The Twilight Saga

Time for you to get caught up:  Jacob left after finding out that Bella was pregnant by Edward. And doesn't return for 9 years, while the whole time renesmee is growing up , happy but feeling as if something is pulling her in a different direction. Shes just renesmee, no nick names , just renesmee. Tho Edward and Bella know he imprinted on Renesmee.

Chapter one.
Guess who?

I was sitting on the rock and watching as the sun came up. The Volturi came and gone for me and we had the help of the wolf pack that were my parents friends, but now it just seems boring. The sun was rising on another boring day.

    "Renesmee? " I heard a voice call to me, I turned and Seth was standing there. I smiled and sighed.
    "Hey Seth how are you?"
    "I'm great, what are you doing?"
    "Just watching the sun rise."
    "Whats wrong?" Everyone could read my emotions as if it was written in pen.
    "Nothing." i said not even looking his way.
    "Tell me Renesmee , we are like best friends." He was right we were like best friends , i tell him almost everything, he was the one who help me out when i had my first date, tho my dad didn't take that to well. 
    "OK OK fine, I can't help think that something is missing, i don't know what its just, like i feel like running north than east then south just all around its like its pulling me ,one week i feel like running to Alaska and another i feel like going to Russia its a weird feeling that i can't shake."
    "Wow that's deep"
    "Shut up" i said giggling , Seth was a good friend and new how to make me laugh.
    "Sorry it sounds kinda like imprinting just more intense it sounds like."
    "No ones imprinted on me tho, and i definitely haven't met the right one."
    "You will someday." 
    "yeah well maybe, you ready for school?" i asked him as i stood up.
    "Yeah we get to blow things up in bio."
    "I know right that's going to be so much fun."
I went to school with Seth, Quil, Clair , Embry and Uncle Jasper, and Aunt Alice. School was fun with them, but when i did have class with one of them, i was by my self, and kids liked me its just i don't understand why there is so much petty drama. We arrived at school, where Quil and Clair were hand in hand, uncle jasper and Aunt Alice were staring in each others eyes and Embry came over and through me over his shoulder.
    "Hey there short fry"
    "I'm not that" He chuckled and tossed me on the grounded. I don't grow as much anymore , grandpa said that as far as he can tell ill be the same height, i cant age, but i can still get fat from eating the wrong things, which isn't a problem because like my mom , i have a fast motabilism and i work out every morning.
    "ready for bio?" embry yelled over to me
    "Heck yea" We did our handshake. I was kinda on of the guys but dressed girlie, none of the girls in school got it , they thought i should act lady like to get a boyfriend but I've had plenty of those , i just cant keep them cause they always move faster than i want to go. Seth,Embry and I walked to bio, where our teacher looked at us in that strange manner , we took our seats at out lab table, Embry's table was behind ours and he had to sit with the second most popular girl in school , which he didn't mind she would always give him flirty looks. Though he said he didn't find her much attractive he would wink at her just to watch her get befuddled. Seth and I began on our project, most of the peoples Experiment didn't blow up it just went *POOF* but then We heard a *BOOM* I looked behind me and Embry was covered in green slime.
I fell out of my seat laughing so did Seth.
    "Embry get under the facet hurry" Embry had to take one of those chemical showers that sprays water and stuff on you in front of the entire class, it was funny. He took off his shirt to get the rest of his body and all the girls stop laughing it was now a Gosh i wish i had him moment for them. I was use to it tho. Suddenly i felt a tugging for me to leave, my body wanted me to get up and run out the door. Seth looked over at me and saw my expression.
    "Ignore the pulling, focus on something else." Seth put his hand on my back, i kept my thoughts on his warm touch.
    "Thank you Seth."
    "What are friends for"
It was a half day at school and After school was over we headed back to our house. Alice looked angry.
    "Alice whats wrong" her expression changed
    "Its nothing yet deer, just the future is all snarled up again, Keeps happening to you and your mom" Everyone in the car looked at me.
    "Oh well"
When we reached the house i ran in to tell one of my best girl friends Karen , she joined the family sometime after the volturi left. She was nice, and fun to hang out with ,she was 16 when she was changed so its like me and her were made to be friends.

