The Twilight Saga


Chapter One-Missing Jake

Bella's Pov:


I woke up with a start and I saw that my dad was looking at me like he's seen a ghost. I didn't know what was going on. I looked on my desk and saw a note that said: Funeral for Jacob Black on May 30th at 11am in La Push.I swallowed and broke down, My Personal sun was gone. I cried hard and I shook and cried even more. Charlie put his arm on my shoulder and then walked back downstairs.I fell asleep again and cried in my sleep. After I woke up at 6 in the morning, I got dressed and washed and I looked in the mirror. My eyes were red from crying all night. Charlie was already up, I walked into the Kitchen and I saw Embry. I hunged out with him and the Wolf Pack, I was Jake's Girlfriend but that changed since V..victoria killed him. I looked at Embry and Charlie left the room. Embry walked over to me and hugged me tight. I hugged him back sobbed "So how you been?" I asked him through my tears. I felt Embry Shrugg and Rubb my back "Umm not so good, not better than you Bells. We all miss him you know" He answered back. I sat down and pulled him lightly on the chair opposite me. "I know you do. I am sorry" I said and looked down. I felt that Embry lifted my chin up and looked at me "Bells, dont blame your self, She killed him, Its not your fault, You tried to warn him but he wouldn't listen to you or to us for that matter" Embry said and wiped my tears away. I grabbed a tissue and cleaned my eyes. "I guess so" I replied and looked at him "So is there a reason why you are here?" I asked "Yeah Billy wants us to help pack up Jake's things" Embry answered and I stiffened a bit. "Umm yeah I suppose he would" I replied and Embry nodded. I ate some breakfast and Embry just watched me for a while and then ate some cereals and then we went out to my car and Embry drove to Billy's house. I just looked at my hands. Embry drove for about 30 Minutes and then he stopped in front of Jake's House and we both got out. Billy was already waiting in front of the house. I saw Jake's Empty Shed, and I saw Paul and Sam cleaning it. They walked out and hugged me, I was suprised that Paul was being nice but we got a long a bit better now. I hugged them both back and then we walked inside the house. It looked so different without Jake. So Empty and more dull somehow. Billy looked at me but I avoided his eyes and looked at the ground. "Bells" Billy started to Say but Sam waved at him not to start. I looked up and saw Embry, Sam and Paul. Paul put his arm on my shoulder and rubbed it and then we walked into Jake's room. I sighed and tears filled my eyes. Embry rubbed my back and started to get Jake's things together with Sam and Paul. I opened his cupboard and pulled out his clothes. They smelled like him. I cried at the smell of them and dropped to my knees and broke down. Paul kneeled down by me and hugged me. I cried in his chest and started to Shake. "I am sorry, I thought that I could do this, but I can't, I just Can't" I said through my tears and ran out of Jake's room and out of the house and I kept running. I heard Paul, Sam and Embry Shout "Bells, Come back" But I kept running until I reached the cliffs. I wasnt going to jump. I just looked at the waves. I was about to turn when someone shoved me and pushed me off the cliff. I screamed,  as I landed in the water I hit my head on a rock and passed out. The Currents pulled me under.

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ok this is awesome write more please update me like i love this u could be famous cuz of this make it into a movie and book wow love it so much
new reader
i love it:)post more soon
keep me updated
great story keep wrtting
hey girl u haven't updated in a while what's up??
it is good so so good and post more soon
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Bitte posten Sie mehr . Außerdem halten mich aktualisieren
please, new update ?


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