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Okay, so this is a Jasper fanfic, sorry to all Alice fans, but there is no Alice in this, well very little. I had this idea when reading a friend's story, and decided to try it out. It's mainly set 3 years after the end of Breaking Dawn, but the introduction is set a few weeks after. I really hope you enjoy this.


I could still hear her scream in my mind, even though 3 long years had passed.

It had been an ordinary day, well as ordinary as you could get when you’re me.

Alice was out hunting, and I was sitting in our room, reading my favourite book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I had read it a thousand times, but every time I pored over it, I discovered something new I hadn’t seen before.

Carlisle was in his study; Edward, Bella and Renesmee were outside; Esme was reading something, and Rose and Emmett were in the garage.

I felt happy here, peaceful, the emotions here were good for me.

Of course, I was always watching Alice’s emotions.

She was so energetic and happy all the time, it made me feel good too.

But today, something changed.

She went from concentrated on her hunt, to wary, to plain terrified.

I sat bolt upright when I felt this.

What on earth could make her feel like this?

I knew of only one thing.

The Volturi.

I jumped from my place on the bed, and sprang out of the window, running as fast as I could, searching for her.

Then I heard her scream.

I wheeled towards the sound, praying to a god I didn’t believe in that she was alright, that it was only my imagination.

I came to a clearing, and the sight I saw there nearly made me choke.

The backs of two hooded Volturi walking away....

And a large fire.

The smell of her sweet perfume, the burning....

Before I could do anything, the rest of my family had appeared behind me, and gasped.

Rage tore through me, and I made a leap towards the bonfire, reaching for my beloved, thinking I could save her, although I knew it was too late.

Emmett grabbed my shoulders, keeping me in his iron grasp, preventing me from going any further, as I shrieked.

They dragged me back to the house, still kicking and screaming for my Alice.

I would never hear her beautiful voice again, nor see her amazing smile.

She was gone.

Gone forever.

I could never have her back.

When I had somewhat calmed down, Edward told us how the Volturi had planned it (he had managed to read the minds of the two Volturi leaving the clearing).

They had wanted Alice to join them, and she had refused.

So they killed her.

They killed my Alice.

I wanted to kill them.

I knew Carlisle wouldn’t allow it though.

I wasn’t a killer like them, was I?

Alice wouldn’t want it.

I fought to calm myself down, for once wishing I could cry, so I could let out all the pain I was feeling.

No matter how much they tried to comfort me, it didn’t work.

I saw through all their false pretences, they were hiding their grieving, concentrating only on me, but I lived in a world of emotions, I could tell.

Pain flowed through every vein in my body, taking over a heart no longer beating.

They say time heals all wounds.

I’m not so sure anymore.


