The Twilight Saga

(COMPLETE) Bella, Edward moved to Hannover, NH, to attend to college, where new adventures begins. They are not the only vampires in town. New problems

I'm posting this fanfic again 'cause, stupid enough, I mixed some chapters
and my story didn't make any sence. I promess to update in the right
order this time. lol. Give it a try! H
ope you enjoy it :)

A/N: This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it!

New life

It has been two and a half years since the Volturi incident. Now we live in Hanover, New Hampshire, outside of town. When I say we I mean my whole family, at least the Cullen part, Charlie stayed in Forks, I could have brought him here, but he is far too comfortable with his
house, his work, and especially with Sue Clearwater his new girlfriend with lack of a better word. We see each other from time to time, when we weren't in classes and in special occasions, I really miss him, especially because he is the one who make this whole vampire thing a
little bit more normal, and Reneesme misses him too, his "funny grandpa" with the "delicious smell", and I know he misses us also, because he keep telling me that, he was so heartbroken when we told him that we had to move, but he felt a little bit better when we promised
that we'll stay in touch and we'll come visit often.

We moved six months ago because of Carlisle, he really don't represent the age that people think he have and he was getting more and more compliments about how young he looked for a thirty-five old man. We came to New Hampshire for college, Edward managed to get us matriculated in Dartmouth, I'm studying Comparative Literature and he is studying Anthropology, he said that, because of me, he learned so much of the human nature that he got interested on the subject, for obvious reasons we have to take the night classes.

We live in a house outside of town surrounded by a little forest, is bigger than our cottage, with four bedrooms, a little kitchen, a dining room and a living room. The four rooms came really handy now that we live with Jacob, he couldn't stay away from Reneesme, obviously, we waited for him to finish high school before we move so he could stay with us, he didn't want to go to college, enjoying every second he have with my daughter. Reneesme is so big, she haven't stop growing yet, counting on Nahuel experience we still have to wait a couple of years before she stop growing, now she looks like a eight year old girl but she have the intelligence of a normal teenager, she loves to read my books and is always looking for more things to
learn, Jacob has his hands full with her.

Of course we don't live to far away from the rest of my family; Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet. They found a couple of houses a mile from mine; they couldn't stay away from my daughter either. Carlisle found a job in the town hospital, and Alice started her own company as a party planner, Rose and Esme work with her. Emmet and Jasper usually carry the stuff for them (no that they needed it to, but it was a little strange when Alice enter a room with an ice sculpture twice her size without breaking a sweat).

Life is pretty good, I have all the people I love around me, even Renee, which still surprised me. Before and after the Volturi thing she kept calling and we were running out of excuses, until Jacob said something about faking an accident or something and a bulb light in my head. Carlisle told Renee that I needed surgery from my rare disease and that my voice was going to change a lot, and when we were coming back to Forks for my recovery we get in a traffic accident and I was the only one who got hurt and I needed a lot of surgeries, especially plastic surgeries, it was bit tricky; every time she came to visit me I had to pretend like I was on a gurney, all wrapped in bandages, of course that with a doctor for a father-in-law I could spend my "recovery" at home, but usually my mother spent days in the house and I only came out when she was very asleep in the other room. When it finally came the time to show my "new face" we were all really nervous about the reaction my mom would have and when she saw me, at first she was really scared, but then she came around it, saying that I look too pale but she thought that was because I spend months sick, my eyes weren't that much different, Alice was able to find me the right kind of contacts to match my old color now that they were light. We couldn't present her to Reneesme; maybe we could find a strange explanation for all that was happening with me, but there was no good explanation about a child that grow by the minute, maybe when she stop growing we could introduce her like a cousin or something. Sure, I can't explain why I'm not aging, but my plan is to grow distant and distant from my mother until the moment we don't even

communicate, sure is going to be very difficult, but we weren't that close anymore, besides this was a better idea than just disappear, knowing Renee she would probably call the FBI if it was necessary, and we didn't need that kind of attention. Now we write each other like once every two months and she barely call us. Maybe this situation doesn't seem like a very happy one, but at least I'm going to have my mother a little longer and that makes me really happy.




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I LOVE IT<33333 PLZ KEEP ME UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!
omg................ that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post more quick!!!!!!
ohhhhhhhhhhhh! i can't wait for more!!