    "Karen, you'll never guess what happened at school"  Everyone was on couches and The tugging became stronger like every string in my body unlatched. I noticed there was someone in the house i didn't recognize. my mom was sitting next to him smiling. I haven't seen her smile like that in a long time.
    "So embry had to take a shower in front of the whole class because he blew up chemicals on him." She started cracking up my mom laughed my dad chuckled.
    "Jake" Embry, Seth, Quil and Clair screamed at the same time.    
    "Hey guys, Missed me." I looked at him, and when our eyes met My body felt like it burst into flames. My  mom and dad looked at each other then me. I smiled at them to reassure them i was fine.
    "Jake this is our daughter renesmee,renesmee this is our friend Jake , hes part of the wolf pack too"
    "Nice to meet you." His eyes got bigger, Do i look like a squirrel or  dad smacked his arm.
    "Oh sorry nice to meet you too." he smiled, and when he smiled i couldn't help it i smiled back. Karen looked at my face, and then signaled for us to leave.
I ran up stairs got dressed in Work out close,and came back downs stairs.
    "Mom ,dad im going to go for a run with Karen."
    "I'm going too" Seth and embry said at the same time. Jacob looked at them weird like why the hell they were going with me.
    "OK honey be back soon though , me and your father are going out tonight and we want to see you before we leave." my mom said.
    "Sure,Sure" My mom smiled at that , i picked it up from her, Jacob chuckled, my mom hit his shoulder.

I started jogging south, Heading for a clearing in the woods that my mom and dad took me too as a kid. When i got there i breathed.
    "WHAT WAS THAT" they screamed at the same time.
    "What was what" i asked innocently
    "All the smiling." they all said again I giggled at there awesome timing in talking.
    "I don't know, i couldn't help it , it was like his smiling made me want to smile." They looked at each other.
    "Renesmee, did you feel the tugging when we got in the house." Seth asked, Embry looked at him shocked.
    "She's been feeling tugging in her body lately, and wanting to follow it, and its been getting stronger."
    "You don't think" Embry stopped short.
    "Yes i do"
    "Only one way to find out."
    " Yes" I answered his question.
    "But then..."
    "But then what" Seth asked , he looked at me as if for me to continue
    "But then, it felt like it disappeared like all the strings in my body came undone, and a sun rose in my darkness."
    "Oh shes got it bad" Embry laughed
    "Shut up , i don't got anything bad" They all laughed at my sentence.
    "Remember when Quil did and Jared or Sam" Seth and Embry were remembering.
    "Whoa whoa wait, you don't think that I imprinted on Jacob."
    "Jake, he corrected me and No we don't think you did we think he Imprinted on you"
    "Wow" was all i could say. I didn't know what to think about that, did i like him imprinting on me, he was extremely cute.
    "Lets just exercise"
    "your the only one exercising , this is just a run for us." Embry said
    "yeah,yeah" I took off, as we were running around , there was a big tree that suddenly snapped and fell on me.
    "RENESMEE" someone screamed before i passed out.

When i started coming to i kept my eyes closed.
    "Is she going to be OK doc." My grandfather felt my head.
    "I think she will be OK Jacob" Jacob was worried about me, I guess that means he felt what i felt."
    "Be perfect doc."
    "Your imprint will be fine" My mom said, with worry in her voice.
I opened my eyes and looked around the room. They all smiled at me.
    "What , y'all never see a person taking a nap before." My uncle Emmett chuckled at my humor. My dad looked angry at my comment.
    "Were glad to see your OK, miss clumsy" Seth joked
    "Did you have a nice trip" Karen asked
    "shut up Seth, im not clumsy, it was a minor fall nothing huge and yes Karen i did have a nice trip next time i should take u with me." Karen giggled at my comment, as if i could really hurt her. I started to get up then swayed and fall backwards, and Then i was in warm arms, a tingling went through my body. I looked up and it was Jacob. I stood up quickly , my whole face going red. Jacob smiled.
    "See just minor falls."
    "Or just the second biggest clutts ever." Embry whispered, i threw my wolf stuffed animal at him. I never left my wolf animal, the wolfs were a big part of my life, and now it seems its going to get even bigger while my life finally starts.  Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Alice gasped, New vampires. My grandfather went to the door and opened it, Jacob got in front of me in a defensive stance. His hand was held back as if it was mentally keeping me in place. I leaded to the side of him to look at these new vampires. I took a step to the side and so did Jacob.His hand was shaking, and so i moved to his side and took his hand. He instantly froze and stayed still. The corner of his lip turned up a little bit.

