The Twilight Saga

What if the Cullens were all human and haven't met yet?  Esme runs an all girls camp with her daughters from some time now. But what will happen when a new camp moves in across the lake?




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Chapter one:

Esme POV (Point Of View):

        I was finishing packing the last of my stuff and helping my girls rap up packing thier cosmetics. Alice my 16 year old and pixie was sitting on her suit case while trying to zipper. Rosalie my 17 year old and modle of the family was packing as many sketch pads and mirrors as she could fit in her bag. i chuckled as the site, which earned me a glare from her. Then there was Bella my other 16 year old and Alice's younger twin but they are exact opposites. Also, out of all my girls Bella has the most resembles towards me. Well bella was packing books and sneakers in her duffle bag with Alice's approvel.


       I began a camp for girls after my divorce when the girls were 4 and 5. Every year the girls have been campers until this year they were all volenterring to become councilers. I heard  the we were having  new neighbors across the lake, an all boys camp, Camp Cullen. And all week i heard the girls getting ready to pull pranks but i had to put a stop to it, not that i didn't want a good laugh but i didn't want to risk the girls getting in trouble.


Alice POV:

      As soon as we heard there was going to be a new camp my sisters and i started to plan our pranks but mom just had to ruin our fun but we are going to listen beacause we the young ladies she raised us to be. NOT!


      " Girls we're leaving!" mom called us down.

      "Coming!" Bella yelled back

      "On my way!" i screamed before my mom would call us down again.

      " In a minute!" Rose called as i past her door, i could see at least 15 mirrors and 10 sketch pad in hers bag. i met Bella at the top of the stairs. As i bent down to grab my suit case i already saw the klutz of my sister falling down the stairs. And of course mom over reacts, but i don't see why Bella falls down everyday.


Bella's POV:

     it's not even nine in the morning and i already fell. i hope mom doesnt over reacts. i can't wait to see the new camp across the lake. my sisters and i are ready to pull some pranks on the councliers and have fun.


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Later in the Car*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


"mom are we there yet?" Alice and Rose asked again!, for the hundreth time. i dont know how mom is not annoyed yet.

"Girls i love but if you ask one more time, i will leave you on the side of the road and you can walk to camp" mom said. never mind i thought


Rosalie POV:


   i can't believe my sweet caring mom just said that. b and my the look on Alice's face she didn't expect it ethier so i decided it was best to keep y mouth shut. so i looked at the window and see three cars tailing each other, i automatically think teenage boys street racing, but the cars were pretty nice for boys my age. there was a jeep, a volvo and mercadees. Then the jeep and the volve past by our car by driveing in the opposite lane, and mom and the mercadees beeped them, but as the jeeppast me it stood there driving like the driver was staring at me, the windows were tinted so i couldn't tell. And there it was, after two years here i saw it Camp Swan


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OMG!!!!!!!!!! Post more soon!!!!!
aha! i love it!

chapter 14:

Esme POV: i woke up to the sound of someone running into the woods, as i followed the the person running i found out it was no one other than Alice. that girl better not be going to play another prank on the other camp. just a fast as i found her i lost her and as i have never really went on this area of the wood beforei had to head back. she was going to be in huge trouble when she returned. as i re-entered camp i heard some more noice, if this is rose and bella they were going to get an earful and i didnt care if it was almost two a.m.


as i followed the sound it past the girls cabin and when i looked into their cabin i saw their silhettes. if it wasn't the girls then who ws it?  it must be someone trying to get the girls back, i was going to show these boys they can't mess with my babies. i followed the shuffing of bushes, i turned my flashlight off and went to the bush. i reached in ant pulled who ever was in there out. i relises one of the boys was huge but both were tall, i pulled their ears and the huge one was and started to say 'ow', i knew his voice it was emmett the boy rose was talkin to


Carlisle POV:

i knew it was only a matter of time before the boys would get their revenge, and i was right when all three of them left when lights went out. edward and emmett left first so i couldnt find them but i eventually found jasper and he wasn't alone we was with alice. he had his arms around her and they were asleep, as comfterable they might have been im sure alice's mother wouldnt want her to be out of here in the middle of the night sneeking out with someone.


i woke them up with my flashlight and they both appeared both surprised and frightened. they quickly got up and let go of each other, i could tell they cared fro each other even if they didn't know each other much.


alice: why hello carlisle, fancy seeing you here at this time of the night


carlisle: i was going to say the same thing alice, and i see your here with jasper too. i wouldnt want to intrude on anything so ill just get going and let you finish what ever it is you started, while i head over and inform your mother.


