The Twilight Saga

(COMPLETE) Bella, Edward moved to Hannover, NH, to attend to college, where new adventures begins. They are not the only vampires in town. New problems

I'm posting this fanfic again 'cause, stupid enough, I mixed some chapters
and my story didn't make any sence. I promess to update in the right
order this time. lol. Give it a try! H
ope you enjoy it :)

A/N: This is my first fanfic. I hope you like it!

New life

It has been two and a half years since the Volturi incident. Now we live in Hanover, New Hampshire, outside of town. When I say we I mean my whole family, at least the Cullen part, Charlie stayed in Forks, I could have brought him here, but he is far too comfortable with his
house, his work, and especially with Sue Clearwater his new girlfriend with lack of a better word. We see each other from time to time, when we weren't in classes and in special occasions, I really miss him, especially because he is the one who make this whole vampire thing a
little bit more normal, and Reneesme misses him too, his "funny grandpa" with the "delicious smell", and I know he misses us also, because he keep telling me that, he was so heartbroken when we told him that we had to move, but he felt a little bit better when we promised
that we'll stay in touch and we'll come visit often.

We moved six months ago because of Carlisle, he really don't represent the age that people think he have and he was getting more and more compliments about how young he looked for a thirty-five old man. We came to New Hampshire for college, Edward managed to get us matriculated in Dartmouth, I'm studying Comparative Literature and he is studying Anthropology, he said that, because of me, he learned so much of the human nature that he got interested on the subject, for obvious reasons we have to take the night classes.

We live in a house outside of town surrounded by a little forest, is bigger than our cottage, with four bedrooms, a little kitchen, a dining room and a living room. The four rooms came really handy now that we live with Jacob, he couldn't stay away from Reneesme, obviously, we waited for him to finish high school before we move so he could stay with us, he didn't want to go to college, enjoying every second he have with my daughter. Reneesme is so big, she haven't stop growing yet, counting on Nahuel experience we still have to wait a couple of years before she stop growing, now she looks like a eight year old girl but she have the intelligence of a normal teenager, she loves to read my books and is always looking for more things to
learn, Jacob has his hands full with her.

Of course we don't live to far away from the rest of my family; Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet. They found a couple of houses a mile from mine; they couldn't stay away from my daughter either. Carlisle found a job in the town hospital, and Alice started her own company as a party planner, Rose and Esme work with her. Emmet and Jasper usually carry the stuff for them (no that they needed it to, but it was a little strange when Alice enter a room with an ice sculpture twice her size without breaking a sweat).

Life is pretty good, I have all the people I love around me, even Renee, which still surprised me. Before and after the Volturi thing she kept calling and we were running out of excuses, until Jacob said something about faking an accident or something and a bulb light in my head. Carlisle told Renee that I needed surgery from my rare disease and that my voice was going to change a lot, and when we were coming back to Forks for my recovery we get in a traffic accident and I was the only one who got hurt and I needed a lot of surgeries, especially plastic surgeries, it was bit tricky; every time she came to visit me I had to pretend like I was on a gurney, all wrapped in bandages, of course that with a doctor for a father-in-law I could spend my "recovery" at home, but usually my mother spent days in the house and I only came out when she was very asleep in the other room. When it finally came the time to show my "new face" we were all really nervous about the reaction my mom would have and when she saw me, at first she was really scared, but then she came around it, saying that I look too pale but she thought that was because I spend months sick, my eyes weren't that much different, Alice was able to find me the right kind of contacts to match my old color now that they were light. We couldn't present her to Reneesme; maybe we could find a strange explanation for all that was happening with me, but there was no good explanation about a child that grow by the minute, maybe when she stop growing we could introduce her like a cousin or something. Sure, I can't explain why I'm not aging, but my plan is to grow distant and distant from my mother until the moment we don't even

communicate, sure is going to be very difficult, but we weren't that close anymore, besides this was a better idea than just disappear, knowing Renee she would probably call the FBI if it was necessary, and we didn't need that kind of attention. Now we write each other like once every two months and she barely call us. Maybe this situation doesn't seem like a very happy one, but at least I'm going to have my mother a little longer and that makes me really happy.




