The Twilight Saga

Okay, this is about Renesmee when she is older. She is 16 in this, attending school. Her relationship with Jacob is growing bigger and bigger, but how will she handle things when tragedy strikes?

Please read and comment. Let me know what you think.


Love grows on us more and more each day. How can it continue to grow when something isn't right?

Chapter One


"I know you're awake young lady. Up now, school." My dad shouted to me from across the hallway. Of course he knew I was awake, he wouldn't get out of my head!

My dad being in my head constantly is not my greatest concern right now, although it is near the top of the list. School was at the top. It was soo high up it was leaning over a cliff and ready to drop into the water below.

"Yeah, 2 more minutes." I shouted back. I better answer him, he would only enter my head again. It was 8am and school started at 9am. It won't take that long to get ready, not with my Auntie Alice in this house. I bet my mum is glad that she has found a new life-sized barbie doll to experiment with, I'm not.

I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs, oh god. It was either my mom or Alice.

"I'm up, I'm up." I shouted out at whoever was coming up the stairs. I got out of my bed and quickly threw the covers over the bed neatly, I fluffed up the pillows and placed them at the top end of the bed.

I just sat on my made bed, there was no point in getting dressed or even looking at my clothes. Whatever I would put on Alice would only make me take it back off. I heard some footsteps go past my room, it was my dad, he laughed at my comment as he walked past.

"Urghh get out of my head already." I mumbled to myself, to low for anyone to hear except him.

I tried to picture in my mind what my first day would be like. What would the people be like? Will I make any friends on my first day? Would I have to catch up on a lot of work just turning up to school half way through the year?

"Knock Knock" A quiet voice said behind the closed door.

"Come in Alice." I said, not suprised who it would be.

"Aww. You're the best Nessie." I gave her a confused look, what was she on about? She has completly lost it. "Your letting me pick your outfit out for you. You know how I love dressing you up and stuff." She smiled at me.

"Asides from that I know that you would just tell me to take off whatever I choose to put on. So I might as well let you do it." I answered back quickly.

"That works too." She skipped towards my wardrobe and threw several items of clothing onto the ground.

I waited for a few minutes. "Aha" I heard her say. I turned my body around the look at her. She was holding a cute floral dress. It was strapless and would come to just above the knees. She also picked up a black cardigan which had two buttons in the middle and a pair of ballet pumps. "You're going to look so adorable." I didn't bother answering her.

Once she stood outside my room, waiting for me to get changed, I looked at what I was meant to be wearing and then looked out the window. I guess this could work, I thought to myself. Who wears a dress to school? I couldn't be bothered to get into an argument with myself.

"Are you ready yet?" Alice asked impatiently.

"In a minute. I'll tell you when you can come in." I replied. I put on my underwear and slipped my dress over my head. I did the back of my dress up carefully, trying not to catch the fabric in the zip. I placed the cardigan over the dress and fitted my feet into the ballet pumps.

"Come in Alice." I sighed, preparing myself ready for when Alice was going to attack me with hari accessories and cosmetics.

"Wow. You look absoloutly beautiful. I'm going to go for the natural look with your hair, just let your curls bounce around. I'll add a small bit of make up to your face, not that you need it." Alice said as she walked in, her bottom lip dropping to the floor.

"Errr thanks." I was glad she choose to have my hair natural. If I didn't need make up why did she want to put any on. Oh well, once she was done she would leave me alone.

After sitting down on my bed for ten minutes while Alice fluffed around with my face, putting all sorts on from foundation to bluser and from eyeliner to mascara, she finally finished.

"You want to look in the mirror?" She asked me.

"You're going to make me look in one anyway." I snapped back at her. I walked towards the full length mirror on my wall. Oh my god, what had she done to me? I didn't recognise the person standing in front of the mirror at all. The person in the mirror was the most beautiful person I have ever seen, except from Aunt Rosalie or my mum of course.

I snapped out of it when Alice clicked her fingers and said I had to hurry up, I still had to have breakfast.

Human food wasn't all that bad, I prefered blood though. Edds weren't bad, nor were muffins or pancakes, but I ate the food to please my family.

I walked down the stairs after grabbing my bag from my room. My dad was the first person who I saw in the hallway.