(Anytime you see** it starts her thoughts to her self when using her powers or not )

Hmmmm i wonder who they are."

"Did you say something?" Jake looked confused.
Yes, Your hearing my thoughts right now, guess mom and dad didn't tell you about that.
"Nope" He looked away dumbfounded.

    "Hello, how can we help you." These vampires eyes were not Red or black but they were the same color as my family
    "Hello we are new to the area and caught sent of your coven, and came to introduce our selves."
    "Come in." My grandpa said

My grandfather introduced us to everyone.

    "Its nice to meet you, My name is Kayla" She was clearly the leader.
    "This is Eddy, and Amy" She held her hand to one said showing the tallest of the vampires, He was blond , with gold eyes and she was Red haired with gold eyes.
    "And this is Sey" Her hand moved to the girl next to her who was around Alice's height and weight so tiny.
Sey looked at me and Jake's hands intertwine.

(Mentally Flinching.)

Jake looked at her and growled. she snapped her head back at my parents. After everyone was done, talking and meeting and greeting, the other coven decided to go Too a few towns over from us to settle in.

I let go of Jake's hand as soon as they left, i was getting use to the nickname that everyone seem to have for Jacob. Jake looked Disappointed when my hand left his.

I headed to my parents Cottage and up to my room. I laid on my bed, why was my head just full of Jake. Ugh i hate imprinting, but love it at the same time.

I was only resting my eyes when suddenly there was a knock on my door.    
    "Come in" I yelled.

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ohh  i love it  please write more
thanks i already have the next couple of chapter written up ill post more after i finish the next chapter of my other fanfic
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I love it!!!!!

Chapter 2 Just hanging out

I rolled over to see who had walked in my room. It was jake and seth standing there with the goofiest smiles on their faces.

    "Ummmm hi"    
    "Hey" They said at the same time.
    "Why are you looking at me like your about to do something i hate."
    "well see Renesmee, we are under strict orders. "  Seth said.

Darn I know whats about to happen.

I heard my dad chuckle from upstairs.
    "Seth if this is going where i think its going , y'all better not."    
    "sorry Renesmee strict orders."
They both came to my side, and seth picked up my legs and jake had my hands, which distracted me for a little bit, i looked at them and glared.

    "Jacob, can you please let go of me."
    "Not a chance." He chuckled

I thought imprints are suppose to be loyal to there other imprint, not feed her to vampires.

He chuckled at that, i didn't relieze i was letting him hear my thoughts. They took me into my aunt Alices room and dropped me on her bed.

    "No, No no" I yelled Alice was in the bathroom getting everything ready, seth left the room , i looked at jake .I started to run to the doors, He wrapped his arms around my waist.
    "Please stay calm, you would think she was shoving splinters under your finger nails." He said this in my ear low and calm. My body untensed. He kissed my cheek.
    "Now just let her do what shes got to do and me and Seth will be waiting down stairs" my entire face was red from the kiss. 

As soon as he left the room She came in to the room and gave me the most wicked smile.

    "Are you ready."
    "Jacob is going to love the way you look." She said.

As soon as she was done i was wearing long jeans , a Purple shirt and lots of jewelery and make up, and Big boots. I stood up and looked in the mirror , Ew i look like a girl.

    "Gosh i swear you and your mother are like twins."

    "Its not that i don't love being dressed up as a girl Alice i just prefer to do it on my own."

I walked down stairs and sat on the couch. My grandma looked at me and smiled.
    "what are you smiling for?" i asked her sweetly
    "You look Beautiful"   
    "thank you." I closed my eyes and waited for Seth and Jacob.
    "RENESMEE" Seth screamed I jumped up. He was standing in the door way.
    "ready?" he asked

