The Twilight Saga

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Author's NOTE: This is my first story hope you enjoy it. Tell me what you think thanks!!!!!

Chapter 1- Preperation

The sun shined brightly through the open curtains, it was the middle of the day and I was exhausted. Which was totally normal now-a-days.UGH!!! My body was swollen in places I didn't even think were possible, it was completely nerve recking. I triedly rubbed my bloated stomach, being pregnant sucked! Because of the fact that I was half vampire and they could actually check up on the baby I had to be careful. That was totally not me! I loved to play around with Emmett and Jacob, but because of the inconvience of the pregnancy that was out of the question.

Alice, Mom, Esme, and I had been sitting in the living room all day, trying to think of decent baby names. Not knowing the gender of the baby made that kind of difficult. We checked books, the internet and even tried to combine some names and we still came up empty.

"Ok, Alice this is starting to really get annoying,"I cried.

"Yeah, Rose ditched us for hunting with the men because of this," Mom giggled.

"Oh, come on you guys we'll come up with something! We just have to put our heads together, Nessie is due any day now. We have to think up a name!!"

Esme and Mom laughed. Alice's frustration must have really amused them because I didn't see anything remotely funny about this situation.

"Alice, sweetheart your trying to hard, maybe we should just calm down and take a break." Esme said soothingly. And that exactly what we did as Jasper and the rest of the family walked into the room.

Jasper smiled, "So is that calm enough for you?" he asked as he pecked Alice on the cheek.

"Very much, thank you my dear." Esme replied.

"Where's Jacob?"Carlisle interjected.

Annoyed once again, 'Hopefully getting some damn condoms!' I thought. Dad growled as he walked into the room. I laughed at his usual reaction to my thoughts about Jacob and answered Carlisle, "Asleep, he's been up all night dealing with my mood swings" I giggled. Everyone laughed as well.

"Poor Jacob" Mom and Alice chimed, laughing again. UGH!!! I was having another mood swing. The atsmosphere was too happy and I was in a really rotten mood.

Jasper sensed my edge and tried to calm me down, which didn't work very well.I was still feeling cranky.

I had to get out of here before I ripped someone's head off. Lazily, I rasied my head from Mom's lap, checked my positioning and pushed off the couch for support. No one seemed to pay attention to the fact that I was moving. I was grateful, lately they'd been like complete hawks you couldn't go anywhere with out a group of followers.

I wobbled my way across the living room towards the kitchen. Damn it! I was hungry, again!

Chapter 2- Arguing

Later that night, I laid in bed reading one of my favorite books, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. I was beginning to get annoyed by the stupidity of the characters, I rolled my eyes and threw the book toward the door, hitting Jacob in the head as he walked in.

"Hey!," he yelled. Oops! I guess I put to much force in throwing the book.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to hit you. Are you ok?" I asked.

"I'm fine." he grumbled, "Stupid mood swings ....hate... Nevermind."

"Excuse me!" I nearly screamed. He was really starting to piss me off. How was any of this my fault?! Oh, now he was totally going to get it!

"Nevermind." he repeated wishing that he hadn't said anything. I could tell-- by the look on face that he knew he was in trouble.

I glared at him with eyes that could freeze the Sun. COLD and DEADLY.

"What the HELL is your problem?! Your part of the damn reason I'm pregnant.....and having mood swings for that matter. You wanted kids, I didn't! And now that you have to deal with a few stupid human hormones you can't handle it!"

Jacob stared at me in awe. I had never yelled at he like that. I never thought that I would have too, until now.

A tear rolled down my cheek. Why was I crying! I was angry I shouldn't be crying.

"Ness, you know thats --" he began.

"NO, I don't want to hear it! Leave me alone!" I hissed "I can't take this anymore."

I stalked out the room, down the hall and into the bathroom. I locked the door. Which really was no help because he could still open it.

I sat in the tub. It was damp but why should I care, no one else did.

"That's not true" Dad said.

Damn it! I had totally forgot about Alice! Of course she would see me sitting in a bath tub crying.

"Can we come in, sweetheart?" Mom asked. 'Geez did the whole family come!'

"Actually they did" Dad laughed.

"Come on shorty,open the door!" Emmett boomed with laughter.

This was going to be a freak show. Hince I was the freak.....Wow,I'm suprised Dad didn't react to my comment...interesting!

"Nessie, open the door we just want to comfort you!" squealed Alice.

I didn't want comforting. I want to sulk and be miserable.But that wasn't going to happen.

"Maybe, I should talk to her...Its my fault she's in there..."Jake said. He sounded horrible like his puppy had just died or worst.

Dad chuckled. "It's your funeral" he replied.

Oh great! That was it he was just going to leave me to possibly kill Jake....'Thanks,Dad' I thought putting as much acid in my tone as possible.

"You need to talk to him sometime Ness." Dad replied. I could here the smile in his voice he would enjoy this later.

"Ok, everyone let's give them some privacy," I could hear everyone beginning to leave the cottage. Esme and Carlisle, then Alice and Emmett,Rose,Jasper,and finally Dad left pulling Mom along with him. She was probably dying with grief now more than ever.

The cottage was silent. Except for Jake and my heart beats and uneven breathing.

"Ness,can I come in?" he was anxious.

I got out of the tub and went over to the door. I unlocked the door and slowly opened it.

Jake stood there with red eyes. He had been crying...I as much as I had.

Chapter 3- Recovery

We just sat there on the bathroom floor staring at each other. It seemed like the thing that we could do. We didn't talk, make any sounds or even move. I couldn't cry anymore -- my eyes were dried to the point where they hurt.