"You look beautiful Nessie." Of course he would say that. He had to say that, he was my dad. "Even if I weren't your Dad I would still have said you looked beautiful." Why can't he get out of my head for god sake.

Everyone else came into the hallway by the front door and looked at me. Before they could say anything my dad spoke. "If there is anything I can help you with ever, if there is anything you want just come to me okay?"

"I do need one thing." I said back to him.

"What is that?" He looked at me, his expression blank.

"For you to get out of my head. How am I meant to have a life, how am I meant to keep secrets or anything if you are constantly in there." I said to him tapping at my skull.

"Now now Nessie." My mum said. "Edward relax a little bit, she will be alright. Nessie you look wonderful, Alice done a good job." My mum said to me as she wrapped her arms around my dad.

The rest of the family said how good I looked and wished me luck on my first day at school, even though half of them would be there to keep checking up on me.

Gran walked into the kitchen and then walked back out a few minutes later. How I adored my Gran, she insisted that everyone calls her Esme but I felt out of place.

"Here you go Nessie." She handed me a couple of blueberry muffins. "Their fresh and they will give you a good start to the day, you're going to need it." I loved her blueberry muffins they were delicious.

"Thankyou." I hugged her gently.

"Right, before you all go off, do you know the story?" She looked at me, all the other seven pairs of eyes followed hers.

The story, of course I knew it. "Yes, I'm Edward's cousin coming to stay while my parents are travelling around the world. I'm 16 and I used to live in Chicago." It seemed a pretty convincing story, I couldn't tell people that Bella and Edward were my parent's, we looked the same age. That would start some rumours.

"Okay good, you lot better get off to school before you're all late." My Grandad Carlisle spoke up finally. "Good luck Nessie, not that you will need it."

"Thankyou." I said back to him.

"Okay Nessie you will be going in Rosalie's convertable with your mother, Alice and of course Rosalie while I, Emmett and Jasper will be going in my volvo. We will see you later at lunch." My dad came up to my and gave me a hug, he lead me in the direction of the convertable.


Should I continue to write?

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Okay there is the first part.

If you think it is good please let me know so I can continue to write. x x
yes this is good!
keep on writing, im curious to see what happens next!
PLZZZ!!!! keep on writing im so curious right now.
Chapter Two


I walked through the corridors of the Folks Alternative School, near the Forks High School, but the rest of my family couldn't go there just yet, it would confuse all the staff there, and they would definately have their suspicions

"Room 232, 234, 235, 236...." I muttered to myself as I was trying to find my way to my class. "Aha. Room 241." Calculus joy.!

I walked into the room, nearly half of the class were already seated and it was then I spotted Jacob. I thought Jacob went to school on the reservation, I'll have to speak to him to find out.

"Hello Miss Cullen. I'm Mr.Ward your Calculus teacher. There is a spare seat on the back table with Jacob, Leah and Seth." Mr Ward lead me to the table. I was already very familiar with Jacob, I have known him since I was two minuted old, Leah and Seth however I haven't met.

"Hey Jacob, I thought you went to school on the reservation?" I asked him before I spoke to Leah or Seth.

"Yeah, I did. It got closed down, fire or something. This school is just outside the reservation so it's close enough for us. It's good to see you again Nessie." Jacob said when I sat down puttin his arm around me slightly, then letting go when Leah looked up at us.

"Jake, you haven't seen me since Saturday, its Monday now. Hardly ages is it?" I said mocking him.

"Yeah, but I missed you of course it was forever, well to me it was." I felt my cheeks flush as he said this.

"Awww Jake, that's sweet." I flashed a smile at him and he smiled back.

"Ness, you haven't met my other friends yet have you?" Jacob pointed to Leah and Seth.

"I have heard of them before, but I haven't met them before. Well I have now. How are you Leah and Seth?" I tried to sound polite, I got nervous around new people.

"Hello Nessie." Leah seemed to cringe at my name. "It's good to finally meet you. We will be great friends." Was she just saying this to take the mick?

"Nessie, I remember seeing you when you were born. Jacob here wouldn;t shut up about you for weeks. He still goes on about you now." Seth said looking at me and then Jacob.

"Err thanks Seth. Great. Fantastic." Jacob muttered under his breath, but we could all hear pretty well.

Class went pretty quick with Jacob sitting next to me. We all just spoke about what we had been up to up till today.

