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What if the Cullens were all human and haven't met yet?  Esme runs an all girls camp with her daughters from some time now. But what will happen when a new camp moves in across the lake?




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Chapter one:

Esme POV (Point Of View):

        I was finishing packing the last of my stuff and helping my girls rap up packing thier cosmetics. Alice my 16 year old and pixie was sitting on her suit case while trying to zipper. Rosalie my 17 year old and modle of the family was packing as many sketch pads and mirrors as she could fit in her bag. i chuckled as the site, which earned me a glare from her. Then there was Bella my other 16 year old and Alice's younger twin but they are exact opposites. Also, out of all my girls Bella has the most resembles towards me. Well bella was packing books and sneakers in her duffle bag with Alice's approvel.


       I began a camp for girls after my divorce when the girls were 4 and 5. Every year the girls have been campers until this year they were all volenterring to become councilers. I heard  the we were having  new neighbors across the lake, an all boys camp, Camp Cullen. And all week i heard the girls getting ready to pull pranks but i had to put a stop to it, not that i didn't want a good laugh but i didn't want to risk the girls getting in trouble.


Alice POV:

      As soon as we heard there was going to be a new camp my sisters and i started to plan our pranks but mom just had to ruin our fun but we are going to listen beacause we the young ladies she raised us to be. NOT!


      " Girls we're leaving!" mom called us down.

      "Coming!" Bella yelled back

      "On my way!" i screamed before my mom would call us down again.

      " In a minute!" Rose called as i past her door, i could see at least 15 mirrors and 10 sketch pad in hers bag. i met Bella at the top of the stairs. As i bent down to grab my suit case i already saw the klutz of my sister falling down the stairs. And of course mom over reacts, but i don't see why Bella falls down everyday.


Bella's POV:

     it's not even nine in the morning and i already fell. i hope mom doesnt over reacts. i can't wait to see the new camp across the lake. my sisters and i are ready to pull some pranks on the councliers and have fun.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Later in the Car*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


"mom are we there yet?" Alice and Rose asked again!, for the hundreth time. i dont know how mom is not annoyed yet.

"Girls i love but if you ask one more time, i will leave you on the side of the road and you can walk to camp" mom said. never mind i thought


Rosalie POV:


   i can't believe my sweet caring mom just said that. b and my the look on Alice's face she didn't expect it ethier so i decided it was best to keep y mouth shut. so i looked at the window and see three cars tailing each other, i automatically think teenage boys street racing, but the cars were pretty nice for boys my age. there was a jeep, a volvo and mercadees. Then the jeep and the volve past by our car by driveing in the opposite lane, and mom and the mercadees beeped them, but as the jeeppast me it stood there driving like the driver was staring at me, the windows were tinted so i couldn't tell. And there it was, after two years here i saw it Camp Swan


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Could you please send me updates?? I want Bella and Edward to meet!! :D
can u update me im gonna add u!

sorry if i took forever to update hopefully this chapter makes up for the wait


chapter 18:  Edward's POV:


i was reading in this meadow that i found recently when the the thought of the beauty entered my mind again. no matter what my brother say i dont have it bad


okay i might have some interest in someone but that doesn't mean i have a crush on her right? no, good. and it doesnt matter that even if i dont know anything about her, she's the only thing on my mind since the camp session started. oh god i think my brothers are right i do have it bad. but i've made up my mind i will meet to her and get to know her even if it kills me. 


but the problems are:


what do i say? i've never really spoken to a girl unless necessary, sure there's girls that like me since i got my braces removed but there fake from their hair extensions to their nails. im not Emmett with a new girl every other week or Jasper who has really only been with one girl, and neither of are good people to ask for advice.


how do i get to see her she's on the other side of the lake, i go during the day it's against rules to leave the camp and at night i can't because then i'll appear like a psycho stalker.  

when can i see her? we have about two more weeks until the session.


all these thing were going though my mind that and throw in tons of what ifs into my mind but it seem to  disappear when i saw her she walk into the edge meadow, for a second i thought i was imagining this but she seemed just as surprised as i was. 


this is your chance Edward your only chance, just act cool, no be yourself gosh its like having the small angel and demon people on your shoulders but they look like my brothers. but before i could continue to try to make up my mind my mystery girl spoke.


mystery girl: im sorry i didnt think anyone else would be here, noone ever comes here, ill just go


i decided to quickly say something before she leaves it may be my only chance to see her.


edward: no, stay. i mean this place is pretty big there's room for both of us. that is if you want to


she smiled thats a good sign, and not one of the smiles that those popular people give you when they really want to be somewhere else.


mystery girl: alright, im isabella but if your nice you'll call me bella 


she held on her hand to shake and it was small compared to mine.


edward: im edward


i finally noticed she had a book in her hand


edward: you like to read?


i asked as she sat down under the tree with me 


bella: yeah i know what your going to say, im strange for reading in the summer when i dont have to


she looked in between hurt and annoyed.


edward: i wasn't going to say that, i just wanted to know, because i do too


i held up my book for her to see.


bella: oh im sorry for sounding rude im just having a bad day and im a little sleep deprived


edward: we all have those every once and while. it sometimes help to talk about it. and i already read my book before, for if you want im all ears. 


bella: no i dont nee to bore you


edward: no its alright


bella: its just sibling problems


edward: i can relate there i have two brothers who can annoy anyone if they want too


bella: my sisters are the same and lately the're annoying me with their love lives dont get me wrong i dont mind listening to them but lately its non-stop. hey it did feel better to speak about it, thank you


edward: well, your welcome


bella: it was nice meeting you edward and next time we can talk more about your life instead of mine  but i have to start heading back before my sisters and mother will start to look for me and i dont want them to find this place.


edward: alright, so there's a next time?


she smiled and nodded


bella: yup same time tomorrow if its alright with you


edward: sounds good


she then left, i was a little worried due to the fact as she disappeared into the woods she almost trip. i felt like i need to protect her but she doesnt seem like the person that wants somone there to do that for her. but i get to see her tomorrow.


wait was it a date??


hope fully you liked it next update in a week tops.

this is goood! I love it i hope her and edward become a couple! oh and 1st comment!



OMG I Love The Story :) Can't Wait For More 

I just found this story and it's really good, are you going to update?


i was thinking about it i might if people want me too


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