I grabbed my purse, and said goodbye to my parents, they were going out tonight which means I have the cabin to my self.
When i stepped out side Karen was in the back seat with embry in the middle and Jacob was in the front, Seth climbed in the back and left me to the front seat. I climbed in and put my seat belt on, no need for grandpa charlie giving Jacob a ticket. Jake started to drive, Karen reached over to the radio and The song Only girl in the world started playing, i started singing to the song.
    "You should try out for the talent show" Seth commented
    "yeah Renesmee"
    "No i would be too shy, plus i don't know what song i would sing."
    "You could sing that one song, and dedicated to your dad."
    "He would like that" I mused
I looked over at Jake who would peek over at me every once in a while. I continued to sing and looked at out the window. I caught him looking at me once, he winked and my face got red. We reached Emily's house. She came out and smiled at me,
    "renesmee its so good to see you."
    "Its good to see you too Emily, wow your getting bigger" I looked down at her belly, i put my hand against it , and it kicked my hand.
    "Wow" She smiled.
    "If he keeps kicking like this im gonna have to put him or her in karate." I giggled at that.
    "And Jake , Ive missed you so much." Jake smiled at her and gave her a huge.
    "Hello Jake" Sam said.
    "Good to see you man , sorry i didn't come back sooner."
After Jake and everyone was done talking , Seth and Embry went to run patrol. So Jake asked me if i wanted to go walk on the beach.
We reached the beach , we started walking down it, teens that were out of school already for spring break were playing in the water and playing in the sand. I looked up at Jake who was thinking.

    "What are you thinking about?" I asked him
    "Oh just thinking about how much things have changed since i left"
    "Why did you leave."
    " I'm not sure if you really want to know that"
    "No i want to know."   He knew he couldn't keep it from me cause im his imprint.
    "I use to be in love with your mom, and she choose your dad over me, and it left me heart broken, so i left."
    "So why did you come back?"
    "Your not mad? "
    "why the heck would i be mad"
    "Cause i use to love your mom."
    "Do you still love her?"
    "Yes, but not like that, more like a sister"
    "Oh, cool" I smiled , he returned the smile.
He Kept smiling at me and it i was drawn to his stare, suddenly there was yelling

    "RENESMEE- JAKE" Embry ,Seth and Paul yelled.
    "Paul" I yelled, though me and Paul had our differences, we were really good friends sometimes. I ran over to him, he picked me up and spun me.
    " Hey there you little monster" I smacked his arm
    "Shut up im not a little monster, im a grown up monster now." He chuckled, setting me on my feet. Jake looked at me and Paul like it was weird seeing Paul so happy.
    "Hey Jake" he said
    "Hey man"
    "Ready for movie night" Seth asked me
    "Sure, whose house this time." Seth looked around

Me and Karen went to my house while the guys got ready for movie night ,we usually got in our night wears and just sat there under blankets and watched movies.
    "So are you into Jake"
    "I think so, he kissed my cheek the other day, i couldn't help blushing"
    "OMG "
    "I know right"
We pushed the four couches my parents had into a curve and put pillows and blankets on it so people could get comfortable, and we put loads of chips and soda.
We went up stairs after everything was put out , it was the guys turn to bring the movies, since me and karen picked a chick flick last week. We came down stairs and then heard the door knock , Karen sat on the couch to the left. When i opened the door Jake was standing there with no shirt on and in PJ pants. My eyes went wide, his mimicked mine as he looked at my shorts and my tank top.


    "Hey" i said breaking his concentration
He sat next to me on the couch, Seth stood in front us. Seth usually sat on the floor near my feet. Quil and Clair were on the couch on the right and Embry usually sat next to Karen, he wasn't her imprint but they were close.
    "so what did y'all pick Seth" I asked, i was cuddled under my Big furry blanket the guys got me when i was young to remind me of wolf fur.
    "Scary movie night since you girls tried to kill us last week." me Karen and Clair giggled.Seth turned out the lights and sat in front of me and jakes couch, I was running my fingers through his hair during the starting of the movie. Then the scary parts came, I jumped at the first one and hid my face in jakes side. I Peek at the TV, suddenly the killer jumped out, As soon as that happened Embry yell
    "RUN STUPID RUN" We all laughed at that.When it ended , Seth got up and switched movies. We always watched at lease three.
    "Whats this?"
    "Well we decided not to scare you the whole time so we got The Note book for you girls"
    "Awe thank you Seth." I kissed the top of his head.
    "No problem" He smiled at me. I laid my head back on Jake.
I started crying towards the end of the movie, Jake was watching me most of the time, The tear started to roll down my cheek, He whipped the tear away. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back.
I started falling asleep in the middle of our third movie. Then there was light, I looked around , and they were getting ready to leave, i was still half asleep. Jake Picked me up.
    "You guys head home, im gonna take her up to her room"
    "Bye Jake" they all said. I wrapped my arms around his neck."
He turned out all the lights so it wouldn't wake me. He got to my door. and laid me in bed and kissed my forehead, and started to leave my room.
    "Jake.."  i said a little crocked
    "Thank you"
    "no problem ness."

