The Twilight Saga

(COMPLETE) Bella, Edward moved to Hannover, NH, to attend to college, where new adventures begins. They are not the only vampires in town. New problems

I'm posting this fanfic again 'cause, stupid enough, I mixed some chapters
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A/N: This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it!

New life

It has been two and a half years since the Volturi incident. Now we live in Hanover, New Hampshire, outside of town. When I say we I mean my whole family, at least the Cullen part, Charlie stayed in Forks, I could have brought him here, but he is far too comfortable with his
house, his work, and especially with Sue Clearwater his new girlfriend with lack of a better word. We see each other from time to time, when we weren't in classes and in special occasions, I really miss him, especially because he is the one who make this whole vampire thing a
little bit more normal, and Reneesme misses him too, his "funny grandpa" with the "delicious smell", and I know he misses us also, because he keep telling me that, he was so heartbroken when we told him that we had to move, but he felt a little bit better when we promised
that we'll stay in touch and we'll come visit often.

We moved six months ago because of Carlisle, he really don't represent the age that people think he have and he was getting more and more compliments about how young he looked for a thirty-five old man. We came to New Hampshire for college, Edward managed to get us matriculated in Dartmouth, I'm studying Comparative Literature and he is studying Anthropology, he said that, because of me, he learned so much of the human nature that he got interested on the subject, for obvious reasons we have to take the night classes.

We live in a house outside of town surrounded by a little forest, is bigger than our cottage, with four bedrooms, a little kitchen, a dining room and a living room. The four rooms came really handy now that we live with Jacob, he couldn't stay away from Reneesme, obviously, we waited for him to finish high school before we move so he could stay with us, he didn't want to go to college, enjoying every second he have with my daughter. Reneesme is so big, she haven't stop growing yet, counting on Nahuel experience we still have to wait a couple of years before she stop growing, now she looks like a eight year old girl but she have the intelligence of a normal teenager, she loves to read my books and is always looking for more things to
learn, Jacob has his hands full with her.

Of course we don't live to far away from the rest of my family; Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet. They found a couple of houses a mile from mine; they couldn't stay away from my daughter either. Carlisle found a job in the town hospital, and Alice started her own company as a party planner, Rose and Esme work with her. Emmet and Jasper usually carry the stuff for them (no that they needed it to, but it was a little strange when Alice enter a room with an ice sculpture twice her size without breaking a sweat).

Life is pretty good, I have all the people I love around me, even Renee, which still surprised me. Before and after the Volturi thing she kept calling and we were running out of excuses, until Jacob said something about faking an accident or something and a bulb light in my head. Carlisle told Renee that I needed surgery from my rare disease and that my voice was going to change a lot, and when we were coming back to Forks for my recovery we get in a traffic accident and I was the only one who got hurt and I needed a lot of surgeries, especially plastic surgeries, it was bit tricky; every time she came to visit me I had to pretend like I was on a gurney, all wrapped in bandages, of course that with a doctor for a father-in-law I could spend my "recovery" at home, but usually my mother spent days in the house and I only came out when she was very asleep in the other room. When it finally came the time to show my "new face" we were all really nervous about the reaction my mom would have and when she saw me, at first she was really scared, but then she came around it, saying that I look too pale but she thought that was because I spend months sick, my eyes weren't that much different, Alice was able to find me the right kind of contacts to match my old color now that they were light. We couldn't present her to Reneesme; maybe we could find a strange explanation for all that was happening with me, but there was no good explanation about a child that grow by the minute, maybe when she stop growing we could introduce her like a cousin or something. Sure, I can't explain why I'm not aging, but my plan is to grow distant and distant from my mother until the moment we don't even

communicate, sure is going to be very difficult, but we weren't that close anymore, besides this was a better idea than just disappear, knowing Renee she would probably call the FBI if it was necessary, and we didn't need that kind of attention. Now we write each other like once every two months and she barely call us. Maybe this situation doesn't seem like a very happy one, but at least I'm going to have my mother a little longer and that makes me really happy.




