The Twilight Saga

     "Smile."I said mocking my younger sister Miranda.We'd just moved here to LaPush,Washington.We used to live in Mississippi.The country part.My mom and dad had moved there after the fight in Alicante was over.Thanks alot grandpa Valentine was born in Alicante and raised in the sweet country of Mississippi.I would be trained on a regular basis out in the open because noone usualy pased by.But I have an odd feeling that here it may not be so different.I smiled to myself,after all who could see me in my backyard?Our house was simple it was a 2 story-wooden may I add- 4 bedroom 3 bath and a huge downstairs basement with a pool and a gym.It also had a beautiful patio that was in my room.I could just open the glass double door and step out onto an Romeo and Juliet stage,or atleast that's what I called it.


     "No."My sister said sourly.

"Shatayla I'm used to the country were it's always sunny and I can run around barefoot and run with Roshell"Roshell was her horse.We had sent him to Alicante to live with Magnus and Uncle Alec.

"Not some dark gloomy town that rarely sees the sun.LOOK AT ME!.I'm tan for pete's sake where do you think I got it.In my new shady backyard,or my old wide and bright backyard?"

I shrugged just to bug her.

"Why do you ask me?I dont watch you 24/7"She drew her steele.I grinned."Do not test me Shatayla Lightwood"I shook my head at how cranky she was.We never actually fought but we train with each other.My phone started to sing'Rumors'by Adele I instantly knew who it was.

"Maxalator!"I beamed into the phone.Max and the Flock met me one day while I fended them from a new kind of Downworlder a new species a new set of Vampires?Yea I did these had red eyes and one was sneaking up on the Igster and I when we were talking about how to get from 148 Fulter to 189 Calt.

Noone knew that I knew them not even dad.They always would think I was talking to a boy.


     "Hey Tayla,what are you doin?Have you heard of the New Pod people?I think their called the uhm Dumsday?"I snickered.

"You mean the FangGang?or the Doomsday group?"I felt the coldness in her voice as she said.

"Both."At that moment I was sitting in the couch taking a sip of ice tea and fliping the channel with the phone to my ear.Miranda had left the room mumbling about demons and angels when i'd answered the phone.

    My mom came in."Sha honey I need you to go ahead and make 3 laps around Lapush and then you can start training out back."I smiled widely.I loved to train.I nodded slightly as I got up.I was talking to Max about everything.I was halfway done when I saw a huge group of 8 really huge,tall,buff boys .Their height reminded me of Magnus thoug they looked nothing like Magnus.I suddenly felt an urg to go play in the water.I went over to the water as far away from the boys.I was standing in the water, talking to Max about how it would be okay to let me have Angel and Iggy.She was swearing at me from left to right because I knew how fund she was of her children.giggles.She knew I loved Angel and Gazzy like my own also.

     "Hey!You in the water.It's gonna pour down soon maybe you should get home."I looked back at the tall boy he had to be atleast 6 feet his short black hair was shaggy it was cut right above his ears.I smiled and nodded a thanks before telling Max I had to go if I wanted to get home on time in order to train.


     I turned back towards the boy who looked irratated."Sorry about that I'm Shatayla Lightwood I'm new here in town."He didnt looked please I looked him up and down.He sure was fit like a cowboy that kept in shape.He was a dark russet color.He was also shirtless and only had on a pair of cutoff sweatpants so that showed his...!!abs wow he really kept in shape I only had 6.Anyways I moved my eyes up to his so I wouldnt seem rude.


     But when my eyes met his it was like the whole world stop spinning for a few minutes and soon I swear I saw a cupid shoot a bow and arrow that I swear said Property of Shatayla right into his hair.giggles.He suddenly felt important like he was the one I was to protect from the new downworlders and Doomsday.He was mine now.I felt how mom had when she first met dad.I froze and ran my lap home thinking about his body and the way he was built on the way I really needed a name for that handsome face,hopefully I'd see him again and hopefully it would be soon.