Ew i look like a girl

that was sooo funny

cant wait for the next chap

awesome i alway's appreciate a good jake and nessie story
keep it going!!
new reader love it !!



3 New kid on the block.

(A week later)
    This is our last week of school before Spring break, Jake and i were getting closer and closer
Though school is now even more boring since i met Jake, because hes not with me. Tho i do have Seth, Claire, Embry and Quil. Me and Seth and Embry were in bio when i heard some girls talking across the room about a new kid.

    " Did you hear about the new guy?" Daniella said
    "Yeah, he's mega hot , he transferred from the quileute tribe to here." My first thought was paul, but then Jacob walked through the door. I was so happy. The girls turned and put on there most flirty smile.
Seth looked at me and smiled.
    "Imma go sit next to Becca" I smiled at him.
    "Thank you"
    "No prob, shes been wanting me to come sit next to her anyways." I giggled at that. The teacher took Jacobs paper and handed him a book and then pointed at the seat next to me.

    "Hey ness."
    "Hey jake"
    "Surprised "
    "Whats your next class?" i asked him, and as he read off his next classes i noticed we had all but one class together. I smiled so big i probably looked goofy. The girls on the other side of the room gave me glairs. Which they always did when i was with any of my quileute friends. The teacher started to lechture us about how we should be more focused in our work. I started reading my bio book , not that i didnt know what all of it said anyways. I smiled and focused on my work, Dad would never let jake continue coming to my same classes if i was failing. Time in school seemed to pass fast. He said he was going to the office before we left to go home, so i waited in the hall near the exit door. Two girls were coming down the hall, The blond one motioned to me, thats when they came up to me.
    "Hey Renesmee"
    "Um hi" I said,. the cullens were known around here as one of the most beautiful people so it was obvious how they knew my name.
    "we were just wondering, are you dating that Jacob Black kid, or are y'all just friends?"
    "Just friends " i said alittle sad that it wasnt more , but glad that we were at lease that.   
    "Oh ok cool"
    "Do you think he would go out with my friend?" the blond asked
    "Why dont you ask him." They turned around and jake was coming out of the office, i turned around so he wouldnt see my face.
I heard heels start stomping off and crying , i smirked    
Suddenly there were hot arms around me.
    "What did you tell her" I asked him.
    "That i wasnt interested and shes just not my type." I turned around and looked in his eyes.
    "and what is your type" But before he could answer me there was yelling.
    "Renesmee, Jake" I looked down the hall iritated, Seth was running towards us.
    "Alice needs us at the house ASAP, She didnt tell me why"
We ran to my mustang and drove as fast as we could, suddenly there were police lights behind us. Jacob pulled over , ilooked behind it was grandpa,
    "Renesmee charlie Cullen" he started to yell, then he saw who was driving.
    "Hey charlie" He grinned.
    "How are you, glad to see your back."
    "Sure sure" he said, i giggled.
    "Renesmee, my darling you know what  me and your mother said about speeding."
    "But grampa.." I whined.
    "No whining"
    "It was my fault , charlie." Jake said, trying to save me.
    "Well try going slower son , and protect my Granddaughter or ill have to hurt you" he smiled as if he could ever hurt jake.
    "No problem Charlie, its good to see you again sir.
    "You too son."
    "See you tomorrow Renesmee" I smiled at him, and he instantly smiled. Grandpa started to walk away. I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

We got home soon after and Alice was in the living room pacing. My parents were looking waiting for me and Jacob to enter the room and when we did they looked angry. I Mentally flinched what did i do now.
    "renesmee" my mom said cheerfully and came and gave me a hug i hugged her back.
    "What was the big rush" jake and seth asked.
    " The volturi are coming to check up on renesmee."
    "Who is the Volturi" Jake asked. I walked over to him and placed both hands on his cheeks, and looked in his eyes and showed him everything that happened with the volturi.
He growled.
    "Yup"  I said while looking at alice.
    " Do you need to call everyone again Alice" my mom said.
    "No its just Jane and Felix, but my visions are so blurry that i just dont know everything about the future."
    "Do you need me and the guys to leave Aunty Alice" i asked
    "No honey its been this way since last week."
    "okay" I said looking down at the floor, I always clouded her visions she could see me just it was blurry.