I ran, reaching for the door. I knew that Edward was right behind me and that he could catch me easily, but I wasn't giving up; I will find her and then I'm going to kill her. Lillian, her name made me shiver, she is trying to tear my family apart and I'm not having that. Edward is my husband, he is the father of my child, she won't take him away from me.

- "Jacob, stop her!" Edward yelled, close behind me. I was reaching for the door when Jacob stood in front of it.

- "Jacob I swear to god…" I started, but then I felt my daughter's voice and I stopped, I knew I was doomed right there, a moment of hesitation, that was all Edward needed to catching me.

- "Momma, why are you screaming so much?" Reneesme was coming down stairs, rubbing her eyes.

- "I'm sorry if she woke you, sweetheart" said Edward, frowning at me, "but I was having a bit of a discussion with your mother and she got angry, nothing to worry about. Now, why don't you go to your room for a little while, so your mother and I can talk" he was smiling at her, so she didn't worry about the discussion, she knew that we weren't mad at each other, she looked at me a little confused, but I nodded and I pointed to her room, giving her a smile.

- "Are you coming, Jake?" she said, when she felt he wasn't behind her. Jacob looked at me and then at Edward.

- "No honey" said Edward, "we need a judge for this one" he chuckled, Nessie shrugged and went upstairs. When she was out of sight we sat on the living room, I sat on the couch next to Jacob and Edward sat on a chair in front of us.

- "Explain" Jacob said, looking at me with wide eyes.

- "I was going to kill a vampire, nothing else" I said, calculating the distance to the door, Edward looked at me and I looked somewhere else.

- "I don't have any problems with that" Jacob continued, "but why would you like to do that?"

- "'Cause she is trying to destroy my family"

- "She hasn't tried anything Bella, those were just random thoughts, she hasn't decide to do anything, she just thought it would be fun. You know that Alice would be able to see if she decides something" Edward said, conviction thick in his voice. That was true, but that doesn't mean she doesn't want to destroy my family, she just hasn't decide when.

- "Wait a second" Jacob said, before I could argue back, "what are you talking about? Are you talking about the vampires you saw last night?"

- "Yes, actually" I nodded to Jacob's statement and then I continued arguing with my husband, "Edward, she hasn't decide but she will eventually and I would like to prevent that. She. Won't. Destroy. My. Family!" the fury was taking me again.

- "Isabella, stop it!" Ouch, that hurt, he never calls me Isabella, unless he is really mad and from the way he is looking at me he must be. "If you think, for only one little second that I'll let her destroy my family, then you don't know me. You know that I would kill myself to protect the two of you. You should know that I wouldn't be so relaxed if there's anything jeopardizing my family. If I haven't kill her myself, is because there is nothing to worry about, like I have told you a million of times already"

- "I can't help it Edward, I'm scared, it seems like there's always something trying to tear us apart and you know that I can't live without you, just can't"

A sob came out of my mouth; sobs are the only way I can cry now. In the blink of an eye Edward was there with me, I was sitting on his lap and he was rocking me. It felt so good to be on his arms, I put myself closer to him and he kissed me on the forehead.

- "Bella, nothing will tear us apart, there's no power strong enough to keep me away from you" he lift my chin so I could see him in the eyes, "You should know that by now. I know that nothing bad is going to happen; I read her sister's mind too, and she knows what Lillian is thinking, so she will talk her out of it. Lizzy is the only person Lillian listen to and she'll do whatever Lizzy wants"

- "Are you sure?" I asked, with incredulous eyes.

- "I am, that's why I'm so relaxed, you silly girl" he gave me a kiss on the lips, "I couldn't explain that before, 'cause you ran away from me, you silly, silly beautiful girl" he chuckled and gave me another kiss.

- "Okay, okay, I believe you" I said with a smile, "I'm sorry for the way I reacted, but I can't lose you, so I freak out a little bit"

- "No harm done" he smiled, "now, let's tell our friend Jacob what happen last night, because he is shouting at me" of course he meant in his mind, because Jacob hasn't said a word. I looked at him and he was smiling, finally getting what he wanted.

- "We met with the three vampires last night" I started to say. In that instant Reneesme came downstairs, she obviously has been listening and waiting for this moment to show up.