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Thanks for reading :)

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Loved it! :)
new reader: ok ok ok so i absolutely LOVE your story...its GREAT! but Lillian that s****** a** b****!!!! ugh i wish they allowed Bella to kill her! it wouldve made everyone feel better...How about Jacob bring Leah back with him and the two of them take care of that t**** with Emmett and Jasper standing by....ugh...& poor Bella is too stubborn but I feel like I'd do the same thing if i were to be in a situation such as and of course if I were a vamp. lol. but ugh. that WANCH! got Balla all miserable looking and vamp sleeping is funny now....but ugh...please inform me when you update! =D
thanks! I will :)
wish i found this story earlier , cause i abs. love it
at least you find it :)
Thanks for reading ;)
NEW READER LUV UR STORY!!!!!!!!! When I started readin at parts and I would start to cry or laugh or maybe even yell my mom would look at me like I was crazy. I would say I'm sorry mom it's just soo good! Then when we went on a trip to new mexico I didn't have acsses to a computer I was havin an axienty attack the whole time til I got to one!!!! Anywho I luv ur story keep writin and write more as fast a edward can run!!!!!!!!!
ha ha ha. Thanks!! I'm glad you like it! I was actually going to update like right now, I hope that's fast enough. lol.
So, I have something to share... A New Life is coming to its end. I know, its terrible, BUT I was thinking in doing a sequel, but not in any time soon (sorry, but I don't have much time). So, there'll be like 4 more chapters and an epi. Tell me what you think, bye! Love you all!!

Isle Esme

When we got to Isle Esme I felt that all my worries had stayed in Hannover. I wasn't so tired anymore, it was nice to not have to be stretching my shield all of the time, the tension is out of me, I feel more relaxed already. When I turned around to see Edward's face I could see he was relaxed as well and I regretted all the pain I made him suffer.

- "I'm sorry" I said to him, stroking his face. He closed his eyes and smile.

- "It's all better now love, don't worry about it" he kissed my hand, which was still cupping his face.

Nessie, who was exploring the house, came running toward us wearing the biggest smile. She was bouncing around us with her stuffed wolf.

- "Can we go swimming?" She said. Edward and I laughed at her excitement; she was close to explode from happiness.

- "Nessie, our luggage is still on the boat, can you at least wait until we're settled?" Edward asked his daughter.

- "Daaaad" she whined.

- "Neeeeess" he whined right back, "it won't take long sweetheart, I swear" Edward said, kissing her cheek. Edward went to pick our luggage in vampire speed, but apparently that was too slow for Nessie, 'cause she kept bouncing excited, until Edward yell from inside the house "You can't swim without a bathing suit Nessie"

- "Oh, right" she took my hand and she towed me in.

- "Your suitcase is right over there, in the blue room" Edward pointed to Nessie. She ran to her room.

- "I wanted the blue room" I said, pouting.

- "Why?" Edward asked, embracing me "the white room is bigger and has the best view"

- "In the white room there's only one good memory, but in the blue room there's a whole bunch, I like those memories, I like them very much"

- "I like those memories too" he said, kissing me "but I think is only fair that the white room gets a bunch of good memories too" he chuckled.

- "A bunch?" I said kissing his neck.

- "A bunch and a lot better"

- "Mmm, I like that idea very much" I reach to his face to kiss him but my daughter stopped us.

- "You haven't put your bathing suits?" she shrieked, she pushed us to our bedroom, leaving us next to our suitcases, she went out through the window door, "hurry up!" she said, smiling.

Edward and I were ready in a second, walking behind our daughter who was running toward the sea. In the water you could see little points of light; it were the ones reflecting from our skin. It was so nice to be out in the open, worrying about nothing and I really mean nothing. No Lillian, no shield, no problems.

Reneesme left her stuffed wolf in the sand, next to a palm tree. "Be careful sweetie" I said to her, she was already in the water, "don't go too far"

Edward put a big towel down, so we could sit. We were going to swim, but we wanted to see our daughter enjoying water first, she was so happy that it was impossible not to smile with her.

- "How are you?" Edward whispered in my ear.

- "Never been better. I feel so… free"

- "That was the point" he said, stroking my cheek with the back of his hand. A soft smile in his face.

- "I'm sorry Edward, about everything, I know that I was hurting you, I know that I was hurting our entire family, even Nessie"

- "Stop apologizing Bella, you were trying to protect us, very stubbornly, but still" he chuckled a little and then he gave me the crooked smile that I love "if it was the other way around I would have done the same"

- "I'm sure you would" I chuckled, I kissed him softly on the lips, "Now, let's go for a swim"

The time in the Island was great. We took Reneesme to do all the things that we did on our honeymoon (when Edward was trying to keep me busy). She never went out without her stuffed wolf.

In the day, we spend most of the time entertaining Nessie, in the night, we spend most of our time making love. Life couldn't be sweeter.

- "I don't want to go back" I whispered, my head was resting in Edward's naked chest, "I want to be here, like this, with you, forever" he kissed the top of my head.

- "We don't have to if you don't want to. We can stay here as long as you like"

- "I know, that makes leaving so much harder, I do want to end my studies"

- "You can postpone it as long as you want love" he said, rubbing my back, something that sent shivers through my spine.

- "I really don't want to, I like my classes and I like my teachers, the only thing I hate about New Hampshire is the possibility of having a new 'Lillian episode'" he chuckled softly, barely moving his chest.