I walked over to the fully glass wall and watched out side. I had my arms crossed and i stood there frozen. While everyone else talked about what to do with me when they come.

    "we obviously cant hide her, and we've done nothing wrong still , we will just have to show Jane and Felix that she is done growing and stopped aging." my mother said
    "Makes since to me." my father said.
I sighed, i was always someone show or an experiment, grandpa checked on me ever 5 days to make sure i wasnt growing. Jake came over to me and hugged me. I laid my head on his chest. I looked over at my parents, who had the look of content in their eyes to finally see me happy. I was getting kinda tired so i went to the couch to sit down , jake sat next to me i laid my head down on his arm, and the i was Fast asleep.

    Jake .POV.

Renesmee was sleeping against my arm, man i have the most beautiful imprint in the world, Who knew that blood sucker could do some good in this world. I heard a chuckle across the room and i looked over at Edward , Thank for reading my mind . I thought smugly. I looked down at Nessie she breathed heavily for a second and then mumbled something i couldnt understand. I held her hand and then suddenly my mind burst with images of her mother her father Seth and me were neck in neck, it bothered me little.Then her dream transformed formed from images to a full dream, It started out as her and seth hanging out playing foot ball with the guys, then i came running in and lifter her up , and kissed her, her arms wrapped around my neck, the rain started to poor she didnt seem to notice, and then we were in a field and i was on one knee asking her to marry me, i smiled as i watched this. Then we were in an unfamiliar house two story house, i walked in the other room and saw renesmee with a baby in her arms. I let go of her hand.Edward watched me as i thought about what i just say.
    "Jake, could you take Renesmee back to our house" bella asked, i smiled.
    "Sure sure" I mumbled, i yawned while lifting her.
    "Oh and Jake" she said
    "Yeah bells"
     "Take a nap while your at it"
    "sure sure" i chuckled

I took her in my arms and as i was puttin her on her bed she mumbled my name. I kissed her forehead and started heading to the living room to lay on the couch, i took one last look and then she mumbled seth and giggled. I couldnt help laughing at that and headed down stairs. I closed my eyes and listen to the sounds of her heart. I fell in a deep abyss.

When i woke later that i morning i looked up and saw bella and edward cooking breakfast for me seth, quil embry and renesmee.
    "Morning sleepy head" Bella said
    "Morning Bells"
    "Morning Jacob" Edward said
    "Morning " I said, it was getting easier to be nice to him. He chuckled suddenly we heard renesmee scream to her self.
    "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, were did she put it"
    "wow someones angry" Seth said from the door way.
    "She cant find her lucky bra" bella said
    "Isnt that her fault."
    "no alice does her clothes and renesmee has told her over and over to leave her lucky bra alone."
    "Alice is on her way she's going to wait outside so renesmee can yell at her proply" renesmee came down from her room wearing only a boy shorts and a tanktop her messy curls all over the place and looking as beautiful as ever, i looked at her body, how elegant it was and smooth.  I heard a throat clear.
    "Sorry bro" i said to Edward
    "I know" She looked furious.

I looked out the window with Seth to watch , renesmees arms were going the air as she screamed she stomped her foot, she looked like Bella when she was mad.Edward laughed loudly.

    "HOW DARE YOU ALICE" she screamed
    "BUT THOSE WONT BE THE LUCKY BRA" you could hear the tears wanting to break.
    "Fine." Alice surrendered , she hugged alice and smiled and ran back up in her room. She came back down in ripped jeans, Pink tank told pink heels, gray hat, and a gray scarf, she was texting when she came down. Bella kissed the top of her head.
    " Mom can i go play football with the guys after school" she asked, i thought of her dream from last night. Edward rolled his eyes.
    "sure honey, but remember we have to go hunting tonight."
    "Ok" she replied.