alice: wait, no you can't tell her , and its not what you think we fell asleep ater talking, please dont tell her im already in enough trouble if she finds im not in bed


and as if on cue flashlights appear through the woods and soon esme arrives with edward and emmett. i see they were caught and as alice saw her mother she hid behind jasper.


esme: ah, carlisle just the man i wanted too see, i believe these too belong to you


she said as she the my boys go


carlisle: yes they are, and i suppose she is yours


i motions towards alice


esme: alice what are you doing here, i hope you didnt cause anymore trouble


alice: no i was just in the neighborhood


esme looked at me to see if she was telling the truth


carlisle: thats away you can put it, with very minimal deatails


esme let it go but you could tell she was eventualy going to bring the topic out again.


carlilse: and what are you too doing on the other side of the lake


i said toward edward and emmett


edward: us? no were not actuallyy here we're just a figment of your imagination, you appear to see us because you miss us so much


carlisle: is that so? emmett?


emmett: is that where were daddy? i guess we must have been sleep walking again, and we eneded up there.


carlisle: sleep walking? like when you were nine and wanted the birthday cake in the firge but couldnt because it was too late


emmett: exactly, wait no, not like then


carlisle: like what then?


emmett: give me a second to think of something


edward: oh great he's thinking, we'll be here all night


jasper: please excuse my brothers, emmett was dropped ont eh head numerous time as a child and edward hit his head on a piano


edward: hey in my defence dad always said to use you head when you dont know what to do, back then i just used it litteraly


esme and alice laughed at the thought of it


emmett: yeah i've got nothin


carlisle: i thought you wouldn't get back to camp boys now, your shifts tomorrow are going to start an hour earlier


edward: no fair


emmett: dad please dont,i need my sleep not as much as edward but i still need it


carlisle: go now all three of you


after the boys left esme told the same to alice, and esme and i were left alone


carlisle: esme i want to apologize for the other day, for kissing you


esme: its alright, but you regret it?


carlisle: im not sure, well i dont think i do but it wasn't right to kiss you like that after we met. why do you regret it?


esme:im not sure either, but i can say its what iv'e been thinking about the last 24 hours



i smiled she must like me back i could tell the last part ws not to be told out loud and enev in the moonlight her blush could be seen.


esme: im sorry, that didnt come out right maybe i should just go


she turned to leave but i didnt want to lose sight of her, so i've tried the boldest thing i've done in my life, i kissed her this time meant to kiss her lips and in my  favor she kissed me back.


emmett POV:


and they wanted us to head back to camp and miss that kiss, not a chance. can you hear blsckmail? well i cant turns out ima get my hour of sleep back after all all four of us are.






omg i love this chapter i wonder what the boys wood have done if they werent caught.  =]
i love this plz update and keep me updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chapter 15: Esme's POV:

he kissed me, the only think i could think to do at the moment was kiss him back and it was a good thing that i did because the kiss was wonderful. when we pulled back we were both out of breath. i smiled when he held my hand and walked me back to my side of the lake, the moment was great, few words were spoken but the silence worked for us, we didn't need to speak at that moment because he said we would talk when he would come by tomorrow. and although the moment was great i felt like we were being watched. by the time i got to bed i was so tired i forgot to make sure Alice got back, but i'm sure she did.

Jasper's POV:

the four of us followed and watched as dad and miss esme walked back to her side of the lake, and into camp swan they looked happy together and Alice was smiling as she watched her mother but i didnt know why all miss Esme was doin was smiling and looking like she was havin' a good time with my dad, so i asked

jasper- darlin why are you smilin so much at your mom

Alice- im smilin cause i've never seen her so happy in a long time

she said while tryin to imitate my accent, it didnt sound right but i was way better than how when Edward and Emmett tried and they themselves had it once when we were younger.

jasper- nice try darlin but your not quit there yet with the accent

i said to her and held her hand

Alice- well i might get it with some practice

i nodded at her and led her to her cabin i told her good night and kissed her hand good night, she giggled when i did it but i would anything to hear her giggle

though i was made fun of by my brothers when i got back to them but i didnt mund becaus ethey dont understand why

(i know this is short but im behind on studing and i have finals all week so after that ill write more promise)
Hello Luna Chrissy! I know it has been a while... I just hope you truly make it back on time not to get your page deleted since the Saga will be eliminating many Fanfiction sites and profiles that don't have 50 friends or more.  Also, they will be asking for everyone to speak only Twilight related and nothing else.  So I'm here trying to catch up with some of my missed stories before they are completely gone... I wish you lots of luck on your exams and I'm sorry to hear about what the Saga is planning to do to our home...
This is really good!
thumb up :)
So cute!  :)
post more soon love it XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!its soooo cute!
this was great cant wait for the next chapter!!


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