A few minutes before the end of class I got out my timetable to see where I was next. Fun, trig.

"Where are you next Ness?" Jacob asked me when Mr.Ward had given up on his lecture of solving quadratic equations.

"I have trigonometry in room 131." I gave him a look which said YeahIKnowWhereIAmMeantToBeButHelpMeFindItPlease.

"I have trigonometry too. I'll walk you to your close if you want to." He smiled and me and of course I would say yes. He was my best friend after all.

"Sure of course. Let's go then. What have you two got next?" I asked Seth and Leah.

"We both got gym." Seth said to me.

"Okay guys. I'll see you both later." I smiled at them both before they walked off.

I walked to Trig in silence with Jacob. It felt different when we were alone. Like he wanted to say something but couldn't. What was Seth on about when he said Jacob never shuts up about me? We are just mates thats it. I clicked, what if Jacob wanted more then to be just mates? I don't think I am ready for that kind of relationship just yet. Well, not just yet I was ready, but like my dad, he was the bigger issue in all of this.

Trig went really quickly and after Gym, which obv Jacob weren't in, we had an all girls class, and then after Physics it was lunch.

I decided to go straight to the lunch hall where my family were already waiting for me. On the way to the table I stopped to get something from the fruit and salad bar. I got a small salad, a bottle of water and an apple. I was starving, and the school's first should be better then starvation, right?

I sat down in between Alice and Emmett. Rosalie was next to Emmett, and my mum, my dad and Jasper were on the opposite side of the table.

"So Nessie, how is your first day going? Have you met anyone yet?" Alice asked me before my mum could ask me.

"It is going alright. In my Calculus class I sit with Jake, and also Leah and Seth Clearwater. Jake is also in my Trig class which I have second lesson. In Gym I didn't really meet anyone new, it is really busy in gym so I didn't have time to go up to anybody. And in physics I was placed on the spare table as there wasn't anymore room in the classroom, so I sat on my own. I like being on my own, I can concentrate more. And I have got English class yet, but I don't know who is in that class." They all absorbed my information and looked at me whilst I casually picked up a carrot stick.

"It's good to know that Jacob is in a couple of your classes. He is a good friend." My mum said to me, I already knew it though.

The cafeteria seemed to have a certain seating plan. The Cullen family always sat in the corner at the back of the room while the Quilette gang sat in the opposite corner. You had all different groups of people sitting in different seats, each day every day.

I saw Jacob turn around and he waved his hand for me to come over.

"I'll be right back." I said to my family. I felt their eyes follow me as I walked to the middle of the cafeteria where Jacob met me half way.

"Hey Jake, is everything alright?" I asked calmly.

"What lesson have you got last?" He asked me casually.

"Umm English, whys that?"

"Same here, I'll walk with you. I'll meet you at the end of lunch here." He smiled and winked at me before he walked away. My cheeks blushed again, and I could feel everyone in the cafeteria staring at us both. It was clearly obvious that The Quilettes and the Cullen's don't mix during school.

I walked back to my seat, and nothing was said. My dad had pribably already filled them all in for that one. For the rest of lunch we all spoke casually and the time flew by.

The end of lunch came and I said bye to all my family and went to meet Jacob who was already waiting for me.

"You ready?" He asked me smiling.

"Yeah sure." I said.

After our very short and very brief conversation we walked to English next to each other.

Chapter Three


I didn't really like english that much, it was a lot better with Jacob there though. We were all silent for the first ten minutes or so but I often looked up and gazed at Jacob, watching him as his eyes focused on the front of the classroom. What beautiful eyes he had.

I then just remembered what Seth had said earlier.

"Jake, what was Seth talking about earlier, about you talking about me?" I asked him out of suspision.

He just looked at me, not wanting to answer, or wanting to answer but he cannot find the right words.

"Is it a wolf thing?" I asked him. I didn't know much about wolves apart from the reading minds thing, and of course the very high temperature.

He nodded at me, and I waited.

"Jake, I'm curious what is it? I want to know." I said.

"What you want to know and what you should know are two completly different things you know?" He said sharply back to me.

"Jake you are a complete arse at times. If you don't tell me I'll just ask Seth, he will tell me." I turned my back to him.

His eyes widened as soon as I suggested Seth, I had caught him off guard.