- "What are you talking about?" she said, walking to stand in front of Edward and I, "Are you still mad?" she looked at me.

- "Like you weren't listening" Edward joked, touching her nose with his index finger.

- "I don't know what you're talking about"

- "You don't? So why did you came down here, in the exact second your mother started to talk about our last night's adventure?" he raised an eyebrow to her, she was going to reply but Jacob talked before.

- "Nessie, we know that you were listening, now can you stop acting like you don't so your mother can tell me last night's story"

- "You mean us, she'll tell the story to us"

- "Nope, this is an adult conversation, not a dwarf one" he laughed at his joke.

They were always fighting like they were siblings, but it was never for something serious and they couldn't stay mad at each other for too long. This is their relationship, they are like brother and sister, and that's why Edward and I are so comfortable to keep Jacob around, he has no other feelings besides the need to protect my daughter and I was grateful for that.

- "If you want you can keep me apart Jake, but you know that you will tell me what she said, you always do" even though she didn't know a thing about imprinting, she soon found out that Jacob isn't able to keep secrets from her and she always takes advantage from that.

- "You are evil, little one, just evil" he said, shrinking his eyes. Reneesme just laughed and sat on the chair where Edward was a while before, waiting for me to start my story again.

- "Like I was saying, last night we found the three vampires. One man, named Joey and two twin sisters; Lizzy and Lillian"

- "Twins? Like, identical twins?" Jacob said, with his mouth wide open, I just nodded.

- "But that isn't the most curious thing; they had yellow eyes like ours"

- "So they are vegetarians? Like you?" this time Nessie was the one to ask, Jacob gasped when that sank in.

- "Yep. We invited them to your grandparent's house. They told us where they came from; Joey was the first one to be changed, then he changed Lizzy, his wife, and then she changed her sister, Lillian, and she try to change her mother too, but she was unsuccessful, that's why they are vegetarians now"

I only gave them a short version of the story, I didn't want to talk much about them, at least I didn't want to talk about Lillian, just the sound of her name makes me shiver from anger.

- "Did you tell them about Nessie?" of course, Nessie was the only thing Jacob cared about.

- "Of course, they say that they don't mean any harm towards Nessie" I smiled to my daughter, who was tensed up in her chair; she relaxed a bit after that. "They were really curious about her; you know that Reneesme is really special"

- "Yes, really special this one" he said standing up "are we going to see them sometime soon?" he was walking towards the kitchen.

- "I don't really think so" Edward answered, "at least they didn't have any intentions of that last night"

- "Okay" was all Jacob said, the sound of pots and pans indicated me that Jacob stood up to make himself some breakfast, he peeked through the kitchen door to talk to Reneesme, "do you want some breakfast, Nessie?"

- "No thanks, I'm still full of yesterday's hunting trip" she said, patting her stomach, "so, if there's no danger out there, can I go to the park again?" Jacob laughed in the kitchen.

- "Reneesme, what are you trying to hide from me?" Edward said, looking quite frustrated, Reneesme wasn't making any eye contact; she was looking down at her hands.

- "Nothing" she mumbled, "I just have so much fun yesterday"

- "Nessie, who is that boy I just saw in your head?" Edward growled.
Write more asap
I want o know who that boy is
I do wish Bella would of went to kill Lillian.I hate her
And i luved how you made Edward used the name Isabella
to Bella.It was probaly sexy.Very sexy.Renesmee seems so cute
thanks :) there will be more soon, maybe on the weekend :)
oooooOOOOoooooo nessie has a crush!!!! lol!!!! i cant wait for more!!!!!!!
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahahahha LOL... I want to know what will Jake's reaction will be!!!!??!?!?! but hey How old is Nessie?? hahahahahah LOL can't waut for Jake's POV on this hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah LOL

Nessie, who is that boy I just saw in your head?" PERFECT!!! :P more ASAP
Nessie is almost 3, but looks like an 8-9 year old ;)
Yep, she looks like 8, but her mind is like a 13, actually I wrote just that in the las chapter I updated :P
Thanks for your reviews :)
the next chapter is in the next page, in case you didn't see it :P
edward calm down man
you just got upset when bella was mad and ready to kill lilly
love it


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