- "You don't have to worry about that, love" he said, lifting my chin so he was looking deeply into my eyes "I don't want you to worry about that till the day Lillian makes a decision, I don't want to start all over again, understood?"

- "Yes, sir" I said, furrowing my eyebrows. He laughed and he kissed me, sending a new wave of chills through my body, "I love you Edward, always had and always will, for the rest of forever and then some more"

- "I love you too, my beautiful Bella" he whispered in to my ear, I shivered and he started nibbling my ear, a moan came out of my mouth, I turned around to kiss him when we heard Nessie coming out of her room. We looked at the watch and it was 8 am, Edward covered our bodies just a second before Nessie came into the bedroom.

- "Hi sweetheart" I said to my beautiful daughter, who was still rubbing her eyes. She walked toward us, jumping on top of the bed, between Edward and me. Thank god she decided to stay outside the covers. Edward ruffled her hair and kissed her forehead when she decided to turn around and she put a hand on Edward's face.

- "Yes Nessie, we can go hunting today" he said and Reneesme smiled, too sleepy to say anything, "in fact, I have an idea" we both looked to Edward tilting our head to the side, "we came here as a way to celebrate Nessie's birthday, but we also came as a late anniversary celebration" he looked at me, smiling crookedly, "I can't take your mother to a fancy dinner or drink any champagne to celebrate" he said, looking serious, "so I was thinking we could go hunting somewhere else, not the main island" my eyes instantly shined with the idea.

- "Where are we going to hunt?" Nessie asked and Edward smiled.

- "To the Amazon" his eyes where shining with the expectation too.

It took us three hours to get to the heart of the rainforest. My mouth was watering with the expectation. Animal blood wasn't as good as human blood, but the blood of the predators was actually really good and here, there were a lot of predators. We were on a tree waiting to see a prey worth catching. In only six minutes a panther was walking slowly near the river.

- "Can I have that?" Reneesme whispered to his father. Both Edward and I looked at the panther and then we looked to our little daughter.

- "Are you crazy Reneesme?" Edward whispered back, so he didn't startled the panther, "it is too big for you"

- "What am I supposed to drink?" she whispered back, pissed, "an otter?"

- "I think that the otters are in danger here in the Amazon, maybe some other time" Edward said, teasing her.

- "Daaaaad" Nessie managed to whine even though she was whispering.

- "Tell you what, I hunt it for you and you can drink it" Edward said, smiling.

- "But…" she was going to argue.

- "Nessie, it's the best offer you can get, take it" I whispered to her.

- "Okay" she said. Edward jumped to the other tree, so he was just above the panther, he jumped easily and landed over the panther, he bit on his neck and the panther didn't even noticed.

- "That's no fun" I said, while my daughter was coming down of the tree to drink the immobile animal.

- "Since when are you playing Emmett's part?" Edward said to me.

- "I'm not talking to actually fight with the animal, but maybe a little chase" I said smiling.

- "That's how I'm planning to hunt my food, that was only for Nessie" he said, wrapping his arms around me.

We found a couple of Panthers not too far from the first, the hunting was exciting and the blood was delicious. Nessie hunted a Wild Cat all by herself and she was pretty full, she never needed to hunt as much as Edward and I. Edward hunted a couple of Piranhas to know how they tasted like (good for a cold blood, but not good enough to hunt them again) when he was throwing the fish cadaver to the river I saw my next prey; a Jaguar. It was swimming a couple of miles from where we were standing; it was coming out of the water. I put myself in 'hunting mode', Edward noticed and followed my gaze, "Happy anniversary" he said in my ear, and I started running toward my prey. It saw me coming and it started to run, as fast as it could, I laughed with the exhilaration, too bad for the Jaguar; I was way faster then it. I jumped and I bite him easily, the warm blood filling my mouth.

- "How was it?" Edward said when I stopped drinking.

- "I left you a little if you want to try, I don't think we'll find another one" I said, stepping back so he could reach the animal.

- "No love, it's all yours" I ran to stand behind his back and I kissed the back of his neck.

- "Happy anniversary" I said in his ear, he chuckled and then he proceeded to drink the rest of the blood, which was a little less than half the animal's blood. It was pretty late by then, we were walking to the city, holding hands, Nessie was mesmerized for the amount of exotic animals wandering around, and I must say, so was I; the colors, the sizes, it was all new for both of us, and we were having the best of times. We were reaching the city when Edward's phone buzzed. He took it out from his pocket to see who it was.

- "It's Alice" he said. I was worried, 'cause the last time Alice called was to deliver some pretty bad news.

*Guess what Alice has to say :)
First Reply! yay! Update please!
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease write more soon

I hate Liliam!!!!!!!
* okay I would guess.. Lillian,Jacob or the Amazons vamps are going to appear
Love it more ASAP


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