Jacob closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Keeping his eyes closed he opened his mouth as if wanting to say something but choked up and closed it again. He dropped his head into his chest.

"Say something," I whispered. My voice was so low that it was hardly audible. I couldn't take it anymore! The silence was eating away at me.

"What do you want to say?" he asked. His voice was hoarce and robotic as if his soul was no longer there. It broke in a a few places as he spoke, sounding as if he was going to cry again.

"Anything," I replied. It was still silent.Seconds passed feeling like eternity, then he finally spoke.

"I'm so,so sorry." he whispered. "This is all my fault. I'm such an idiot! It's noy like the mood swings are your fault, you can't control them. I should have been more understanding."

"Hey I can't let you take all the blame. It takes two to make a fight...if that what you want to call it." I snorted.

"Ha ...our first fight!" Jake laughed and pulled me into a bear hug. He knew I needed it and so did he it seemed. He bent down to kiss the top of my head. Instead, I truned around and caught his soft warm lips. Pulling him closer and I entanlged my fingers in his loose hair. This was Heaven on Earth. 'My Jacob' I thought. He would always be mine no matter what happened. Jacob pulled away, leaving me mesmorized by his touch. I wanted more!

"We ought to get back to the main house I'm sure they're waiting." He said, annoyed.

"Yeah,that's if they're not already here!" I replied.

Jacob smiled and stood up. He helped me off the floor and opened the bathroom door.We slowly walked down the hallway hand in hand. Expectantly, our family sat in our small living room.

"Why am I not suprised?" Jacob asked rhetorically.

I laughed."Babe you took the words right out of my mouth...Are you a mind reader too?"

Dad chuckled. "Your mother and Esme were worried" he said. Mom smiled shyly.

"AWWWWW Nessie!!!!"Emmet whined.

"What?!" I asked suddenly alarmed.

"I was expecting to come here and Jake's head on the floor! I guess I puy to much faith in you!" He laughed.

Rose punched him in the shoulder making him shut up. Everyone laughed.

Alice danced acrossed the room. She put an arm around my shoulder.

"By the way Charlie coming to see you and Bella tommorrow." She chimed.

My heart skipped several beats. I stared at her in shock and she did nothing but smile.

At least someone was going to enjoy themselves.

Chapter 4- Charlie

Grandpa Charlie had always been somewhat kept in the loop. He came to all my birthday parties and all the family events (The normal ones). Charlie knew that jake was a werewolf and that Mom wasn't really human anymore. Some how he even knew that I was biological his granddaughter he just didn't know how. Charlie was still on that 'need to know' basis so he didn't know alot though.

We all sat in the living room of the main house. Everyone seemed to have something to do but me. Dad was reading the newspaper, Carlisile and Esme were both reading huge books, Jacob, Jasper,and Emmett were watching a baseball game on t.v. , and Rosalie, Mom, and Alice were planning a baby shopping trip for this weekend in Seattle. I sat on the couch trying to figrue out what I was going to say to Charlie when he saw me,partially. The majority of my brain was still in shock that i had to tell him that the father of his greatgrand child was Jacob! He was going to flip. Jake was technically 25 and I was only 7... it didn'tt matter that Jake didn't age or that I was phyiscally 19....technically I was only 7 and that's all that would matter to Charlie!

Suddenly, it got quiet as we all heard Charlie pull onto the drive. Jacob stood and began to head upstairs. Alice grab him by the ear and sat him back his chair.

"Your not going anywhere!" she hissed.

"Geez, a guy can't go to the bathroom without an interragation?"Jake asked, rubbing his ear.

"Jacob she's female..." Dad answered Jake's unheard question.

Alice glared at Dad, then at Jacob and back again.

"Oh, calmed down Alice, he was just curious. Dad replied to Alice's deadly stare.

Stood still as her eyes slightly went unfocused. Dad and Alice laughed, confusing everyone even more than before. Alice looked at Jacob once before shaking her head as she sat back down next to Jasper.

"You might want to pay close attention to Charlie, Jacob. He's on his way here from work." Mom laughed.


Rose stood quickly to open the door.

"Rose! How are you?" Charlie exclaimed.

"Fine, Charlie thanks for asking. Come in" she said moving aside.

Everyone greeted Charlie and returned to their previous activites.

Charlie came and sat next to me .

"So how are you Ness? He said.

Telll me what you think!!!!!

Ok, Chapters are going to start in the comments!!!!

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I am enjoying reading your story which I find quite! Renesmee pregnant! I am very interested to read more on how this story progresses...Keep it up! Good Job!
Thanks for the support I'm writing as we speak.

i have a feeling this would be very fun to read :)
you must keep going!
i want to see a bad tempered renesmee. xD
I totally agree! I'm going to have fun writing it!!!!

Thanks for the support and will do!

ya its um...good u should keep going!!
Thanks you for the support.Will definitely keep it going....

Aaawww...this is sooo sad...Jacob has been crying too :-( Poor baby :-( Hope Jacob and Renesmee can work things out soon. *sniffs*
You have a good start to your story. I am looking forward to more if you post. I know it can be very time consuming to write and keep up with all of your posts. Know that you have all the time in the world and we will all continue to check back for new posts. You write for you and then for anyone else. Be happy, Take care.
God bless,
I'll keep you updated!

LOL Thanks I try my best!!!!!! I keep you updated!!!

more lol plz it wuz good


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