Renesmees P.O.V

    I was texting Clair and Embry and Karen on the trip to school, About the up coming foot ball game. Jacob was staring at me , i laughed at his expression.
        "you look confused" He chuckled.

    *K* When are you going to tell your parents about your dream of the volturi
    *R* Never
    *K* why not?
    *R* i dont want them worrying about me okay, they shouldn't be bothered by dreams
    *K* Some Dreams come true you know
    *R* well i refuse for this one too.
    *K* make sense i guess, ill see you after school for the football fight.
    *R* Okay

We finally got to school, I got out of the car and i instantly got glares from the popular girls. I rushed over to seth, Embry and Claire.
    "wheres Quil?"
    "So you ready for football tonight Embry."
    "Sure thing, us werewolf's are taking you down."
    "Hahaha sure you can."

The bell rang, and we rushed to class. Mr.Newton, witch it was his first year teaching always gave me those suspicious looks, my mom said its cuz he use to have a crush on my mom, and i look like her , this was the one class jake didnt have with me , im sure he would suspicious of him too since hes suppose to be in his twentys by now. I thought laughing to my self. My phone buzzed when i saw it was my mother, Ugh.
    *B* Honey did you move the Painting in the hall way
    *R* No , We have paintings in the hall way?
    *B* lol , Yes, never mind , Aunt Alice did
    *R* that would make more since than me
    *B* True, have fun playing football honey see you tonight.
    *R* Kay love you.
    *B* love you too

The lunch bell rang and i headed to the lunch room, Jake was standing in the door talking to a few of the human girls, I thought smugly,Ugh , Claire caught my arms , whispered,
    "Dont worry renesmee, i know the feeling"
    "I dont know what your talking about"
    "Oh come on"
    "Its nothing i promise" i said , trying to get her to stop trying to open my feelings.
    "Our imprints are suppose to be anything and everything we want, and i can see in your eyes renesmee, that you want more." I looked at her , my heart starting to thud a little harder than usual , i looked over at jake who had worry on his expression as he looked at me. I went and sat at the table, i didnt eat anything , i wasnt hungry, i did want to rip the heads off those girls and drink there blood but that would be bad, Aunt alice was watching me. She had worry on her face too, i smiled at her, she returned the smile. Jake joined our table soon, and would have sat next to me but i made Alice and Claire sit on both of my sides. I kept thinking about what Claire said.
    " Right renesmee" Seth asked
    "What" I said shaking of my thoughts.
    "Are you ok?"
    "Yeah, just thinking about stuff " He let it go and left me to my thoughts. The bell rang and I walked fast to the girls bathroom. God i didn't want to feel these feelings for him, I never wanted to fall for a guy because some how someone gets hurt. The two girls i hated came out  from the stalls.
    "Hello Renesmee"
    "Hey." I said with no feelings towards them whats so ever.
    "Did you hear that Jake is going to the dance with Katrina"
    "No , i didnt, tell her congrats." They gave me confused glances.
    "Doesn't that bother you"
    "Why would it , we aren't dating."
    "But you want to" I looked at her
    "and how would you know anything about what i wanted."
    "You can tell by the way you look at him." I was furious that they were going to jump to conclusions like that , i stormed out of the bathroom and took my seat in my normal spot, Jake took the seat next to me.
    "Whats wrong" He asked , I turned and stared into his eyes.
    "Nothing is wrong." I said with full emotion.
The teacher started talking so me and Jake couldn't talk, He kept looking over at me through the whole class. I just kept my eyes on my paper or on the teacher. Class ended and we walked Quietly to the car. Katrina waved at him on the way out he gave her a weird look that i didn't understand, i looked at his expression trying to understand it. We got in the car and started to drive, the guys were riding with Alice home today for some reason. Jake stopped on the side of the road.
    "Why are we stopping "
    "I have something i want to give you renesmee."
    "What is it"
He Turned to me and Pulled out a metal, bracelet. I covered my mouth.
    "Renesmee, its a quileute bracelet , Its equal to a promise ring, and i promise , that i will do anything in my power to make you happy, your my best friend , my imprint, will you wear it?"
    "Of course" I put it on my wrist and Hugged him close, He kissed my cheek and my face got read.
    "Now lets go get ready to play football." I was feeling less angry at my feelings and at Jacob, i knew why i was mad, but its not like im dating the guy, even tho that's what i want.