   Please tell me how you liked it and if I should continue...After all it is my first fanfic...~C

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Sounds great!


sounds interesting post  moe soon can you keep me updated?


=) Yep I'll try!
I sighed as I wiped the beads of sweat from my bloody eyebrow. I wasn't even near finished with training.I'd had to train with uncle Simon,I loved to train with him he never took it easy.Though he had the strength of about a billion men he used all of it.Maia, well she just watched from the sidelines because she was pregnant with Uncle Simons child.It was going to be a hybrid of somesort.half werewolf half vampire,cant wait to see what powers it'll posses.


    I ducked as Simon dashed at me full speed.I twirled around and tripped him as he tried it again.I swung my sword at him and missed   him by a centimeter on purpose.I didnt want to kill him.My phone started to shout at me 'Fallen Angels'by the Black Veil Birds.I really wanted to see who it was but I wasnt a pro like mom was.She chop potatoes witht one hand,while in the phone and stop Miranda and I from piercing her cushions when we practiced in the house.


     "You gonna get that Sha?"Simon teased with a sly grin.He was perched on a tree like something waiting for it's prey.I shook my head and mouthed the words 'Bring it Spiderman'he shook his head and said.


    "No I'm gonna end my portion here,your dad wanted you to jog down to the beach so you can have more space to kill the demon's he's gonna cojure"I giggled Uncle Simon never knew how to say that odd word and neither did I.


     I just nodded and went in to get a frozen bottle of water.As soon as I closed the fridge there in front of me stood Maia with an Evil smile.I took a step side ways she blocked it.I tried to fight the smile that was trying to fight it's way onto my face.I succeeded.After doing that for about 30 seconds I finally decided to just jump over her,I did a frontflip and landed in a defensive crouch behind her.It was an instinct.


     I licked my tongue out at her and ran out into the front yard taking one last glance behind me.


     As I made my way onto the beach I saw that they were having a bonfire.Cool I'd never actually been to one.I really wanted to go to one.Miranda's been to alot while I stayed and trained.I was agonna be crowned the next Queen of Alicante after my Grandma Joclyn and mother Clary she hated her real name so I wont even think it.I started to walk in the opposite direction when my pa came running up to me with an alarmed and stunned look on his face.I was shocked it was rare that dad ever showed any emotion on his face outside but then again we were'nt near anyone.


    As he got closer he said in his dangerously calm voice to me."Shatayla did you summon a demon?"I shook my head "No sir."He nodded then turned me around.It was a great thing I still had my sword on me and my stele and my 3 tokens they'd help me out alot...Though right now it really would have helped if dad hadnt did that thingy were he stood still in order to project his self somewhere.I guess he was gonna get Miranda.I took a deep breathe and dashed towards the shapeless black shadows that were lingering behind a pregnant woman.


 "Here we go"I whispered to myself as the demons started to yell at my appearance they were ear splitting but I grew used to it.I drew my sword and said loudly"You want me you demons you get me not innocent people!"The people that were close to the demons had looks of suprise,shock,terror,and something else I couldnt quite read.Darn humans,Afew  steped in front of the others  in a protective stance.I plunged my sword into the first demon's heart it let out a piercing scream befor evanishing.I turned sharply and saw a floating Demon it's knife like tail heading straight for my heart.


             Miranda's P.O.V

     I was watching The show Supernatural.It was at the part where the windows in the store exploded as a high pierced agelic like voice filled the air, when my necklace vibrated.I touched it and out came a tired projection of dad.


"Whats wrong Jace?"Mom asked in a rushed out voice "Is everything good?"He shook his head.He took a deep breath befoer talking.

"They found her"was all he said at first.Everyone in the room said in unision,well not dad.


"We're at first beach in LaPush.hurry the demons are gaining,crap one's going for her heart"then he shimmered out.Before you can count to 2 almost every weapon was off it's rack and everyone was out the door.Including 7month pregnant Aunt Maia

love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its good!!!!!!!! plz write more


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