The Twilight Saga

(COMPLETE) Bella, Edward moved to Hannover, NH, to attend to college, where new adventures begins. They are not the only vampires in town. New problems

I'm posting this fanfic again 'cause, stupid enough, I mixed some chapters
and my story didn't make any sence. I promess to update in the right
order this time. lol. Give it a try! H
ope you enjoy it :)

A/N: This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it!

New life

It has been two and a half years since the Volturi incident. Now we live in Hanover, New Hampshire, outside of town. When I say we I mean my whole family, at least the Cullen part, Charlie stayed in Forks, I could have brought him here, but he is far too comfortable with his
house, his work, and especially with Sue Clearwater his new girlfriend with lack of a better word. We see each other from time to time, when we weren't in classes and in special occasions, I really miss him, especially because he is the one who make this whole vampire thing a
little bit more normal, and Reneesme misses him too, his "funny grandpa" with the "delicious smell", and I know he misses us also, because he keep telling me that, he was so heartbroken when we told him that we had to move, but he felt a little bit better when we promised
that we'll stay in touch and we'll come visit often.

We moved six months ago because of Carlisle, he really don't represent the age that people think he have and he was getting more and more compliments about how young he looked for a thirty-five old man. We came to New Hampshire for college, Edward managed to get us matriculated in Dartmouth, I'm studying Comparative Literature and he is studying Anthropology, he said that, because of me, he learned so much of the human nature that he got interested on the subject, for obvious reasons we have to take the night classes.

We live in a house outside of town surrounded by a little forest, is bigger than our cottage, with four bedrooms, a little kitchen, a dining room and a living room. The four rooms came really handy now that we live with Jacob, he couldn't stay away from Reneesme, obviously, we waited for him to finish high school before we move so he could stay with us, he didn't want to go to college, enjoying every second he have with my daughter. Reneesme is so big, she haven't stop growing yet, counting on Nahuel experience we still have to wait a couple of years before she stop growing, now she looks like a eight year old girl but she have the intelligence of a normal teenager, she loves to read my books and is always looking for more things to
learn, Jacob has his hands full with her.

Of course we don't live to far away from the rest of my family; Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet. They found a couple of houses a mile from mine; they couldn't stay away from my daughter either. Carlisle found a job in the town hospital, and Alice started her own company as a party planner, Rose and Esme work with her. Emmet and Jasper usually carry the stuff for them (no that they needed it to, but it was a little strange when Alice enter a room with an ice sculpture twice her size without breaking a sweat).

Life is pretty good, I have all the people I love around me, even Renee, which still surprised me. Before and after the Volturi thing she kept calling and we were running out of excuses, until Jacob said something about faking an accident or something and a bulb light in my head. Carlisle told Renee that I needed surgery from my rare disease and that my voice was going to change a lot, and when we were coming back to Forks for my recovery we get in a traffic accident and I was the only one who got hurt and I needed a lot of surgeries, especially plastic surgeries, it was bit tricky; every time she came to visit me I had to pretend like I was on a gurney, all wrapped in bandages, of course that with a doctor for a father-in-law I could spend my "recovery" at home, but usually my mother spent days in the house and I only came out when she was very asleep in the other room. When it finally came the time to show my "new face" we were all really nervous about the reaction my mom would have and when she saw me, at first she was really scared, but then she came around it, saying that I look too pale but she thought that was because I spend months sick, my eyes weren't that much different, Alice was able to find me the right kind of contacts to match my old color now that they were light. We couldn't present her to Reneesme; maybe we could find a strange explanation for all that was happening with me, but there was no good explanation about a child that grow by the minute, maybe when she stop growing we could introduce her like a cousin or something. Sure, I can't explain why I'm not aging, but my plan is to grow distant and distant from my mother until the moment we don't even

communicate, sure is going to be very difficult, but we weren't that close anymore, besides this was a better idea than just disappear, knowing Renee she would probably call the FBI if it was necessary, and we didn't need that kind of attention. Now we write each other like once every two months and she barely call us. Maybe this situation doesn't seem like a very happy one, but at least I'm going to have my mother a little longer and that makes me really happy.




