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Okay, so this is a Jasper fanfic, sorry to all Alice fans, but there is no Alice in this, well very little. I had this idea when reading a friend's story, and decided to try it out. It's mainly set 3 years after the end of Breaking Dawn, but the introduction is set a few weeks after. I really hope you enjoy this.


I could still hear her scream in my mind, even though 3 long years had passed.

It had been an ordinary day, well as ordinary as you could get when you’re me.

Alice was out hunting, and I was sitting in our room, reading my favourite book, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I had read it a thousand times, but every time I pored over it, I discovered something new I hadn’t seen before.

Carlisle was in his study; Edward, Bella and Renesmee were outside; Esme was reading something, and Rose and Emmett were in the garage.

I felt happy here, peaceful, the emotions here were good for me.

Of course, I was always watching Alice’s emotions.

She was so energetic and happy all the time, it made me feel good too.

But today, something changed.

She went from concentrated on her hunt, to wary, to plain terrified.

I sat bolt upright when I felt this.

What on earth could make her feel like this?

I knew of only one thing.

The Volturi.

I jumped from my place on the bed, and sprang out of the window, running as fast as I could, searching for her.

Then I heard her scream.

I wheeled towards the sound, praying to a god I didn’t believe in that she was alright, that it was only my imagination.

I came to a clearing, and the sight I saw there nearly made me choke.

The backs of two hooded Volturi walking away....

And a large fire.

The smell of her sweet perfume, the burning....

Before I could do anything, the rest of my family had appeared behind me, and gasped.

Rage tore through me, and I made a leap towards the bonfire, reaching for my beloved, thinking I could save her, although I knew it was too late.

Emmett grabbed my shoulders, keeping me in his iron grasp, preventing me from going any further, as I shrieked.

They dragged me back to the house, still kicking and screaming for my Alice.

I would never hear her beautiful voice again, nor see her amazing smile.

She was gone.

Gone forever.

I could never have her back.

When I had somewhat calmed down, Edward told us how the Volturi had planned it (he had managed to read the minds of the two Volturi leaving the clearing).

They had wanted Alice to join them, and she had refused.

So they killed her.

They killed my Alice.

I wanted to kill them.

I knew Carlisle wouldn’t allow it though.

I wasn’t a killer like them, was I?

Alice wouldn’t want it.

I fought to calm myself down, for once wishing I could cry, so I could let out all the pain I was feeling.

No matter how much they tried to comfort me, it didn’t work.

I saw through all their false pretences, they were hiding their grieving, concentrating only on me, but I lived in a world of emotions, I could tell.

Pain flowed through every vein in my body, taking over a heart no longer beating.

They say time heals all wounds.

I’m not so sure anymore.