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Hey, thanks.
I think I've read your fic, just didnt comment, but it's brill.
I'll update more soon, probably tomorrow.
omg yeah i love jalice but still that was really good u should continue!
Awwww thanks, probably more tomorrow.
omg that was sooooooooooo sad ** cries a river**
love it!!! cant wait for more!!!
Wow, thanks everyone. I'm glad you're all enjoying it so far, here comes Chapter 1!
I sat in English class, not really listening.
We had just moved to Olympia, Washington, and had started a brand new school that had only just been built.
Apparently, Edward and Bella were 15, and I, Rosalie and Emmett were 16.
Somehow we managed to pass for it too.
Carlisle was once again working in a hospital in the city, and we had frequent visits from the wolf pack too, especially Jacob, who couldn’t bear to be away from Nessie and Bella for too long.
As much as we hated moving away from Forks, there was no way Carlisle could pass for nearly 40, and I really didn’t want to watch Rosalie and Emmett getting married again.
My teacher, Mr Connelly, an Irish guy with a dry sense of humour and a thick skull was droning on about the importance of Shakespeare.
Yeah, yeah, I’d heard it all before.
Somehow that man had survived several attempts to injure him, he fell from the top of the stairs (he was pushed actually) and only bruised his arm, he’d had several heavy French dictionaries thrown at his head and apparently even walked away from a motorcycle crash without a scratch, while the pupil involved was left in a wheelchair for months!
Our subject was The Merchant of Venice, and we had been forced to read the damn thing so many times we could now quote the entire courtroom scene, and now he was quizzing us!
He turned to me sharply, eyebrows raised.
“Mr Hale, seeing as you’re so interested, can you tell me Shylock’s next line?”
I rolled my eyes, and spoke, “My deeds upon my head, I crave the law. The penalty and forfeit of my bond.”
He nodded, and began picking on another poor student, as I went back to my daydreaming.
As the bell rang for lunch, I shot out of my seat to the canteen, where I met the others.
There was short conversation like always, but nothing worth remembering.
Then back to class, which was Spanish with Senor Martinez, who was actually Portuguese, but he was still a good teacher, although rather interested in human psychology.
We were halfway through the lesson, when a knock came to the door.
“Entre!” shouted Senor Martinez.
A girl came in, dressed in jeans, a long-sleeved white top with a black waistcoat with worn trainers.
I gasped.
If I had seen only the clothes, I would have sworn it was my Alice.
She was holding a note, and she was clearly bored senseless.
Senor Martinez looked her up and down, “¿Es la nueva chica?”
She nodded, “Si senor. Me llamo Ayanna.”
Senor Martinez smiled and nodded, “Vaya y siéntese al lado de Jasper.”
He pointed to the empty seat beside me, and this new girl Ayanna, sat down, swinging her bag off her back, and taking a book from it.
What a name.
It was African, from what I could remember.
Then I had to hold my breath.
Her smell was potent, making my throat burn.
I gripped the table hard, and concentrated on ignoring it.
OKOK i'm officially hooked! I really like the idea of Jasper having his own singer. Love to see where this is going.

Keep writing!

Pl update
Thanks everyone, I'm so glad you're enjoying this.
Chapter 1

I soon found out that Ayanna was in most of my classes, and because in most of them I sat alone, she was placed in the seat beside me, making my day hard.
I never had a chance to speak to her properly, but finally I did, one day in math.
“Hello,” I smiled, “My name is Jasper Hale, I haven’t had a chance to introduce myself.”
She smiled back, “Hi, I’m Ayanna, Ayanna Bailey. Yeah, I know, African first name, Scottish last name, well I’m neither, I’m from Puerto Rico.”
I laughed slightly, “Well, it’s nice to meet you. No brothers or sisters here?”
She shook her head, “I’m an only child now. I did have an older brother, but he died when I was twelve.”
“I’m sorry,” I said.
She smiled vaguely, “It’s alright. He wasn’t that great. What about you?”
I rolled my eyes, “A sister, twin actually. Then there’s her boyfriend, and his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. We all live together, cos me and my sister live with our aunt, and her and her husband adopted the other three. It’s very complicated.”
“Wow!” she giggled, “Hold on, your twin, is that the pretty blonde girl you sit with at lunchtime? With the really tall dark-haired guy, the bronze haired guy and the brown haired girl?”
I nodded, grinning, “Her name’s Rosalie. The dark-haired guy is Emmett, the bronze-haired guy is his brother Edward, and the brown haired girl is Edward’s girlfriend Bella.”
“Wow, cool names,” she beamed, “My family’s nowhere near as complicated. Just me and my mom. But hey, how come all the others in your family are like together and you’re not with anyone?”
My face dropped.
I had hoped this topic wouldn’t come up.
Ayanna seemed to notice my change in mood.
“Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked-“
I cut her off, “She died. Car crash. She didn’t stand a chance.”
It was the story we always told.
Ayanna clapped her hand to her mouth.
“I’m so sorry! I had no idea! Oh god....”
“It’s ok,” I said emotionlessly, “Don’t worry about it.”
The bell rang and I walked away, leaving her standing there.
I ditched the next lesson, and stayed in my car, letting the music calm me down.
It wasn’t her fault, she hadn’t realised.
But I had to get away.
Get away from it all.
I drove.
Drove as far as I could.
I couldn’t stay.
I needed a breath of fresh air.
I just wanted to have time to myself.
Time to think.
Maybe I would go to Alaska and stay with Tanya’s family for a while.
Or maybe I would just travel and see who I met along the way.
Either plan sounded better than staying here and having to fight with my thirst every day.
thiis is cool
Read it, love it, but next time you update could you send the link lease!!!!!


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