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i love the banner and i love the story * new reader* u r a ood writer write more nd first comment to the banner yay yay yay yay
thank you :D
I will... soon :) thanks :)
A/N: Hi! Here is the third chapter, it may get a little boring at first, but I think the end is worth it :)


We were at home waiting for Reneesme to wake up, classes were alright, no problem, like Alice had foreseen. Everybody came to see us, they were waiting for me to dish about our first day of classes, I was sure that Nessie would like to hear the story too, so we were waiting for her so I could start my story.

Jacob came down first, he was rubbing his eyes and his hair was a mess, after him was Nessie, they managed to sleep ten hours and they were still yawning, they look at us with confusion in their eyes, Jacob was opening his mouth to talk when Nessie run to sit by me.

- "Momma, How was your first day at college?" She said with curiosity in her eyes.

- "Oh that's right" said Jacob, walking slowly to sit on the couch across the room, beside Alice. "You had your first day yesterday. That's why they are all here?" he said pointing the rest of my family, which was scattered all over the living room

- "Yeah, we wanted to hear the story" said Alice, with excitement in her tone "We were waiting for you to stop snoring so they could tell us how it was" she said, elbowing Jacob. "Now tell us, how was it? Did Edward try to murder someone again?" she stick her tongue out to Edward and everybody laugh at unison.

- "No Alice, that only happens once a century" he laughed "College was actually pretty good, we were at our best behaviors"

- "Bummer!" now was Emmet who was talking "you really didn't try to kill anyone, Edward? That's no fun" he said, a wide grin in his face.

- "Daddy, what are they talking about?" although Nessie was talking to Edward she was looking at me, she obviously had made the connection already. I was going to answer but Emmet beat me to the punch "haven't they told you that your father almost killed your mother the first time they met?"

- "No, they haven't! Why I have never heard from this before?" now she was looking directly to Jacob. I must say, I was a little bit surprised, Jacob always told Nessie everything.

- "Sorry Ness, I guess is not my story to tell, besides the subject never came out" Jacob said, Nessie was about to argue when Alice spoke "Are you going to tell us anything else? Because I really have a million things to do for the Ford's wedding"

- "Sorry" I said "But there's really nothing interesting about my story. Everybody was staring, of course, and nobody sit beside me at class. Mr. Bennet was really funny, we have to read Heliodorus's Aethiopika, I'll need to go out to buy it, and a guy almost spoke to me, until I smiled to him and he got scared, but beside that, nothing else"

- "Ugh!, and for this we waited so long" Rose was the one who talk first "Bella, we have to find like a thousand white roses for the wedding of bridezilla!"

- "I'm sorry, but in the moment you came I said that nothing interesting had happen, and that I was waiting for Reneesme to told her how my day went, because I know she'll be interested, and you decided to wait" I said hurrying trough the words.

- "She did say that, Rosalie" Esme went to the rescue "Now Bella, I'm glad that everything was fine. If you need Heliodorus's Aethiopika I think Carlisle has it on his bookshelf" she said looking at Carlisle.

- "Yes, I have it in Greek and in English, you can take it if you want" Carlisle said with a wide smile "Well I have to get to work, see you later" he kissed Esme and then he was out.

- "I think we better go too, girls. Jazz I need you to come with me; I swear that Ana is a step closer to having a nervous breakdown and I have to tell her that we couldn't find the photographer she wanted so badly" Alice was already in the door, waiting for Jasper who was looking at her funny "Alice, you know I can't stand being more than five minutes with that bridezilla"

- "Honey I've looked ahead and you're coming" Alice said pulling him by the t-shirt "now let's go before she explodes" and they were all out of the house, except for Jacob, Reneesme and Edward.

- "So, nothing interesting happened" said Jacob, stretching "Well, I guess that's… fine" he said, walking to the kitchen "I want some breakfast. Nessie I'm going to make some pancakes, do you want some?"

- "Ugh! Thanks, but no thanks. Momma I want to hunt tonight"

- "Tonight? Why not now?"

- "Because Jacob promised me that he was going to take me to town today!" she said with the excitement clear in her eyes.

- "Do you think is a good idea, to be around humans if you haven't hunted in a while Nessie?" Edward said.