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love it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is very good!
Thanks for all the great feedback, heres another chapter
The next day, I sat in Spanish alone.
Jasper hadn’t turned up and I was worried.
Had I said something that had upset him?
I just wanted to see him again.
All the rest of his family were sitting in their usual spot in the canteen, but there was no sign of him.
I noticed some of his family taking worried glances at me every so often, but I ignored them.
An hour turned into a day.
A day turned into a week.
A week turned into a fortnight.
I began accepting that I wasn’t going to see him again.
It was no use waiting.
Then my luck changed
I walked into science, and there he was, sitting in his usual place.
His hair was messy, his eyes a pale gold, with a light shadow underneath them.
I went and sat down beside him in my seat.
“So you’re back,” I whispered.
“Yeah, I guess so,” he replied wearily.
I gritted my teeth slightly, “Look, was it something I said?”
“I was just visiting some friends. It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”
A microscope was passed to us, and we both reached for it at the same time.
Our hands touched, and she gasped, pulling away almost instantly.
I caught the microscope before it dropped.
She looked at me, a strange look on her face, and then concentrated on her work, her long blonde hair hiding her face.
What had just happened?
The minute I got home, I got out my art set and began to draw what I had seen.
The minutes our hands touched.
It wasn’t the first time this had happened, it had happened before, when I was younger.
I carefully coloured each picture in the exact colours I had seen them.
I wanted everything to be perfect.
The likeness was good too.
I’d always been quite a good artist.
It was one of my passions along with music and dance.
When I had first come to this town, I thought I was never going to like it, that I would be the odd one out.
I didn’t mind being different, that was just who I was, who I wanted to be, and who I was going to be.
And then I met Jasper, and everything just slotted into place.
I had great friends, I was doing well in school, I was a member of several clubs, and my life was pretty much perfect, from my point of view anyway.
Me and mom were getting along fairly well too, a lot better since Jamie had died.
If only things could stay just as good as they were now in this town, then I would be happy.
Happy with my life, and content.
Surely that was all I could ask for.
Well, there was only one other thing that I loved.
But the reality was that it was virtually impossible to have it.
I was starting to get worried for a minute that we were going in the Twilight direction just with Jasper. So, I was excited to see that you turned and got back to your story. I really like it and cannot wait to read more. Very Very Good! Just get to it please....
Glad you're all enjoying it
I yawned, and climbed into bed.
I was tired, unnatural for me, as I usually could never get to sleep.
But tonight, sleep came easy.
I watched by her window, until she was fast asleep.
I had no idea why I was here, it just seemed right.
Not that any of my family would notice my absence.
Since Alice’s death, we had all been more resigned.
Edward and Bella mainly took care of Renesmee, Esme looked after us all.
Carlisle was working double shifts lately, while Emmett and Rose spent most of their time in the garage dismantling the cars then putting them back together again.
No, no-one would notice.
I climbed through her window quietly, and took a glance at her sleeping form.
How lucky she was, to be able to sleep.
What I would give these days to be able to fall asleep and forget the nightmares of the real world.
I chuckled dryly at that thought.
To most people, what I was was a nightmare in itself.
I took a look at her desk, and gasped.
4 perfectly drawn pictures lay there.
How had she known?
There were exactly right, from my memory anyway.
What was going on here?
I grabbed them, and then ran back to the house.
Sorting through the photo albums, I found what I was looking for.
Carlisle was sitting watching TV when I got in.
He sensed something was wrong.
“Jasper? What is it?”
I banged my head against the wall, leaving a dent there.
“The new girl,” I mumbled.
“What about her?”
I showed him the 4 sketches.
One of me when I was in the army, one of Maria, Nettie and Lucy, one of our house back in Forks and finally the one that broke my heart.
A perfect drawing of Alice.
“How does she know Carlisle?” I moaned.
He seemed puzzled.
“I honestly don’t know Jasper. You said when your hands touched, she jumped.”
“Yeah, what’s that got to do with it?”
“Well, don’t forget, some of us show signs of powers before we change. Like you with your charisma, and Alice....Alice with her visions.”
He swallowed hard and I nodded.
He was right.
I couldn’t deny it.
But seeing my past just because she touched me?
Surely that was just a little bit ridiculous.
Or was it?
She had been nothing but trouble since she had arrived.
And now there was a risk of her knowing our secret.
Yet why didn’t I hate her for it?
Had it been anyone else, I would have threatened them or paid them off.
I mean, money wasn’t an object.
But this girl was different.
She seemed strangely pure and innocent, and dare I say it, downright scared at some points.
Like the time when we had been in games, and we were playing hockey in the pouring rain.
The ball had been coming straight for her head and there was no time for her to get out of the way.
I only just managed to swat it away in time.
She received a tongue-lashing from the games teacher and she seemed terrified of him.
But why?
I love your story. I was afraid at first that it was going to be Twilight with Jasper, which has already been done. I'm glad that you are taking it in another direction. While I am sad that Alice was killed, I think this story is great, please keep me updated as to when you post more and please hurry. Can't wait to see what happens next.
Thanks all

I woke up the next morning, opening my eyes to the bright sunlight streaming through the window.
For some unknown reason, I immediately glanced towards my desk.
The sketches were gone.
What on earth?
This was impossible; they had been there just last night.
Confused, I got dressed and headed to school.
Today, there was no sign of Jasper or his family.
One of the other girls in my class, Lucy saw me glancing around the canteen.
“I wouldn’t worry. Whenever the weather’s good, the Cullens disappear off hiking.”
I nodded, thinking about that.
Disappearing in good weather.
Eyes changing colour.
Not eating much at lunch time.
The pale skin.
No, that was a load of rubbish surely!
Or was it.....
I shook the thought from my head, it was stupid.
In Spanish class, we had a sub teacher called Miss Rodriguez.
She held me back after wards.
“¿Algo malo? She asked.
I shook my head, “No, soy fino gracias.”
She nodded, smiling and sent me on my way.
The minute I got home, I went on the internet and typed into the search engine, vampires.
I managed to find a site, Vampires A-Z.
Jigarkhwar, an Indian vampiric sorceress.
Lobishomen, a Brazilian vampire that preys mainly on women.
Then finally.
Stregoni Benefici.
An Italian vampire, said to be on the side of goodness and a mortal enemy of all evil vampires.
Well, that was somewhat of a relief.
Now just to confront him.
But how could I do it?
I mean, his eyes were always so piercing.
Almost like they could see right through me.
It scared me slightly, but only because he seemed to know exactly how I felt.
Like he knew how I was feeling when I was feeling it.
The whole family seemed a little odd.
They always sat by themselves, never attempting to socialise properly.
He always stayed with the others, the only chance to get him alone would be during class and I couldn’t talk to him about it then!
How on earth was this going to succeed?
Should I talk to him before school?
Or after?
I just didn’t know how to do this.
What if I was wrong?
What if I hurt his feelings?
That was one thing I didn’t think I could bear doing to him.
Not him, anyone but him.
If I hurt him, I would never forgive myself.
I hated hurting people’s feelings, especially his.
But what if I was right?
I mean, surely it was all a myth.
An old folk tale, a legend, not reality, surely not.
At least, I hoped so, because the fact that it could be real scared me slightly.
Was he really a killer?
I couldn’t imagine him as one; he was just not like that.
At least, that’s what I hoped.
:D this is still good poor jasper :( ayanna seems alot like bella


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