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hahahahahhahahaha loved it!!!!!! cant wait for more!!!!!!
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Oh my gosh ! I need to know who that guy is! Plz get the next chapter ASAP.... Right AWAY!! I love it. Add me as a friend, and keep me updated!!]
Thanks! I'll keep you updated, don't worry ;)
the suspense is killing me lol hurry update sooooooon
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HAHA I LOVE the last line!

Write more Fast!
The New Guy

Edward and I were on a bench outside my classroom, I was waiting for my next class and Edward was waiting for the guy that Alice saw.

- "Did you see him?" I asked him, standing up, my teacher was already inside of the classroom and he hated interruptions.

- "No, maybe he is in another of your classes" he said, looking around.

- "Maybe" I said, touching his face, he looked at me instantaneously, "You'll be stalking me the rest of the night, so you'll find out soon enough" I chuckled.

- "I wouldn't call 'hear the thoughts around my wife', stalking" he smiled at me.

- "Sure, honey, that's not stalking" I laughed, I kissed him and I proceed to enter to my third period class.

I sat on the last sit; I hear and see well enough, so I don't need to sit in the front, besides I don't get much attention in the back. Fifteen minutes of classes had gone by when we heard a knock on the door, we all looked at Mr. Johnson, frightened; he really hated interruptions. He groaned and said "It's open" and two men walk in, the both of them were tall, like Jasper. They introduced themselves to the teacher; it was low enough so no one could hear them, no one except me. The first one was named Roger Saks, he had brown hair and brown eyes, the other one was named Ethan Robbins, he had blond hair, a shade darker than Rosalie's, and green eyes, his skin was lightly tanned and he had a beautiful smile. When he closed the door behind him he blew their scents to me and I stop breathing all along. The smell of Ethan was so delicious, so mouthwatering, my body was ready to spring, my mouth full of venom and it was so easy to kill him right there… But I was better than that, that's why I've stop breathing a second ago, so I wouldn't get myself tempted… This thing doesn't suppose to be really rare? What's the possibility? My head was spinning so fast, it was really hard to stay focused, I didn't even look at them when they sat near me; Roger in the row next to me and Ethan in the row next to him. I felt someone touching my shoulder and I jumped, startled.

- "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to bother you" Roger was leaning towards me, I smiled at him, I didn't want to spend my air supply. "I'm Roger by the way" he smiled at me, "can you lend me your notes? I want to see what I've missed"

- "Sure, but I didn't came to yesterday's classes" I said, really quick, passing him my notes, I had enough breath for a couple of more sentences. He received them, read them really quick and returned them to me.

- "Thanks" he said smiling even more, "So, what's your name?"

- "Mr. Saks, I'm not a statue, I can hear you talking", Mr. Johnson said.

- "Sorry sir, I'll stop talking now" Roger said, smiling. He looked at me and I smiled in return.

I was still as a mummy for the rest of the class; I blinked a couple of times, making sure that I wasn't being too inhuman to rise any suspicious. When Mr. Johnson was looking for something in his bag Roger talked to me again.

- "So… Your name?"

- "It's Bella Cullen", only one sentence to go and, I was sure, I wouldn't resist another whiff of Ethan's smell to keep talking to Roger. I took my shield out so I could warn Edward; "Edward, I need you. You have to get me out of…" I stopped because there was a loud knock on the door, the door opened without an invitation and Edward was there, looking worried, "The smell" I said in my mind, pointing with my eyes towards Ethan.

- "What's the interruption for?" Mr. Johnson said, looking really annoyed.

- "I'm sorry sir, I need Bella Cullen, there's a family emergency and she has to go"

- "Are you her brother?"

- "No, her husband" Edward said, smiling and looking towards me, I wasn't able to move from my sit, "Come love, there's nothing to worry about, it isn't that bad"

I nodded and I got up, I walked at human pace towards the door. When I got to the door Edward grabbed my hand, and he towed me to the plaza. When we were far away from Ethan's smell he said.

- "Breathe my love, breathe some clear air" I shook my head, I wasn't near ready. "It'll be fine, hear me, I'm the voice of the experience" he chuckled. He was stroking my hair, waiting for me to breathe. He waited a couple of seconds, I concentrated and I breathe slowly, grabbing Edward's hands in case I needed some help.

- "Better?" I breathe a couple of times, cleaning my airways, it was better.