"Okay okay, I'll talk, but don't freak out or anything yet, not until we get outside of the classroom." I smiled at him, waiting for him to continue. "Have you ever heard of imprinting?"

"Imwhat?" I asked confused, had he just spoke a different language or something? He was going crazy, there's no such thing is there?

"Guess not then. Well imprinting is an involuntary response that us wolves have. Imprinting is when we find our soul mate, our world, the only person who will ever be that important to us. You can imprint on anyone at any age, we have no control over it. I guess I kind of imprinted on you when you were born." He said the last sentence so low I could just about hear him, with enough struggle.

"D...d..does my family know about this?" I stuttered.

"Pretty much I guess." He answered me. Why would they keep this from me, why would they lie to me when I asked them about Jake? How could they betray me and hurt me like that? I could feel my eyes filling up with tears, and a few slid down my face.

"Nessie, it's okay." Jacob hugged me tight and wiped my tears away.

"If they knew, why didn't they just tell me?" I asked him.

"I don't know. Maybe they wanted to protect you or something like that, I don't know." I couldn't see anything that I would need protecting from.

"Protecting me from what Jacob? Whata re you going on about?" I asked him.

"Well, when I first met your mum we came really good friends and I fell in love with her even though she was in love with your dad. Things got crazier and crazier I spent all my time with her, and she spent all her time with me. She didn't mix with her other friends and neither did I. It felt like I had imprinted on her, but I hadn't. But no matter how much I wanted your mum I wasn't going to ger her. It was toolate she was happy with your dad. I tried for ages trying to get over he, to stop all this pain. Then you came along shortly after, and well here we are." He said, smiling at me at the end of his speech.

"Love is tough Jake it really is." I miled at him, then I clicked. "Hang on. You said that you were trying to get over my mum, right?"

"Yeah." He said, looking odd.

"Well, you were looking for someone for it to happen, and I 'came along'. So, I was just there, and still am so you can forget about my mum? I'm second best to you Jake?" I know I shouldn't jump to conclusions but it just made perfect sense and I really didn't want any of it to be true, I love Jake, I really do.

"No no it's not like that. Well, I thought being with you would take all my pain away. I didn't expect to fall in love with you Bella." He stroked my face.

"Did you just call me Bella Jacob?" I asked, furious.

"I meant Nessie. I'm sorry. Talking about your mum got her name stuck in my head, sorry." He apologized, not good enough.

"I am only second best for you, you are still thinking about my mum. I can't believe you, I love you Jake. I never had the guts to tell you before, but I guess its too late now." I said tears rolling down my face uncontrollably.

I got up and he went to grab my arm, but I slapped his hand away and I ran out the classroom door.

I was soo angry, I was soo hurt. How could my mum be the cause of all this? How could I directly blame her?

I ran home and by the time I got in the front door school would have only just finished.

"Nessie?" Gran said, walking out of the kitchen.

I couldn't look at her, my eyes filled up again. I ran to my room just in time, I leaped onto my bed and sobbed for a long while.

I could hear a knock at the door but I ignored it.

"Nessie." My gran said, again I ignored it.

I heard my door open quietly and I felt her sit on the end of my bed. She lifted me up and wiped my tears away and held me close.

"Are you going to tell me what happened or have I got to find out from your dad?" She asked?

I told her the whole conversation between me and Jacob, the part where he told me hwo he felt for mum, and the part where he called me Bella made me cry again.

She didn't say anything to me, she just held me close again, rubbing my back. Comforting me.

It was then I heard footsteps and voices downstairs. The rest of my family were back from school.

"Stupid dog" My dad muttered, but loud enough for me to hear.

"Darling please." Was all my mum said to him.

"Nessie, I'm going to go down there and talk to them. You need some time to yourself, to think about things okay?" She smiled at me.

"Okay. I love him Gran, I really do." I said to her, nearly crying again.

"I know you did honey. Everything is going to work out, trust me." She smiled at me once more before walking out of my room and closing my door.

I couldn't believe what had happened today. The only thing that would make me feel better at times like these would be my notepad and my guitar.

I loved writing songs, I had already wrote two called 'Your Face' and 'Beautiful Eyes'.

I scribbled some lyrics down onto a section in my pad. I knew exactly what I wanted to write it was too easy to write things down when I was feeling like this.

