly and the mother was severely hurt. There was also a newborn baby who looked around 2 weeks old.
I saw the mother die and the baby crying.


I ran downstairs.
I saw the whole family there.
Carlisle was sitting on the couch with Emmett and Jasper watching football. Edward was just sitting around. Rosalie was with Esme.
I went to the kitchen to where Esme and Rose were.
"Esme, Rose, I had a vision and I think you will love this one. Let's go." I said.
They ran behind me.
We ran toward the highway.
There it was the crashed car.
The baby was crying.
The mother's heart was still beating but slightly. It was getting slower.
I walked over to the Back seat door.
I opened it and the mother spoke quietly.
"Take care of Isabella for me." She stayed quiet for a few seconds.
"Okay." I said. I took the baby out of the car seat and took her in my arms.
She was so small.
Rose had her phone in her hand. She was calling the police.
A few minutes later as we waited, the ambulance, police and even a fire truck, came.
"What happened?" One of them asked.
"We don't know. We live on the other side of the forest we heard the crash and came to investigate. We saw the baby and we rescued her. Her parents are still in there." I said.
The police looked inside the car.
"Oh no." He said.
"What's wrong?" One of them asked.
"That's Chief Swan and his wife."
Another man opened the other door. Chief Swan's door. The other one opened the wife's door.
"He's dead." One of them said.
They took the mother out. "She might have a chance."
"The baby is okay." I said.
"That is fine. Wait aren't you Dr. Cullen's daughter?" One of them asked.
"You the other one and your the wife." They said to Esme and Rosalie.
"Yes." They said together.
"Take the baby to the house and let Dr. Cullen check her out." They said.
"Sure." I said.
We walked into the forest. Once we thought we were far enough in that they wouldn't see us, I got a better grip at baby Bella and ran home.

Edward's pov

A while ago, Esme, Rosalie, and Alice left. Could they be shopping?
"Edward, where did the girls head off to?"Emmett asked.
"I don't know."
On cue. They came in. Alice held something in her hands. It was human.
I smelled the sweet blood.
"Alice," I clenched my teeth so I could control my self. "Why are you carrying that thing?" I asked.
"What thing? The only thing I am holding is a baby." She said.
"Well why?" I said.
"Her parents were in an accident. A bad one." She said.
Carlisle got up and walked up to them. "She seems okay. Her heart beat is okay and she seems healthy." He examined her right there with no tools. "Isn't this Chief Swans daughter?"
"Yes. How did you know?" Alice asked.
"When she was born Charlie showed her to everyone. Funny moment. Proud to be father moment." He chuckled. "She is almost 2 weeks old I think."
"When was she born?"
"September 13. Her name is Isabella."
"Let's just call her Bella." Alice insisted.
Carlisle looked at Esme.
'She is so adorable really. Now I want to adopt her.'
I got up and walked upstairs.

Emmett's pov

Yeah. I new sister.
I wonder how she will be like.
"We'll go tomorrow to the adoption center and adopt her."
"Yay." Alice cheered.
I hope she's bad and likes to sneak around.

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i liked it you should continue
I'm coming thanks for being the first to comment. I can promise you right now you will crack up at the next chapter.
u definitely shud rite this
I just wrote chapter 2
A little constructive critisicm, Bella's mom hasn't officially died yet, maybe you should wait until she does before saying they are going to adopt her...please don't take that as me being rude...because Im not...I love your fan fic it's great =D
yeah I know but she was pretty close to dieing anyway and turns out she does.
Yea I figured she would...just the paramedics/cops make it sound like theres a chance for her survival...none the less...Im hooked...Please keep me updated!!!
okay my mom is AMAZED by how many people have actually started reading it. She doesn't believe in me becoming an author. I prove her wrong everytime. Read black Rose my other story please link is at the bottom in a comment.
Chapter 2- Edwards pov

~8 months later~

"I still hate her." I told Alice.
"What has she done to you?" She asked.
"Her blood is tempting." I said.
"I know but you will get used to it after a while like I did."
Alice put it down.
The thing started to crawl over to me. She had chocolate brown eyes and hair. Her was just about to reach her chin.
"Get it away from me." I turned away from it and walked to me room.
'I can't believe you.' Alice thought.

Alice pov

I felt hurt. I picked up Bella.
I walked downstairs.
Emmett took Bella from my arms. Emmett loves to play with her a lot. When we heard Bella's mom did die after 10 minutes in the hospital we certainly adopted her.
"Come to Emmie." He said.
She grabbed her rattle which was next Emmett, and hit him in the nose.
I laughed and Bella giggled.
Emmett looked at Bella. "You think that's funny? I'll show you funny." He started tickling her belly.
"Emmett stop she just-" Bella puked all over Emmett. I grabbed her after.
"Looks like Emmie had to much fun and has to go change into something else now." I laughed.
Rosalie walked in the room. Emmett chased her. "Give Emmie a hug." He said.
"Stay away from me." She said.
Rosalie ran outside, ran through the river. Emmett followed her.
Now his close was clean but wet.
He continued chasing Rose saying, "Rosie needs a bath also."
I shook my head. Bella was still in my arms.
"Someone needs a bath now." I said to Bella.

A/N~ thanks for reading hope you enjoyed come back tomorrow for more.
That was funny... =D
I know I was cracking up and writing. lol I am thirsty.
love it
that was funny


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