We reached home and My Seth and the guys were there waiting on us to play football, they looked down at my wrist, and howled, Get it Jake. I smacked Paul and Collins arms.
    "Wheres Leah and Clair?" I asked
    "In your room, getting dressed."
I ran up stairs and they were sitting on my bed.    
    "Hey renesmee" Leah said
    "Hello Leah" I gave her a hug, she use to hate my guts when i was born but now it was like we were best friends sometimes, it was complicated like Paul.
I went in my closet and put on my pink shorts and pink sports bra, and Seth's Big T-shirt that i stole from him a couple of month's ago for football.
    "your gonna drive him nuts." Clair stated
    "shut up no he's not" I said to her
    "He gave you the bracelet, i think he likes you more than you know"
    "Then why is he taking Katrina to the dance"    
    "He's doing what?" she said outraged.
    "Some girls came up to me in the bathroom and told me that i must be jealous because hes taking Katrina to the dance"
    "That cant be true"
    "Ill kill him" Leah said
    "No , its his choice, besides we're just friends."
    "but you want more" Clair said sadly
    "yes well sometimes ,to make the person you love happy, you have to put them before your self" I said maturely even tho i wanted to cry and say that i was going to get him no matter what.
We headed down stairs, my mom was sitting on the couch with dad.
Did you hear that?
I looked at him he nodded.
Just  don't tell Jake please and make mom keep it to her self too please, i want Jake to like me on his own not because i am his imprint.
He nodded again
Thank you daddy, love you
    "Love you too renesmee" He smiled , I went out side too see Jakes eyes go huge when i exited.
    "Alrighty whos ready to lose?"
We headed to the clearing, when we reached there we split into teams.Team captains were me and paul.

My Team

- Seth

Pauls Team


They passed me the ball i ran, Sam came right at me his arms started to grab around my waist when i cartwheeled out of his way and slid under embry and Touch down....Seth looked at Jacobs expression and laughed. the score was 9 my team 7 Paul's team, Lightning struck and rain started to poor,
    " Clair your slow , Leah your a pain, Renesmees a little monster set go" Paul yelled he threw it to Jacob , i ran to him as fast as i could at last moment he passed the ball to Embry and caught me around the waist and picked me up, I laughed and he looked in my eyes, The rain ran down my face, and just like in my dream he kissed my lips and spun me around. Everyone wasn't paying attention to us, The kiss turned passionate and my fingers gripped his hair and held him closer, i broke the kiss and giggled.
    "Touchdown" Embry yelled
    "you distracted me" I accused
    "It was a great distraction" He smiled my cheeks flared red
    "I thought your dating Katrina" He looked confused
    "No im not , she asked me to the dance and i told her no i wanted to take you." My face was dumbfounded.
    "you want to go with me "
    "Yes, will you?"
    "yes" He picked me up and spun me.
We started playing again and this time i played with a little more heart, Seth passed me the ball i flung it to Leah ; Leah jumped over Embry and passed it to Claire , Claire passed it to Seth, Seth ran to me and passed it to me , i ran to the touch down line. We were playing till one of us hit 20 , my team was getting closer, Jake came running at me with a smile on is face.
I Jump strait over him with a summer sult in the air , Paul grabbed my leg and i slammed to the ground, My aunt Alice and Aunt Rose gasp suddenly my family was out side. Paul grabbed the ball and ran for the other side, everyone else was still stunned that he slammed me that hard, I ran after him and pounced on his back flipping him in the air and stealing the ball i ran back to the other side and touched down and i yelled

    "WE WIN"
Paul threw me over his shoulder and spun me.They all laughed.
    "Sorry did i hurt you ness?" Paul asked
    "Of course not"
    "did i hurt your feelings"    
    "hahah nah ill get you back"
    "Ready honey" my mom said
    "sure thing mom" my mom and dad took off in the forest.
    "see y'all later" I started walking to the forest, i took of the shirt Seth gave me and threw it at him.
    "will you put that in my room please"
    "sure thing ness."
I took Karen's hand and winked at Jacob and we took off.

WRITE MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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