- "Dad, you know I can control myself better than that" she said, looking too innocent "Please, please, pleeeeeeeease let me go" she said pleading.

- "I guess you are right, you can control yourself. If anything happen, and I mean anything, you just have to call us and your mother and I will be there in a second" Edward said, in his most serious tone.

- "Thanks daddy" she said with the most beautiful smile, it was impossible to deny anything to Reneesme, she always get what she wanted "Jacob hurry up, I want to go!"

- "Relax Nessie" Jacob said laughing "Let me, at least, eat something, then we go and we'll do whatever you want" honestly we were really grateful about Jacob, he has help us so much, it was the best "nanny" someone could ask, and the best thing was that he was glad to do it. This imprinting thing become really handy now that we couldn't come out every time we wanted.

After Jacob have his breakfast, he and Nessie went out to the city, Jacob took my car, he really love it, and we have seen cars more expensive than mine in town, so there was no problem if he take it. The story was that Nessie was my little sister and Jacob was his tutor, of course Nessie won't be able to come out much, because if people started to recognize her, they definitely would notice that she was growing really fast. After they left we have the whole house for ourselves.

- "What do you want to do?" Edward said, holding me "Maybe we could go out to explor our little forest, there's a lot we haven't seen yet"

- "Well, we could definitely do that, but… do you hear that?" I said, tilting my head to the side.

- "I hear nothing Bella, what are you talking about?"

- "Exactly, nothing" I said, a wide smile in my face "we have an empty house and a lot of free time"

- "I was hoping that you would say that" He took me in his arms and flew to our room.

We were in our bed, enjoying our "free time", when my phone started to vibrate in the table. Edward stretch to reach it and he saw the little screen.

- "Ugh, Alice" he said, making a face "Sometimes I think that she call us at the worst time on purpose" I took the phone of his hand and put it on the table, if it was important she would call us again, we started to kiss once more and the phone started to vibrate again, this time I was the one who took it and it surprise me that it was Jacob this time.

- "It's Jacob" I said, Edward roll to my side and I answered the phone, starting to panic, if Alice was calling before was to inform something she saw. "Jacob, what's wrong?"

- "Bella, I smelled other vampires, we're coming home"
write more
wow........ thats not good........... love it............
Oh that was good! Who are the other vampires? I can't wait to read more!
Fourth chapter! I couldn't wait till tomorrow to update, soon we'll know who this new vapires are :D. Leave some comments


Jacob and Reneesme get home in no time. We were waiting for Jasper and Emmett; they were coming home to listen about the new vampires. My mind was trying to see the implications about other vampires living here, they may try to hurt us, they may try to hurt Reneesme and this can't happen again, no one is going to hurt my daughter. But there was another line of thought in my head, maybe it was a little coven, maybe they were just passing by, maybe there's no problem at all and I'm just worrying for nothing. I looked to see the face of my husband and he was having the same battle in his head. He looked at me and he smiled, he was trying to calm me, but he didn't look so calm either.

Jacob was peeking through the window and Reneesme was looking each face, with worry in her eyes. I tried to calm my face for her; maybe there was no need to get so worked up. Five minutes passed and the part of my family, the ones we were waiting at least, came to the house, the rest; Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Rosalie were working and they couldn't come.

- "Okay, tell us what happen" It was Jasper, he already have the mask he always used when there was some kind of trouble.

- "Me and Nessie were walking in the woods, not too far from the high way, and I smelled some other vampires, I think there were two of them, I didn't stay much to figure it out, 'cause the trail wasn't that old, maybe ten, fifteen minutes old. And I didn't recognize any smell, so they aren't someone we know"

- "You did the right thing, Alice saw that the other vampires smelled your trail and started to follow it, but you weren't there anymore, she said she saw one man and one woman, with eyes pitch black, maybe they got attracted by the smell of Reneesme, or they got interested in your smell Jacob, that's something you don't smell that often"

- "Maybe" Jacob said.

- "I think that they got curious" I said, speaking for the first time since Jacob got to the house. "The smell of both of them, Jacob and Reneesme, are something that you don't cross very often, one smells like an animal but not appetizing at all, no offends"

- "Non taken, Bells"

- "And there's the smell of Reneesme, too sweet even for a human, but with the clear smell of a vampire, no one who has smelled her, has trying to drink her blood, so if they were looking for food, they surely weren't trying to find it following the trail of Jacob and Reneesme. Right?" I said looking at every face and apparently my logic was making sense.