I picked up my guitar and tried to think of some chord structures, and how to put the music together. I hummed the tune and I had the music done in no time. I put the lyrics to it and I started singing:

I tried to make you love me I've done everything I could
I thought if I tried long enough maybe someday that you would
But there was someone else before me and it's her you're lovin' still
And I know no matter what I'd do I'm only second best
Only second best that's all I will ever be
Even though I'm second best you're still first with me
And I'll be loving you when they fall my hand I guess
I love you even though I know I'm only second best

I know you've tried to love me and I'd hope you would in time
I know that when you're holding me it's her that's on your mind
Now I know you can't get over her but I love you nonless
But it makes no difference what I'd do I'm only second best
Only second best...
I love you even though I know I'm only second best

I played this several times before someone knocked on my door.

"Come in." I said, sniffing back tears again. Alice walked into my room.

"Aww Nessie. I heard what happened and that was horrible. Everyone are relly feeling something for you downstairs, we all understand you know. What was that I just heard? It was lovely."

I played her the song so she could listen.

"Nessie that is really good, the lyrics are pretty sad but it is still good. You have a great voice." Alice huged me slightly.

"Thanks." I smiled weakly at her.

"Esme has done you some dinner, come down and eat something." She got up and pulled my hand with her.

I placed my guitar on my bed and walked down the stairs with her. Esme handed me some dinner, it looked lovely and I was going to eat it and enjoy it.

I went to sit in the living room where Alice went, and everyone was sitting down looking at me as I walked in.

wonderfully wonderful
absolutely touching. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!!
oh! this story is amazing!
=) like.. absolutely i can feel nessie's feeling u gotta continue!
This is really good. Please write more

Okay, I'm on it lol :)

I'll post some more soon, I'll work on it now x x x
Yes!!! I luv this. it's so gooooooooooood!!
Chapter Four


Everyone looked sad and sorry, their faces so glum.

I walked further into the living room and sat in a spare seat. I started to eat, hoping that the silence would last, I really didn't want to talk. A few minutes must have passed and I was pushing my food around on my plate with my fork.

I heard somebody clear their throat. Emmett. It has to be him to break the silence. I smiled to myself.

"That got you smiling didn't it Nessie?" Emmett said smiling back at me.

"Yeah sure did. Your stupidness always makes me smile." He laughed along with me and so did Rosalie.

"Nessie, I am so sorry." My mum said after my laughter had ended.

"Mum, you have nothing to apologise for. It's Jake that has to." I said, putting my head down.

"No, I do." She began. "If I had never given Jacob false leads that didn't go anywhere, if I had never given him false hope, he wouldn't of felt how he did about me. I killed him Nessie, he was torn up about it, ask your dad. I was such a horrible person to him Nessie, you need to understand. I went to him when I needed him to heal the hole I had in my heart, and he did, I took advantage. He see's me in you, he has healed but not completly. You need to know that it isn;t his fault."

I knew what happened between my mum and him when my dad left, well for a good reason of course. I still didn't know what I should do.

"Mum, I understand that but he still hurt me. He has to understand that what he is still hurting over, can hurt me. Don't you take the blame for this. You went to him for a friend, not a lover. I don't want to talk about this anymore." I said, hurting, and annoyed.

I got up and took my plate to the kitchen. I wahsed up my plate and went back upstairs. I sat back down on my bed and looked at the girl in the mirror. I looked at the girl who I didn' want to be anymore. I looked at the girl who was hurt and didn't know what to do.

I felt my phone buzz. I picked it up and answered it.

"Hello?" I said.

"Nessie, it's me, please do not hang up. I need to talk to you, I need to apologise." Jacob sounded torn up.

"I'm listening." I said, Jake laughed.

"What?" I said sharply.

"You're just as stubborn as your mother was, you know that?"


"I'm sorry, no sorry doesn't even cut it. It was such a stupid thing to say. There is nothing I could say or do to show you how sorry I actually am. Please forgive me?" Jake's voice was apologetic now, of course I couldn't hold a grudge on him, he is my best friend.

"I forgive you Jake. But Jake, you hurt me and I love you." I could feel the tears building up. I knew my family could hear downstairs, they would find out sooner or later anyway.

