The Twilight Saga

plot: The Cullens are now living in Dartmouth Jacob is with them Bella and Edward continued their plan to go to college, Nessie is in high school together with Jacob, she loves Jacob but sometimes Love is not forever.......

i love Jacob i grew up with him, but when i met him my world revolve around him i know that Jacob imprinted on me i know that. My mom and dad and Jake told me that even aunt Rose it wasn't something they hide from me, its also obvious the way he look at me, but as i said i love him love him i don't know in what way but i do love him! and i don't know what to do. I cry as i realize how much it would hurt him and how much it would hurt all of them, but i know that's its a secret i keep it a secret i should, no a secret i can't tell anyone!


Chapter 1: Goodbye Forks
(Nessie's POV)
"I love you Renesmee always remember that" Jacob said to me "i love you too Jacob" that's when my i felt a cold touch and heard my  mom's musical giggle"Nessie dear wake up were leaving today". Today is the day were leaving Forks my birth place the place were it all changed, the place that we will never forget... i remember what grandpa Charlies reaction when we told him...
"your leaving? " Charlie said "dad we have to if we don't then.." i was sitting in the leaving room it was only me and mom that went here everyone else is busy packing but im sure their lying we wouldn't pack clothes we would just buy new one something that mom thinks really stupid i know they just said that because they wanted mom to see grandpa Charlie so that they could have a their last private moment and they wanted me to come so that Grandpa Charlie could see me they are at the kitchen ''then what? i thought... you said you would stick around if i don't ask question i was fine with just being kept in the dark why do have to leave? at least tell me why"
Even if u cant read grandpa Charlies mind i could see in his eyes and hes face that hes really upset mom didn't want to leave but because of me....... its all my fault if i didn't grown really fast then we wouldn't have to leave dad said it wasn't my fault but i know he was just saying that to make me feel better"Dad, please i love you but you know we have to leave we'll visit always and we'll always call you its just that i really can't tell you.." i got tried of it that i went outside in the forest until i couldn't hear anymore mom would just call me i got my cell phone with me.

"Honey you really have to wake up now Jacob is coming soon"
oh thats so mom use the Jacob-is-coming-soon on me i heard dad laughing "ok, ok, mom im up, Dad i beg u please please sop reading my mind"
"Sorry sweetheart your thoughts are funny and their not something i can control"
ugh! it only took me 2 min to think all of those but it was enough. Mom got out, i took a bath the water felt so good that i stay there for 10 min for all of us thats really long i only spend 2 min in there and im fine to bad i really need to get out i got dress in a red sleeveless with a lavender belt and red stilettos i heard aunt Alice's rhythm footsteps shes, *sigh* *knock, knock* "come in, hi aunt Alice"
"hi Sweetheart oh you look amazing no no no Bella can you wear something better you've been a Cullen for 3 years now your supposed to know how to dress as one! sorry Nessie but your mom needs help."I giggle i wonder what mom wear to make aunt Alice mad, really mad i went to my grandpa Carlisle and grandma Esme's house Jacob was at the other side "hi"i said "hello honey" i took 2 steps backward and run fast then jumped Jake caught me and kissed my forehead he put me down but kept my hand we walked towards the house
mom, dad and aunt alice arrived" are everyone ready" Grandpa Carlisle asked "yup ready" Jake answered he already said goodbye to his family. We got to the car aunt Alice, Aunt Rose, Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper used Aunt Rose red convertible me, Mom, Dad, and Jake used mom's Ferrari the volvo was used by Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme mom just called grandpa Charlie after that it was a very quite ride to Seattle i saw the sign *you are now leaving Forks come again* "bye forks for now atleast" i said and mom said "bye forks" dad and Jake just smiled.               

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i love it!! you should keep going!!!
thanks you!!!!
The story is interesting. I like it. Write more soon and please keep me updated. Thanks :)
thnks you soooo much!!!
iloveeeedddd it PLEASE keep me updated;

&&iWas wondering, could you check out my story..It's my take on Rosalie’s life. It’s basically her perspective on everything that happened in Twilight and so forth.

pleeasee :)

♥ =]
I like it. Keep going! :)
i need a banner plz plz if anyone could make me one plz plz post it here =D
Hi Thorn of Rose! I love your story plot very much and can't wait to read more. Please keep me posted and update this story soon. I can't wait to see what happens next? Awesome job!


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