- "Yes, I think you're right, love" said Edward, "But they will try to find out the origin of that smell and I think we should try to find them first"

- "Yes, you're totally right, we need to find them first. If they find Reneesme, without a previous explanation, they could hurt her, and they could hurt Jacob too" said Jasper.

- "Let those leeches come" Jacob said, in alpha-werewolf mode now "they don't know what I'm capable of. If they dare to even come near Reneesme, they won't last long to regret it"

- "Jacob, don't!" Said Reneesme, with fear clear in her eyes, "I don't understand why you are talking like that and why are you so sure they will try to kill me"

- "Nessie" I said, taking her hand and looking into her eyes "do you remember the trouble we had with the Volturi?"

- "Of course" she said, giving me a rerun of the incident with her unique ability "but they didn't hurt me, not one of you were hurt, well, except aunt Irina"

- "Yes, but that was because the Volturi is too respectful of their own rules, they couldn't hurt you 'cause they didn't have anything against you, with the appearance of Nahuel they knew that you wouldn't be a problem"

- "But what about the other vampires, the ones who came to help" she said, showing me the faces of the ones who came to witness for us.

- "Yes honey, but those vampires knew us and we explain them your special situation" It was Edward the one to talk now. "These vampires, on the other hand, don't know us and if they find you, without a previous explanation, they could hurt you, they could hurt us too, we don't know how hostile those vampires are"

- "Oh" was all Reneesme could say, Jacob came to sit by her and took her hand "Nessie, don't worry 'bout a thing, is my job to protect you"

- "Is our job" I clarified, stroking her cheek "we won't let anyone hurt you"

- "I know that, it's you am afraid for, what if something happens to you, or to my dad, or to Jacob or…" she touched us, Jacob and me, showing us who did she meant, the rest of our family "what if something happens to them?"

- "Don't worry about us" said Emmett "I'm strong enough to protect us all, and Jasper and Edward are the best fighters that I know, not that the girls need any protection, you know how strong we all are"

- "Yes, I know uncle Em" she said, looking a little ashamed "but I'm always getting you all into trouble" when she said that, every pair of hands came to comfort her.

- "You only bring us happiness, honey" I said "the problems always come from time to time, is something that come with the vampire thing"

- "Besides, we get used to protect Bella when she was a human" said Emmet, always trying to make a joke about everything "protect you will be a piece of cake" he said, patting her shoulder, with a wide grin on his face.

- "He is totally right" said Jasper, starting to pace around the living room "now we have to talk strategies. I think we should start looking for them tonight"

- "I think it will be best if only a few of us go" Edward said, "Maybe you, Emmet and me"

- "I think I should go with you" I said, and before Edward could argue my decision, always to protective to put me in the fire line, I continued "we don't know if they have especial abilities, maybe you'll need my shield" Edward was going to argue again, but this time was Jasper the one to argue back "I think Bella is right, Edward, we should be prepare for any case"

- "Yes, I guess you're right" he said to Jasper, then he turned to talk to me, "It'll kill me, you know, if something bad happen to you"

- "I know, but I'll be fine, I'll have you by my side and Jasper and Emmet will be there too" I said, stroking his cheek and giving him a little peck on the lips "nothing bad is going to happen". My phone started to vibrate and I took it, it was Alice, this time I answered without delay "Alice what happened?" I said, the worry was clear in my voice.

- "Relax Bella; you're always worrying too much. I saw you finding the other vampires, they'll be in the forest that is crossing town, they are three though, there's another female" she said, speaking fast "Rose and I, are going to take care of Nessie, Esme and Carlisle will be at our house, just in case the vampires cross with a trail that lead them there, but I don't see that happening" she said, obviously trying to look ahead "Nope, I don't see that happening, I'll see you tonight". I shut my phone and I look at my family, all of their faces looking at me.

- "That's it, we'll go on our hunting party tonight"
You write fast. Now hurry and write more!
hahaha, yes ma'am.
that was great but I need more fast FAST


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