"Thankyou Nessie. I know and I am so sorry about that. I wasn't aware of your feelings towards me. Scrap that, aware of your feelings or not, I shouldn;t of done it. I love you too Nessie, don't forget that I really do. There is nobody else that makes me feel how you make me feel." I swallowed pretty loud as he said this, now where do we go from here.

"I don't really know what to say Jake, I'm no good at this stuff. Will you still come over?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Are you sure, you really want me over?" He sounded suprised.

"Of course silly. I'll see you later." I laughed.

"Thanks, I'll be round in a bit." With that he hung up.

I felt happy now that me and Jake had cleared things up between us, all the bumps on the road were gone, well nearly gone, they just weren't visable anymore.

"RENESMEE!" My dad hollowed from downstairs. Oh great, he knows. Time to face the music I guess.

I skipped down the stairs and my dad looked angry, well worse than angry.

"Yes?" I asked, questioning him.

"I heard you on the phone with Jacob." He said.

"That's because I was, and Jake is coming round. We sorted things out, we have some homework to do anyway so.." I said, trailing off at the end and I went to go up the stairs back to my room.

"I'm sure you're pretty capable of doing your homework on your own. I don't think it takes two people to do it. Adn where are you going?" He said, making me stop for a second.

"It is for physics and we are lab partners, we have to do it together. And I'm going upstairs to tidy up my room, don;t want Jake to see it the way it is." I started to go back up the stairs before he stopped me again.

"Young lady stop there. If Jacob is coming round you two will be down here under adult supervision at all times, got that?" Was he trying to personal ruin my life?

"Oh Dad. I said, but I knew I wouldn't win, he wouldn't give in. "Okay, I just need to wash my face and get all my books."

I skipped back up the stairs to my room. I collected my books and whatever else that I needed. I went into the bathroom and washed my face, my cheeks were stained from the tears that had arrived earlier.

I went back downstairs to set up in the living room. I knew my dad was serious about the adult supervision, he didn't move from the seat that he was in earlier.

I could hear Jake approaching the door and I went out to greet him.

"Jake." I called out and I smiled at him.

"Hey Ness. I brought my homework along with me." He said.

"I just brought mine down. Oh yeah by the way, my dad. We are under adult supervision the whole night, my dad is being a very overprotective twonk. He doesn't trust us. But I'm sure he will get tired soon enough." I warned Jacob.

Jacob just laughed and said "okay."

We both walked into the living room where my dad sat along with Emmett and Jasper, who were playing chess. Alice and Gran were on one of the sofas talking very low. My mum was no where to be seen and Rosalie was in the kitchen. Grandad Carlisle was still at the hospital, he should be home soon.

"Jacob." My dad said, it sounded more of a threat then a greating.

"Edward." Jake nodded back. I laughed quietly.

"So where do you want to start? We have physics or calculus. You can choose." I said, smiling at Jake.

"Umm calculus, we can leave the fun stuff till last." He smirked.

"You think physics is fun?" That was Jacob who was talking, nothing to do with school was fun.

"In comparison to calculus?" He tried to find an excuse.

"Okay Jake. I know you like physics really." He smiled at me and I smiled back.

I done my calculus homework with no problem at all, Jake struggled but I helped him out and he got it done in no time.

"Let's get something to eat before we start with the next lot." I didn't mind eating human food now, I still liked hunting, not that I needed to go to survive. But I wanted to be as human as I could so I guess I just got used to eating human food, some of it tasted pretty darn good.

I looked through the fridge and found some cans of coke. I grabbed two cans and got two bags of crisps from the cupboard. I tossed a can and a pakc to Jacob and he caught it, unsuprisingly.

"Thanks." He said. The silence was awkward to start of with.

"Nessie, did you mean what you said earlier?" Jake broke the silence.

"What did I say?" I said, acting casual, I got a pretty idea of what he might say, but I might be wrong.

"That you love me." He said back.

Ahh that. Of course I meant it, why would I say it and not mean it.

"Yes." I answered shyly and I put my head down, so I looked at the floor.

"Okay, that's good then." I looked at him confused by what he meant.

"I mean I have been in the shoes before where I loved someone and like I knew nothing would happen because it was unrequited. I couldn't bare to go through that all again. You saved me Nessie." Jake was closer to me now.

"I won't ever hurt you." I said to him. "You can always trust me, confide in me when you need to."