- "Much better, thank you very much"

- "No problem love, I'm here for you" he said, kissing my hand, "Now, why didn't you call me sooner? Why did you have to wait so long?"

- "I was handling it very well, I had no way to know that this other guy wanted to talk to me so much" for my surprise, Edward laughed at me and I had no idea why.

- "Bella, every guy in that room wants to talk to you, even your teacher, they were all disappointed when they heard that you were a married woman" he chuckled, "you are the most beautiful woman in New Hampshire, in the world for that matter, every guy wants to talk to you, if they don't do it's because they are intimidated for your beauty. I can't believe this Roger guy had the guts, he was really nervous though, I heard it all, he was amazed that you even care to look at him and, I must say, you had become a really great actress, because I couldn't tell that you were having murdering thoughts towards anybody, if that were the case I would show up earlier to save you from hurting"

- "It was hard, really hard, I think I'll have to hunt everyday for a while, till I get use to it" Edward face turned serious, he moved back so he could see my whole face.

- "Bella, you don't have to do this, you don't have to go to classes, no if that'll make you suffer"

- "No Edward, you know I'm no quitter, besides I handle it pretty good, you know I have a great self control and I really like going to college and I don't want to give it up for such a little thing, I'll just need more concentration, that's all" he consider it for a couple of seconds.

- "Okay, but I will be watching you every second" I was going to argue that, but he put one finger in my mouth, "only to see if you need some help. And you will call me if you need me, even for the littlest thing, are we clear?"

- "Sir, yes sir" I said and we both laughed, "Now, why don't we go home, maybe we could spend a little time together while our house is empty"

- "Okay, but you'll hunt something first, your eyes are a little darker then this morning", he said stroking the skin of my cheeks.

In our way home I hunted a couple of deer, we got to the house and we went directly to our room, we had left a couple of hours until sunrise. In the morning we went to pick up Reneesme, she and Jacob were waiting for us outside; they were playing cards in the porch.

- "Momma, can I go to Forks with Jake, Pleeeeease" she said, bouncing.

- "Back up a second. What are you talking about?" I said, looking at Jacob for an explanation.

- "I have to go to Forks the next week, it has been a month since the last time I was there; I have to check with my pack and see my dad. I didn't invite your daughter though, she invited herself" Reneesme looked at Jacob betrayed. "But" Jacob continued, "I'll take good care of her if she comes with me. She can stay at Charlie's house to spend some time with her grandpa, but I'll keep an eye on her, just in case" I had no problem with Reneesme going to Forks, I knew she would be safe, but it was fun making her wait a little; all the time I was "meditating", she was bouncing and begging me; "Please momma, please, I'll be on my best behavior, I'll eat everything grandpa Charlie makes me for dinner, I'll go hunting with Jacob if I need, I'll even keep studying if you like" we all laughed in that instant, even the ones that were inside laughed.

- "Okay, okay, you can go. You can have your fun, but you have to keep studying, your father will do you a pop quiz when you get home, okay?"

- "Okay mommy, you guys are the best, I love you both" she hugged us and we kissed her on the forehead.

We went inside the house. Alice, Jasper and Carlisle were on the living room; Alice and Jasper were watching TV, Carlisle was reading a book, and we heard Esme cooking some breakfast for Jacob and Nessie. We sat on the couch next to Alice and Jasper, Edward cleared his throat and everyone was watching him, even Esme who was no longer cooking. Edward told them what had happen today and everyone was surprised, but not for my self control, it was for the fact that once again something so rare was happening again. We discussed the rest of the day, till it was time to leave. I got up but then decided to ask Alice a question.

- "Alice, you don't see anything bad happening, don't you?" she closed her eyes and frowned, she was trying to look ahead, after a minute she shook her head.

- "No Bella, I can't see anything happen, but you'll be the first to know if that changes" she said, looking very sure of herself. And with that we left, with the confidence that nothing bad was coming.
Sorry it took so much for me to post this chapter, but I have a huuuuuuge test on monday, so I'm spending all my time studying :P
Hope you like it :)
i really liked this chapter its like bella and edward all over again except its bella who cant resist
luved the chapter
awesome!!!!!! cant wait for more!!!!!!!!!


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