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This is a story that I wrote one day out of slight boredom. I thought about just leaving it alone but then figured, why not post it? It's not very long (note the use of the term "short story") and not very happy either. If you do read it, leave a comment for me, please. 

- Dajah

A Short Story

It all started when I was sixteen; an awkward age for me. Well, every age was an awkward one for me; but sixteen was the most awkward. It was the age I had gotten my first boyfriend and the age I had, had my heartbroken for the first time. Sixteen was the age I lost my virginity, got pregnant, lost a baby, and gained a new reputation at school. Let’s just say, sixteen was not all that sweet.

“Carly, get down here! You’re going to be late for school!”

My mother called for me for about the tenth time this morning. I haven’t moved yet; I don’t see why she keeps trying. I’m not going to that horrible place anymore. Billingston High is a prison for me… ever since Adam broke up with me… ever since they found out I was pregnant…

At that point, I had been about six months pregnant with Adam’s baby. As you can guess, six months prior to that, I gave Adam Vanderside my womanhood and he repaid me with a nice dumping and a side of shattered heart. To top all that off, he told all his friends the baby isn’t his; I instantly became a cheating *edited by mod*  Of course the entire school believed him over me; why wouldn’t they? Mr. Popularity vs. the Invisible Woman… who else would win in the middle of a high school? Harassment started quickly, followed by boys adding onto Adam’s web of lies, telling people about how I “came onto them” while dating Adam, and then lastly, the death threats to my child. Fortunately, no one from school had the balls or a chance to kill my baby; unfortunately, a stranger from across the country did.

I don’t even want to be out of bed, let alone going to school. Why does she make me go there anyway? Doesn’t she see what they do to me? Doesn’t she care?  

The music blasting throughout the car as I drove to school was relaxing and gave me something else to think about. It ended up being too distracting and mixed with a little bad weather…

The rain was coming down hard and the road was getting more and more difficult to see. Being as its just nearing six-o-clock in the morning, it’s still rather dark outside.

I can’t see a thing; where are the road lines? Am I on the right side now? No. Yes. No… move to the right. No, the left. Move to the left.

I still don’t know which way was the right direction and I don’t think I ever will. The only thing I really know for fact about that moment is this: Both vehicles were speeding, neither one of us was really watching what we were doing, and I hit dead on with a pickup truck. After being life flighted to the nearest hospital, I was able to be saved. The unborn child inside of me, however, died hours beforehand in the crash.

Months went by, my seventeenth birthday, my older sister’s college graduation, and I cared about none of it. My mother started to worry and hired a therapist to ensure my emotional state was healthy. He found that it wasn’t all that healthy and prescribed me some medication; medication that I never once took.

Time kept on going and I continued to get worse. The bullying at school never let up and I began self-harming in whatever ways I could come up with. It didn’t take long for someone from school to notice and that too, became a reason for ridicule. They just wouldn’t let up and I was hung out to dry and forgotten under the sun.

My sanity slowly left me over the course of the next year and on my eighteenth birthday; I was done with the people that had been making my life hell for the two years prior.

Grabbing my knife and my father’s hunting gun, I made my way out the front door. With dad at work and mom off to the store, there shouldn’t be any problem getting to the school with ease.

I made it to the front porch before someone stopped me; my neighbor, Phillip Gilligan, had spotted me from across his yard.

“Where you going with that, Carly? I thought your father didn’t like you touching his guns.”

“Mind your own businesses." I yelled.

Yelling at him, or anyone, isn’t something I was known for doing. In fact, I was a very polite, quite, girl. One that caused no trouble.

I shot him, once, point blank in the head. He was on the ground, swimming in a pool of his own crimson red blood, within seconds. He was dead.

Poor Phillip was the first of many murders to occur that day. After that, I went a little mad with power and ended up killing over thirty people; most of which were classmates of mine.

I had, had enough and no one seemed to understand what I was going through. No one cared. No one thought about me. And so, I stopped caring about them.

After ending the lives of so many people, I walked to the Deputy’s office, which was empty (he had left hours ago at the sight of Phillips murder), and sat. I waited for him for about two hours before he finally came back to the office. Once he showed up, I told him what happened. I told him what I did and why I did it. He arrested me and that was that.

A month after my arrest, I was sent away to a mental health clinic and put on medication that I was forced to swallow. That’s where I am now; that’s where I’ll be stuck until I’m thirty eight… I’m twenty two now. Once I’m out of here, I’m sent back to prison where I will rot slowly until death takes me.

Like I said before, I’m nothing much of exciting. Nothing worth hearing a story over. Yet, you read till the end of my short life summary; and for that, I thank you.


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Hi Dajah,

Lovely writing but as you said yourself not happy plot line. I like the way you gained our trust and understanding of the subject before explaining what she did.

I see films of high schools in the US. showing extream bullying like this. Does it still go on. Do the schools not do anything about it? I'm from the UK and yes we have bullying in our schools but we do have anti bullying programs which I only hope help our young people stay safe and happy.

It is such a shame that the central character didn't have a friend to turn to help her through this difficult time in her life.

But lovely writing.

Best wishes


My school tries to stop it but no one ever listens; My school tends to be all bark and no bite. Although, bulling tends to be more along the lines of name calling and rumor spreading. It's normally not to your face either. There are a lot of anti-bulling groups though. Thank you for reading :)


I just cried my eyes out ;(

I'm sorry :( I didn't mean to make anyone cry

- Dajah

No! Don't appologize! It was beautiful! I LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

Oh okay. Lol thank you!

- Dajah


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