"As you can trust and confide in me too." Jake leant his head down and leaned in closer towards me, I moved my head towards his, but before our lips could meet we got interupted.

My dad was standing at the door and cleared his throat. Geez, I thought to myself, talk about ruin the moment.

"Homework you two." He said sharply, it wasn't a request it was an order.

Jake and I went back into the living room and done our physics homework as quiet as we could. Every now and then I would glance up to my dad and his eyes would be fixed on Jake and I. Could he drop the overprotective crap? For my sake? I guess not, he ignored my thoughts.

When we finished our homework Jake helped me put my things away.

"You guys finished?" My dad asked.

"Yeah, finally." I said to him.

"Good, it's getting pretty late now, we don't want to keep Jake out too late do we Nessie?"

"Can't Jake stay a bit longer, it's only 8pm?" I asked him, it sounded more like begging.

He just gave me a look that meant no-he-cannot-stay-any-longer-we-need-to-talk.

"I'll guess I'll see you tomorrow then Jake." I said disappointed.

"Yeah." He seemed pretty upset too.

I walked Jake to the door, this time my dad didn't follow us, I was shocked.

"I'm sorry about my dad." I said to Jake as we were walked towards the steps.

"It's okay, I understand that he is protecting you, no matter how over the top it may be." He grinned.

"I'll see you tomorrow then yeah?" I said.

"Yeah, totally." He said still grinning.

Before I went to turn round to go back in he caught hold of my arm. I looked at him, I looked into his eyes and I saw all the love he had to offer. He slowly lowered his head and turned it. His lips gently touched mine and I kissed him back. After a few seconds he pushed me away.

"I love you Nessie, more than ever right now." He looked into my eyes as he said this.

"I love you too Jake, I always have and always will." I stood on my toes and placed my lips on his again before going back inside. I let go and waved him bye. When he was out of my sight and I walked back inside.

I ignored my family that were sitting in the living room waiting for me, waiting to yell at me I guess. I just skipped at the stairs, too happy to think about anything else.

I thought that now would be a good time to put all my feelings that I am feeling now into a song. Song writing was my new hobby I guess, I loved it.

I picked up my guitar as I already had a tune and some lyrics stuck in my head. I started to sing.

And it's a sad picture
The final blow hits you
Somebody else gets
What you wanted again
You know it's all the same
Another time and place
Repeating history
And you're getting sick of it

But I believe in whatever you do
And I'll do anything to see it through
Because these things will change

Can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up
To hold us back
Will fall down
It's a revolution
The time will come for us to finally win
We'll sing hallelujah
We'll sing hallelujah, oh

So we've been outnumbered
Raided and now cornered
It's hard to fight
When the fight ain't fair

We're getting stronger now
Found things they never found
They might be bigger
But we're faster and never scared

You can walk away
Say we don't need this
But there's something in your eyes
Says we can beat this
'Cause these things will change

Can you feel it now?
These walls that they put up
To hold us back
Will fall down
It's a revolution
The time will come for us to finally win
We'll sing hallelujah
We'll sing hallelujah, oh

Tonight we'll stand and get off our knees
Fight for what we've worked for
All these years
The battle was long
It was the fight of our lives
But we'll stand up, champions tonight
It was the night things changed

Can you see it now?
The walls that they put up
To hold us back
Fell down
It's a revolution
Throw your hands up
'Cause we never gave in
We'll sing hallelujah
We sang hallelujah

I was satisfied with these lyrics, so I wrote them down. I only knew the first half of this song, but I guess I just carried on and guessed. I put my guitar and song book away.

I got into my pyjamas and went downstairs to say night to my family. I ran back upstairs before any of them could stop me and ask what happened and give me a talk, a long one I might add.

I went into the bathroom and had a quick wash and brushed my teeth.

I knew it was early, but I was just overwhelmed and happy, it made me tired. Before I got into my bed I checked my phone, there was a text;

Hi its Jake. Sleep tight my sleeping beauty. I love you x x I smiled as I read this. Should I text him back or should I pretend I didn't get it?

After having a miny debate with myself I decided to text him back.

I love you too. Dream happy dreams tonight, I'll be thinking of you. Ness x I texted back and once I got the delivery report saying it had been sent I put my phone back down and got into bed.

I placed my head onto my pillow and I thought of Jacob until my eyelids closed shut.



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